State of Survival: Bike Race

State of Survival Bike Race

Bike Race is a one time event that runs concurrently with Apocalypse Racing Grand Prix Event in State of Survival.


  • The event runs for the whole Apocalypse Racing Grand Prix event for 8 days.
  • Get Gas Drum to unlock higher level rewards. Unlocking each level will give you the respective rewards.

Gas Drum

State of Survival Bike Race Gas Drum

Obtain Gas Drum from the following event and tasks:

  • Days with Daryl
  • Use Biocaps
  • Use Speedups
  • Kill Infected
  • Resource Gathering
  • Explorer Trail
  • Collect Settlement Resources

Crate rewards

  • Unlock temporary Biker Gang HQ Skin (3 days) at level 5 crate.
  • Buy Epic Crate for $5 to unlock more rewards including 50 Plasma Core, Festival Custom Crates and Circuit decoration.
  • Buy Legendary Crate for $10 to unlock better rewards including 112 Plasma Core and Festival Custom Crates.