Sponge Art

Last updated on June 12th, 2023 at 08:20 pm

Sponge Art

Sponge Art

Sponge Art is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Good Job Games Bilisim Yazilim ve Pazarlama AS, Sponge Art is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 27th November 2021 with the latest update 4th December 2022

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Sponge Art ?

30,257 people have rated 1.13

What is the price of the Sponge Art ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Sponge Art released ?

Sponge Art was released on 27th November 2021.

When was the Sponge Art updated ?

The latest updated date of Sponge Art on 4th December 2022.

Where can Sponge Art be downloaded ?

You can download the game Sponge Art from Apple Official App Store.



Squeeze sponges to create beautiful arts.

Mechanics are very easy, just enjoy the soft and calm feeling of Sponge Art.

Updated on 4th December 2022


-New Levels
-New Themes
-Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements

Sponge Art Review

We honestly love this game, BUT WHAT IS UP WITH THESE ADS??!!?

We love this game so much but there are a lot of ads but we turn of Wi-Fi and thats fixed.

This game is satisfying and amazing we love it.

Not gonna lie but this is actually a pretty fun and challenging game but, we’re on level 32 and we’ve had some of the same sponge art things and it wa like a baby bottle and we’ve done it like 3 times and with other ones. Other than that,it’s a great game! We recommend playing it.

This is a very good idea for kids and we love it.

It is the best game except all the ads.

Sponge Art is an amazing game. There are a lot of adds, but its sooooo fun and addicting. We got the game yesterday and am already on level 500!! We seriously cant stop playing. 10/10 game, 5 starts, perfect game!

So we love the game its fun and a good way to pass boredom and work your brain but there are way to many adds after every level there is a add and on the add for this game it says add free but its not so really good game but could you just take out adds that would get more people cause some people will see a add then download the game and play that game instead of this game but anyway please take away adds or put a lot less in the game.

We got this game and its fun but it literally reviews the levels. We would.

We love this game so much! Whenever Im sad it makes us so happy!! We hope your pillow is cold tonight!

We LOVE the game but there are 2 problems 1. To many ads 2. Could there be where you sell the sponges There are to many ads like when you do 2 sponges it sends you to an ad please just fix this! We wish there would be a place where you can sell the sponges and take peoples orders to make them a sponge and then deliver it to there houses! Ok bye thx for reading lease just try yo do something with the ads and taking peoples orders and delivering it to them, Bye!

Fun but its the same levels over and over again.

We had a lot of fun with this game at first, but now the same levels get repeated over and over again and its boring.

We see a lot of people complaining about ads, but we simply went on airplane mode/mobile data so we didnt get many. But the problem with this app is that the levels repeat again and again. Nothing new. We went up to level 213 and at that point no new levels happened, it was the same easy stuff.

This game is really fun but after every level there is an add we get REALLY frustrated with all the adds for this game because the adds for this game say its add free but its really not so please get rid of the adds Im not really in to this game until then. But otherwise its a little fun.

We hate ads and there are SO many of the.

Look when we started this game it was fun but then it keeps repeating the same sponge art again Im so sorry tired of this game we gave this game 2 stars because Im not harsh but 1 star rating.

The game is fun dont get us wrong, when your not bombarded with multiple ads during playing the game and after the round. Cant even enjoy a few seconds without ads. Have less ads, please!!!

Its a satisfying game but theres always ads popping every second after you complete a sponge.

Seems like a fun and simple game, but really? An ad after every two puzzles? Thats like an ad every 45 seconds with how quick the puzzles are the complete. The ads take longer to finish than the puzzles do to. We understand its a free game and you have to make revenue somehow, but come on. Theres too many as it stands now.

We cant play the game without getting an add every second. This game is Relaxing and all but the ads just wont let you play. This is a money hungry game.

After reading reviews, we didnt think the game was THAT bad, so we tried it out myself. It started off fine, but we couldnt even get halfway through a level without a 30 second ad coming on all the time! Dont waste your time on this game because trust us, its not as good as you think.

Its super fun but theres way too many ads and we cant even exit most of them.

We dont like its to much ads and got a virus into our phone we had to get a new one dont get the app if you dont want the virus we give this a 0/10 dont get.

Whenever we played the game it kept giving us adds.

We downloaded this app regarding the reviews but every minute theres an ad its SO. Annoying we would not download this app and it spam notifies you every second do not download and it makes you watch a video if you want more levels Over all its just another money hungry app.

We were playing the game first of all it has way to much ads and some levels you couldnt beat it like bruh do better.

Too many ads for such a simple game. Games in App Store would be far more better without ads every two seconds. Not worth the time.

So we were playing this game and it was fun a first but then it started having repeats and glitching so please fix this :thank you.

Consider changing this to an 18+ app if your going to send our daughter lewd notifications like go squeeze the this is gross for a 12 and up app. We will be filing formal complaints through the proper channels. Youll be hearing from us again.

We love this game BUT WAY TO MANY ADDS we would not recommend there was one add that was not 20 seconds long It was like 20 minutes long fix it or writing another report in 2 years if not fixed we gave it a one for a reason.

This game has to many ads and its annoying cant even put a band on the sponge without the same ad or a ad you can barely touch the X the ad goes on more than the game itself fox it please because we hate it.

We were getting adds every second we had 6 adds in one level it was ANOYING like it is sooooo bad do not get this app.

We give this game a one star review because it blows up our phone with inappropriate comments saying time to squeeze the boys private part but they show a emoji that is why we give it a bad review.

First we cant even play the game we get on and its crashing it needs fixes did we just download a virus. Second looks veeeerrrrryyyy fun we wish we can play.

This game was fun, but it got annoying when after we beat one level we get ads.

Its a really fun game we think you should play it.

When we downloaded the app we played immediately. When we got to level 12 we kept trying and trying but it was still doing something we wasnt telling it to do; every time we would rubber band the sides, it would rubber band the bottom as well. It stopped us from completing the level, so we eventually gave up and deleted the app.

We tried the game and it was fun and all but there is this one level that we repeated(there are a lot of repeated levels) and we did the exact same thing we did on the other sponge but for some reason it kept saying we were doing it wrong. After that we tried another way and the sponge actually looked like a star and it still said we were doing it wrong. So that needs to be fixed but besides that we guess its ok.

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