Spaceholes – Arcade Watch Game

Last updated on June 12th, 2023 at 05:30 am

Spaceholes – Arcade Watch Game


Spaceholes – Arcade Watch Game is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Rui Alho, Spaceholes – Arcade Watch Game is a Casual game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 19th September 2019 with the latest update 11th January 2023

Whether you are a fan of Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


103 people have rated 2.2

You can download the game Spaceholes – Arcade Watch Game from APP STORE.


In the future interstellar wormholes are used to travel between galaxies, they are commonly know as Spaceholes.

"Listen up we’ve just got a sweet new gig, Seems those pesky alien bugs have got into the Spaceholes again. They’re blocking the way of some luxury space cruisers. All those poor rich people trying to get to a pleasure planet. Boo hoo.

Well its good news for us. Gas up your ship and go squash some bugs!"

Spaceholes! is a mashup of various space shooters. It has elements of Gyruss, Galaga, Tempest and Space Invaders.

3D Graphics
60 FPS option
Sound Effects pew pew
Background space music

Updated on 11th January 2023

Added iPad support
Added support for screen rotation on iPhone and iPad

Spaceholes – Arcade Watch Game Reviews

Impressed the way it looks and plays. Reminds us of all those times playing Tempest and Galaga in the arcades in the 80s. BUT, with only a single life it loses its allure rather quickly. We grew up with 3 lives and an extra life when getting to a certain score or level, which game theory suggests it makes us come back for more. Unfortunately with one life we never played again after an hour. So a big star off for that, almost dropped to a 3, but an update with our suggestion would be a solid 5. Graphics look great on the Ultra and game play is solid. Gimme some lives!

We’ve been looking far n wide for Mac/IOS version of Tempest. This game is very good. Id give it 5 stars if there were versions for Mac and/or iPad. Big thing missing is iPhone version wont play in landscape mode, no hapt reaction feature, and just the same circular playing field unlike the old arcade version. Glad this game exists but wish a more fully featured version could be developed, especially for Apple Arcade. Happy New Year!

Great little space shooter. Heaps of fun in your Apple Watch.

Looks like a child programmed this game.

We dont like giving a bad review rather just stay silent but we cant with this game cause it will not install. We would like to try this game out but unfortunately it will not install on our series 5 watch.

This game has a great, innovative use of the watch crown to make a fun game. We didn’t think games could be well adapted to the watch but this app does it well.

We absolutely love this game. We play when Im in the bathroom or when we need a little break from work sometimes. Love the way the game was set up, very fun.

So how do we play the game? After install (which now it say purchased), theres no indications anywhere on the iPhone nor on the watch… No new icons, etc?!?!

Thanks for developing what looks to be a nice and addictive game.

Just wished you can control the sensitivity of the dial.

Its simply a great game and it brings us back to arcade style games design wise. We would recommend it for sure.

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