State of Survival Patch 1.13.70

State of Survival Patch 1.13.70

These are the changes for State of Survival Patch 1.13.70.

The patch notes of version 1.13.70 are as follows:

Christmas Festivities

Friends from the Final Hope have been working hard to organize an unforgettable Christmas celebration. Sarge was voted to be in charge of the whole Christmas event! What kind of sparks will come out of Sarge and Christmas? Let’s wait and see!

Other updates

  • Updated rewards for Fortress Fight.
  • "Knowledge is Power" floating window will no longer pop up on the left side of the game interface when all researches have reached the max level.
  • Added a new translation function for in-game emails. When the language of the email is not your system language, you can click the translation button to translate it.
  • Added a cooldown for purchasing State Megaphone.
  • Optimized the display of quick using speedups.