Snow Race!!

Last updated on June 4th, 2023 at 05:35 am

Snow Race!!

Snow Race!!

Snow Race!! is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by GOODROID,Inc., Snow Race!! is a Action game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 8th July 2022 with the latest update 26th December 2022

Whether you are a fan of Action, Racing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Snow Race!! ?

16,865 people have rated 2.0.1

What is the price of the Snow Race!! ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Snow Race!! released ?

Snow Race!! was released on 8th July 2022.

When was the Snow Race!! updated ?

The latest updated date of Snow Race!! on 26th December 2022.

Where can Snow Race!! be downloaded ?

You can download the game Snow Race!! from Apple Official App Store.



This is one of the most fascinating games!

Do you like making snowballs?
We are looking for a snowman craftsman.

This race is the best way we have found.
You need to make the snowballs bigger to make way and make the snowballs bigger than other players.

Get the title of Snowball Master!

Updated on 26th December 2022

bug fixed

Snow Race!! Review

We only did 5 stars so you can see this!!! It really should get like 0!!! Every ten seconds you get an ad! (No joke) we saw the ad for it on a different game and thought it be fun but we were so wrong! First of all the courses take way to long and seconds of all, you get ads every ten seconds. So our real rating is this None!

It is the best game to play against your family and friends gathering snow.

The game is fun but there is a ad every 5 seconds It is so annoying.

This game is fun, but the thing is, there is too many ads and some of the them are long. We recommend not downloading this game since it literally barely has anything to it and you dont even earn coins for at least doing a part in the game. Hate it!!

Hi we love this game we just downloaded but it had 12 different adds every other second and thats not fair for some of us that we cant pay for no adds so if you policy for us will be a great thing thank you for reading this and we will be giving this game a 5 stars.

This game is fun its just SO many ads like to the point where there is just to many ads as soon as we make it to the next level it always gives us an ad eliminate some ads and this game will be perfect.

We love this app so much! We wouldve given it five stars but Im not sure how to pay for no ads. Im sure a lot of people agree with us. Please shed some light on this situation. Thank you developers!

We like the app but in the middle of a round it has adds and we think they should be before and after rounds not in the middle of them.

There is an ad every 2 secs what is the point of downloading it if the game is just about ads like we downloaded 2 seconds ago and when we played it is an ad every time we move what is the point of trying to play if it is all about ad like everything is having ads but this game is out of hand it is one for every movement that is sad shame on you whoever made this game you need to stop you need to be fired.

It has to many ads very 2 seconds theres an ad its fun if there were no ads!!,!!!!!! We do not recommend this game at all. All the ads are annoying!!! It would be the best game ever IF there were NO ADS !! We wish there were no ads and we would play all day every day. Once we downloaded it we played the first round and there ere 10 million ads so we deleted it after that. So do not download this game. Please dont download it!!!!!!!!

The stages are to long make them shorter it gets soooooo boring.

This game overall is very fun and we Am always so eager to win BUT, every like twenty seconds or so there is an ad and when your so close to the end its annoying to have to watch an add. Overall though its fun.

First of all the game is very fun but the thing about it is that we have an ad every 10 seconds, and it is ludicrously annoying. We have more ads then play time of the actual game its self. Its like giving someone Karma when they havent done anything. Like we dont know if they can control that but if they can please patch this. Compared to other games this is crazy. Second of all the game is fun we like how you can bump people down and the main purpose of the game. Thats probably the only good thing about the game. No offense but its the truth bruh.

A lots of ads But fun game we recommend you get this game.

There is to many adds it is so dumb.

Too much really really really really really really really really too much ADDS guys. Do not play this game.

We love this game so much and its fun to play but we cant finish one round without like 3 ads coming up in the middle.

This game has way to many adds. This needs to be fixed and it is very annoying every few seconds we get an add and its very frustrating.

Its cool but when it gets big it stops going we want it to be bigger so we can win the jackpot, so can you make it like that? Thanks and we know youre a mess here youre a girl JK slay all Day baby bye peace out.

We get advertisements but the sheer number of then made this game essentially unplayable.

Way to many ads. Wheres more ads than the time we play. And the ads are 30 seconds long. The game is really fun but the add ruin it.

The game is fun, we just downloaded it but everytime we play it , every. Single. Round. Theres an ad. Like cmon we cant even play the game without an ad. We understand people pay to have there ads put into a popular game, but every time we get across the bridge or whatever we get an ad.

To many ads other than that its good game so if it gets fixed then its a 5/5.

Its a good game but we fell like THE AMOUNT OF ADS IS CRAZY we get it you need sponsors but the whole game is just ads but beside that we fell like its a good games just that one complant is the ads.

In less than 10 second of movement you get an ad so boring.

There are ads every 10 seconds it would be better if there were ads every time you beat a level.

We love this game but there is a lot of adds stop the adds pls.

There are way too many adds. We watched almost ten adds before we were done with the first stage.

We watch 20 ads in one row and its actually really fun to play but we cant stand have to watch a ad over and over again in like 10 seconds.

The game would be good but there were adds like almost every second.

Dont get us wrong this game is fun but there is too many adds in the beginning and the middle it doesnt give you a pause after you finish a game also the game is too long it kept on going and going and going either way we suggest they lower how many ads they put in ill be playing for 4 seconds and boom and ad.

The game is good but theirs so many adds like every 5 seconds its annoying Im just trying to play omg.

When you can actually play its fineyou just get stopped repeatedly by ads and no option to get ad free.

Its a fun game, but there are SO MANY ADS!!!! Literally, Im playing for like three seconds and THERE IS AN AD!!!!! SOOOO ANNOYING!!!!!

This game is fun but every 10 seconds there is an ad and it gets very frustrating but the game itself is fun.

Dont get us wrong its an overall entertaining game but the ads are annoying, we cant get to the next part with how many ads there are. We’ve spent more time watching ads than playing the actual game.

Dont get us wrong it fun but theres way to much ads we cant even play like 1 minute so we really dont think getting this game.

We liked the game at first but then we realized it was a waste of time because there were ads every 4-15 seconds and its so annoying then at the top corner it said something about an ad in 4 seconds which is justNo it would be nice if there werent as much ads and the round went on for like 5-20 minutes.

An ad pops every 10-20 seconds its to much but the game is really fun.

Theres adds every second of the game n we can barely even play without an add coming up.

Good game but there are too many ads.

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