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Step into the gaming world with Siege Hero Wizards, one of the top $0.99 games in the App Store! Crafted with creativity and innovation by Armor Games Studios Inc, this captivating Action game is bound to grab your attention. With its content rating of 9+, it caters to a wide audience. Ever since its release on 5th September 2013, it has been constantly updated, with the latest version rolled out on 24th November 2016.

Whether you have a liking for Action, Entertainment, or Puzzle games, Siege Hero Wizards is sure to keep you hooked!

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Dive into Siege Hero Wizards

The addictive physics puzzle game beloved by millions is back with an explosive new update. Cast mysterious magical spells and unlock powerful power-ups to blast your way through orcs, trolls, and more on your quest to defeat a wicked wizard.

Bring the house down on monsters by picking the right elemental spell to shatter every building, but make sure to save any hostages! Simple to pick up but hard to put down, Siege Hero Wizard is colorful cartoon mayhem for all ages.

Ranked #1 puzzle game in 89 countries and enjoyed by 7 million players, Siege Hero returns with the biggest update yet!

What’s Fresh in the Latest Update?

Discover what’s new in the recent update of Siege Hero Wizards on 24th November 2016:

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

  • Updated and improved Facebook integration.
  • Choose to watch an ad to skip any level.

Hear from the Players – Siege Hero Wizards Reviews

Find out what gamers are saying about Siege Hero Wizards:

Can’t wait for the next level!!

Lots of fun but more levels please!

Love to play, need new worlds!

Beautifully drawn, realistic physics, adorable butt-scratching trolls to kill!!! What’s not to love? Thumbs up!!!

Great game to pass the time at work when slow or "taking" care of business. A game mode to allow changing of the order of spells, or using siege hero weapons would be an awesome addition!

Looking forward to new levels :)

We love this game. It is a great time waster and we can’t get enough.

Awesome Game. Good to relax after a long Day. Expecting to have more levels soon!!!

The game is very fun, every time a new puzzle to solve, we enjoyed it and wish new stages soon, thanks.

Fun game as we’re all the others. Didn’t need the special tools. Addictive, we got very little work done. Hahaha.

Best game ever wish they would continue with new levels!!

Awesome puzzles that alternate between difficult and easy… Love this game, please keep it coming guys… You have a real winner here.

Definitely a fun game to play. Our younger daughters enjoy playing it as well. You dont have to get the special power ups to pass each level. You just have to be strategic and use your weapons wisely.

Great game to pass the time on long flights! Need more!

Just challenging enough. Though there should be some sort of bonus if "par" is 3 for a gold star and you clear in 2.

Great game … Keep them coming!

Been playing and replaying this game for ages, we’ve just about received crowns on all levels. We need more levels or games. Please!!

We’ve played this game on every device that we’ve owned, 2 iPhones and 1iPad. We absolutely love it! We have been waiting couple years for another level, hope one will be released soon!!!

Need more levels please thanks.

Love it, but no new updates in like two years!! When will there be more levels?!?

Great app, does need more levels … Fun for all !!!

This game is amazing and it’s addicting. One problem… We need more levels!!! Great game.

Fun and challenging. More levels please.

We play the levels and get 3 stars, but it only gives us 1 star so we can’t move on to the other levels… Help please!!!

Replay ability is really good. Brainsteasers at their best. More, more, more!

Great game. Finished all 5 stars. Now what am we going to do?

Love the game. Been waiting on new levels for years. Supposedly "coming soon".

Very fun, would love to see more.!

Excellent game, with clever aiming and mechanics. WHERE IS THE NEXT CHAPTER?

So much fun but we need more levels to play since we completed all the other levels!

This is a great game. The puzzles are challenging without being frustrating, the details like graphics and sounds show a lot of thought and a sense of humor. Really hope the developers will add another realm of levels.

Sometimes easy, sometimes difficult, the puzzles are always entertaining.

Played it twice through. Nicely done!

Great game!! No new games in well over a year!! Don’t need updates.

We really like this game and its so much fun and it has some great effects.

It is a bit harder than we anticipated after buying the game. It is so fun to use magic to defeat orcs and such. If you could have easier access to spells that would be great!

Great game, but more levels are needed. Please update soon.

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