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Sagrada is one of the best $6.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Dire Wolf Digital LLC, Sagrada is a Casual game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 31st March 2020 with the latest update 22nd June 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Strategy, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


637 people have rated 1.4.4

You can download the game Sagrada from APP STORE.


Bring your stained glass masterpiece to dazzling digital life in Sagrada, the dice-drafting board game from Floodgate Games.

Take turns selecting colorful dice and placing them in your gorgeous stained-glass window. The artisan who creates the most beautiful window wins.

Choose your dice carefully!
Find the perfect fit for each piece of your window: restrictions on both the color and number showing on your die make for a puzzling challenge.

Use your tools!
As a master artisan, your tools-of-the-trade will help you shape the dice available.

Please your admirers!
Adapt to the fickle demands of your patrons — while keeping your signature artistic flair — for additional prestige.

© 2020 Dire Wolf Digital, under license from Floodgate Games, LLC.
Sagrada © 2018 Floodgate Games, LLC.

Updated on 22nd June 2022

Bug fixes, localization updates, and optimizations

Sagrada Reviews

Please make it possible to play the well done game offline. Should not need a connection to play a solo. Update: solo problem fixed in less than week. Excellent implementation. Great customer service. It is a goto game when passing our time.

Love the game and it does a great job of bringing the gameplay of the original to digital. Anyone who likes Sagrada will love this version. Our only complaint is maybe one bug and a usability issue. The bug is inviting a friend. You cant. If you enter their email address to ask them to play the instructions say it will send an invite with a link to the game to download it. When you do so it says the person isnt registered. Isnt the point to invite unregistered people? If they are registered theyd probably have the game already. This was disappointing. Also the turns can be a little fiddly because when you use one of the cards that allows you to change your dice or placement it can be unclear what to do next. Same when ending turn. It isnt bad just could be better Buy it you wont regret it.

The game itself is very fun, and we enjoy playing it a lot. We love that we can play the daily challenges by myself, and a regular game with our friends. We have noticed a couple issues/annoyances so far, that make it slightly frustrating to play – Inability to see history of scores/boards. Its very frustrating to have a game end with friends, and not be able to go back and see the score after its complete. Even upon clicking notification that the game is complete, it does not bring us to the closing/scoring sequence. The game will freeze sometimes for 15-20 seconds, usually in daily challenge mode. If you leave a daily challenge (even just close the app) it will disconnect and you lose your progress. Not a huge deal, but this counts towards your 5 games for the leaderboard. General lagging when connecting to an ongoing game with friends, there seems to be a disconnect with clicking a notification and the app opening the game itself.

We love the game and it all flows beautifully. But the Target Score that is needed to win on the Solo mode is impossible to get. And we dont mean its just hard, but often literally impossible. Even when we have a really good game and achieve a lot of the bonuses, Im lucky to make it half way to the suggested Target score. Its pretty discouraging. Again, we enjoy the game and the app works great, but a easy fix to make the solo mode Target scores lower would be appreciated.

The good parts about the app are things like the modules to allow enhanced gameplay of clank and Dune imperium. The problem is that theyre hidden in obscure places and you have to go through several steps to get to them – and if you open another app in the meantime you are often back to square one. The rest of the app is ads or other junk, which really could have been deleted or sidelined.

We would easily rate this game five stars because we think it is super fun, but we find myself getting frustrated by the bugs. We often get unstable internet connection warnings in daily challenge mode, and the game will not load, but we will still lose one of our five daily plays each time. If Im on the same unstable connection but open any other mode, the game will run fine. We are also unsure if this is a bug or our misunderstanding of the rules, but in solo mode, we have four objectives listed above that dont all count towards our total score. We watch the totals as they happen and tend to see only 2-3 objectives receiving points. We’ve never even been able to win on very easy mode even once despite setting up a board that adheres to all objectives and includes numerous of both target colors.

Can the developers confirm whether they are planning to fix a bug in solo play in which you do not receive the full value of your objectives? We usually only get one of the colored dice total added to our score instead of sum total of two dice color objectives. This makes winning in solo mode almost impossible.

Im not a big fan of this version of Sagrada. The board game is excellent, one of our favorites. Its hard to say exactly whats wrong with this game. The dice roll feels fake. The cards randomly picked each game also seem wrong. It doesnt seem random. It picks our least favorite cards in about 75% of the games. The good cards are seldom picked. The single player version isnt fun. We bought this for our iPad. We were looking forward to solo play. We mostly play against computer players that play like idiots or geniuses. We wish we could set up scenarios and play out the game by myself.

We love this game. And if it didnt crash 2-3 times a day we would have given it a 5 star review. So, there is a daily puzzle where you compete against the world every day. However, you may have a perfect window, and as soon as you pick up the last piece IT WILL CRASH ON YOU! LOSING EVERYTHING YOU DID. Plus if that isnt enough, just know you have 5 chances a day, and when it crashes (and it will crash!) you lose that chance for the day too. FIX THE BUG, IT MAKES ME WANT TO RAGE QUIT. MY CARDIOLOGIST IS MAKING MONEY OFF OF YOU ISNT HE??? Bill, did you make this app?

Months have gone by, months. How many messages have we sent? Countless. It doesnt seem theyre going to fix the crash issue on the daily challenge.

We have two games that are stuck in limbo since update. Each game with different user in their turn doesnt allow you to select a die or a tool to use. Any way to revert back? We did try to resign a game and it wouldnt even allow that. Is our only recourse to delete app and reinstall?

This is a beautiful implementation of a great game.

We were introduced to this application during a team game night, and we’ve been addicted since. This game challenges us, frustrates us, and soothes us. The most fun puzzle game we’ve played in a minute. We love opening the app and hearing the music as we start our game. The ambient sounds softly chiming as you navigate through colors and values brings joy to our day. We look forward to the daily challenge and sharpening our skills on Solo Play. By the next team game night, we will be ready. And we will win.

Love Sagrada board game and now app! We hope they add the expansions, we would buy those in a heartbeat.

This is exactly what we want when it comes to making board games into apps. The UI is super intuitive and visuals are excellent. Our one bit of feedback is we would like to see the end scoring separated out to better see where our opponents and we scored for our private and each public objective. The scoring happens so quick at the end that you barely have a chance to see what you ended up with for the objectives. A stats button below view windows that takes you to each players scoring stats would be awesome. Thank you for making an awesome board game into an amazing phone game!

Great implementation, very playable. Note: Initially it seemed to have a bug where we could not actually select any dice – instead the magnifying glass loupe mode is permanently stuck as on. This bug comes up every so often still but we just kill and restart the game and then it goes away.

Daily challenge is so glitchy we’ve never actually gotten our 5 trys.

Game works pretty flawlessly for the most part. Great visuals and overall the game is simple and addictive. Aside from random disconnects to the server(which are annoying due to it force resigning you) we havent run into anything major. Our biggest beef(and also an issue we have with the physical version) is how punishing the Solo game can be. We are unsure if this was fixed in future expansions, but the target scores you need to get to win are near impossible to achieve. Needing to not only sacrifice a die to use a tool, but said tool is only usable once per game is a bit too punishing. Not to mention only benefit from one of your private objectives really limits the player. We understand these are the rules as written, but if expansions managed to fix this, Id love for them to be added in future updates. Overall the game is great, but we tend to favor solo play when we can in most board game apps. Bummer it isnt less punishing.

The game is fun, if you like that sort of thing. The implementation is beautiful in design and dodgy in technical quality. Online mode technically works but can be buggy, causing disconnects, and the lobby system is barebones and relies on a secondary app to handle any lobby chatting you may want to do. Daily challenge is a nice feature but bugs have often spent our limited attempts on app crashes or disconnects. All this said, when it works, which is most of the time, its a nice addition to any app library.

The constant nag to post to Twitter is disappointing and annoying for a paid app. It would be so better if it didnt hijack the continue screen.

We own the tabletop version of this game. We love this digital version for the most part but consistently run into a bug where we cant draft any dice nor select a tool. We can scroll back and forth in the pool and we can hit the next turn button if we intended to skip. But the middle section is dead. And its caused us to lose some decent runs in the daily challenge as the only way to fix is to close and restart.

We absolutely love this game. Its challenging and clever with juuuuust enough skill to offset the RNG-caused screw-jobs. However the app makers really need to square away the stability. Too many times we’ve been more than halfway through a game only for the app to crash and we lose all our progress, which is mighty frustrating when a game requires you to think multiple steps ahead.

Its a good version of Sagrada, but the app feeezes at least once a day while doing the daily challenge, ruining one of your few chances.

Bought this app after being introduced to the board game over the holidays. A really pricey app, but enjoyed the game that much and could play with siblings long distance. App is great when it works. Consistent glitches where game will freeze and you have to restart the app, and games never save as they are supposed to and so if you get a call or respond to a text mid-game you usually lose progress and the app crashes. Disappointed since it was so expensive. Hoping developers will be able to make improvements to make game play smoother.

There is no way to see a point breakdown at the end of the game, so if you look away you wont know where all your points came from. It also forces you to look at other player boards when it might be preferable to view your own.

Worked perfectly and then audio stopped working. We have reinstalled the app and still nothing :-(

This game stupidly requires constant connection to its server. For the daily challenge you get five attempts but its very common for it to fail and crash mid game. Today was the worst we’ve experiencedonly one game was finished and scored properly. The final fail happened after the final turn. Developers, please, our phones are plenty powerful to run the game locally and then reconnect at the end to document the score. We dont need fancy graphics, we want a game that WORKS.

Constantly errors out midway through and then counts it as a try, even thought its impossible to resume.

Crashes constantly. This is 2022. Shouldnt have this rudimentary of a problem.

Fun game. Good challenges for solo play. Good online experience. The game itself is interesting and enjoyable.

What a find. Works flawlessly. Great way to wind down.

Occasionally, one of the tools will not work appropriately which is frustrating but generally a well done and beautiful adaptation of a great strategy game. Our monthly game night has been relegated to online during the current times so Im glad we have a new game that all four of us like online!

Game is well implemented with smooth graphics and easy to understand tutorials/prompts. Highly enjoyable game with a good amount of strategy. Easy enough to teach to those who dont play a lot of board/card games.

A great implementation of a fun board game with features unique to the app. Totally worth it.

We have a keyboard attached to our iPad and it would be wonderful if the app rotated. Otherwise an excellent implementation of a fabulous game.

Love this game, but, we’ve so many problems trying to play it, Im ready to give up: couldnt move between games, cant login, wont accept change of password. Im stuck.

That’s so lame!!! Now we can’t get our money back…

We were pleased when we discovered there was an app version of this game as we love the board game. Please add more campaign levels, those were our favorite!

Love, love, love it! Now we can play when alone.

This game is absolutely wonderful and quite a thinky puzzle. Its gorgeous. Great work.

We really love this game!! Its our absolute favorite board game and now Im addicted to this version. However it only gets 4 stars because of the insanely small number of tool cards and public objectives. The board game has so many really fun and challenging ones, this app is wildly repetitive in comparison. If they add more itll be a 5 star game hand down!

Ill bump this to 5-star when landscape mode is available. Publisher hasnt responded to feedback to add this view to iOS like they have in Nintendo Switch. This request is more so for iPads and iPad Pros. The default portrait mode is fine on iPhone. Everything else is beautiful and this is a great adaption. (edit: Developer just responded so Ill bump this to 4 star. 5 when/if landscape comes to the app. But we think 5 star is appropriate for the iPhone version.)

A faithful adaptation of the board game and a great way to learn and practice your strategy against the AI. Our only criticism is that the color-blind mode isnt that helpful. It applies patterns to the dice, which is nice, but not to the colored spaces on the game board. The placement aides work when those colored spaces are available, but its hard to plan ahead when they arent and you cant tell the differences between some of them and your dice. An option to apply patterns to the game board spaces would be helpful, or to change out the color options as other games have done would also be an improvement. Oddly enough, this is only an issue with this digital version. We dont have any color issues with the physical board game. All in all, a fun game though!

It really is a fine adaptation of the game. We have become frustrated when trying to use a tool only to have the game freeze at that point. Now THAT is maddening. We have a new iPad, so Im confident thats not the issue. Hoping this gets fixed. Then its a 5 star rating for sure!

The game is amazing. But the app takes forever to load, is constantly booting us from games, repeatedly showing us long replays that we’ve already seen, and keeps logging us out of our account (without being able to save our password). We strongly recommend the board game. This app is a decent recreation of it but requires a bit of patience.

Nice version of a great game. But the Eglomise Brush and the Copper Foil Burnisher dont work at all like theyre supposed to. Our girlfriend and we do a lot of pass and play, but we have to restart any game that includes either of those if we want a normal game with 3 working tools. Every now and then we try a game with them, but nope! Letting two tools that dont work slip through in the first place is unacceptably sloppy, but then not to catch it for so long is just beyond the pale. Dont waste your money until this has been fixed!

Our wife and we love the physical board game. The app, however, has some significant problems. For starters, the ratio of dice each game is inconsistent. In a two player game there are supposed to be 10 of each color die in the pool. However, we just finished a game where there were only 4 purple die the entire game. We dont mind a bit of luck being involved, but the ratios need to he consistent in order for there to be any chance of mitigating said luck. Thats our biggest complaint. Otherwise, we would like there to be some way of seeing the public objectives before choosing windows. It would also be nice to have a wider variety of private objectives, rather that exclusively color variety. Lastly, the load times seem unnecessarily long, making it an arduous task playing just one game. The asynchronous gameplay isnt a smooth as Id like it to be. However, we suppose this app isnt marketed to gamers like myself who already own the physical game, and as a gateway to the physical game, this app is excellent jumping on point.

This is an awesome app that really feels like youre playing the game! We love it and hope the expansions come to it soon!!

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