SIERRA 7 – Tactical Shooting

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SIERRA 7 – Tactical Shooting

SIERRA 7 - Tactical Shooting

SIERRA 7 – Tactical Shooting is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by SHD Games Inc., SIERRA 7 – Tactical Shooting is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 21st August 2019 with the latest update 30th September 2020

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Action, or Adventure games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of SIERRA 7 – Tactical Shooting ?

30,655 people have rated v0.0.323

What is the price of the SIERRA 7 – Tactical Shooting ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the SIERRA 7 – Tactical Shooting released ?

SIERRA 7 – Tactical Shooting was released on 21st August 2019.

When was the SIERRA 7 – Tactical Shooting updated ?

The latest updated date of SIERRA 7 – Tactical Shooting on 30th September 2020.

Where can SIERRA 7 – Tactical Shooting be downloaded ?

You can download the game SIERRA 7 – Tactical Shooting from Apple Official App Store.




  • SIERRA 7 puts you in the boots of a tactical operator caught in the middle of a war.

This is not a mission for the weak hearted. You will be put in the line of fire against a tough and determined enemy with ties to Militia leaders and madmen willing to die for their cause.

Are you the right man for the job?

  • SIERRA 7 is a Tactical On-Rail First Person Shooter.
    The super-stylish minimal aesthetic allows you to focus on varied
    and randomized fire-fights, which perfectly blend realism and arcade
    gameplay together in a fast, exciting and intense experience.

Unlock a variety of realistic and lethal firearms, and travel across the globe to unique locations where you will engage in tactical First Person Shooter combat against the randomized and unpredictable enemy types.


  • Enjoy FREE Tactical and Exciting Gameplay
  • 12+ Hours Campaign
  • Fast Paced Realism meets Arcade Gameplay
  • Customizable Character with Gear & Weapons
  • Awesome Real World Firearms
  • Unique and Varied Missions
  • Impactful Gun Sounds and Animations
  • Beautifully Animated Enemies
  • Sniper Missions and Mini-Games
  • Major Overhaul of the original Sierra 7 (40,000,000+ plays!)
  • From the Developer of LONEWOLF

Updated on 30th September 2020

  • Fixed Red Box issues!

SIERRA 7 – Tactical Shooting Review

For some reason we cant select any of the levels.

This game is sick! Didnt think it would be so realistic and fast paced!

This is one of our favorite games to play now and also one more thing can you add gun selling Because we got a gun that looked good then it was a bad gun so please add this.

Pretty good game to us. 2 thumbs up.

Whenever you join the game sometimes it takes you to the belt slot and you have to delete and re-download the game to play it again because the X button doesnt work also please add more levels. We completed the game now Im really sad because the game had very few levels. Please add at least 15 in total.

Babababababababam boom boom boooo To tornado cw.

The Game has Good graphics Like a action show basically the graphics and the scenery is really good on this game and The guns / Blood Is detailed really well we recommend this FPS Game.

We’ve been loving this game for a few years now and Im just awaiting the day for more content, as in missions that is, maybe more weapons. We love the accuracy of the firearms and detail put into them. Select fire option is great, the whole concept and way it plays is a massive bravo ! We want more ! Love the animation style graphics that bring a sharpness and realistic approach to gear, weaponry, structures, etc. We anticipate the day there is an update dropped with more content ! Thanks developers and we hope you have plans for this potential masterpiece because it is always our default killing time but also our problem solving as well. Cheers.

This is the game that we always want thx for making this masterpic really appreciate.

It takes some time to get used to but it’s an awesome little game to play to kill time.

Ok they made we think LONEWOLF because they wanted you to download the game for a free mask so we know this game is good we beat the whole game never got a thing we still love playing the game even when we beat it but we dont know what we will do next after we get everything?

At first when we saw this game we thought it was another piece of App Store trash but we were very wrong, this game is amazing with challenges which keeps us playing this game, overall this game is a blast.

How do we recover our data after deleting the game on accident.

We really like the game we’re almost done but the hardest thing is that defusing the bomb at Airplane it’s mostly because we’re dum but overall we really like it.

A couple months ago we got this game so with the game we bought the premium and we deleted the game after finishing it then 3 months in we downloaded it again and we tried getting the premium back but the game is not letting us (Restore purchase)

Even though we dont have premium you guys need to not give us so many ads we’ve played for one hour and got 30 ads.


This is so fun keep the good work.

Can we get a multiplayer mode some how.

This game is incredible , but it would be nice to somehow see a multiplayer function , or better yet , a second game , with more missions , and player customization for specific bits on guns , like suppressors , sights , mags , and grips. We think this game would be better if it was not a SLIGHTLY pay to win , but all in all, this game is incredible , we would still be playing it if we didint finish the campaign.

Very entertaining havent been this interested in a game for a long time good game definitely recommend giving this game a try.

An on-rails shooter game with intense gameplay reminiscent of the Time Crisis arcade games. The potentially big issue with this game for people will be the Premium paywall that limits your use of guns and equipment, as well as a Stamina system. Watching ads grants access but still limits what guns you can use. Essentially, the game is $9.99/$14.99 and playing it for free has obstacles that may require Premium for some users to hurdle. Im Rank 8 and more than halfway through the game all on Hard playing F2P but it has been a challenge. Still a fantastic FPS experience with challenging gameplay. The on-rail experience doesnt take away from the game at all, and the cover system helps with that. BUT it desperately needs Cloud support or some kind of login feature to save your progress.

The his game is amazing im a fan of first person shooter.

First we play 1 hour we i,ve play with pistol and sniper we got alot money and gift card for free! Now we got lot of prizes thanks!

Best end off 2020 playing this refreshing mobile game thats underrated.

It would be cool if you guys made a zombie version or a zombie game like this.

So first all we find this game really fun. Especially during our down time or breaks at work. We play on the new iPad Pro 12.9 inch. Having the bigger screen makes everything more enjoyable. Second, Im an avid reader. So when we saw sierra 7 " it made us think of the book series The Gray Man by Mark Greaney. We believe that it is being developed into a tv show.

We think this game is pretty cool we havent really seen any phone games that are quite like this one, its very unique and has a ton of cool weaponry and gear to unlock. Wish there wasnt a premium to have infinite energy but to be honest the game developers deserve some dough for this one. Great game 10/10.

This game is great, we want to use our controller.

We really love this game it has everything we like but to us its just way to short. Devs please add more missions and maybe add more guns like , M1 Garet, a machine gun that you can buy without premium like a MG34. But over all we recommend this game if you like FPS room clearing , special Operations and things you get like losing Uno for the fifth time. LOVE IT.

If you just start playing this game and your like on the second mission it starts getting addicting and fun but when you complete all the missions theres not really anything to do but replay the levels and if the devs can read this but if the devs are eeading this hear us out please make another mission where you find echo or just make an whole entire other game about you finding echo but we would really enjoy that since we kinda did everything in the game so if you are reading this devs pls do that thankyou and keep making good games.

This would be a 10/10 but the energy system can be anoying with how much you just wanna keep playing thank you for creating this awesome game.

This game is legitimately so amazing. Here are some reasons: Amazing CQB. Large variety of guns with an upgraded variant. (Usually.) Cool storyline. Challenging levels. (Unlike some mobile games.) The graphics have the LONEWOLF style. (Another cool mobile game.) However, there is one negative Energy. There is energy. In case you are not aware on what energy is in these types of games, energy is essentially a bar that you usually see on the top bar of your screen and when the bar runs out, (after a certain amount of levels done.) you cannot play anymore levels until the energy recharges. (Takes a while.) But we do understand why these games have energy. First, its to make the game seem longer, as you have to wait before you come back. And second, its also to make extra cash. The way they do it is because you can get extra energy for watching ads and ads give the developers money. The other way it gives them some extra cash is if people are tired of waiting on energy, usually theyll just buy premium which allows you to get infinite energy. Even though we dont like the energy system, we do understand why games have it. We hope our review was helpful and we genuinely suggest you at least try this game. It doesnt hurt to check it out! :)

We recently beat the game (Sierra 7) and its just a masterpiece. We mean the game is kinda pay to win but we beat the game with an upgraded mp5sd. Maybe make premium free after you beat the game but overall this game is great!

We like the game and played it ever since it came out. We just reinstalled it since we deleted all our games for a while and just got it back. We have been having a few problems with the game recently with the game continuing to freeze and glitch forcing us to delete it and reinstall it.

This is the best first person shooter game we’ve played and theres a really good story but the story is to short and we would love more.

Us and our friends all play this game and we would love a pvp mode to have more replay ability other than that the game is nearly flawless.

We love this game, we feel it has a decent amount of guns but at least you should add 1 assault rifle, second you/I need more levels we finished it in 2 days, the whole entire thing. It was very fun game to play on a road trip, nice music and you need genders for serria 7 and hair or no hair choice please fun game for 10+, this is a must play 5/5.

We love it we’ve got 3 stars on all the missions and we almost have all the guns. We would love to buy premium soon. This game. Is. Great. Play it if you can :)

We play this for hours and it feels like one minute totally recommend to people who like first person shooter games and a challenge its just too good not to play sooooooooooooo good.

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