Roof Rails

Last updated on November 30th, 2022 at 02:30 am

Roof Rails

Roof Rails

Roof Rails is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Voodoo, Roof Rails is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 4th August 2020 with the latest update 18th November 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Roof Rails ?

212,687 people have rated 2.9.0

What is the price of the Roof Rails ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Roof Rails released ?

Roof Rails was released on 4th August 2020.

When was the Roof Rails updated ?

The latest updated date of Roof Rails on 18th November 2022.

Where can Roof Rails be downloaded ?

You can download the game Roof Rails from Apple Official App Store.



Easy to pick up HARD to put down

A new and original game, perfect for killing a few minutes!

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Updated on 18th November 2022

Fixed a few minor bugs

Roof Rails Review

This game has some thing that you should be doing right now he literally have to have Internet to play this game in fact do you need Internet to start moving then you can turn the Internet off to move that is so stupid we dont like that remove the fact that you need Internet to play this game we mean the only reason why this game isnt it is for stupid dumb ads and thats not good we mean ads no thats not a good game then if it has adds a game is perfect without ads games should not have weird ads sound only do ads win a glitch is happening or something like that remove this feature now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is to the creators of the game.

So we tried to put zero stars but it did not let us its the worst game we’ve ever played theres an ad on everyone we wish we didnt have ads and make it better just please make this better voodooo.

The game keeps making our house smell like poop.

It’s good but it’s quite a lot of ads.

Oh our goodness Im amazing at the game.

We love rail its so fun and entertaining is like when Im down we can just we can just play it its just so entertaining and fun its almost like youre learning new things but it just gets us back up on our feet whenever them down and something goes on the wrong thats cool we always think of rail and its so funny because of that it is just so fun we love how it just like it just gives us back up on our seat like we love it didnt go through and get School its stress yes we need to play rail we always love to play it right before we were writing this review we were actually playing it because we got mad at our mom we want it she said is it so now here we are am we love real its so entertaining its like excelling learning but yes selling games that you really like one in 1 million.

Hi we are Carter we love the game but to miny ads.

This is the most best game ever you have to get it.

We think this game is fun and challenging we think it is cool how you use diamonds for rewards we also like that you use multiplication because it might help kids learn multiplication we also love multiplication it is so cool!!!!!!! We love your game we are going to play it every day!! Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!

Yo this is game is radical so awesome.

We love it !!! Also it is very easy to play but so much fun!!

We adore this game its amazing but we feel like it would be cool if you could change the colors and designs of the rails.

We would like to start this review by saying its so much fun However we crossed a problem its not letting us in and the screen is just black It could be just our phone but Idk overall fun game!

We want to say this game is so fun we have been playing for 2 yrs. We loved the game since we first got it but we’ve become so tired of the same ads and that there is like 1 frame every 2 seconds to make us hate it. We barely play it now but its still good. If your looking for a game that doesnt lag, dont download this.

Okay so this game requires WiFi but it is pretty fun while on a road trip or just chilling at home,but gets boring after a while we would still recommend this to some players there is not many ads thank you for taking you time to read this review.

Loved it!! Wish there wasnt so much ads though.

So we really like this game! But the only problem is you have to have Wi-Fi to play it and we were looking for a no Wi-Fi game to play on long car rides and this game looked really fun!! But besides that its a great game and you should definitely download it rn!

Its cool but we would like you to add more to it.

Almost every level there is a ad.

Its good and exactly what the adds say it is fun you swipe to move them around its really fun to play the game so we rate it three ***

Game is brainless and entertaining but the amount of commercials and adds is just to aggressive and annoying.

Annoying ads appear every time you lose. It gets very annoying and you have to wait until every ad ends.

You guys outdated with this one and we think this game is amazing and we will play it for the rest of our life.

Would play more but too many ads and the remove ads button does not work.

No good, also ads after ever run.

If you just love ads, this is the game for you! Oh hey, theres a remove ads button, but it doesnt actually do anything. Dont waste your time unless you just want to play 15 seconds of a game and watch 5 minutes of ads.

This is a good game with a flaw that makes it unplayable. We went over the rails that you collect and it didnt pick it up. This game would be great if it werent for that one glitch :(

Voodoo games are creative and fun but you literally spend more time watching ads then playing. Never downloading a voodoo game again ads are unbearable.

There are literally ads every 4 seconds.

It wont let us remove the ads.

We thought this was fun but no to annoying first of all way too many ads just too much so laggy by the way! Sorry to the creators but we just hate this game.

Seriously an ad after every game when games take 10ish seconds? We understand trying to get ad revenue but that is ridiculous. Uninstalled after 3 levels.

So many ads. Cant even play on airplane mode. Worst developer in the world.

We’ve been locked out of it ever since we started playing it. There is too many ads and when it shows us an ad we get stuck in it which means we have to restart the game which makes it unplayable. So ya there is our opinion.

This game has more ads than any of these other cheap, ad-based games.

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