State of Survival: Developer Feedback, December 8, 2021

State of Survival Dev Feedback 08 12 2021

Welcome to Developer Feedback time. We have share some info about future plans for gameplay optimizations as well as some of the broader development plans that will be implemented in-game, State of Survival soon. Let’s learn more about the latest changes and development of the game.

Reservoir Raid Improvements

  1. Continuous tuning of the matching algorithm: We need to improve the algorithm further to more closely match the two sides based on their battlefield capabilities.

  2. Return of the Resonating Hero Wacko: The plan is for Wacko to return soon, details will be shared with the community in the near future! As for Daryl Dixon, unfortunately, because TWD crossover is currently over, we are unable to have Daryl return at this time due to copyright restrictions. We are thinking of a solution and would like to hear your thoughts and suggestions as well.

  3. New RR point rules: We have tested the Waterdrop rules on the PTR recently and received a lot of valuable suggestions from players. We will fine-tune the mechanism based on players’ feedback and run a new round of tests soon.

Infected Horde Improvements

We hope Infected Horde will be able to give people a greater sense of ‘post-apocalyptic’ world immersion and the thrill of fighting masses of zombies coming in relatively random invasion waves—with great rewards awaiting the victorious of course.

With this in mind, we plan to improve the feature by introducing some "pre-emptive strategies" and the principle of "defending objectives," so that you can feel the building tension of pre-invasion preparation, the immediate feedback when the infected invade, and that ‘lucky’ feeling of surviving the Infected’s assault.

These optimizations have been scheduled for the first half of next year.

Azurtane Heist

We are happy to announce that Azurtane Heist will be back online in test form in mid-December with the advent of version 1.14.0, the test is expected to last 3 weeks and if there are no serious issues, we will release it in its fully realized form in early January.

We will be working on ongoing improvements to Azurtane Heist over the coming quarter after its launch, including bug fixes and fine-tuning improvements related to balance.

New Gameplay Development Plan

We’ve been receiving feedback from players regarding how to best improve the immersion and playability of the World Event (MIGO/YITH).

Mining Mayhem is one solution we’ve been working on since the first half of this year.

Mining Mayhem’s new gameplay will be available to everyone as part of the S4 World Event.

Mining Mayhem will last for seven days. Alliances will need to wage their wars on a new battlefield which will be divided into two zones, with three Alliances in each zone. For the first six days of the event, players will pursue the following steps: they will be randomly spawned somewhere on the battlefield – then they will collect resources to grow – after which they will have to engage with other Alliances in the same zone – and finally, they will compete to be the master of their zone.

On the seventh day, the winners of each zone will confront each other in a final battle!

All in all, this gameplay will require close cooperation among individual Alliance members and a sound strategy for the larger Alliance.

We plan to run a week-long test on the PTR regarding this new feature in late Dec. Please stay tuned