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Stack is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Ketchapp, Stack is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 17th February 2016 with the latest update 23rd May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Action, or Casual games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Stack ?

41,413 people have rated 3.18

What is the price of the Stack ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Stack released ?

Stack was released on 17th February 2016.

When was the Stack updated ?

The latest updated date of Stack on 23rd May 2023.

Where can Stack be downloaded ?

You can download the game Stack from Apple Official App Store.



Stack up the blocks as high as you can!

◉ Simple & Beautiful graphics designed
◉ Compete for the best score in the world

Updated on 23rd May 2023

Bug fixes

Stack Review

We love this game, its extremely simplistic and relaxing. The only thing is that the game glitches a lot and messes our streak up, its incredibly frustrating and ruins our relaxation Please fix this!! Love, Bee.

The ads that load at the bottom of the screen will lag the game and ruin your flow. Plus the ads in between take 30 secs-1 minute to complete, which is very annoying. Still a fun game, but ads ruin everything. Would be cool if they added stats, like average of stacks you get or how well you stack per pattern.

We have been seeing people playing on Stack. For a while we have been curious to try it and today we did. But unfortunately when we installed the app it led us to a black screen as if it was frozen, it still has to word STACK on it so we knew it wasnt our WiFi that was causing it, we had tried many times to refresh the app but the same screen popped up. Don’t download this, its not very well made. A bit buggy.

Ads cause the game to lag just a tiny bit and thats causes you to lose or lose half your block. Used to love this app please fix.

IDK WHY YALL MAD HATERS BC THIS GAME HAS NO ADDS AND NO ISSUES any ways this is super calming but it also can make us mad but its ok bc it is mostly calm overall perfect game FLEX ON THEM HATERZ.

Btw we are not a developer. We got this game because our brother has it and he said it was super relaxing and he was right. This game is very simple but that is what makes it so fun. And if you dont like ads then just turn off your connection to the wifi. This game requires no internet connection to work. Another thing that we like about this game is that with every quest you complete you make progress in building a city. We love to play this game it is so wholesome and relaxing!

The game itself is enjoyable but the ads are too explicit. Im not sure if the company can control that tho.

Im going to make this really short, we do truly enjoy this game. Really glad we found it. But, theres one problem that is either a bug, or its supposed to happen. One color, pink gold, when being used, does not appear on screen. All you can see is a shadow, and theres nothing there. Sorry to bother you, but we thought we should let you know.

Look, we’re not the best at the game but that’s not what we’re rating it off of. The game has good graphics, nice sound affects. It DOES have ads, but what can you expect? Pretty nice game, overall.

Its OK, but sometimes when we try to do it even when we win, it says loss and it should give you the options of ads at all times because they when you like accidentally turn off your phone and you have to like start over the whole thing or you have to lose because you were there and they dont know if you have to like go or something but like you can go for like two seconds and then you will have to lose but its still a good game but we still give it a four star rating.

Theres a little bit adds and.

Our one qualm so far is that the glass skin essentially the only one we use is now invisible and unusable.

Ok so we literally LOVE this game but there is a few issues. 1 is the adds. Every time we start a round it gives an add. This is really annoying because we watch more adds that playing the actual game. Dont get us wrong so people just Really like adds and could watch them all day but, not us. We cant even watch add for 3 seconds. So if this game is going to be more adds than the actual game, You might as well call this ADDS. Another issue is its a little glitchy and doesnt cooperate the way it should and all that other stuff. But overall its a great game other than the glitching and adds.

Yeah so this game is good enough to keep but it would be so much better if the game didnt lag or glitch it glitches ALL THE TIME causing you to have to restart so annoying pls fix.

Us and our sister love this game it is really relaxing whenever you are sad and when youre happy but you want to calm down.

Cool gameplay if you like having your taps to lock tiles interrupted with a full screen ad. Removing ads is 3 bucks, meh. Developers got to make money we get it, but filth. Give some un-ad gameplay to let us play an entire level with no ads before we drop the loot.

We wasted 2 hours of our life to get to 100 do not recommend we’ve couldve dont something else in those 2 hours but no the game wanted to keep lagging and keep falling apart it is also rigged so we dont recommend to play.

We cant see the blocks the screen only shows the backgrounds.

It is nearly impossible to get a high score since the game has micro stutters which affect timing. We dont know if this is intentional or not but it ruins the game.

Im very disapointed that ads pop up while playing this! You should be ashamed Ketchapp!!

We love this game it is calming aesthetic fun and smooth no lags at first we didnt get the game now we do stack the blocks perfectly and then g we a high score and beat it. Overall love the app!

Umm so we love it but its a bit hard. Love the skins for the stack towers. We like how every time you complete a task you get a new building. 4.9.

Hi we love stack and we play it on our Crome book but the thing that is bad about it is when Im on our iPhone on it it glitches our phone like really bad so we decided to delete it but we can still play it on our Crome book thats just a warning of what happened to us today thank you!

We play this game everyday for WEEKS now but the sound stoped working.

This game is very fun and relaxing but has its downsides. There is a couple of ads and stuff. Otherwise, its a good game.

Love this game if played it on and off for years. We reinstalled it recently and starting playing again but theres so many ads now and it lags at just the right time to mess you up. It used to be better.

Ok, for a game thats based on timing and reaction, it needs good performance, just like Ketchapps other game, Knife Hit. And Stack is incredibly simple; you tap the screen and try to line the blocks up as much as possible, theres maybe a couple of interfaces, and it takes up almost no download space. But the lag is sometimes so unbearable, that we completely miss the block. It might be something to do with the jello skin we have equipped, as it jiggles when you click the screen, but even if thats the case, thats a really dumb reason, as we play games like Survivor. Io where thousands of zombified creatures swarm you and theres a lot of complicated stuff, so its not our phones fault either.

This game is so fun but when we fail we get a add so on the next update pls lower the adds no hate on the game just so many adds pls lower it it is so relaxing when you get it at the perfect spot its so fun if you respond pls lower the adds.

Im sorry but to many ads, like whenever we click screen it glitches into an ad.

This game is pretty fun the problem is that it makes your phone laggy and it made our background black. The app probably does bad stuff in the background.

Every time u lose it plays Atleast 1 or 2 ads and sometimes when Im in the middle of making a tower an ad pops. Its fun to play maybe twice before the ads get frustrating.

A good game but poor application.

Absolutely awful. The first time we downloaded this we heard screaming coming from our not speaker, but our camera. We look in the camera of our phone and a tiny virus looking creature was stuck inside. Screaming, crying, screeching, it was absolutely bloody-curdling. We quickly uninstalled the app and got a message saying that the app was tracking down our home address, it sent an image of all our personal information. It is now holding our lizard for ransom. We do not recommend downloading this app, it changed our life forever.

The game makes you watch a lot of adds.

THIS GAME IS SO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im a teenager and we dont get much sleep anymore lol. So when we got this app we were so happy because it was really relaxing especially with our sound up. School is so stressful and this game is exactly what we needed as a stress relieve. We even started playing this game every night before we go to sleep we’ve been playing this game for months now let us tell you, it never gets boring people say that a lot but it really doesnt we mean if your stressed out we say this game is the way to go and way better than any other relaxing app we’ve ever seen or played. Keep up the good work creators. – Your average teenager.

We really love this game, we love to get violently high and try to beat our best score, everything about this game is absolutely so good, the noises , the colors. We did buy no adds because we really hate adds.

Its realy good but we think you should do a clicker on stack and every time you click it stacks not like stack like it gets smaller do a stack sandbox.

This game is so satisfying to play when bored we’ve had this game for 1week its awesome make more games like this pls? We just love this game so much.

We love this game so much we like to play by myself cause if Im around our brother he will make a lot of noise and wont stay quiet.

Quick, simple, and fun game. Love the sounds!

The game is simple but competitive. When you play the game you will find it very simple but when your block gets small you want to rebuild your block and want to pass your high score. We love how they got a traditional arcade game and put it in the palms of our hands. We would totally recommend it to someone if they want to play a game that is short and easy.

We’ve had this game for years and we never get tired of playing. On our downtime, on a stressful day, or if we just want to be entertained, this has always been our go to game. Idk why.. We guess its also our personality that speaks with the game itself.

We love the game itself because it reminds us of the arcade but there is way to many ads and it makes us so mad that we would have to pay money so we would fix that right away.

This game is so magical it is so aesthetic and the color schemes are mesmerizing.

This is the best game we have ever downloaded on our phone. There almost zero ads and its really fun.

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