State of Survival Dev Feedback 7 1 2022

State of Survival: Developer Feedback, January 7, 2022

Welcome to Developer Feedback time. We have share some info about questions and answers from players’ feedback as well as future developments plans, updates and changes that will be implemented in-game, State of Survival soon. Let’s learn more about the latest changes and development of the game.

Question 1

What about the troops lost outside the wars then? Do we still get all our troops back? Outside research lab fight

  • If you choose to raid another player & have soldiers killed, that won’t be recovered. Other than that, all the troops in your hospital and enlistment will be recovered

Question 2

Will the fight be at the same time every day once selected?

  • Currently yes, since most players have their own favorite time for such a long event

Question 3

When players teleport out of the battlefield after the daily 2-hour event, the wounded and dead soldiers in the player’s hospital and the Enlistment Office will be restored automatically to ensure that the player’s experience in other gameplay will not be affected. Only 70% of losses go to enlistment, are those 70% recovered or all 100%?

  • A good suggestion. We will consider that too!

Question 4

Less or no battle loss, will this be like RR? All your troop losses are fully recovered after RR ends?

  • All your troops in Hospital + Enlistment will be recovered after the battle

Question 5

So it’s 2 hours and not 1 hour like on the test server? Sounds like a lot of time to play 5 days in a row.

  • It’s still 1 hour in the battle period, it’s open for 2hours instead of 24/7. Don’t worry about that

Question 6

Can you just remove throwdowns during that week? and also will underground be still around that week as well? If it’s within a state, how about states with so less active alliance? We will fight with who?

  • Underground is now in Week 2. Also, the MM doesn’t prevent you from matching with another state from your state, in the case of inactive states. You will get alliances of similar strength in the event!

Question 7

On the topic of battle loss, what percentage of troops does the instant healing ability recover?

  • 100% if they are in your hospital or enlistment

Question 8

Please recycle MIGO buildings, we don’t have enough space inside our settlement

  • The only off-topic question I would be answering today :> It is coming soon!

Question 9

Lans.. One of the skills from the tower that can be claimed and activated is gathering (limited time duration).. I just want to know if you guys know that this isn’t working during the event? For when you claimed it you won’t be able to gather instead. It was reported but no mention about the time slot in the live server, there will be more time slots available right?

  • The event requires a lot of alliances for reasonable Match-ups. Thus, we could not increase the number of time slots easily
  • We will do surveys to find better time slots if the current ones could not work. These slots are subject to future changes based on your feedback
  • Also about the gathering skill, we will check the bug immediately

Question 10

What if your the one attacked will you recover your lost troops

  • You will get a much larger hospital and usually you won’t suffer any significant loss
  • All those troops in hospital and enlistment will be healed for free

Question 11

When mine war will come to online…..and how the alliance will be matched in the matchmaking

  • It will be tested in late Jan, in some volunteer states! We will discuss with the community as well!
  • After the test, we will further modify the event based on the data and feedback

Question 12

On this topic: How is this calculated? Is it based on the total alliance BP? What about big alliances that are holding onto inactive players?

  • The first match-up is BP-based. After that, it became very simple: If you win, you rank up, if you lose, you rank down.

Question 13

Why every day at the same time? People that work in shifts don’t have time to do the event every day at the same time.

  • Sorry. But that is the only way we can find for now to make it happen. We will look for more ways to solve that for most players with changing daily schedules.

Question 14

I’m sorry it’s the wrong topic for today but you don’t answer my PMs and I usually miss this time.. As a player who’s a completionist and almost put 6 figures in your pockets please STOP MAKING KOREA/CHINA ONLY frames/skins.. it’s not right

  • That should not be happening again. (I know some of those issues are due to very very rare situations.. It’s not like we want to keep something Asian only. Instead, we will try our best to prevent that from happening)

Question 15

What’s your definition of similar strength? similar BP? stats of RL? As we all know, the RR matching system is unfair and needs to be fixed first. how do you make sure the matching for MM will be fair?

  • It is different from RR. You will only be matched to your World event partner states. Thus the match-up is straightforwardly elo ladder based.

Question 16

If no alliance match is found for the time we choose, what will happen? Does it like RR where the system changes the time itself? I was suggesting more time slots for AH but it seems to be reduced now. Add more ways to get a certificate of honor. Alliance Throwdown isn’t a good event anymore. Remove and change it

  • Some unlucky states will be playing on their second-favorite time. I know that sucks, but that is the only solution & that won’t happen a lot. That is also why we ask for a reference sequence upon registration

Question 17

Related post: how can mine mayhem be further improved at the current state the game mode is extremely boring the mechanics is still the same as RR. I prefer some raid element to it like Gorgoroth combination of PVP and PvE would make it extremely fun

  1. More PVE elements will be added like Gol (In a limited time)
  2. The PVP parts will also be modified to be more strategic

Question 18

During SVS we have people switching alliances a lot, how will this affect the points?

  • Almost no effect.

Question 19

Are the list of merging states available? Or is it only 1 week before the actual merger?

  • The list is already made, I will check if it’s final for release

Question 20

Why even put this in devs feedback if you don’t deliver even after a week?

  • Ah, we need a lot of check between making a list from finally release to the community. Please understand that part. Merging is an extremely serious issue that we could not afford to make a mistake.

Question 21

From a lot of players:

  1. What happened to the supply depot? We haven’t seen them during/after SvS.
  2. Why is there a difference in the bundles content for the same price in different states? For example, between state 515 & 517 (i have screenshots). Suggestions forwarded for a long time
  3. Make possible for R4-5 to switch players lanes in showdown
  4. Make possible for R4-5 to shield their teammates during their absence (everyone takes vacations)
  5. Give access to the hospital from the wilderness, like for RR.
  6. Make a rotation in the schedule for the next players/developers conversation to fit all the time zones.
  • It’s almost there! I believe it was up for some states’ last SVS test. I will check.

Question 22

Hi Lans, Mining Mayhem. When we tested in ptr the green area (safe zone) was NOT safe from settlement hits. Not sure if it was designed that way or whether it was a bug. Since we can suffer real troop loss, we really need a safe zone for smaller team players – similar to the safe zone in RR. Just an idea on MM timeslots – make the research labs open at random times – in that way all players get equal opportunity to play and each alliance will need to use a bit of strategy to secure the labs. That means matching can be done based on alliance size/BP/heroes/gear….etc. instead of a specific time slot.

  • This will probably be added in the second wave of upgrades. Sorry that we could not add it before the first test.. but we realized that that was a mistake for us.

Question 23

Why state 98 did not have a valor chest event after winning the last svs?

  • I will check that if it’s a bug

Question 24

Give more stamina cap or make the final hope supply as a stamina crate.

  • More stamina will be given. It needs some more discussion but it’s definitely coming (in not that long)

Question 25

In regards to the Korean/Chinese skins, will that be released globally? That would be sufficient I believe.

  • Yes, we definitely can release them later Please allow me to check about the details

Question 26

What is the achievement and title for? What does it bring to the alliance or player? Does it improve stats? or is it another P2W effect?

  • It gives one-time little rewards, no stats, no P2W. It only helps show your achievements and footprints in the game. The title will show above your name outside your settlement

Question 27

Just to be clear, if someone loses 1.5m troops due to getting some maxed hits, his enlistment will be full at 900k so he will permanently lose 600k troops? Why would anyone want to participate in that kind of event, given the fact that due to red badges and P8 surviving and RL became a hard task

  • You get a very very huge hospital there. I don’t think the significant loss will happen to most people at all

Question 28

Will there be any form of protection from high-level players? It’s demoralizing being constantly attacked and being unable to defend! Also reward system needs looked into as a lot of the rewards go to maxed out accounts and not to players that need them

  • We are continuously trying to do that

Question 29

It’s not related to MM or AZ, but could you bring back the original maw? the one that requires teamwork (and not solo). It’s really fun and the most fun event for us (our alliance) so far. Thanks!

  • Yes, we will!

Question 30

Xmas Lans for the MM event will we be able to spam the timer help button to help heal our alliance member’s hospital during the MM event?

  • Yes you can

Question 31

Did you know that maxed players can fill hospital + enlistment and still kill over a MILLION TROOPS? What’s the plan for this?

  • A special treatment will be done there: either hospital or enlistment cap will be significantly increased in the event

Question 32

Does it matter which CM to ask to be testing the mining mayhem event? I still think the rewards could be greatly improved. Great to hear that feedback is taken more seriously from PTR, great move.

  • Feel free to ask! Our first launch online will happen soon, and we are recruiting volunteer states

Question 33

Rewards will always be tough. Since the only one that can reach top positions don’t need the rewards.

  • I believe the actual value of the reward gap in this event is not that high

Question 34

My game continuously crashes. What are you guys doing about it?

  • Please contact CS for further investigation. I’m not sure about the issue there

Question 35

How does feedback in the feedback get submitted to you?

  • Discord mods will help to report the feedback and bugs and suggestions from discord.