Solitaire Clash: Win Real Cash

Solitaire Clash: Win Real Cash


Solitaire Clash: Win Real Cash is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Aviagames Inc., Solitaire Clash: Win Real Cash is a Card game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 19th October 2021 with the latest update 19th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Card, Casino, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


14,867 people have rated 1.1.6

You can download the game Solitaire Clash: Win Real Cash from APP STORE.


Love Card Games? If you like Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, Klondike Solitaire, or 21Gold, you’ll enjoy Solitaire Clash! Experience the classic game with Klondike elements!

Download Free to join our Multiple-Player Tournaments and challenge others in a fresh game mode to win cash and other real prizes!
5-10 players will be matched based on their same skill-level of different game modes. Those who finish in the Top 3 WIN.

How to Play:

  • The "Deck" consists of 52 cards (without Jokers) arranged in 7 columns; one card in column 1, two cards in column 2, and so on.
    Re-organize the cards to build sequences in descending order and alternating colors.
    The stockpile offers 3 random cards each time for more chances to move the cards.
    If you uncover an Ace, tap it and place to the foundation piles.
    Keep moving cards to the foundation piles until there are no more cards able to move.
    Submit your score and compare your rank.
    A higher score can be earned when you clear the board faster, clean it all, or get it as closer as possible.

Free Games
-Free Solitaire games are available at any time. You can now use Diamonds to enter Solitiare Games for free! Earn free Diamonds every day by logging in and participating in various in-game events!

Similar Skill Players Head-to-Head
-Get matched with other players of your skill level to play the classic Klondike Solitaire game and win cash and other exciting prizes and rewards.

-Play against multiple other players in brackets. The higher you rank, the bigger the prize you win! There are various prize pools to choose from. Practice your skills for free before playing Solitaire cash games.

Real Players Real Money
-Play against real players of your skill level in fair and fun Solitaire Games!

Secure Cashout
-Cashing out your winnings is easy, safe and secured by PayPal. We also partner with Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express to make the deposit and withdrawal process secure and easier.

Win Extra Cash with Mini Games
-Players can win extra rewards through our mini games: Scratchers, Lucky Wheel (Spin Coin), and other entertaining features!

No ads
-No ads, for a truly uninterrupted gaming experience

  • Cash games are not available in the following states: AZ, AR, CT, DE, LA, MT, SC, SD, TN, VT. However, players in these states can still enjoy fun free games!

Ready to join Solitaire Clash?! Download it free now.
If you have questions and concerns, please contact: [email protected]

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Updated on 19th April 2022

  • Bug fixes

Solitaire Clash: Win Real Cash Review

So fun, stress reliever that passes time.

Fun game. Eats your money. Starts a game of seven says two players at the start we finish and suddenly theres 4 scores in the cue when Im done. Seems like its the easiest way to pilfer folks cash just throw some random people into events after it starts and rake in the cash. Better transparency on who is actually competing in money games needed. We’ve played a game and it says still looking for players and Ill play another game while waiting for results and the second game is completed. Why not use one of these players to fill out the previous games spots? Its these games that got us thinking the game isnt above board.

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The ads say you get automatic deposits when you withdraw money. Not true. They send you a check. But ONLY after 15+ days. Im still waiting for our check to get here.

Its a daily activity of this 85 year old gramma Thank you so much for FREE entertainment.

They do not give you $20 to start off with. They lied in the ad.

Having fun so far hope we continue to love it.

All of these apps talk about big money. Well, its a good thing we like playing solitaire because the money aint there.

We love it!! We’ve came up about five dollars in 10 minutes of playing!

We like it because we can win sometimes. The cards play themselves long as you dont miss a spot to play. Its not where you can double your winnings. Its plain an simple solitaire.

Havent paid a dime but you do have to do the grinding purple diamonds first After the 7th day you unlock the free mode play after watching 1 ad then win .6cents Nothing big just a legit small side hustle for us at the moment if you play carefully.

The game gives you a chance to get a little bit of real money with the free games if you watch a video to build up some cash to play real games and not really come out of pocket. It is a fun game.

We are really cheering up from winning the game.

Fun and helps keep the mind sharp.

Good game to play while passing time !!

Always gives you some hope to hitting it big.

Easy game to win easy $$$. We only wish there was a $2.00 bet and maybe more offered with gems, other than that playing everyday!

Its a fun game, but dont play it thinking youll make any money!

We like the game overall. It seems fair and it is challenging to beat other players. There are 2 improvements that we would suggest. First, we dont want notifications, but every day the app asks us if we would like to be notified of winnings. Why do we need to answer this repeatedly? No means no. One time should be all. Also, we like solitaire better when you draw one card at a time instead of three. We think it would be better that way (with lower chances of failing to finish solving) or maybe it could be a choice by player which one they prefer to play.

This is just like all the other apps with the low ball prize amounts and NO real money to win unless you spend out of your eyeballs!

We love solitaire but we feel like we win 1 out of 5. Plus there is a free fee to cash out. We dont bet anything big on here because we didnt put money into the game. But most we’ve gotten in 2 weeks is a grand total of $2. We really just play it for relaxation. Not for the money.

It wont even let us cash out because of the state Im in and that is not fair overall the game is fun.

We’ve been playing this game for about a month and winning something on almost every game. We still win here and there. There seems to be some issues with crediting wins because we have placed anywhere from 1st to 3rd and after showing that we have won it doesnt credit us until a couple of days later. The other day we got credited for a game we had gotten 2nd place 3 days earlier and somewhere in between winning and the day we got credit it had changed to us placing 4th or 5th and there is no payout for those places. Im not playing a game that cant even credit us what we’ve won when the game is done and all the players have finished. We will find one that credits us when the game is done.

Its interesting that we see the same characters with the same names. Around the clock. Us, we have insomnia. We can stay awake for days. We could understand if people in different time zones are playing. We cant fathom that the same players show up around the clock. There is evidence that there are bots to fill-in the time looking for a player. And, the deck is stacked in their favor. Beware. This is software you are using. You are under control of the app. It is an illusion. That being said, the game is good. Well written. We know we will never get ahead with it. 5/15/2020: A developer contacted us. The evidence is there. Where there is smoke there is fire. We’ve been a software developer for over 30 years. No one knows what is happening within the code. Either open source the code or let people review the code. We stand by our initial review. Of course you will assert that is is fair. You have a cash cow. To us the behavior of the app is suspicious. You asked us to update our review.

Based on the advertisement its kind of a let down. Developers could throw ya a dime or something but they dont. They want to bore us out of our money. We will pay to play but gimme something so we dont feel like the money was scammed away from us.

Wish we can attach screenshots, how is it possible players that join the game at the beginning already have thousands of points if we immediately tap the finish button at the very beginning of the game?? Those players already played or are CPU generated or are from old game results?? Either way the game is controlled by the CPU. Another time playing with money it took almost 24 hours to finally generate the end result. That means waiting for players? But also in this case the CPU will determine who to pick and define your end result. Bottom line you will never win or at least they make really sure you will never win big. We are really curious how the game company can explain this.

The woman at the news desk is just plain irritating. The voice sync is awful and we deleted the app simply for that reason.

This is the only game we have played that to get your winnings they ask for your home address to send a check. To us what this means is that if you have the money in your account and they dont then you pay a fine and lose the money. All other games pay your credit card back. If we could we would give Zero.

This is absolutely disgusting and you guys shouldnt even be able to make these kind off apps. Im so sick of all you SCAM ARTISTS taking advantage of people!!!!!!! Times are tough right now and some people are looking for ways to get some extra money just to survive and your ads for these games are so fake its not even funny. Advertising that people can win thousands upon thousands of dollars and led by your false advertisement, that you dont mention you have to pay to play each game. If you want to advertise people winning money then why dont you start doing something good for the world and be legit about it!!!!!

The game is advertised as win without paying a dime but then as soon as we linked our paypal account it took $5 out of it and wouldnt let us take it back so we had to win some games to get our money back. Its very hard to win. Not worth it.

Im not sure where to start we think our biggest annoyance is if you pay to play and then you go to choose how much youre willing to spend per game, its very touchy. There is no prompt saying something like, confirm you want to play this game for $9… Something. So if you were scrolling through trying to choose which game you want to play and how much you want to bet on that game, if you accidentally tap one of them you were automatically taken to that game and that money automatically comes out of the money that you put into your account to play. We have probably had well over $100 in accidental games because of the sensitivity. We have also had this app freeze and close out and then we lost the money. The bonus dollars you get arent yours. Its a way to make it appear as if you have more money to play with or appear as if you actually won that amount but if you go to cash out, you dont receive that bonus cash. We travel a lot. Solitaire is a good calming game. But the odds are not in your favor with how many people are playing against you at any given time. Your chances of winning the highest amount are slim. It also seems to we have a way of tracking when you are doing good and then create games that are literally impossible to complete so that you cannot win any more for certain amount of time. We feel scammed. We do not recommend this game. Also, if when you are going through the deck and you come across a certain card that is next in line to go into the top rows, when you tap it, it automatically goes to the top. This messes with the rest of the cards and can ruin your plays. No other solitaire game we’ve played does that without prompting. Highly disappointed and we’ve lost a lot of money with these errors on the app developers end.

You can only win a few times before the algorithm and bots take your money doesnt matter how how your score is. The withdrawal process takes over a week of that cause they dont want to give you your money. They have bits that win with the highest score possible its so sketchy and rigged. They pay for reviews too stay away if you dont want to have your money stolen this app should be checked by gaming commission and banned.

This game scamed us we dont recommend downloading we hate these fake ads that you can make money its not true.

If we could rate lower than 1 star we would. Steals your money, do. Z do. It download under any circumstances.

All of our winnings get categorized as bonus and cant be withdrawn. Scam.

We were trying to redeem our cash, only to find out its full of crap. We ended up getting charged the amount we were redeeming. Do not play this scam!

Just downloaded the app. It allowed us to play one game. Now its asking us to allow location sharing. Its already on. We turned it off and back on but am still getting the same message.

We noticed that when we play the numbers change a lot. For example, if we have no more movement and we refresh it we get random numbers that appear and we can start making more movements. We feel like this game chooses who wins and also you lose all your money or gems so you can spend money on more. It also never gives us the daily bonus or lucky box. We asked for help and we did everything they said and it didn’t work. Customer service wasn’t very helpful. Please don’t waste your time on this game and if you chose to, don’t spend any money!

Im trying be nice and stay constructive but holy guacamole this app should not have passed beta testing. Id say 1/3 of the times the app crashes or freezes while playing (and we’ve checked we have 1 other app open and full service on cell and WiFi). At least 1/10 games the reward they put on your account is not the full amount and you have to spend days trying to talk to support, with screenshots to get it fixed but theyll only give you bonus cash for the missing amount aka money you cant withdraw. Dont get us started on support. They only seem to respond at 2-4am and typically it takes a full day to get a reply and theyre not very helpful. Also the app crashes every time you try to reply to them. We wish them luck, but Im done. We wish we could get the money we gave them back cause we cant keep trying to play such a glitchy game but maybe they can use to try and sort out the bugs.

Love the game although Im not sure of the rules. How do you actually receive your money.

Just fun no mead to spend money thank you!

We love this games the best game ever.