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title – Conquer the World is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by AI GAMES FZ LLC, – Conquer the World is a Strategy game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 23rd March 2021 with the latest update 22nd April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Strategy, Casual, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


67,075 people have rated 1.4.3

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Conquer the whole alternative world! Command your troops and capture all the states!
This cell battle game will challenge your logic and reaction. is an abstract real time strategy, a tactical clash of dots, an exciting countries takeover.
Fight against armies solving strategic puzzles to beat your rivals and expand your superiority in the world arena. Lead your army to the victory in the epic battle game. Be a winner in this war strategy!
Conquer countries and territories, block and destroy your opponents’ towers, attack lands of enemies and defend your borders. Be smart and brave in this tactical and logic cell conquest! Each of your actions will have consequences – be a true strategist in attacks and defense.

This war simulator demands tactics, not power. You are to use your brain, not muscles. Become a hero, solving this tactical dot puzzles! You will definitely have a lot of fun struggling on different maps we have added specially for you.
Be on top enjoying our free RTS either online or offline, playing 1v1 on first levels and versus more competitors on further levels.

Ready to complete this epic conquest and make your domination story?! Then download the game to begin your strategic expansion.

The game is designed for entertainment purposes only. Any similarities to the real world and geopolitical situation are coincidental.

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Updated on 22nd April 2022

Our application has become faster and more convenient for playing.
Thank you for staying with us!
Enjoy the game! – Conquer the World Review

Has an ad after every level and to unlock stuff there is an ad but still good game.

This game is fun besides the ads. But we just close out of the game and rejoin and get all our coins we got the mission before.

Love this game! Sometimes the AI is BRUTAL. As a result of this game we can name nearly all the countries on a map. Would love to add geography elements to the game. Making units slower when crossing mountains, or faster when going through flatlands/up rivers would be super awesome! Game is missing Russia, Bulgaria and Central Asia (Kazahkstan, Afghanistan, etc).

This game is our life, make an option to play against your friend!!

The thing hlep you get the states and you get any states you want.

We were thinking this was a another annoying . Io game but its a pretty good game good job 10/10 would recommend.

Its simple, easy, awesome Good to keep us occupied. Feel like a conqueror!

It is just what we came for beside some minor changes so Im happy with what this is!

Good strategy game it you have fast fingerings.

This game is great and fun, but we wish the devs added more attacking icons and symbols. We would love if more were added like a hammer and sickle. It would make this game more enjoyable (could imagine like communism taking over the world)

The game is very good. The advertisements’ game are also good.

It is super fun and you can easily get gems but you have to watch a ace to get new buildings and army icons but over all it is a great game.

We dont know how or why this game specifically scratches that itch in our brain so effectively but we can easily run this thing on loop for hours and it totally turns our mind off in the best way possible. Its been months and when we cant sleep or stuck on a long flight this STILL doesnt get old, well done for making an iphone game thats actually fun and not one entire long thesis on why late stage capitalism ruined cellphone games.

This game is amazing for when Im bored and have nothing to do. It is so satisfying. Our mom and we love this and we love that you get to fight in every country. Now there is something wrong with this game it has to many adds but besides that we totally recommend this game.

This game is an animated game that is obviously made for kids, so why the crap is it rated for 17+ years older. We hope they can fix this or give a good reason for why they changed that.

Lots of fun and very simple for this type of game. You cap out fairly quickly and it really needs harder difficulty settings or matching. We win 100% if the games we play. Wish you could play for cash.

Fun game, we play a lot. But towards the larger upgrades the game starts lagging a lot. Most of the time even crashing. Feel like its getting worse and worse. Im on an iPhone 12 so we dont believe its our end.

Even when we click no thank you for any points, it still goes to the ad page then what is the use of clicking no thanks. Instead we can click claim and watch ad and get the rewards. So the point is your no thanks button doesnt make sense.

We love this game. Our friend plays it and now we do to. There is just 1 problem. The lag. It is very laggy and it is kind of annoying. But we still love playing. You should definitely download it!

This is a great game, but one problem. Maybe we cant see well, but we didnt know upgrades existed until northern Great Britain came along. It was very hard to play. If they made the upgrades obvious, then it would be a perfect game.

The game is good, we’ve played it a little bit and its fun, the design of fun and simple and everything, but when we have the app open it runs slow and it makes our phone hot and it makes our phone run slower, why is that?

We really like this game and play a lot but theres 2 faults we find with it 1) the $10 ad removal is an ambitious price point 2) this game Somehow manages to take a lot of processing power, a couple of times now we’ve heard our phone actually sputter with it.

Fun game with great concept but the amount of ads just break your phone. Literally freeze your phone and you cant close it.

Definitely a game purely for killing time. We just wish you guys switched up the levels and added some more designs for customization. Overall we recommend the game but just update it im on level 830 and played rgr same maps over 100 times now.

We love this game, when we first discovered it, it was hours of simple entertainment and a little flavor of strategy and action to our day. We paid to remove ads and for a while it was our favorite game. However, recently we went back to download it and play it again and it does not recognize that we have previously removed ads on it. The restore purchase button does nothing. What happened to our purchase? How can we fix this?

Fun game. We’ve been around the world so many times we’ve lost count. Way to many ads. So many ads it makes our phone freeze up (everyday) where we have to get out of the app and wait an hour before the app works again. This app is literally the only app we have to do that with.

Everytime we try to play this game, it makes playing it feel impossible. We understand why the developers have ads but having them in the bottom of your screen while playing a match is really bothersome. A lot of the ads will have moving graphics. So this makes the gameplay WAY too laggy. And ofc whenever it switches ads it will make the game freeze most of the time. SOLUTION: keep ads but dont have them in your face when playing the game. Have them pop up in the lobby screen and in some other areas if youre too desperate to have 80 ads in one minute.

Do you ever come across a game that has so much potential? Well this is one. Great game and logic. However, it is sooo glitchy in game play that if it continues, we are going to have to delete the game.

We really enjoyed this game however after only 15 minutes of play this game has been freezing our iphone 8 it seems after all the adds something is using up all our processing power and the phone locks up and that is with no other apps open unfortunately we will be deleting this game as we cannot play it we might give a better star review later when this issue is resolved as we enjoy the risk like game play and trying to beat our opponents.

The game is entertaining and we’ve had it for about a month or so. Our only critique is the respawn is not correct. We have over 400 units per second so it should take less than 1st one for a territory to go to full health but it does not. Dont wast point in that.

The upgrade system is all types of messed up no matter how much you upgrade your stuff when u hop into a game the AI increases in difficulty every time you upgrade its legitimately so frustrating Im spawning 60 and they are spawning 100 when we were spawning 20 they were spawning 60 nerf the AI other than that its a pretty decent game.

We had fun with the game for about 15 minutes but then the game made our phone perform like crap and barely respond to anything we did. Im on iPhone 11 and we did turn off tracking if that affects anything.

The game starts off great, its fun. As your progress through the levels the game changes drastically. It gets harder and thats great for a game like this. However, it gets harder at the cost of gameplay. Im at level now where the AI starts before we can even start as well as when there are multiple AIs involved one will always take the fall for the one to get the advantage. Once the scales tip to the one AI approx. 45% theres no real chance of making a comeback.

Game itself is fun, however the glitches make it too hard to enjoy. Game lags during play frequently. Additionally, the longer we play the more it lags and glitches out. This is especially true when there are pop up ads. Takes forever to get back to the game due to everything lagging and glitching out.

This is a fun game to play but the ads are ridiculously long and stupid! Im about to delete this game because of it. 2 min ads at the end of each round. Cant start up a new one till another ad plays. If you want people to play this game make it less annoying!

Its fun but our phone gets super hot and makes our battery die fast.

Constantly causing lag on our phone and the ads are annoying, no thanks doesnt mean no thanks, then you have to sit through the ad for a while then end up in the app store before you finally can opt out and play another level Great game but annoying as F.

Deleted app due to the quantity of ads, many of the ads froze our phone.

Its so many ads that it makes our phone over heat.

Game locks up 3x within 2 levels. Advertisements are offensive.

Was fun for about 5 minutes. Then so easy it became boring. Awful AI. You can beat any level in less than a minute then have to watch repetitive ads. Add time to game time 2:1 not worth it unless some major upgrade. Potential that ends up falling flat.

Too many ads, even if you click no thanks on the bonus videos. The videos start automatically anyways.

It’s fun at first but once you beat enough levels the limit of 120 units when opponents have 3x the count starts to take away the fun as you don’t have enough units to build a strategy. If that number where higher at later stages then it would maintain the fun that is there in the beginning.

The game is okay. Ads become a bit overkill that we quit playing – when every click is another ad. When you start upgrading, you are constantly underpowered compared to the others. Its constantly a struggle. Id rather it be an even match instead of being 10 steps behind the others. We like a challenge but this is too much too fast. Also the game becomes laggy and slow and starts acting glitchy.. It is a fun game though.

The game itself is great but the amount of ads is insane.