Rolly Vortex

Last updated on June 1st, 2023 at 10:05 am

Rolly Vortex

Rolly Vortex

Rolly Vortex is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Voodoo, Rolly Vortex is a Adventure game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 29th August 2017 with the latest update 7th February 2023

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Rolly Vortex ?

308,521 people have rated 2.2.0

What is the price of the Rolly Vortex ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Rolly Vortex released ?

Rolly Vortex was released on 29th August 2017.

When was the Rolly Vortex updated ?

The latest updated date of Rolly Vortex on 7th February 2023.

Where can Rolly Vortex be downloaded ?

You can download the game Rolly Vortex from Apple Official App Store.



Roll quickly, be alert, manage your way through the obstacles, score high and challenge friends

Updated on 7th February 2023

Bug fixes

Rolly Vortex Review

We love this app its so awesome we cant stop using it we love this new one we love it so easy it is so addictive you must buy this.

The game is very good however we feel there is a few issues. The game can glitch out at times ending your game when you didnt mess up, the game glitched the sensitivity is super high A lot of the ads are not that child appropriate Other then these things the app is fun ^^

We love this game we play it all the time when Im on a long trip somewhere, but the adds are just too much, every time we finish a round theres an add or even when we die in a round theres adds this annoys us and Im thinking about never playing this game again, which is sad cause we love it. Please fix this!

So. Ilove this game before the up date it was fun they had missions they had hard balls to get it was endless fun but when the upgrade came all our balls all our missions that we spent countless hours doing gone adios so and the performance isnt the best but before the up date the game was perfect we hate the new version now it is.

Why did they have to make an upgrade? This WAS one of our favorite games until they upgraded it. All im saying is they mess up up the game for us and im sure for other people too.

We used to love this game. We loved how we could try to beat our high score, we loved all the unique ways you could play like reversed or super fast, there were levels that got harder and harder, you could get a lot more balls than you can now, and there werent as many adds as there are now. We use to be able to turn off our Wi-Fi so we wouldnt get any adds, and then we would play for hours on road trips and stuff. Then you shut the game down so we couldnt play it, and when we could finally play it again, we had lost all our progress. We couldnt do anything we liked about the game. We used to be able to get up to about 300 before we crashed, and we were doing a lot of tasks to get new balls. Now this game wont even let us finish a level because it has to update our level onto a leaderboard. IT TAKES 30 SECONDS TO UPDATE THE LEADERBOARD, AND we COULD HAVE BEEN FINISHED WITH ONE OF THOSE NEW AND IMPROVED STUPIDLY SHORT LEVELS! We WANT THE OLD VERSION BACK. The only reason this has two stars is because the old version of the game was good. You absolutely botched this update up and the only reason we still have this app is because Im hoping you see that a lot of the people reviewing this new update think its trash. Also, why are you showing reviews from 2 TO 5 YEARS AGO?!? If you dont even consider reading some of these reviews and replying to some of them, whats the point of us and everyone else doing this.

We used to love the game, with its infinite game mode and its challenges, but since the update, we sort of hate it. Our problem is that we didnt ever think once that the infinite mode or the challenge levels were something to get rid of. We didnt want a leaderboard, we were fine without levels. We feel like the game was great! We liked how you used to be able to play it forever, and not get bored. Now, we see that we cant play it offline, it has ENDLESS irritating adds and it also has coins? (Why change a perfectly good game? What was wrong with gems?? Doesnt matter.) we believe that this update ruined the game for us. If it aint broke, dont fix it.

We’ve had this game for at least 4 years. Im not one to download time wasting games, but this was our only exception. Good for when we need to wait for whatever, but whatever update replaced the infinite high score game mode with the level system and restarted the progress of everything ruined the game completely. We no longer play the game at all, but have occasionally reopened the game only to remind myself that the level system is unbearable. In the old version there were already challenge levels as an option, which were amazing! Im a cheery upbeat person too, but this was a passionate rant lol. Ik someone will eventually read this that had the same thoughts as us and was searching for validation cause its probably a pretty niche group that played a lot.

This game is pretty decent. But we dont like the fact that theres ads after every time you die or after every time you beat a level, also we dont like that the game glitches very often so that causes us to die when it wasnt our fault and it glitches when Im right in front of the vortex thing.

This app used to have a lot of minigames and we’re really upset the removed them.

Please change it back to where you had the different challenges.

After installing it we made it our mission to be first place on the leaderboard and after 700 something levels we have accomplished it 5/5 stars all day.

We used to love playing this game. But it has changed so much since the last time we played it. We miss the old days when it was so easy yet so fun.

When we first got this game we could just go on and on and beat our highest score but now there are levels we HATE this update PLEASE take it back to the original.


Its a good game but it takes way to long and has way to high sensitvity.

We really did love this game but the update made us think otherwise, when it updated it took off all the data and we were really upset because of how many months and years we spent playing this game just lost we want the old game back it was sooooo much better even is there was a lot of ads we WANT THE OLD GAME BACKKKKK.

Its a good game our only problem is it has way to many ads.

We had our ipod classic out and played Vortex on it and decided to see if app store had it. Since click wheel different from touch screen it took a couple secs to figure it out. So after first game then there were several ads! Why not allow a few min or more like 5 or ten min of play then show ads. We timed their seconds counter on ads to our watch and their countdown is slower per second! Booo!

We found this game on a random website in school 2 years ago and we played on our phone up til mid last school year. We redownloaded the game today and you cane imagine our shook when we see that the game became a leveled based ad sponge with a down grade on graphics + you lose all your old balls and vortex skins. Still if your new play it but the og is the better version.


Its so bad! We don’t know why you added this update but it really ruined the game. The game used to be endless by default, but you also had the option to play with levels. You also collected gems for new balls and backgrounds but now the game is pointless and you’ve deleted all of our progress! PLEASE we are begging you, change it back! We would give this 0 stars if we could!

We really like this game but there is a bug in this game. The x6 is replaced with a x3.

What happened to our favorite game!? We used to love rolly vortex so much as a kid and now WHAT HAPPENED. It used to be an infinite ball rolling game with options for leveled stuff and challenges, now look what happened. Please bring the original game back please, we miss it so much!

We used to love this game and would have rated it a 5/5 but because of the recent update, the game is way less challenging and fun, and the gameplay is way too cartoon for our liking. We hate that you removed the arcade section because it was so fun. Other than that the game is pretty fun- but i’d only play it if we were extremely bored.

We dont like that it stops nowit used to be non stop and see how many you could get throughnow theres a finish line. What happened to dark mode & buying different balls?

Every single time. When you win, You get an ad.

We like this game but it was better in its older versions.

This was our favorite game of all time and we played it all the time, but after they updated it is not as good as it used to be and we barely play it anymore we wish they did not update it because now we hate the game. We wish it was still the same as it was.

This was our favorite game. But this update is terrible. All our progress is gone. And what are these new obstacle things? The simplicity of the original game was the best part!

We’ve been playing this for years, and one of our progress has been saved at all or transferred in the update. We had bought all the skins, unlocked most of the balls, and had amassed a significant amount of rubies, and now all of that is gone and we have to start all over again. Very disappointed as this used to be one of our favorite games.

Honestly it was better before the update , now it looks ugly bad theres alot of ads . Also you cant even use lay the arcade games anymore and all progress has been lost.

We downloaded this game a few years ago and we loved it so much. We had all the backgrounds, all the balls and the mission skins. We loved that it never changed and we would play it all the time. We hadnt played it in a while and we were very bored so we decided to check it out because we really liked it. We noticed the icon had changed, and when we opened it everything had changed. We dont think that newer players would be annoyed with this complete redesign to the game, but us and many others are very upset that it has changed. We would have given this game 5 stars if it wasnt for the current update. We also dont like the new style and it seems that there are more ads than there were originally. We never had a problem with ads before this. We just want to let you know, we liked this game before and we thought it was great. We do not have the game installed anymore, it would have become just a waste of storage. Thank you for reading.

Was our absolute favorite game to play whenever we wanted to pass time. Then this stupid update comes along and we find everything gone!! No rubies, skins, high score, mission progress, and backgrounds! Now there are ads after every level no matter if you win or lose, or for extra points or lives, instead of after some levels only whenever you died! If we could undo this update we absolutely would.

We came to download this game again after not playing for a couple of years and come back to this garbage update. We cant do the challenges like we used to and there are so many ads for no reason, it was not like this before.

Let us tell you a story we were in our car going on a trip we were playing the old Rolly vortex it was fun our favorite ball and our favorite background the end WHY.

Game updated and wiped out all our content that we worked for years to accomplish. There are also more ads than content, literally not worth even playing at all.

It used to be a great game but one day we opened it up and the update completely changed it. All progress was wiped and the concept took a turn for the worse. Too many ads and the graphics are just bad so its a shame that the game went down the hole.

We suggest that u make everyone win.

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We would definetly recommend this game. They definetly did a big update on it and so far we are enjoying it. The one reason we couldnt give it a 5 star review though is because all our progress is lost from before the update came. We worked really hard to get to the score we got to and now its just completely gone and now all they have is levels. We do love that they added levels bc we kinda was getting tired of it before when it was just a freeplay so the update is nice however we do wish that they would have freeplay as well without levels. Maybe when clicking onto the app you had a choice to play freeplay-where its endless without levels- or the levels that they have now. Besides our wish and complaint we do definetly recommend this game and it is enjoyable.

We use to love this game and we spent hours and days playing it and getting all the balls and backgrounds and we spent a lot of time saving up our gems and then the new update came and all our hard work done down the drain thats the only really bad thing about the update we love the levels whenever we played the old version we always wish there was levels we men there was but not like the main thing ohhhhh also our high score is gone we worked hard to get that also we wish the update had the infinite level thing but like not as the main like maybe where the levels were before oh we also love the coins and keys and the vibe of the whole thing its really cool anyways this is a great app and we would have put 5 stars but all of the time we spent went away and stuff that we had it felt like we were opening a new app and playing it for the first time.

So. Ilove this game before the up date it was fun they had missions they had hard balls to get it was endless fun but when the upgrade came all our balls all our missions that we spent countless hours doing gone adios so and the performance isnt the best but before the up date the game was perfect.

The first problem is there are way too many ads in this game, every time we die or pass a level an add begins to play and the second problem is the update made this game worse because before the update this was a game of skill and you would feel accomplished when you beat your high score but now its all challenges we dont see the point when their we already plenty of challenges. Dont get us wrong its a pretty good game but we think it definitely deserves a 3 star rating. Thanks for listening :)

THERE ARE A LOT OF ADDS!!!! Not just that is wrong. One morning we wanted to play this game so we logged on and everything changed. It got ride of EVERYTHING we earned and we were VERY sad because we would play this game constantly to try and earn stuff. The day before it change it was liked the old version. Perfectly normal. Then the next day we go on our phone to see that a game updated. Then we go to our games then we see that this game wasnt the same. So we got in this app and we see that it erased all our stuff we earned. So practically it deleted everything that we earned. Im not sure if this happened to anyone else but, this sure happened to us. Other than the adds and the update we think this is an amazing game to play. We hope you have a wonderful day!

We used to love this game until the new update. It was so much more fun before.

We loved the graphics, challenging levels, and that you could buy new skins with the gems. We dont want to sound like a hater, but the new update is not good. The graphics are way worse and when we went back on, all of the skins that we earned were lost. Why did you have to make it like this? We loved the modern look to the game and now it looks old.

We have had this game for a quite long time. But recently we went to look at it and it just got bad. This game is fun, but it doesnt really have any objective. The only thing you can do is just play each level and get your world score ranking higher. Which to us doesnt seem very fun. And each level doesnt really get harder it just stays the same. Plus there are a lot of ads which can be very annoying to say the least. And in the game you cant really like change the balls that you are playing each level with or like the scenery. Which is kinda boring. But we gave it a generous 3 stars just cause it used to be fun. And not have this many ads. -Anonymous person.