Stack is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Ketchapp, Stack is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 17th February 2016 with the latest update 15th February 2022

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Action, or Casual games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


41,174 people have rated 3.5

You can download the game Stack from APP STORE.


Stack up the blocks as high as you can!

◉ Simple & Beautiful graphics designed
◉ Compete for the best score in the world

Updated on 15th February 2022

Bug fixes

Stack Review

Its very fun and addictive. Its also very challenging.

Im not Im not supposed to be playing this game but like it was the best and our eight-year-old friend played with us and him with i.

You came here because of Speed.

THIS GAME AS BEEN KNOW AS THE FIRST OF SAINTS. As we ponder the mystery or the strategic times of our child hood when it came out of was good now BETTER not just the plain game it was 6 years ago the enjoyable game we remember.

The ads change every like 15 seconds and the new ones loading in cause a lag spike which affects response time. In a game where response time of the taps is the entire basis of the game it can throw you off and cause you to lose half of your block.

If youre looking for an interesting game and time wasting stalk is the best way to go.

This is a good game, our friend had it and we wanted to get it and its so fun you can get high scores and it has a leaderboard so you can beat your friends. You can use this without Wi-Fi and the ads you can just click X right when it comes on we would recommend this game if you want to play in the car or if you are bored we hope this helped!

This is THE BEST GAME EVER!! We really dont understand why people dont like it because of ads. We have a really simple solution. TURN OFF YOU WIFI PEOPLE!! This is a WiFi free game but ads need internet. Like we said, simple.

This game is amazing. Pure amazing, but we do suggest.. We havnt played it yet lol.

So hard but VERY fun. We are so bad at this game but it is too fun to stop playing! We wish we were better at this game cuz if we were we would love it even more.

This is a great way to calm down sometimes. When we get a little mad or stressed we just like to watch a show and play this game overall awesome.

Well this game was really fun until it got kind of boring.

Its so fun to play but its very laggy we think its because of how old it is and theres a lot of ads that come on during the round to and it lags a lot.

We could sit in a chair playing this for hours. We cannot find any problems with the game except one. Some adds are in appropriate.

Its a cool game to play when your bored but when you delete it takes away your mission and resets your stack items.

We love this game so so much, it has a nice level of difficulty and straight forward. We think we should have less ads, but thats every game. Anyway, totally recommend for a REAL challenge. This is not the type of game who markets itself as a hard game when its obvious its fake. Simple game.

It was all good until fhbshdhdhdjr.

Who got this game because of speed.

Great game ig. There could be more levels.

This game reminds us of a tower becouse you have to stack it and its really. Fun we saw we show speed play it he rage quit hes a greecy stove monkey and this game is a 5 star its so fun.

The game is super fun when ur not on social media and what ever but as we were playing we thought of a idea. You should make it so that when it speeds up it slowly gets faster and when you mess up it slowly gets slower and not right away slow so that you can get in the tempo.

Its good but theres a lot of ads.

Love the game but the ad bars at the bottom of the screen glitch our game when the switch or are animated. We recommend to keep the same add the whole game bay because when it switches the blocks freeze or jump and when im at like 100 score and it glitches it gets really frustrating.

This is a very satisfying and nice game to play, but sometimes when Im playing, our frames drop like crazy and its really annoying because it messes up our flow and even causes us to lose some times, and our phone is very beefy aswell.

We love this game its fun but the lag is crazy!

It lags way too much we try playing it but it lags more than anything we refresh we’ve tried to redownload it but it still lags.

Honestly the games ads make it super glitchy, once we bought the ad remover then the app began to function properly. If so why not just make the game $2.99?

We love this game so much but literally theres like an add after every like game it makes us not wanna play it.

This game is entirely based on timing, which is really unfortunate considering how laggy it is. Also we purchased the ad free version because we used this game to relax and the ads were so annoying, but sadly this didnt fix the issue.

This would be fun but the game lags even on lower levels which completely ruins this type of game since it is all about timing.

We really do not like the new update for this game. We feel like there shouldnt be adds popping up to make you lose while youre playing. This game is just not the same anymore!

Overall the game is well and good and very much interesting, but the game does tend to lag when we play it and it had never done that until about 3 days ago IM DISAPPOINTED.

This game said no adds and it has adds!! But the game is pretty fun.

Literally cant concentrate on game cause it glitches every time it changes adds on bottom screen while playing .. Adds after adds this whole game ..

It keeps freezing right when we start stacking, cant even play once.

This game is so bad. The ads are outrageous. Good idea but bad product. Everytime we play we lag, causing us to lose.

We find myself impatient at the start of the game of how slow it is make a fast mode.

We hate these type apps along with the apps that fish for reviews after you use it once, or twice.

It said watch ad to continue but it didnt let me.

Fun game and was getting good at it but only because we wanted to see myself in the global leaderboard. After we paid for it to avoid ads it removed the leaderboard feature. So in a way we got scammed whether it was intentional or not. People are right when they say it is buggy. Wont be playing anymore sadly.

The game is good and intense but it slows down and stutters constantly, which is frustrating . Enabling 120fps support would also help with this.

You play one quick game then you have to wait 30-45 seconds for some lame ad to stop playing. So they make it incredibly slow based on each game only lasting around 40 seconds already, POW advertisement doubles your playtime.

Ill start with the good of the game, its fun very easy to hop on and play. Now it starts to get worse, this game will make you angry when you lose a long streak or cant get one going. Its also addicting which can be a problem if work is needed to get done. Finally the ugly, the ads are horrible if you finish one game youll get an ad, but we also have happen to us where Im in the middle of a game and it freezes because they placed an ad that you cant close within the middle of your game which will ruin it.

Two stars were given because the game is fun to play and pretty well made! Good colors, animations, challenges, etc. Here is why this app loses 3 stars: Ads. We get it. Ads are a source of revenue. If we dont want ads we can pay 3 dollars. But 30 second or longer ads after every single game is excessive beyond measure. More time is spent watching and waiting for ads to be over than actual play time.

This game is good and all, but the amount of ads you get like every other play is insane, not worth the time playing.