Best Way To Spend Biocaps In State of Survival

State of Survival Best Way to Spend Biocaps

Biocaps is the game currency in State of Survival. We will share tips on how to spend this rare commodity wisely in the game.


As you complete events, you will get Biocaps and you will accumulate quite some Biocaps in the long run. Biocaps is the main game currency in the game, so there are many ways to spend it. But you will want to be a smart spender so as not to waste it on easy to get items. So let’s see how the top players are spending their Biocaps or better still what will they buy with cash and hopefully we will be able to get those with Biocaps instead.

What NOT to Spend On

Before going into what’s best to spend on, you will need to know what’s not worth to spend your Biocaps on. Obviously easy to get game items are not worth to spend your Biocaps on.

Easy to obtain game items which you should NOT use Biocaps on:

  • Speedup. Using Biocaps is plainly pointless as you are just shortening the time and speedup costs a lot of Biocaps. You can easily obtain speedups from daily rewards and event rewards.
  • Combat buffs under Settlement Buffs in your headquarter building. Combat buffs are only necessary for rally leader as everyone else who join their rally will adapt the rally leader stats. Also Combat buffs cost a lot. The only buff that you’ll need during PvP even is Recon Jammer so enemies can’t see how many troops do you have or whether you have any reinforcement.
  • Chief Stamina and Squad Stamina. These costs too much Biocaps to be worthy. You will get stamina potions over time in old states and newer states will be added straight to your stamina bar. So do not use Biocap to buy stamina.

Best Way to Spend Biocaps

You would want to buy hard to obtain items and preferably completing mission tasks at the same time so you will get some rewards by spending Biocaps.

Where to spend your Biocaps wisely:

  • Chief Gear items. Top players spend a ton fo cash to upgrade their gears so you know how good this is. Sometimes there will be chief gear items in the Daily Deals shop and it is always good to grab those with Biocaps and the items in this shop costs less than normal. When you are short of a few for an upgrade, you may use Biocaps to buy Advanced Alloy and Adhesive. But try not to spend all your Biocaps just for chief gear items as there are other items worth spending Biocaps on as well.
  • Ray’s Place event. Ray’s Place ebent gives the highest ratio of legendary hero fragment for your Biocaps. Try to at least reach the 15 or 35 spins each time to get bonus hero fragments. The hero available depends on your state’s age so as your state gets older, better heroes will be made available. When you are in a new state, the reward in Ray’s Place is Maddie & Frank which could be obtained for free from Plague Zone daily reward crate and Intel missions so it’s better to wait for better hero before using Biocaps on Ray’s Place.
  • Value Voucher event. Value Voucher event is another place where you can get legendary hero fragments using Biocaps. Each time the event is here, use 15,000 Biocaps to exchange for 100 Value Vouchers then choose a legendary hero fragment of your choice to trade your vouchers. As your state grows older, more heroes will be released in Value Voucher event and older heroes will be on a discount.
  • Settlement buffs. As noted above, combat buffs are mostly not necessary unless you are strongest in your alliance and need to be a rally leader. But still there are some buffs which are worth to spend your Biocaps on. Recon jammer is a must during any PvP events like Capital Clash event and Reservoir Raid event. Gathering boost is another settlement buff worth using Biocaps on if you are hardworking on gathering. 8 hour gathering buff only costs 100 Biocaps and if you send all your slots go gathering resources, you will get resources which costs hundred of times more than the 100 Biocaps spent.
  • VIP points. It is worth to spend a bit of Biocaps to increase your VIP level and try to at least reach VIP level 4. VIP level 4 will unlock 10% construction speed bonus which will shorten the time it takes to grow your settlement in the long run.

If you decide to spend Biocaps, it is worth to spend it during an event which will give you some rewards. One of the event which require you to spend Biocaps is Throwdown event so if you plan on spending Biocaps why not get some rewards at the same time as well.