Virago: Herstory

Last updated on June 9th, 2023 at 12:35 pm

Virago: Herstory

Virago: Herstory

Virago: Herstory is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Sunday Akor, Virago: Herstory is a Music game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 31st May 2022 with the latest update 29th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Music, Action, or Adventure games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Virago: Herstory ?

588 people have rated 5

What is the price of the Virago: Herstory ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Virago: Herstory released ?

Virago: Herstory was released on 31st May 2022.

When was the Virago: Herstory updated ?

The latest updated date of Virago: Herstory on 29th April 2023.

Where can Virago: Herstory be downloaded ?

You can download the game Virago: Herstory from Apple Official App Store.



Have fun playing in the world of Virago, where you get to play as a young girl called Willow who lives in a town of bizzare characters. Your goal is to find your way through the sometimes vile citizens to make it out in one piece while experiencing hallucinations that can block your path.

Updated on 29th April 2023

New Season Coming Soon! Name Virago: Herstory 2
New Season officially releasing on 20th, May
Pre-register for free on the AppStore

Virago: Herstory Review

This is fun idk what else to say.

This game shows how a kids childhood can effect them completely. Its a great game and we hope it gets viral. We think at the end you should have Willow grow up and raise awareness for women around the world. Great game!

As a 13 year old girl live the message about safety and what goes on in the real world! New season soon hopefully!!

We found this game on tiktok and we wanted to try it. We see the message and this is very accurate to real life right now. We finished this game SO fast! Please make new updates soon bcuz we dont feel like paying for it,

Teaches you a story about a little girl with a mentally abusive mom and her journey with anxiety in the real world along with other people helping her very very good game we def recommend playing.

Our new favorite game! We loved the story behind it and the game was just amazing. Please make more!!!

It was good we love the back story of it as a woman.

We love how realistic it was, and the ending was very wholesome and cute. It would have been really cool to see the nice lady in color, but other than that this is one of our new favorite games!

We LOVE THIS GAME SMUCH the message is clear and whole.

This game is absolutely awesome, we had some experiences like this growing up (well besides the yk unrealistic parts) it really reminded us to believe in myself. Besides that this game is cool, it has great background and characters. We love how it has many people that are very friendly and helpful. We hope everyone else enjoys this game as much as we do!

You should make a season where shes get manipulated by a creep to go with her and she has to run full speed to run home then her mom gets mad when she trys to explain and yells at her saying its willows fault!

It was lowkey a w game we finished it in like10 mins could not get off def downloading the other one.

We love the message its spreading but we couldnt pass level 3 because of how triggering this game is we do recommend playing it if you dont have a past like this.

Love this game but it was pretty hard to get through it bc its sad but totally recommend it!!! Love the message of this amazing game we could definitely play it again!!! And we would its so so so so good and if u like this get viragorun is a long run and really hard!! But still good!! We hope the creator adds more to this game and creates more games bc we love them they r amazing the games they make r amazing and you should totally check them out!! Love it sm im glad it had a happy ending!! Bye hav a good day!!!

We love this game. The story it incorporates and the message it gives shows real life problems. Its so sad but has such a happy ending. We will be down loading the other virago stories.

Thank you this really made us happy and felt better when it said in the end (your scars are like trophies for your victories) almost made us cry because we just got to a one day streak right then and there Thank you for this game<3.

3+ more reasons why this game is good. 1. Quality, graphics, etc. 2. The tall woman is rlly nice. 3. WILLIOW is ADORBALE!!! 4. Its stressed us out a lil but Im fine!

*1 is very cute *2 we enjoyed playing the game.

We are upsesed with this game we think there should be a new season.

This game is soo great :D willow is adorable and we can relate to her we have this fear anytime we go out into the streets we hope to see more seasons no bugs and overall deserves a 5.

Its a very good game we just wish we could play the naked reality one that looks like a cool game to play but Im poor-

Its good for little kids who feel like they are lost they should know they are good people out there this game really show it please make more its so inspiring to all woman or kids.

This game explains the realty of what its like to be born a girl and develop into an adult. The world is scary and this game really did its best to portray that. The fear, the paranoia, the anxiety, the trauma. All of it. And when santa came and gave color to her world, we started to run in the opposite direction and we just couldnt stop looking at her fear button. It made us feel like we were actually being chased And then the elfs with the signs? God, we almost cried. Someone gave color to her black and white world. Everyone on this cruel earth all need a little bit of color in their lives.


Its so accurate. Im so happy it got a good ending :)

This was a amazing game and tells a story and even shows problems that people can relate to with a happy end. This shows a amazing message.

We really like this game and hope for a second season.

Good advice for when your being chased or outside as a kid. Good and fun game! NEED a new season so fun.

We love how it shows the reality of the world. We love how it shows to appreciate yourself and to not let anybody take out the love of yourself. It shows that even when theres bad people in the world you will find your one and they will help you . We LOVE IT. We WILL DOWNLOAD MORE OF THESE APPS.

Idk whats to right but it shows what some people face.

We love this game and its message so much! Im also very glad that when we get stuck we can skip a level. It very accurately shows our struggles with anxiety as a young child. And even though we feel sorry for them, we hope others can find a connection with it too.

We never write reviews but, playing this game and looking at the story it tells a story that unfortunately a lot of woc have faced. Even though its simple instructions and easy gameplay, we found myself immersed and honestly jumping if Willow didnt hop over it immediately or feeling our heart break by hearing the heavy breaths of her waking up from a bad dream. It all connected back perfectly and we would love to see more.

The game made us so sad. We love the tall lady so much. It nearly made us cry so much times.


Amazing game man, we also follow you on TikTok, we would love to play a new chapter, keep up the great work man.

Great game kind of glitchy tho. When we were near the tall woman and stayed with her our fear bar went up.

We love it but its really short we would love it if you added more episodes theres only 11.

Its a great game! We expected this to be a horror game with jump scares. But this game is none of that! Although there are some teensy-weensy things we want to talk about. First of all, MORE EPISODES!!! Second, This is 4+ but in episode six when the woman takes u back ur house there is one man who said Dam sexy. We wish you couldve made the man say something a little more appropriate for a child, But besides that this game is amazing we hope u make more games with Willow!

We love this game we just got it and we finished it we got thru all the levels with ease and we like how there are different types of levels like her anxiety one it was a nice touch to it and we like the Christmas addition at the end and how willow gets a happy ending we feel bad for her but she put up with all that and she looks pretty young but Im glad we discovered this game it was so fun and at some point we had got the chills idk we scare easily soo but if you like fast games and ones that have deep meaning in it this is the game for you we really enjoyed playing this and we hope they add more.

We were one of the view first ppl to find the titkok account promoting this game :] im so happy to see how its grown and to see that its actually out now!! The storyline is a bit messy but the message trying to be conveyed definitely is there! We love this game a lot<33.

We love everything about this game except for the ending we understand that she finally sees in color ect. But following Santa around a colorful world just seems so far pure of the main story line, If its supposed to be a dream from Willow could dream about the lady that called the cops coming to rescue her or her mom finally stopping the creep (dream so he could be free from jail) this could definitely be fixed but we live everything else :)

Its a really cool and great game.

Even though this is short is conveys an important message, we enjoyed playing all of this game.

Just the end to all of them where you hug the ones who protected you in the episode is cute, we love this and wish we couldve gotten the payed version!

We love the message its very cute and it made us mad but once we figured it out it got pretty easy but this game was so fun but we wish there was more episodes its very quick the ending was cute and we loved the messages. Willow was so cute.

We love the message love everything but we wish there was even more we know we have to pay for the other version but we dont get the point of this one ? If its just gonna end.

The game itself is good but, it isnt really for me/something would like.

It has amazing representation of how little girls lives that when there mothers hate them.

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