Seat Jam 3D

Last updated on May 29th, 2023 at 02:35 am

Seat Jam 3D

Seat Jam 3D

Seat Jam 3D is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by FOMO OYUN YAZILIM VE PAZARLAMA ANONIM SIRKETI, Seat Jam 3D is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 13th January 2023 with the latest update 25th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Seat Jam 3D ?

4,503 people have rated 2.6.0

What is the price of the Seat Jam 3D ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Seat Jam 3D released ?

Seat Jam 3D was released on 13th January 2023.

When was the Seat Jam 3D updated ?

The latest updated date of Seat Jam 3D on 25th May 2023.

Where can Seat Jam 3D be downloaded ?

You can download the game Seat Jam 3D from Apple Official App Store.



Seat Jam 3D is a fun and addictive puzzle board game. Challenging seat situations, angry passengers and much more. Get all passenger to the right seats before making them frustrated!

Updated on 25th May 2023

Bug fixes and performance improvements

Seat Jam 3D Review

Great little game, BUT: we would like to play the boss levels. Why on earth do you guys have a timer clock on them??? Im old and slow and would enjoy playing that level. Whats the point of the timer?

Was a great game. No longer looks like pictures in ads. They just started placing an app advertisement across the bottom of the screen so you are unable to see where you rank in the competition or see & use the swap or button to move character to specific seat.

Love the game, when will you add more challenge levels?

We really dont mind watching ads but they will not load on the Boss levels. We click on the button over and over and nothing. You need to fix the "Play" button so the Ads will load. Im playing on an older iPad Mini if that helps. Gonna delete what is our favorite game if this continues.

Stupid annoying stupid stupid annoying thing Stupid annoying stupid stupid annoying thing Stupid annoying stupid stupid annoying thing Stupid annoying stupid stupid annoying thing Stupid annoying stupid stupid annoying thing Stupid annoying stupid stupid annoying thing Stupid annoying stupid stupid annoying thing Stupid annoying stupid stupid annoying thing Stupid annoying stupid stupid annoying thing Stupid annoying stupid stupid annoying thing.

We personally dont notice the ads unless we think about it because our mind kind of stays distracted by music we have playing we also like the sounds the people make its cute.

Im very happy we gave it a shot! With the simple visuals we feared it was going to be a low effort cash grab but that couldnt be further from the case! Its genuinely well crafted and very fun and engaging! Ads are pretty non-obtrusive. Our only gripe is that its possible to skip levels but you cant go back to play them later, which is a bummer!

Its interesting that most of the reviews are because there are too many ads. Well pay for the no ads and the only time you have an ad is if you make the choice to watch one! Our only issue is that when we want to play the hard or super hard levels, there are no more to play, so we have to wait and then we cannot get the daily prize/gift because we have played them all.

We really like this game. We are on Level 1075 and have not had to use any power-ups or get extra moves to complete levels. All levels have had enough moves to complete. However, some have only one spare move so you have to think and plan before starting. Would give five stars but there are WAY too many ads.

We are on level 1092 and this game is definitely repetitive. Im seeing the same puzzles in frequent rotation now. We like sorting games, and this one was fun for awhile, but after a couple of weeks, we think Im done.

Totally agree with both Love the game Hate the Ads & Could be better. We would like to copy all of their comments!!!! And.. Add on for our comments regarding the ads!!!! We absolutely cannot handle them. For some reason we always get the one that makes us physically sick. Im not one for the dr. Pimple popper theme. We have to look away and still it bothers us soooo!! Wish we had the option to change the ad. If only that were possible. Tempted to stop playing this game because of it!!

The game in itself is fun. The app is HORRENDOUS! There are TONS of ads that pop up during the game. Its fine normally, unless we try to do the RailRace, then there are 10x more ads. The app is glitching and more often then not 1/2 way through an ad, making us watch a whole another ad on top of the one we JUST WATCHED. So Im watching 2 ads at a time, when Im in a crunch for the RailRace. It makes it IMPOSSIBLE to win a race. Going to delete the app and tell the others that we previously raved about this game to about how crappy it has become.

We love this game and we havent seen one ad!! Im 43 years old and got all our buddies playing.

Its diverting, but theres no consistency with the difficulty level of the challenges.

Love the game but cant play the boss levels. Please fix!! We sent an email to the developer.

This game is Fun and challenging except when the Boss Level videos wont play.

We really like this game, but the ads are just obnoxious. We even paid for ad freesave yourself the money. Youre paying for NOTHING! False advertising. Still get ALL the ads.

The premise of this game is good/fun However, the constant ads that are quite lengthy ruins any chance of winning prizes from competitions along the way On top of that, the ads often freeze resulting in having to restart the app as well.

We love this game even though the ads are OBNOXIOUS. We have a small glitch however; when we go to play a Boss level and click Play to watch the ad so we can play that level, the button doesnt work. Sometimes putting our phone on airplane mode works, but not always. Most of the time we have to hit the button tons of times to get it to work. Otherwise, we enjoy playing this game and find that the higher the level, the more challenging it becomes, with just enough moves to finish the level without watching an ad.

Its a pretty good game overall but only think we dont like is that you earn coins but you cant buy anything with them to like make it easier or harder or anything you simply get them just for challenges and thats it we want to be able to buy stuff like hats for the little guys or something not just challenges.

It is a wildly fun game, but if you play it for ten minutes you will have watched five minutes of ads. They need to come up with a purchase option, or an option to pay to get rid of the ads. We gave it three stars. The game itself merits five stars, but the excessive number of ads deserves one star. Its a great game if you dont mind watching one minute long ads every minute or two.

Paid $3.99 to remove ads, yet you still have to watch ads too Soo any and everything. Once you pay for ads you should be able to skip every single ad even if it requires an ad.. It should go right too next step passed the ad prompt. Disputing for our money back due to false advertising.

Declined targeted ads yet still had banner running sales and hours for our local stores- smells like spyware to us – uninstalled .

We paid for the app but we still have to watch ads to play certain levels.

We absolutely love this game. The ads are brutal. We would rate this game higher but the constant ads are too much. There is no option that we have found to remove them so, its ads or no game. The higher levels do not give you enough moves or time to complete the puzzle which results in watching more ads to get the required moves and time meaning that at a high level you will watch two ads at least to complete the level.

Very fun and addictive with an ad every few rounds, not so much so that its overbearing tho!!

Why am we so addicted to this game? We dont know its embarrassing.

What do you use the coins for?

Game is marginally fun, its not rocket science but takes a moment to work out the board before moving which is nice since most levels arent timed. So far power ups are pointless though we’ve seen reviews that youll need them on levels where enough moves are not given. Our largest gripe is having paid to not have ads – which Im happy to do if we find the game remotely fun, but we have to still watch an ad to play a boss round? Id rather delete the game and eat our $4 than to have to watch an ad to play the more challenging rounds.

Fun game, but a lot of it is locked unless you watch ads. You also cant play at all unless youre connected to the internet. Its not an online game. Not challenging, even the challenge levels that you have to watch ads to play arent hard. Only timed.

Spend more time watching ads than playing game. It wouldnt bother us if we could play a few rounds before an ad popped up but it seems to be after every single round. Then on top of that its the same ad over and over again and you cant exit out of the ad until its completely over. Deleting this game and only played for an hour.

After a day, the app has become completely nonfunctional. Certain things require you to watch ads, even if you have purchased ad-free; the app will not play any ads at all now. We cannot play the next level, use the rail race feature, or get the free chest. We got less than 24h out of the app. We have tried restarting our phone, in case it was an issue with the device; still nothing. Unfortunate.

We love the puzzle concept of this game. However, we cant in good conscious give this the 5 star rating our enjoyment wants. We are a big fan of games having a No Ads purchase option, we understand that ads are a lucrative way to make money from phone games, so we always appreciate the option to pay to opt out. Unfortunately, we paid the $3-4 for No Ads yet all this took away was the very rare ad pop up. This is very deceptive, as we would expect for that price any ad locked content would no longer require an ad. Do not buy the no ad option, it is a scam.

This is fun. Just challenging enough without being impossible. We highly recommend.

The game is fun, but the ads are annoying, so we paid to remove them. Im still getting the stupid ads after every level. Not cool, people! This would have been five stars.

The game it’s self is fine a bit repetitive but our problem lies in the ads. We paid for the ad free and am still watching 10-15 ads in 30 mins of game pay. Don’t bother paying for it at that point you’re just losing money.

The game has too many ads and to play the boss levels on the level track.

We like the game overall but it is so glitchy its hard to play. Also too many ads.

Every time the time trials start the ads slow down the game so you cannot win.

Its a nice game but it sends notifications to with curse words and thats not suitable for children.

Fun game to help us relax but make us think.

This game is a lot of fun, the only problem we have with it is theres no way to get rid of the ads. You can skip the puzzles that have to be unlocked with ads, but those are the most challenging and fun puzzles in the game. Id gladly spend a few bucks on the game to be able to play all the levels without the ads.

This is honestly a really fun and really good game but it really lowers the quality that we have to see an ad before and after every single level. Theres only so many times we can sit through the same 5 ads until we feel like our brain is melting and we cant play this game anymore with the quantity of ads.

After playing well over 660 levels, we are starting to feel like the puzzles are repetitive. Nothing new. We enjoy the short mental breaks this game provides with the light logical challenges. Our issue is when we get to a Boss Level which we really enjoy doing, it requires watching an ad to enter the level. We dont mind watching an ad, but the problem is, when we click on watch ad nothing happens a lot of times. We go away, and come back. Sometimes that will fix the issue, but not always. Its almost as if you WANT us to skip the ads which doesnt make sense, since thats how you get paid.

We love playing this game so we decided to purchase the no ads, it has so much ads, but in order to play the Boss level which is already on the tracks we still have to watch an ad and not like a quick ad its also a 1 minute ad. If we would of know this we would of not purchased the ad free. We still switch out of this game for another the time we have to watch an ad. We would like a refund!

Cant even play without Internet access for their incessant ads. Deleted. Note to app designers: You can design it to require a boost every 7-8 rounds that the player can get by watching an ad, and people will willingly sit through the whole 30 seconds, but forcing the player to watch ads just to play leads to people like us opting out of playing your game. IDK how it works, but we would guess you would make more money off of a full watched ad than a snippet. This game might be fun, but the second a game requires us to turn on the WiFi to play, we delete it.


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