Solitaire House: Home Design

Last updated on June 13th, 2023 at 12:35 am

Solitaire House: Home Design

Solitaire House: Home Design

Solitaire House: Home Design is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by BFK ARASTIRMA GELISTIRME YAZILIM BILGISAYAR SANAYI VE TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI, Solitaire House: Home Design is a Card game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 7th May 2022 with the latest update 1st June 2023

Whether you are a fan of Card, Entertainment, or Casual games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Solitaire House: Home Design ?

1,085 people have rated 2.2.0

What is the price of the Solitaire House: Home Design ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Solitaire House: Home Design released ?

Solitaire House: Home Design was released on 7th May 2022.

When was the Solitaire House: Home Design updated ?

The latest updated date of Solitaire House: Home Design on 1st June 2023.

Where can Solitaire House: Home Design be downloaded ?

You can download the game Solitaire House: Home Design from Apple Official App Store.



Join a team of professional designers in this fun Solitaire House story! Make your dream home interiors come true by solving exciting card puzzles.

What’s your style?

Unlock decoration items and furniture of various styles and combine them into the room interior that exactly matches your style. Go ahead and create a designing masterpiece!

Live like a professional

Become a part of a close-knit team of exceptional designers to really impress your clients. Meet charming couples, rising celebrities and passionate entrepreneurs – all requiring a personal approach. Your work can change their lives, so take the challenge and start redecorating!

Boost the game!

Evolve your classic solitaire card game with a set of unusual mechanics and boosters so that each level would be a challenge of its own. Scissors booster cuts away 3 open cards, Magnifier lets you see through the card face, Fan blows away the first row of cards and Joker is a unique shapeshifter that takes the form of any card you wish.

A journey of becoming a skilled interior designer starts wil fun card puzzles. Rush through the exciting levels of Solitaire House and make the most beautiful designs!

Updated on 1st June 2023

Welcome to an updated game!

What’s new in Solitaire House?


  • Pass levels and collect tokens!
  • Use tokens to play the Slots;
  • Win chips and get rewards. More boosters and crystals are waiting for you!
  • Lead the tournament and win the biggest grand prize!


  • New exciting and fun levels;
  • A special offer for Slot Tournament;
  • More bug fixes and improvements!

Join to updated Solitaire adventures!

Solitaire House: Home Design Review

Im in the middle of playing our first game. We literally just unloaded it. We give a five cuz Im enjoying it so far.


The story line is fun, the decorations are cute and the game is fun. BUT some of the levels are a pain in the butt and take forever to pass, you have to purchase anything you need. We personally would recommend being able to watch adds for diamonds or extra moves. If some of the levels were easier to pass then it would be an amazing game.

Downloaded the game, enjoyed the 1st stage so much and love the story that goes with it BUT when it came time to move to the next room, It will only download to 25% then quit and you have to restart the download. It NEVER goes past 25% we’ve tried high speed Wi-Fi and everything but it still wont download past 25%. How am we supposed to enjoy the game and write a great review if we can even play the 2nd room????

Im playing level 2 and it wont go to the next level after we finish level two it freezes our phone and everything.

We have replayed for 4 days now the same level and no matter what we do we cant pass it even with power ups and diamonds for extra cards. Its like the game is purposely jeopardizing the cards to not win. We probably wont play anymore and just delete it because our inner peace is to important .

We feel like this game would be so much better if each level fit the difficulty level and skill of the player. Like if we are not good at Solitaire, each hard or very hard or challenge level should fit the skill of the player. Right now, we feel like we are playing at professional difficulty and we are not good at solitaire. We are also not planning on spending another dime on this game so we may delete it if the developers dont do anything the this awful difficulty (level 65 to be exact)

We uploaded this game thinking we love interior design and most of the other games involving it at similar to candy crush which we hate. So why not solitaire? Once you use the free options during the beginning of the game you have to pay 900 gems to add five more cards, 1300 gems to use a wild card, and watch an ad to undo the last play you did. The bad part is if you use the add five once youve already used all but 100 of your gems. We deleted it after 2 days.

We just started playing this game this morning and we believe Im hooked!! Its keeping us totally entertained,I really like it!! We usually start playing a game and we cant even get into them so we just remove it from our phone. Its such a fun game we love it!

We are really enjoying this game – but Im stuck on level fusion-kitchen because theres an action at the top of the screen. But its hidden behind SIX different sales or specials. We cant click on anything but the things that want us to spend money and we cant move forward in the game!

This game is fun, for sure, however there is a pretty big issue that makes it not very enjoyable to play. In the levels, while some amount of skill is required, you mostly are left relying on the cards that come up next in the draw pile. With only limited amounts of cards, and the fact they almost never put the ones you need, you are left having to pay gems or real money to continue or you fail the level. It becoming increasingly frustrating losing level after level because the app literally will not give you the cards to succeed! And with only limited amount of lives you really can only play for a short period of time. Honestly unless this is fixed, we wouldnt bother playing the game.

Okay so initially enjoyed the game, we love solitaire but! It goes downhill fast. Trust us, you will get to a pay to play point. There is nothing you can do, the cards are impossible without boosts, extra cards, money spent, etc. We’ve been on the same level, using up all our boosts, one of which reveals all the cards so we know without a doubt its impossible, for two weeks! Time to move on to another game. But you can play it for a bit, but dont pay anything and youll see quickly. Caution, pay to play.

Some levels are just impossible unless you watch 8 ads or buy in game currency. Not to mention after each level or attempt, thats right! You guessed it – another ad. Save yourself the time and headache.

So peaceful and relaxing and it doesnt force us to spend and the style is nice . We would be happy to purchase credit cause this game is amazing and would love to support the creator. If you love design this game is for you . Better than property brothers game.

Usually it takes a lot for us to get hooked to a game and this is it. We love the fact that we dont always get unlimited lives but we enjoy that so we dont stay on our device all day.

We like to play this game while passing the time and its nice to decorate homes. You wont be bombarded by too many ads. This game isnt clickbaity and we are glad this game doesnt use the tile matching game. It does a form of solitaire, which is perfect for us. However, we do have at least one suggestion. We wish that the game offered more forms of solitaire than just one kind.

There are currently only 200 levels. You cant even unlock all of the rooms To design because of how few levels there are. We were able to finish this game in just two days.

We love the decorating games. You have made the solitaire games so difficult to win its almost impossible. Ease up we just want to play and have fun. All youre doing is stressing us out and making us angry.

We love the game. Its so addicting, but our problem is every time we sit through and watch all 8 ads to win the reward we are never able to collect the reward. Not only do we have to wait 30 seconds between each ad, but when it says claim your reward it never lets us claim it. Thats the biggest disappointment. And yes, we’ve deleted the app and reinstalled even made sure it was update to date but it never fixes it.

We love this game but, it keeps crashing.. Every time we get a good hand the game just crashes.

Game was fun but you seemingly cannot pass level 7 without making a purchase.

Its a fun game but Im on level 21 and we cant get past the Balcony level. We’ve done all the things it needs us to do for it but we can move to a different room.

The game does not match the ad for it. Stop making click bait.

We were reeeally enjoying this game. But now on level 27, not even far in the game, they got us stuck. We’ve literally used all boosts we had available, and we had a lot of them. Used all our diamonds too. And we’ve been trying and trying to pass. But they dont want us to pass, cause they want us to buy more boosts and diamonds. Well, sorry, we wont. If you want to make a game that requires payment, then dont put it as a free game. Im sick and tired of these games that are supposedly free, but then they get you stuck just so youll pay them. And this one didnt even wait long to do that, on level 27 already!!! We were enjoying it, but Im deleting it now.

Its almost impossible to beat the games without buying more boots.

Playing and finishing the first decor we went to go to the next location and it will not load. We have uninstalled and then reinstalled game but same problem.

After you get to level 65 they make it impossible to play without paying. Nope! On to the next lol.

Who in their right mind would create an ad for a game they wanted people to play that opens with a man pushing his bride off a cliff in front of her child?? We have never been so offended in our life. If there were negative stars this game would get them from us. We will now go delete the game. We hate that we had to download it to write a review.

2 minute ad between every game. Horrible waste of time.

Been loving the game, but Im only one 401 and it wont let us continue to play saying there is no more levels, but seeing other people say they are on like 1,000. Just confused why we cant play more levels.

This game was great until they added the clover event. Anytime we make it to 3x clovers the game crashes. We’ve lost many coins, hearts, and power ups that we paid real money for. Then when you email support from their app, the email comes back as non deliverable. Very upset that we spent real money on this now!

We loved this game and played nonstop till it started crashing and each time would take our lives.

This game is fun and at times challenging but with an ad after each attempt it gets to be less enjoyable. There are so many ads (and the same ones over and over) that Im contemplating deleting the app. We get thats how developers make money but if people stop playing youre not going to make any period.

Fun game but the app keeps crashing right before we finish a level. Has happened 3 time today alone. After we go back into the app we also have to repurchase decor we’ve already done which makes us lose coins for the same items twice.

It keeps crashing all of a sudden, before that we loved this game!

We really like this game. BUT the hard levels are way too hard and they come way too often. We’re at the point where it feels like every other level we play is a hard level or, get this, a VERY hard level. Some of these levels are so insane that we couldn’t even make a SINGLE MOVE before running out of cards. The hard levels make the game way less enjoyable because we’ve been sitting on the same level for almost a week. If the levels are going to be this hard, then access to unlimited lives needs to be easier. Editing to add: the game keeps randomly shutting down in the middle of levels. This game is not worth it. There are better games just like it that you don’t have to pay for diamonds to pass levels and won’t glitch out on you every 30 seconds.

Thanks for your feedback! All levels have been tested by our brave team and are passable without real money. This is A response given by developers. It is absolutely Not True! We used 4 power ups 3 extra card decks to pass a level. We still could not pass it. There was only one card in the 3 extra decks that could be used. We only had 2 cards left on the table. We would have been truly upset if we had spent money on power ups to only see they are useless. But the game is set up for you to spend money on power ups and win, not get them for free. So, Im deleting this game because we can not pass this level with out PAYING for power ups. Thats not how a game should work.

When we first downloaded this app it was a solid 5 STARTS! Now there are commercials left and right and now the app just crashes mid game!

Love the game but need new levels Im at 1600.

Im just starting this game and so far, Im enjoying it and hope to continue without having to spend a lot of money!

Very fun game.. Although we are in the beginning and already spending money on level 20 something so..

The game is super fun and it quickly became one of our favorites. You dont have to pay extra for any of the styling options, which we love, but the super hard levels are nearly impossible. We never right reviews, but theres a problem thats pretty frustrating. We used every single power-up for level 45. We even took a video of us playing to send to some friends and see if we made any mistakes or if theres anything we could have done differently to pass. There was one time that we went through every card with only three at the end left that we could use. We added the extra cards when we only had one card left and none of them were what we needed. We know that the level doesnt have the exact same cards every time, but theres got to be a way around this.

Im confused it says yall dont have anymore levels and new ones are coming soon but Im only on level 301 and somebody has made it to 1000?

The boosters are pointless because you dont get to pick when you get to use them. They decide and usually at the beginning when cards are laid out perfectly. If you dont use it at the start of the level there is no option to use one Mid-level. Literally the only game we have that we cant use a booster when and how we choose. Ok need a million gems becaus turning ove ONE card is 100 gems and a joker costs 1300 and 5 cards 900. WAY TOO EXPENSIVE !

We’ve played this game to level 1,630. For a while now its said new levels coming soon. Its kinda apparent new levels arent coming soon. Also why have rooms to model if you dont have the levels to decorate those rooms? Clearly we’ve been a dedicated player. We have lost many times of the endless lives etc. Im beyond frustrated with this and will probably just be deleting the game.

If you decide you may want to spend money to get through the hard levels, dont. The end of the game comes quickly. Based on other review responses from the creators, it doesnt seem as though new levels are being created very quickly. We do enjoy the game but why end it in the middle of a room? Could be much, much, much, much, much better.

The game is fun absolutely but the hard levels are too hard, you could be in the same level for days and its honestly annoying. We get that some levels are meant to be challenging to keep the game interesting but after days of being stuck on one level it makes you not even want to play again:/

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