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Stack is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Ketchapp, Stack is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 17th February 2016 with the latest update 21st December 2022

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Action, or Casual games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Stack ?

41,654 people have rated 3.7

What is the price of the Stack ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Stack released ?

Stack was released on 17th February 2016.

When was the Stack updated ?

The latest updated date of Stack on 21st December 2022.

Where can Stack be downloaded ?

You can download the game Stack from Apple Official App Store.



Stack up the blocks as high as you can!

◉ Simple & Beautiful graphics designed
◉ Compete for the best score in the world

Updated on 21st December 2022

Bug fixes

Stack Review

Umm so we love it but its a bit hard. Love the skins for the stack towers. We like how every time you complete a task you get a new building. 4.9.

Hi we love stack and we play it on our Crome book but the thing that is bad about it is when Im on our iPhone on it it glitches our phone like really bad so we decided to delete it but we can still play it on our Crome book thats just a warning of what happened to us today thank you!

This game is very fun and relaxing but has its downsides. There is a couple of ads and stuff. Otherwise, its a good game.

This game is pretty fun the problem is that it makes your phone laggy and it made our background black. The app probably does bad stuff in the background.

Absolutely awful. The first time we downloaded this we heard screaming coming from our not speaker, but our camera. We look in the camera of our phone and a tiny virus looking creature was stuck inside. Screaming, crying, screeching, it was absolutely bloody-curdling. We quickly uninstalled the app and got a message saying that the app was tracking down our home address, it sent an image of all our personal information. It is now holding our lizard for ransom. We do not recommend downloading this app, it changed our life forever.

The game makes you watch a lot of adds.

THIS GAME IS SO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im a teenager and we dont get much sleep anymore lol. So when we got this app we were so happy because it was really relaxing especially with our sound up. School is so stressful and this game is exactly what we needed as a stress relieve. We even started playing this game every night before we go to sleep we’ve been playing this game for months now let us tell you, it never gets boring people say that a lot but it really doesnt we mean if your stressed out we say this game is the way to go and way better than any other relaxing app we’ve ever seen or played. Keep up the good work creators. – Your average teenager.

We really love this game, we love to get violently high and try to beat our best score, everything about this game is absolutely so good, the noises , the colors. We did buy no adds because we really hate adds.

Its realy good but we think you should do a clicker on stack and every time you click it stacks not like stack like it gets smaller do a stack sandbox.

This game is so satisfying to play when bored we’ve had this game for 1week its awesome make more games like this pls? We just love this game so much.

We love this game so much we like to play by myself cause if Im around our brother he will make a lot of noise and wont stay quiet.

Quick, simple, and fun game. Love the sounds!

The game is simple but competitive. When you play the game you will find it very simple but when your block gets small you want to rebuild your block and want to pass your high score. We love how they got a traditional arcade game and put it in the palms of our hands. We would totally recommend it to someone if they want to play a game that is short and easy.

We’ve had this game for years and we never get tired of playing. On our downtime, on a stressful day, or if we just want to be entertained, this has always been our go to game. Idk why.. We guess its also our personality that speaks with the game itself.

We love the game itself because it reminds us of the arcade but there is way to many ads and it makes us so mad that we would have to pay money so we would fix that right away.

This game is so magical it is so aesthetic and the color schemes are mesmerizing.

This is the best game we have ever downloaded on our phone. There almost zero ads and its really fun.

We love this game so much but theres so many ads when you fail so pls get something to take the ads and theres some bugs our data keeps on lowing down when we play this it keeps on logging us out still we love this app its just so calming thx who ever made this game maybe add updates to the game! Love the app!

We love this game! When we were in first grade maybe, we played this game with all our friends in the computer lab and we loved it! It was a big trend in our school for a while (it wasnt a very big school, mind you) and we loved being able to play it again! We dont have any big complaints. And for the people who are saying the ads are bad, they really arent all that bad! We do have one complaint, though. (Its not a very good one but whatever) we think the buttons are a bit confusing. Like, the box with the arrow is obvious, but we just think that in the settings you could add a little switch that turns on text underneath the buttons. Im no game dev, but we think that would be helpful. Thats all! Its overall a great game and you should keep up the great work!

Ok so hear us out we absolutely love this game! Its so fun and we love the colors in it. But one problem there is way to many ads. After we lose every time there is an ad and its really annoying.

Its funn but after a while it starts to get boring add new stuff!!!!!

We love this game soooo much. We love how calming it is but it lags a lot like a lotttttt. But overall we love it have fun.

Love the game its amazing satisfying cool nice in general the game is pretty good. One thing is that the game says NO ads but it has ads makes no sense.

Hey there! We have been playing this game long enough to understand how it works and it is pretty fun! We just have a few things to say. Overall its a great game but it needs some fixes, 1. Theres a lot of ads, though it dont really bother us much it cat get in the way for people that cant afford the no ads payment. 2. We would appreciate if you mad the blocks move a tad bit slower, see, if they moved a bit slower it would be easier to differ when the pieces align and to tap/click it on time. 3. This sort of ties in with reason 2 but this game is very S to a game on a computer app used to play in school, Im in high school now and it just makes us happy to see that someone made a game similar to Rainbow Stack ( you can find in on ABC. Ya on a computer) we used to love this game and now that someone made a copy that we can morally play anywhere makes us happy, although it is a bit faster than Rainbow Stack, we understand if you did that on purpose because of copyright reasons but we would like it slowed, your choice though! It is YOUR game! From a happy downloader.

This is a well designed game the sound dose not always work but other then that it is a great game.

Its fun but we get adds in the middle of the game.

This seems like a great app for killing time. We personally bought this app so we can work on our gaming skills for the next time we got to a arcade. While the game was loading it kicked us out every time. This is not the game developers fault but people with a older phone should be aware. Im sorry if this sounds rude but this game seems fun!

This game is super fun to play on the go but there are few minor things that caused us to delete the app. Mainly boredom. After we played for a little while we got really bored and found our self deleting it. In our opinion its not as interesting as we would like it to be for us to have it In our apps. We know we dont have a lot of storage and there-for did not find the need to keep it.

  1. You cant save your progress, even though sign in is an option. When you delete the game, all your designs, diamond, achievements/ challenges go away. Very frustrating after countless hours of collecting. We’ve now unlocked and lost every design twice, we recently uninstalled and lost our 3000 diamonds and our 300 high score, along with all the designs. 2. The game can get laggy, especially if you leave the app and come back. We have an iPhone 14 pro, and had this problem on our iPhone 12. Cant play a game that is won with timing if the game lags. If you dont leave the app, this probably wont be an issue, though so not a huge deal. 3. Its almost impossible to find a good design because they change colors and it gets too dark to see the corners. This will almost definitely cause you to fail. A few have outlined borders, which makes it easier.. But even these will get too dark sometimes (retro, art V). We will get 40 perfect in a row and then it turns black and we cant even see the corner. Its so frustrating and obvious that this should be an issue. We wish there were more than 2 or 3 that remain the same color each time (gold, platinum) because even these are hard to see. We love this game and its a really good thing to do if you like to waste your life away on your phone, but we wish just a little bit more attention to detail was put in. Maybe some new designs, progress tracker, etc.

Its fine we guess. The priority on loading ads over loading the game however means that the blocks will freeze or lag, making the actual gameplay of timing out how to stack the blocks impossible.

Was a fun game but the ads made it almost unplayable since they slightly froze up the tiles when you were playing and since its a timing game it threw off your timing and messed up the whole game.

This game makes us have the urge to hit the person on our left. And shave off their hair and fake beard and we sometimes like it because its the game that doesnt need Wi-Fi.

This is not as easy as it might look at first you might get pretty far but thats mostly beginners luck you only get 5 or 7 tiles stacked so thats it bye.

Such a simple game its amazing and addicting. We played it for a few hours every night for close to 2 weeks straight. We wouldnt want want to stop or put our phone done. As we got closer to unlocking all the designs we would start slowing down knowing that once you unlocked them all the fun is over. Now we might play it 1-2 times a month. The main reason we havent deleted the app yet is we keep hoping they will add new designs to unlock. Playing a game where you earn credits each round loses its fun when you run out of items to unlock. Please add new unlockables otherwise this is a great game to play for 1-2 weeks.

Nice time killer, sometimes it glitches and drops after we click it, another thing is we really really wish we could choose what block style to unlock, we save up all of the diamonds and we cant even get the one we think would be interesting.

Seems like a fun game but considering how popular it is, it is a disappointment. Without consider how popular it is (to be less biased), it is still annoying. There are a lot of adds, but we realize that is what the subscription is for ok, fine. The WORST part is the glitchiness of the in game adds. While you are concentrating to tap at the right moment, at some point the ad at the bottom of the screen will switch out causing a slight delay out of nowhere. This is super annoying and devalues the game. Lastly, the music will randomly turn on while your playing and not right away at the beginning of a round. Also note: we have lots of other apps on our iPhone and most (if not all) work just fine without any subtle glitches.

Im not sure how you managed it but this game somehow has ads even when Im on airplane mode or not connected to any internet whatsoever. Its annoying and gets rid of the relaxation we wouldve got from the game otherwise.

Its ok but it gets really frustrating. With all the adds it is just so annoying. Its an ok game but with getting caught up in it there is so much stress over nothing and WAY TOO MANY ADDS! There are adds between each time, on the Home Screen, and at the bottom while you are playing, etc. There will be multiple adds every time you play and for us it starts to give us a headache. We know that is not everyone, but with having headaches and being addicted its not good for us and hurts our head. Otherwise still an okay game without all the adds but like we said it will still be very frustrating and stressful over something annoying that doesnt matter in this case a game.

Its so dumb, theres literally an ad after every time you fail, not even TV shows you that many ads. We spent way more time watching ads than actually playing the game.

The ads are excessive and you cant play the game. Deleted.

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