Flying Gorilla

Last updated on November 24th, 2022 at 05:00 am

Flying Gorilla

Flying Gorilla

Flying Gorilla is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Pinbit LLC, Flying Gorilla is a Casual game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 14th May 2018 with the latest update 17th July 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Flying Gorilla ?

35,717 people have rated 3.09.1

What is the price of the Flying Gorilla ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Flying Gorilla released ?

Flying Gorilla was released on 14th May 2018.

When was the Flying Gorilla updated ?

The latest updated date of Flying Gorilla on 17th July 2022.

Where can Flying Gorilla be downloaded ?

You can download the game Flying Gorilla from Apple Official App Store.



Surprisingly popular game with more than 2,000,000 downloads!
・It’s fun to just run around casually!
・It’s exciting when you find lottery machines!
・The in-game skins and random items make this game addictive!
It’s completely free and perfect for killing time!!!
It’s so much more than a flying gorilla game!

■How to play

・If you crash into any obstacles other than pigs, it is game over.
・The gorilla will return to ground level when you take your finger off the screen.
・Swipe the screen to move around.

Collect the in-game currency "G" to have a go at the lottery machine!
You can find skin eggs and use them to collect skins!
Once you have all the skins, you will get access to legendary primates.

■How to move

Moving around is simple!

・Simply swipe the screen to move the gorilla left and right!!!


・When it’s hard to judge
->If you’re unsure whether to swipe firmly, consider taking your finger off the screen to return the gorilla to ground level.


While this game was first released a long time ago, I recreated it from scratch and tried to make it more entertaining and addictive.
I hope you will enjoy it!
The action game "Flying Gorilla" is a free app but it only exists thanks to the support of everyone. Thanks for always playing!

Updated on 17th July 2022

This is an announcement from Flying Gorilla.

  • We have fixed a bug.
  • Game balance has been adjusted.

Flying Gorilla Review

So classy and the content is on point download it we really recommend.

It was so good it has layers to it like an onion. A masterpiece.

We know there is other reviews similar to this but we cant go on without mentioning it, our marriage was is a bad place. Us and our wife just couldnt connect with each other like we used to. Then we both got flying gorilla and started playing, immediately the spark was back and were able to continue our marriage for the next 30 years because of you flying gorilla. Thank you.

Normally, Im not that humble, but we really need to make an exception for this game. We suffer from Stage 8 Lung Cancer and this game is better at curing our sickness then the high-paid doctors at Stanford.

This is he best game we have ever played its to addicting we cant get off of it 420/69.

Ever since we’ve seen the ad, it bring a tear to our eye. We were desperate to get the app, so we did what we did, we got the app, and the moment we opened the app, we were stunned by how amazing the graphics, music, and the game itself was. This cured our sadness, and we were crying of joy, and now we live forever in peace with Flying Gorilla. Thank you so much. <3.

We were a sad puny loser before we got this game but this has game has transformed our life!!! Thank you flying gorilla. Xoxo ur producer is hot.

The game is so addicting the game looks amazing and plays amazing.

This game is the citizen Kane of all games not just mobile games it changed our life in how amazing it is the genius in having the gorilla fly it should be impossible but its not so thats why we wish we could rate it higher than 5 stars.

This game is truly the best remarkable selling product in the world, you are now hired to be our new god.

The main character is extremely love able and the story is amazing and is lore packed! The gameplay is amazing and the controls are the best! We could play this game for days its so much fun!

This game simply has changed our life. The way we talk, eat, walk, all has been changed for the better. The way we interact with people has dramatically been improved, and we have now been able to get a social life, we are writing this in our 50 billion dollar mansion, with our 41 girlfriends in our bed. This game is truly one of the games.

We were walking our dog when all of the sudden out of no where came a burglar we were really impressed on how he was really good at sneaking up on us but then we realize that he was a burglar so we started running he shot us so we were sad and went to sit in a corner with our dog but then we decided to stand up for us and our dog so we ran up to the burglar and started evaluating options we divided to go with educate so we teached him the history of shooting people but the whole time we realized why would he listen to us so we asked if he was listening and he said no and then shot us in the to so we tried to run away but they shot our dog so we did not take that level of disrespect so we hit him with a pan then he grabbed our dog shot its tail 22 times and ran away so we were going through depression but then we downloaded a game called flying gorilla it got us through some rough times but then one day we met one a flying gorilla and it said it would grant our one wish so we thought about our dog and came to decide that we were going to wish for $1,000,000,000,000 and we never regretted it but he told us since we play flying gorilla he would grant another one so we asked for 1,000,000,000,000 phones with flying gorilla and gave them out and that is how flying gorilla saved our life thank you flying gorilla you and your game have helped a lot of people through rough times thank you Btw we found out next year that our dog was dead we loved him so much but we realize money is more important thank you to all and marry Christmas we hope you all get a flying gorilla and rate it a 5 star. Btw the bell still rings for us and for all who truly believe. Look we did a punctuation mark we might not fail language arts after all maybe that was you flying gorilla you have maybe got us a education which we dont need because you gave us so much money.

We wont bother describing it because you should play and see it firsthand.


We’ve bonded with friends over Flying Gorilla. We were able to laugh at the notorious ads for the game whenever theyd pop up. This game has impacted our life in so many ways, and we cant thank you enough for this opportunity to play this life changing experience. 10/10, would definitely Flying Gorrila again. Ok all jokes aside, this is a question for the creator. What the actual heck inspired you to make this game, and what gave you the idea for the ads theyre amazing XD.

We were LONLEY intill flying gorilla.a saved us life we were sleeping and all the synced we were in a dream and saw flying gorilla he said go to a diner and find a gf he said so we when and we saw the most beautiful girl her name was poo.

This game cured our cancer it completed me.


We have spent a large amount of time in art gallerys and we have never seen anything better than this game. The amount of abstraction and gorillas is tasteful and the most beautiful piece of art we’ve ever seen.

When we first saw this majestic construction we were astounded by the creativity and true genius that went into making this. Some may call this a "game," an app even, but no. It is much more. This experience will change you, it will affect the way you talk, the way you walk, all of you mannerisms, but most of all, it will better you as a person. Never in our life have we come across such an amazing display of true art. This will forever be the core memory of our existence. We sincerely thank you for providing us, as well as people all around the world with this masterpiece. We will never forget it.

Hey guys its us Flying Gorilla from our new app on the app store Flying Gorilla. It’s a free download so uh-I hope you-you check it out an-and we hop-HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

This saved our life. In 3091 we were in the hospital and our grandmother played this game , soon gorilla ascended in our room. In 5 minutes we were worshiping him and he healed us and ma grandma. Then she sharted on us so did gorilla.

We love you ad we love your jojo reference we love the game mom we dont wannna play gorilla tag.

Flying Gorilla truly changed our life. Flying gorilla is the best thing to ever exist. The story all starts win one day. We were suddenly eating dog in the kitchen when our parents came in with a fishbowl, and we looked inside. Thats when it was beautiful fish of all time and obviously no fishes cannot go on water since they were drawn, our stupid, idiotic, three-year-old brother came in, took the fishbowl and and threw it off our 300! Foot balcony. It was about to hit the water, when suddenly of a black figure, a strong, mighty amazingly awesome black figure swoops, and it takes it the fish from drowning in the lake flying, gorilla save our fish from drowning. He flies off in the distance and says he guides your us flying gorilla come by our new game from the App Store Flying Gorilla. This is why we adore.

Im currently 16 years old and we were diagnosed with type 17 diabetes at the age of 47 back in 1926. After we found this game our diabetes straight up said piece out mule. Thanks to this game we no longer have type 17 diabetes and we can now live up to the ripe old age of 1,035 years old. Before we found this game we were wondering when we would get a girlfriend but who needs a girlfriend when you have Flying Gorilla. We straight up no joke lost our virginity to Flying Gorilla.

Our friend who was names Jimmy at birth was a Dreamsexual They/Them with no father. After seeing an add for this game on youtube we immediately ran to our friends house beat him till he was jelly and went home. We Started playing this game and now we have reached Grass touching status. We no longer need to go to the gym or work because this game makes every muscle in our body grow and get stronger. When ever we play this game in public every world leader gives us money. We don’t have to pay at gas stations because when we walk up everyone there pays for our gas. A pit crew also shows up and fixes our car for free. Now we have more time to do the things we love! Like take a shower and clean myself, Hang out with our family while we talk to are family’s best friends Jimmy’s dad!

5 star for sure man this is great we watched the ad and thought it was fake and dumb but no beast game ever bro no game like it and also they got the funniest ads completely kid friendly unless gorilla butts scare kids!

One day we went to an abandoned mall we found a fully intact vending machine we decided that we would get a soda little did we know that would be the worst mistake of our life the soda was made in a factory ram by monkeys these monkeys smeared their feces all over the bottles so we caught dysentery right after we fell into a deep depression our wife left us and our mom eat herself we were lost our doctor told us we had two weeks to live from our dysentery apparently we had also gotten lung cancer Wendigo psychosis and all the rest we couldnt believe it our body felt like a stick left out in the rain because sticks arent good when you leave them in the rain we think either way we were in despair our children decided to become Furrys it was the worst day of our life but then it got even worse our ex-wife just divorced us had just summoned the antichrist to find us and kill us but when we can hear the dark prince yell and screech thats when it happened a giant gorilla so beautiful so majestic beat the living heck out of this demon it was so beautiful we couldnt believe our eyes we said what are you he said to us download flying gorilla a free to play game we downloaded it the second after that well everything changed we got a Nobel peace prize and we talk to the President of the United States our children were no longer Furrys and instead became successful our life changed thank you flying gorilla for everything youve done youve saved our life we truly want to give us thanks to the developers that made this game because it saved our life thank you flying gorilla.

This is the best game in the world their is. No better game in the world that has ever been made.

We are in love with this game, it changed our life for the better, but it all started when we were in a very bad place, we had no job and was living with our mom. Suddenly a mysterious figure approached our vicinity and we stood, taking in the beauty, he was large and comforting. He didnt say anything and just motioned to his back and we immediately jumped on. He took us on a ride and when we got back, we got a job and became Elon Musk. When we saw this game, we knew we just needed to have it in our life.

Where do we start with this fabulous creation that is flying gorilla, before we found this game we were lost, had nothing to fight for, we were a beta male, but once we got this game our life changed for the better, we started growing facial hair, our jaw line growing sharper by the second, and if you think this is a joke you are greatly mistaken, this is way better then any other mobile game, you know what scratch that, this is better then any other game.

This game will change your life in ways we cant describe. You should 100% download this. Once you have, we encourage you to let the MONKEY guide you on your path to enlightenment.

This is the best game ever. If anyone says it is trash we will grab them by the throat and kick them through an electric fan. Yea we can get our dad and dad out for the day too so much love love you love daddy bye daddy love love you love daddy love bye.

Our father passed a few years back after being mauled by a giraffe man creature in South Sudan. His body was not suitable for an open casket after the "event". After he was buried we moved on and as of last month we thought he was gone for good but after downloading this game and playing for 36.47 hours straight we saw the gods and the true secrets of the universe. This knowledge has allowed us to conjure the energy of the universe to re energize his body upon digging it up. The man awoke from his two year slumber. In addition we now have both cured the corona virus and solved world hunger. Please download this game to elevate to the status of a deity and bring about a new era of human existence.

This game changed our life our wife came back once we started playing this game we are now a ceo of a large company thanks to this game.

This game inspired us to put our time and effort into this beautiful realistic game of flying gorilla. This game has all different types of characters you can be. This is a beautiful piece of art pieces together into one game. Even Shrek approves. Jesus is proud of the game you guys have made. Our priest says by playing this game it is good for our soul. This is why fly gorilla should win an Oscar. Good job.

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