State of Survival: Tips For Free To Play Players

State of Survival Tips For F2P Players

Set in a world of Zombie Apocalypse, State of Survival is a strategy survival game. If you want to grow quickly as a Free to Play (F2P) player, follow these useful tips.

Always Upgrading

You will want to always growing so make sure your builders are always working on a building and don’t let them idle. During the earlier levels, buildings will take not more than a few hours to upgrade so it’s important to constantly upgrade during this time. Also your research and troop training should be constantly working.

Join An Active Alliance

This is a team game so joining an active alliance will help you progress much faster. There are numerous events which must be done as a team and alliance members can help shorten your upgrade and troop training time. This is especially important for earlier levels as the construction time is so short that upgrades could be completed right away with alliance members’ help and you can continue to upgrade the next building or research next item.

Horde Items

As you play the game, you will get lots of resources, speedups and other items in your backpack. Try to keep those stuff in your backpack and not using it straight away. For resources, as long as it is in your backpack, other players can’t steal it from you when they attack your base. Having many resources out will make you exposed to higher level players who wants your resources. So only take resources out from backpack right before you are about to use it for a big upgrade.

Speedups and other items to upgrade your chief gear, chief gear badge, and hero gear are best used during an event to get the milestone rewards. Think of it this way, always use your items to get more items (rewards). Once you have got all the milestone rewards, do not waste more items to try and get the ranking rewards. Spenders will usually be way high on event points so it’s not worth to waste your items this way.

Participate in Events

As noted above, events will give you good rewards. Sometimes there would be two or even more events running concurrently so keep an eye on the tasks for each event. There might be similar tasks for events and you could kill two birds with one stone.

Use Up Your Stamina

Your chief stamina will gradually replenish over time. Try not to have a full bar of stamina as this will stop the stamina from replenishing. Instead, always use up your stamina to do Intel missions, hit infected, rally infected fiends or doing plague zone with alliance members. The Intel missions will refresh every 8 hours. Doing Intel gives better rewards than normal infected so always do the Intel missions.

Apart from chief stamina, your squad stamina will replenish over time too. Try to use your squad stamina to complete explore missions which will increase your hero exp as long as they are not at max level. Doing explore missions also have other rewards like resources, combat manual, hero badge, and skill book.

Spend Your Biocaps Wisely

Biocaps is the in game currency. As a F2P player, you will still be able to amass quite some Biocaps by just doing daily events. Same as your other items in backpack, try not to simply spend it all. *DO NOT use Biocaps to speedup as reducing construction time, research or troop training time costs too many Biocaps. Instead use it on items which are hard to obtain in game or are absolutely necessary:

  • Chief Gear items if you are short of a few for upgrade especially when these items appear in Daily Deals shop with a discount.
  • Ray’s Place event to at least get to the 15th or 35th spin bonus to get Legendary hero.
  • Value Voucher event which gives you a chance to choose which Legendary hero fragment to exchange for.
  • Settlement buffs can be activated through your Headquarter building using Biocaps if you don’t have the buff item. Some buffs are necessary before a PvP event like the recon jammer and some buffs are very worthy to activate like the gathering buff when you are short on resources.

You will get more value from Biocaps when using it together with an event which require you to spend Biocaps like the Throwdown event.