State of Survival Dr Yamazakis Weekday

State of Survival: Dr. Yamazaki’s Weekday Event

Last updated on December 15th, 2020 at 09:43 am

Welcome to Dr. Yamazaki’s Weekday event for State of Survival. This is a new event which gives a good amount of Biocaps.

"After the establishment of the Military Institute, Dr. Yamazaki has been working round the clock! As his friend, let’s help him together~"


This is a new five days event. During the event, 3 types of tasks will be unlocked each day on the first three days:

  1. Complete unlocked tasks during the event to get rewards.
  2. Complete a specific number of tasks to get bonus rewards.
  3. Unclaimed rewards will be sent to your mail after the event.

Event Tasks

Day Tasks What To Do Amount to Use / Do
1 Login Total Login Days 3 days
Stamina Consume Chief Stamina 1,100
Development Increase Building Power 100,000
2 Research Increase Research Power 200,000
Plasma Core Use Plasma Core 140
Speedups Use Speedups Totaling 7,200 minutes
3 Heroes Make Hero Searches 15
Timer Help Give Alliance Timer Helps 70
Donations Make Donations to Alliance Tech 120


Apart from the rewards for completing each task, there will be milestone rewards.

Points Obtained Rewards
5 Plasma Core x 5, Epic Search Map x 1
15 Plasma Core x 10, Epic Hero Fragment x 10
25 Plasma Core x 10, 3h Speedup x 1
35 Plasma Core x 20
45 Plasma Core x 25, 1K Biocaps x 2