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Sentinels Sidekick


Sentinels Sidekick is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Handelabra Studio LLC, Sentinels Sidekick is a Utilities game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 22nd May 2012 with the latest update 13th June 2022

Whether you are a fan of Utilities, Board, or Card games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


60 people have rated 3.0

You can download the game Sentinels Sidekick from APP STORE.


“I can’t play Sentinels of the Multiverse without this app.” – Dave Neumann,

Never do battle without your plucky tabletop companion for Sentinels of the Multiverse and Sentinels of Earth-Prime!

Put away all of those little fiddly pieces of paper, glass beads, dice, dials, and tokens. For the price of a token pack, Sentinels Sidekick replaces all of that with everything you need to track your progress in a game of Sentinels:

  • Hit points of all Heroes and Villains
  • Hit points of all minions, hero targets and environment cards
  • Start or end of turn effects
  • Boosts, buffs and other ongoing effects
  • Active nemesis modifiers (with optional upgrade pack)
  • And more!

Sentinels Sidekick can track a game all by itself on a single iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. If your friends also have iOS devices, everyone can track the same game together with the wireless ‘Join Nearby Game’ feature!


  • Play with all Heroes, Villains, and Environments from the core games: Definitive Edition, Enhanced Edition, and Sentinels of Earth-Prime.
  • Also supports expansions: Rook City, Infernal Relics, Shattered Timelines, Vengeance, Wrath of the Cosmos, Villains of the Multiverse, OblivAeon, mini expansions, and variant cards.
  • Sentinels Sidekick features all the beautiful artwork from the card game! All heroes, villains and environments from the core games and first three Enhanced Edition expansions are included. Complete your Sidekick experience with the downloadable Artwork Packs.
  • Heroes, Villains, and Environments are also color coded for quick identification.
  • See at a glance which Hero targets have the highest or lowest hit points. Tap the HP icon to check other kinds of targets in a flash!
  • Flip villains from front to back, automatically adjusting their hit points where applicable.
  • Use notes to track effects and actions on any target in the game.
  • Custom effects keyboard helps you add effects to any target with just a few taps.
  • Zoom heroes, villains, and environments to full screen at any time.


  • Set up a Random game with up to 5 Heroes with one touch! Or randomize individual selections at your leisure.
  • Villain difficulty and Hero complexity ratings are built in. Build or randomize the perfect challenge!
  • Team up with up to 8 nearby iOS devices to track the same game over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
  • Quickly look up rules, errata, discussions, and other game resources.
  • Add your own custom heroes, villains, environments and more! Great for playtesters and house rules.
  • Choose your favorite Sidekick app icon from the Settings menu – from the Definitive Edition all the way back to the classic original icon!

** High Resolution Artwork Pack is available as an upgrade option for devices with high resolution screens.
** Target Artwork Pack is available as an upgrade option for all devices.
** Vengeance & Nemesis Artwork Pack is available as an upgrade option for all devices.
** Wrath of the Cosmos Artwork Pack is available as an upgrade option for all devices.
** Villains of the Multiverse Artwork Pack is available as an upgrade option for all devices.
** OblivAeon Artwork Pack is available as an upgrade option for all devices.

** OblivAeon Event game mode is not supported.

Sentinels Sidekick is a helper, not a game. It requires a real copy of a Sentinels compatible card game. Sentinels of the Multiverse is made by Greater Than Games, and Sentinels of Earth-Prime is made by Green Ronin Publishing.

For more info about Sentinels Sidekick and Sentinels of the Multiverse: The Video Game, visit

Sentinels Sidekick is an officially licensed product of “Sentinels of the Multiverse” from Greater Than Games LLC, and of "Sentinels of Earth-Prime" from Green Ronin Publishing LLC.

Updated on 13th June 2022

With all-new Sentinels content comes a big update! Sentinels Sidekick now supports Sentinels of the Multiverse: Definitive Edition and Sentinels of Earth-Prime. High resolution official artwork for both games is included at no additional cost.

  • On first launch, the new My Sentinels Collection screen will help you select what games & expansions you own. You can access your collection settings at any time from the Tools menu.
  • Customize your app icon, from the brand new Definitive Edition icon all the way back to the classic 1.0 icon! Check out all the options under Settings.
  • If you own both Definitive Edition and Enhanced Edition compatible content, an Impromptu Edition selector will be available to quickly switch between editions (or mix them together, if you dare).
  • The minimum operating system requirement is now iOS 12 or later.

Sentinels Sidekick Reviews

We would not recommend getting this app if youre thinking of using it on a phone. The content just isnt readable enough at that scale, especially if you want to have one device for the whole table of players. We have an iPhone 7 Plus, and even with the Pluss size, the health numbers are hard to read from any distance other than holding-up-to-your-face. The app seems solid in most other respects, and Im sure the experience is way better on a tablet.

With social distancing, we would like to play game over zoom. This would be awesome to connect with our friends who arent on our WiFi. Disappointed that we cant use this as easily to play.

This app is a perfect example of a developer over-valuing their product and under-delivering. This a PAID app. The fact that there are additional in-app purchases only highlights how greedy the developer is. The app lacks in functionality when compared to FREE third ones and the devs are more concerned with selling digital art than improving the UI for customers that already paid. Immensely disappointed in this first party app, but not at all surprised. Consider selling a full functional package. Not this garbage.

Please fix the app. We recently bought sentinels. We were hesitant to pay 5 dollars for a simple support app for a game but we decided to take the plunge. Mainly, we bought it for the Randomizer aspect. Unfortunately when we go to settings, Im unable to remove oblivaeon expansion from the list of owned expansions. Because we dont own this, the Randomizer is useless since it constantly adds content from that expansion.

We love playing Sentinels of the Multiverse card game, and wouldnt think of playing without using this app to track hit points. Its stable, colorful, and useful for that purpose. Weve added custom heroes, villains, and environments for our Cauldron expansion, which is great. The only gnat in the batter is we really wish it came with a landscape mode. Portrait-only is a real limitation. Please please please add that feature, and then youll be a 5-star app!

Does exactly what you need it to do. It provides you a way to randomly generate games or selectively pick each portion of the game. Also does an excellent job of keeping track of hit points. If you seriously play Sentinels, then this is a must have.

It’s a simple app that generates random games and keeps track of various cards, modifiers, and stats. It’s a better randomized then SoTM:TVG in that it allows you to adjust difficulties. Any chance of launching SoTM:TVG with the Sentinels Sidekick generated cards?

For the most part, this is a helpful companion to the card game. However, it would be better if the interface was more customizable, starting with a landscape mode. Seriously, most iPad cases display the iPad in landscape, and this app doesn’t rotate. Finally, the app should adjust the interface if only 3-4 heroes are playing, rather than wasting space.

We just wish that it came with the art for every character. We feel like since we paid for the whole app, we should get access to the full product. But otherwise it’s very solid, and greatly speeds up the game!

Incomplete app, better use the tokens on the base set or print your own.

A must have app! Simple to use and extremely helpful. Made the game move quickly and could easily be seen by everyone at the table.

Best thing ever even with custom cards.

A truly excellent app. We haven’t even bothered to punch out the various tiles and damage counters, since we can just track all of that on the app. Also, it’s a great bonus that if you leave a game set up over night, the app will not lose your in-progress game even if you delay getting back for a long time. Im having a bug with the team version of Ambuscade (when defeated his nemesis cards should still stay in play), but otherwise perfect.

Very useful app with lots of trackers you can use while playing Sentinels of the Multiverse. Our only complaint is that we wish more of the game art came with the app for free instead of through DLC. We don’t object to DLC for things like the Vengeance alternative play modes or variant card art, but I’d be happier with the app of art for all the standard expansions was included automatically.

Makes the game run SUPER SMOOTH!!!

If you enjoy the physical SotM card game you owe it to yourself to checkout this application. We don’t play without it. It really streamlines play and keeps little details from falling through the cracks. The art is crisp, the layout is smooth, and our table top is much cleaner. And best of all the developers maintain this app and keep it up to date with all expansions, mini-expansions and variants.

We love this app. With settings to turn on and off expansions, promo cards, and the ability to track duplicate heroes, what more could you want? How about back stories for each of the heroes, villains and environments? Sure, this app has that too! Just check the Game Rules section! Totally awesom!

Awesome, makes the game a lot more organized.

Such a useful app. Glad we got this. Makes playing the game much easier.

Would never play the board game without this app!

Nice for keeping track of hp and targets hp. We really think this would be so much better with a victory screen like the video game does by the same developer. We also think the music should be added if you want it to play. This would make the victories and some of the slow moments so much better.

All the app currently does is track hit points, which we don’t find hard to do. The hardest thing to manage is all the effects that occur. Find a way to track those and we’ll give this 5 stars!

The environment deck has missing cards please double check the data and fix it! Will fix our rating later.

Great for playing on smaller surfaces or to organize complex rounds.

Great little app makes a great card game even better. A must have.

We love this app, it helps with playing the game and with out test playing.

We absolutely adore this app. We use it for all of our Sentinels games, and it keeps everything on track. We only rate 4 because we feel like the HDR card art is a little pricey; but other than that, it’s a great addition to any Sentinels player’s arsenal.

Seriously you’re charging for jpg’s?! In-app purchases for card art seems a little cheap to us. We feel like a 5 yr old with candycrush… What next pop-up ads?

We can’t tell what this thing is supposed to do. There is no tutorial. From what we see all it does is track the health bar for hero and villain cards. If that’s it then it isn’t worth the time.

Great job… Really helps with gameplay.

We enjoy Sentinels of the Multiverse and wanted to see how the app worked with the game. After several plays, our general thought is that it costs to much. The randomizer is nice, but theres a free SotM randomizer available, so all this app really helped with was keeping track if HP. Status effects and boosts have to be entered into the app manually, which actually slowed the game down. In effect, youre paying $4.99 for a free randomizer, the art from the game (which you already have in the game), and an HP tracker. You can decide if thats worth $4.99 plus tax. We say its too much.

A fine if basic app. A bit pricey upfront, but to charge extra for all the "packs" makes it very expensive, for what you get (all in). It should be beneath a game to charge extra for "hi-res" artwork. We should expect better.

It’s a good app. But overpriced for being as barebones as it is. If it handed logistics and prevented you from making illegal moves, and automatically and easily factored in buffs etc., it would be worth it. As it stands, it’s an expensive hp tracker/randomizer. And Status effects take longer to add than just using the tokens.

We can’t recommend this app enough, it really streamlines a lot of the fiddly parts of sentinels an allows just to go put there and beat on some villains.

This app is the perfect companion to SotM. It makes every game easier to manage and lets us focus on the fun!

We can’t imagine why we played the game without the app. Well worth the purchase.

Enjoyment of this app depends on understanding what it does and doesn’t do. Once you figure it out, you can ditch your tokens and get some space back in your game box.

We bought this app a while back and it was terrible. They have improved it greatly since. It is a wonderful companion app for the board game. The only problem is that it is terrible when there is only one copy of the app among the people playing. But it is too expensive for everyone to have a copy. It should be $.99 or less for the app.

This was a great app, up until the last update. We were looking forward to being able to include the latest expansion characters, but unfortunately… Must have ios 7 to run now. Why support the ipad1 all the way except for the last expansion?

Worth every penny. Can’t imagine playing Sentinels without it ever again. It’s really nice not to have to deal with all the tokens.

Great app. We use it for all our Sentinels games.

If you play Sentinels, buy this app! Definitely increases the gaming experience and is a much easier way to manage the damage. In-app artwork packs are worth it as well IMO. Doesn’t really add much functionality, but they make it look great!

Great app. 100x better than using the included cardboard markers!!! Recommended for all players, casual or hardcore.

Great app. Especially for setting up a random game!

We love Sentinels of the Multiverse and this is THE best way to track hit points, bar none. We love playing solo, and wouldn’t even attempt to without this app. Keep up the great work!

Bought the app expecting a complete game and failed to fully read the description. This app is solely designed to manage the physical card game. (The interface is well designed and it appears to be a good complement to the game) Do not buy if you do not already own.

It is very convenient to have while playing sentinels!

Love the HD artwork. The only suggestion we would make is the option to remove the unused "hero" spaces to display a bigger portrait of the heroes actually in play.

Every board game needs something like this. While there are many fully built-out board game apps that let you play the games in their entirety these are largely sterile experiences: board games are inherently social experiences, not digital activities. Sidekick doesn’t try to replace the board game- it makes the game more fun by taking the busywork out of it. Full of clever options and clearly built by people who love the game. We won’t play without it.

Just started playing this card game, and the app helps take care of some of the busy work of adjusting hp. It is well designed and has all heroes, villains, and environments preloaded with all of their potential target cards built in.

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