Ultimate Horse Simulator 2

Ultimate Horse Simulator 2


Ultimate Horse Simulator 2 is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Gluten Free Games LLC, Ultimate Horse Simulator 2 is a Simulation game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 5th September 2020 with the latest update 6th September 2020

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Role Playing, or Education games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


582 people have rated 1.0

You can download the game Ultimate Horse Simulator 2 from APP STORE.


Take on the life of our most realistic horse ever in the sequel to the most popular animal simulators of all time! Explore a massive world brimming with luscious greens and dangerous predators at every turn. Meet other horses and live together, raise your herd, scavenge for food, and become the strongest horse in the world!

The forest has never been more alive! Explore and hunt to maintain your hrose’s thirst and hunger in the most detailed world we’ve ever created!

Sneak your way through the wilds to avoiding alerting nearby animals and attracting the attention of hungry predators! Animal AI is smarter and faster than ever!

Omnidirectional dodge system brings a new level of skill to your fights! Quickly react to your opponents attack direction to dodge and avoid damage!

Build deeper bonds with your horses through the new relationship and personality system. Your herd recognizes heroic and caring acts that will alter relationships. Gain bonuses from synergetic horses traveling together!

Have up to TEN horses in your herd! Seek out friendly horses and pass their challenges to recruit them to your herd! Play as your new horse to help them level up and improve relations with other family members!

A brand new age makes raising your foals even more realistic! Breed baby horses that will grow into teens and eventually full grown members of your herd!

Introducing expanded animal customization options for fine-tuning your horse’s look! Alter physical features like height and ear size to accentuate your horse’s personality!

The newest sims bring a complete overhaul to the boss fights! Experience free-range cinematic boss fights against gigantic kings of the forest with entirely new mechanics!

Gain experience and level up your horse to unlock stat bonuses and unique skills! Skills will grant specialized horse abilities like healing, tracking, and battle strength!

Collect materials to decorate and upgrade your shelter and make life for your horses even better! Building food troughs and unique bedding can provide your herd with guaranteed tasty snacks in the mornings!

We have done away with procedural flora, and have instead hand placed every blade of grass and tree in the world, bringing a more detailed purposeful world for you to explore!

The world around you will change before your eyes with our brand new seasonal cycles. Snow piles up, soils glisten with wetness as rivers rage, and leaves turn brilliant oranges and yellows in fall!

Discover the all new wildlife of the forest and farm! Improved AI and animations combined with species specific action trees will immerse you in our most detailed world to date. Track down animals like Deer, Wolf, Chicken, Cow, Ram, Pig, Lynx, Sheep, Eagle, Crow, Boar, Moose, Fox, Raccoon and of course Horses!

Introducing AAA PC quality graphics in a mobile simulator! With meticulously optimized models and textures, we’ve managed to reach an unrivaled level of visual quality!

If you are of age or have your parents permission, turn on the blood effects to add even more realism!

With all of our games you will always get the full game with no ads or additional purchases!

Download the Ultimate Horse Simulator 2 and prove you can survive as a wild horse in our all-new completely revamped simulation!

If you liked living as a Horse then be sure to check out our other animal simulators!

We plan on creating more sequels so give us a shout and let us know what you want to play next!

Updated on 6th September 2020

Ultimate Horse Simulator 2 Reviews

We LOVE THIS GAME SO SO SO SO SO SO! MUCH!!!!!!!! We love SO MUCH how the horse looks!!!! And we love SO MUCH how the horse runs, walks, trots, etc. We LOVE how the horse Sleeps its so realistic! We love how big the map is!!!!!!!!!!! We like how realistic the world is!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love how the water looks!!!!! And our favorite part is how the seasons change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now theres only one last thing to say…. BEST GAME EVER!!!!

Maybe one day you could make a ultimate deer simulator with updated looks than the old ones where you can add wild dogs and hunters as enemies.

We love this game we hade a grate idea you shood make a squirrel ultimate simulator 2 we wood bye that we wood love if you considers our idea.

Ok when we reached the level to get a herd we were breeding and then when it was ready POP! It did not let us have it. And we were sooooo sad. Because when we taped it it was like it turned black and then kicked us out. Sigh so it never worked and it also did not let us turn to our dad horse member it said we had two of us and one dolly. Witch is our herd member. Pls fix it. But still we appreciate the game and you. Thank you for listening and please respond back bye.

So this game is like da best but WHY WONT THE BABY HORSE COME OUT?!! HUH HUH?! YEAH SO ANNOYING FIX THIS OR we WILL BE SO SO SO SO SO SO MAD!!!!!? And MAKE A UNICORN IN THIS GAME OK?! GOOD NOW DO IT NOW OR ILL FREAK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And when we tap get out for the foal the game kicks us! FIX THIS FIX THIS FIX THIS OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK – Stressed out gamer PS. ANSWER.

For some reason is kicks us out of the game when we try to get our foal to get born.

This is by far this best Ultimate 2! Also can yall consider making the Forest Sim 2? And a snow leopard sim!!!! These are awesomeeee.

When you reach level 10 and try to give birth to a foal the screen goes black and kicks you out.

This is a good game but for some reason when we try to give birth it wont allow it and gets us out of the game. Iv tried over and over but its just not letting it happen.

We really love the game, the graphics are very high quality and the gaits on the horse look a lot like how they do in real life, though when our timer runs out for the breeding and we press birth, the screen goes black and kicks us out of the game. Please fix this because we really like the game and we want to be able to breed.

We cant have a foal we kicks us out every time and we just got the game we love the graphics and everything but also where are the people we would love to see people.

We flipped out when we saw this its so detailed! Sorry if you were interrupted thanks for your time.

So we have had this game for pretty long and its really fun but when we try to have our foal it kicks us out of the app and please try to fix that glitch pleasefix it thanks for reading we would like it a lot if you fixed that thank you.

This game is so cool. The coats and and mane options are great. The graphics are outstanding. This game definitely deserves a five star rating . But it does glitch some times. But overall this game fantastic. The baby horses are so cute . Everybody should give this game a five star rating .

These remakes are extremely entertaining and exhilarating to play. We do however request a few games to be remade here is the list. 1. Wildlife crocodile 2. Ultimate jungle simulator and here are a few games we believe may be intriguing to play and experience 1. Ultimate chimpanzee simulator. Basically in this simulator you are playing as a chimpanzee and you are able to climb trees (please repair the climbing feature from the previous games such as jungle simulator) you are able to engage in a fight with other male chimpanzees to become the alpha male and recruit more members and such. However we believe a feature within this game that would be quite intriguing to play with would be a maturing feature when you basically start as a baby than mature up to an elder.

SO MUCH FUN but the problem is it wont stop glitching us off Please read thank you.

We have seen other comments and they said that you might SHUT DOWN! Pls dont! All your games are our favorite. We cant stop playing them! Pls dont shut down. One more thing: can you make a ultimate cheetah sim. Ps. DONT SHUT DOWN PLEASE!!!!

We love all of your games. This game is great. We like the amount of space on the map. We would love if you guys made an elk simulator where you are born into a herd and have to grow up and stay with your herd to survive. Where you would have to avoid bears and wolves. We would also love if you included different seasons such as fall where the bull elk rut and you can mate. We hope you will consider this. Thanks for the awesome games!!

We are loving these new games! We hope there is a ultra cat simulator 2! In the horse game the background is so amazing! But the game can get a bit repetitive. We think that there should be more features and things to do! Maybe a bigger map? Also the bosses are really easy to beat! Maybe make them more unique by giving them specific attacks for each boss! Other then that the game is amazing and fun to play! There are very few bugs other then occasionally glitching out and the mate not doing anything. Over all we loved the game keep up the awesome work! We plan to buy all your games in the future!

We love the game but we crash when we try to have a foal or filly and in the middle of the game as well. This may be a problem with our iPad but if it isnt can you fix it?

Dear GFG we love all the gluten free Ult. Animal sims 2! The graphics are AMAZING and everything is so realistic! We really wish youd make a dog sim 2! We love the dog sim and play it often. In the dog sim 2 Could you make the dogs a little more realistic? We LOVE GSDs but the one in the game isnt very nice looking. Could you please make a ultdogsim2? Thanks, Germanshepherdgirl.

This game is amazing we love the realistic feel of trotting through the forest. We just adore horses and everything about this game, although there is a little bit of a glitch when you defeat the animals they sorta twitch and roll and its a little bit weird. But other than that this game is amazing very realistic and cool. We actually had trouble figuring out what the other horses that roam around the den were for and we though us and our mate had to drive them of soooooo we spent like 15 minutes defeating horses that we were actually supposed to add to our herd lol. This is a awesome game and we love it so much.

Can you guys like make it like some new games like dog simulator to bye.

This game is the best we’ve seen from Gluten Free Games. Bravo! Keep em coming!

We LOVE THIS GAME but there is this bug. Our baby is done and when we tap on it, it kicks us out please please fix.

We LOVE IT! The graphics on the horse is BEAUTIFUL and the animations are so realistic! The is an amazing game, the water looks SO real and we love that the seasons change! Imagine a snow season :O So if you love horses like we do, we DEFINITELY recommend this game to you!!

As brownie accidentally walked into the wrong territory. She heard footsteps coming out of the den. As she heard a coyote howl, they begin the fight she couldnt back down now,Is the coyote try to jump on her she dodged, as she kicked the coyotes legs, The coyote fell down, its a coyote jumped up and scratched her leg she fell to the ground as he was about to jump on her she got up and kicked him in the face,The coyote scratch her again,she got up and started to kicked him in the legs which he fell down,he whimpered when she kicked him in the face as he ran back to his den she neighed happily and trotted towards the water fall as she ate some grass she drinked we little the she layer down in the meadow she slowly closed her eyes and slept For Now The coyote was going to get revenge one day as he said to him self in a whisper, one day.

The game bailed out on us and sent us to Home Screen at random point we kept trying but it happened again and again so we undownloaded it and and we liked the game up untill that so please fix it and Ill play again.

This game is for those who have an obsession with horses like us. We live on a city but always loved animal especially these beautiful giants, Horses. We always wanted one and we know if you love horses you will love this game. Thank you Gluten Free Games for putting your time and effort in this game, Five star Graphics and feels so real.

This really is a great game. We have had a lot of fun with this game and we suggest it for anyone who loves animals theres a lot of interesting features and the graphics are amazing. You can decorate your den and have a family. We definitely cant wait for the next game, while this game is as good as it gets we do have a few suggestions, first we think it would be cool if it had an online version and second we really would love it if you made a dragon sim two and cat sim two. ( maybe even a warrior cats of wings of fire sim) ;) thanks.

Absolutely Beautiful! Thank you for making this sim! We dont normally write reviews but this made our jaw drop! Outstanding work! Keep it up, there is a bug tho, our mate follows way to close, his head is right on top of our characters tail, goes in circles, and there are buildings floating above the water, and we cant find the water trough like on the video.

We love this game but we do have some suggestions. We would love it if you could find human civilisations and you could chose your owner but you could also be wild whenever and still have an owner at the same time. We also think that you should make your herd a little bit more life like and not just follow you around. Maybe there would be a thought bubble under their icon that says if they are hungry or thirsty and then you have to take your herd to a watering whole or a patch of grass or something. It would also be cool if it was online (no chat though. We just really want our friends and siblings to join our heard! ) and people could join your Herd as a new foal. And also, while the newcomer is going through the tutorial, the mother would be pregnant and giving birth. But the newcomer should also chose if they want to join a herd (and what herd to join)or make their own. Also, the herd leader, (the person that made the herd) should be able to name their herd. We do have some bad things about this game. When your herd is following you, their heads are all weird. Also when you bite your herd member it should mean that their in your personal space and theyll back off. They are usually in our fave a lot, pushing us around when we are eating. Thank you guys so much for making this game!! It is the best horse sim ever in the App Store!!!! Make more!!!

We love the game but we have 2 horses now 3 all together for a herd and our other 2 horse (reign and Bonnie) glitch, their heads always go backwards sometimes they get stuck in a wall of the barn. They can’t jump with us either. It needs a better update.

(First off we just wanna say Im a veteran of this game making company we’ve been playing these gluten free games sense we got a device)- we also know that they dont update the game after its been released so Im actually talking to our fellow players-Now then Alright we didnt notice this at first but the longer you play the worse it pixelates, Also if you go to settings and continue to switch from the lowest graphic to the highest it will pixelate so bad that you cannot see or do anything.- and we dont know why but we just find this funny. Okay Im done.

So pls make a new game maybe like dragon game? Pls!

We love your games and this game is so fun to play but when ever we try to to give birth to a foal it crashes we play on an iPad Pro second generation we were wondering if this will get fixed.

Ok so it is a really good game we havent seen that many bugs other than one a very major bug that if you have two calfs at the same time you can only have one Unless you get rid of the original calf but then you have to have a second one in order to have the other one and then you cant have the other calf and its really weird and wonky because every time you try to have the second calf the game just crashes its really weird and honestly very annoying also could you remake the cat and bird ones those other than the dragon one were our favorites and of course the wolfAnd we think what you could do for a game idea is that you could have a reptile one where we have like amphibians and reptiles that you could turn into we think that would be a lot of fun because we would LOVE to see a Komodo dragon and a little itty-bitty gecko!

We love all these new games youre making! Yes, they are buggy but its still fun! We would LOVE an ultimate dragon simulator 2, if thats too difficult or not what youre wanting to make then we understand, overall, great game.

Hi so there is a big where if you have another horse in your herd when you run the head goes into unnatural positions like its like your kicking it all the time please fix this!

Its fun and barely has any problems, the only problems are that we think its mostly just the cows and pigs but they lag pretty badly, and its kinda blurry or like hard to read on the personalization/relationships tabs. Theres also some lagging problems and its crashed like twice but they are very few and it doesnt really make the game super hard to play. Also this is just a suggestion but we think it might be a nice little fun idea so that we can sleep like somewhere thats not like a den or something Yk? Like since we think usually wild horses typically move about and migrate quite often so we could make it maybe more realistic in that sense, but we could still choose to sleep in dens tho. But this is just a suggestion and you dont have to use it.

Hi we just love the game and we hope you get supported and have a good day! Im happy that you create this game.

Wow this game is really awesome! Although it is a little blurry, but that could just be that we need glasses soon. And its kinda creepy how when you are running with your mate, their head spins around when they run with you. Over all, this game is amazing! Our friends and we all love horses. Onto the story! Shade walked through the abandoned barn. Cattle mowed grass and some piglets were playing around. She smiled. Oh, how we wish that we could have a foal. Shade thought. Then, a rustling in the bushes disturbed her thoughts. Hello? She called out timidly. A strong horse emerged from the bushes. Sorry if we scared you, he sighed apologetically, we were just passing through and saw your barn. But wow this is a nice place! The horse smiled at her. Thanks, Shade mumbled, ignoring how cute the horse she was talking to was, Im Shade, by the way. The horse swished his tail. Oh, Im Ethan! We live on that farm in between here and the Dry Lands, the one with the eggplants, the carrots, pumpkins, and cabbages. He flashed another smile. Months Later….. ETHAN!!! ETHAN!!! Shade called. Ethan came running. What is it, Shade? He asked, very confused. She huffed. Im pregnant. With your child. Silence followed after her response. Ethan was the one who broke it. Guess were gonna have to start thinking about names. He grinned. Day Of Birth A little foal was curled up in the curve her mothers body. What shall we name her? Ethan asked. Shade flashed him a glare. We discussed this. Lina, Diamond, or Cherry. She reminded him. Oh sorry, we just forgot. But how about… Lina? He asked. Shade nodded and stared at the smokey maned (like Shade) and white-coated (like her fathers chest) female foal. Hi Lina… She cooed. Lina stared up at her with beautiful brown eyes. Hope you liked the story as much as we like this game! Bye bye! -Your Friend, The Not Blind Bat-

We love it, its such a great game (Not as glitchy as the other ones) But can you make the world a little bit more realistic if not thats totally cool its such a good game.

Ok so we really these games but we want a new one please make a warrior CatSimulator please make it!.?

Hello gfg so we got this game and Im purely in love with it also we would really appreciate a ultdog2 because it was our favorite game when it came out so this would be awesome and when you unlock skins it would be different breeds of dogs -total gfg fan.

There is something wrong, we tried birthing our foal 20 million times. It just made us go back to the Home Screen. Please work on this. Also please add a coyote simulator.

From the start, its a great game. Good graphics and simple controls. Although, when you attack animals it glitches out. We’ve seen animals under the map and in between the map. It glitches out when you swim too! And it crashes when we try to birth a foal. Sometimes the animals skip places when they run, and they seem to teleport around. Please fix these issues, its a great game! Thank you.

We love the game so much! We have bought many of the other games on a different device. We’ve bought all the 2 versions of your games on our phone. We love how realistic they are and the new attacking additions and boss battles. But in this game we’ve been having the problem where it crashes whenever we try and have our baby, and whenever we try and fight the boss in the desert, and only that boss. We are unsure if this is our phones problem, or the game itself. We had few different problems with the second polar bear simulator, but we wasnt as far as we were in this game, so we just deleted it and re-downloaded it and that fixed our problem. Please fix this if it is a game problem! Thank you!

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