Ultimate Golf!

Last updated on November 9th, 2022 at 04:10 pm

Ultimate Golf!

Ultimate Golf!

Ultimate Golf! is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Miniclip SA, Ultimate Golf! is a Sports game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 12th June 2020 with the latest update 31st October 2022

Whether you are a fan of Sports, Sports, or Simulation games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Ultimate Golf! ?

95,839 people have rated 4.4.5

What is the price of the Ultimate Golf! ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Ultimate Golf! released ?

Ultimate Golf! was released on 12th June 2020.

When was the Ultimate Golf! updated ?

The latest updated date of Ultimate Golf! on 31st October 2022.

Where can Ultimate Golf! be downloaded ?

You can download the game Ultimate Golf! from Apple Official App Store.



Play this fantastic multiplayer 3D golf simulator game and enjoy real golf courses, real-time duels, sports tournaments and our unique Golf Royale battle mode for free!

Ultimate Golf is a free online sports simulator with a fun race to the pin: Do not wait for the opponent to tee off, drive and hit. With our golf courses you can perfect your swing, drive, chip and putt from an endless variety of lies on the fairway and greens and become a golf master. Avoid the rough and bunkers in this real-time 3D golf simulation. Challenge your friends, family and Facebook buddies in our multiplayer championship simulator! Win golf bags from your challenges and unlock a huge range of clubs and balls to improve your golf swing and shot in this real-time sports simulator.

Try our free real golf multiplayer courses from Wolf Creek Golf Club, Fairmont Banff Springs, Close House, Abu Dhabi Golf Course and Harbour Town Golf Links for a world golf tour simulator in stunning 3D design! Start as an amateur, train your swing and golf shots to work your way up and become a real pro master of golf with the online golf course simulator to become a real master of this sport.

Dominate the freeways and greens by choosing the right clubs: driver, wood, long iron, short iron, wedge, rough iron, sand wedge and putter. Make sure to upgrade your clubs and play with the best golf ball like in a real golf master race in this online multiplayer simulation. Play every day to move up in the leaderboards and rank up from Amateur to the Pro Leagues and enjoy the sport like never before in our online golf simulator tournament!

Watch out for regular VIP Royale events where you get to join our host, Amanda Balionis, as she interviews guest stars and you get to challenge them right in the game. Past guests have included Alice Cooper, John O’Hurley, Guy Fieri, Bret Baier, Rob Riggle and Patrick Warburton. See the highlights here: https://youtu.be/Z-MuE-4OOuA


  • realistic 3D physics for a perfect Golf simulation
  • free real-time golf courses & multiplayer battles simulation to beat your rivals
  • unique Golf Royale mode — race to the pin vs up to 20 rival players
  • use professional sports equipment to win golf duels
  • real Golf courses from Wolf Creek Golf Club, Close House, Fairmont Banff Springs Golf Course and Harbour Town Golf Links
  • Regular VIP Royale events with Amanda Balionis and star guests

A network connection is required to play this 3D online golf simulation

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Updated on 31st October 2022

-Bug Fixes and optimisation.

Ultimate Golf! Review

A great game just to play for a few minutes a day. Keep it up.

We’ve tried other golf games and Ultimate Golf is by far our favorite. The game play, the graphics and just is better all around than any other we’ve played. Puts PGA TOUR to shame in our opinion.

Really enjoy the different challenges. Definitely worth a look.

We just love it and love golf. So cool how golf is right on our fone now. Too bad we cant play golf in real life cause we would love it. We love this fone golf tho its really good and we just love it.

One of the top 3 best golf apps we played so far. The app has great grafix totally worth it.

This is a FUN game! And we havent had to spend money to have an enjoyable time.

This is probably our favorite game app. They really thought this game through. The physics that theyve incorporated seems to be very accurate. We love the courses theyve designed for Halloween! We highly recommend this extra fun game. No, Im not paid or an employee.

This is our favorite golf game ever.

Fun game, no ads, it is actually like it is says it is.

This game is so good you have to download it do it right now.

Try it and you will have problems putting it down.

Great game except for the fact that theres no practice mode. Thatd make it the perfect golf game! Otherwise its great!!

Almost like the real thingyoull never master it, but you get just enough from each round to come back for more pain.

Purchased tourney for $k and th game will freeze or do buggy things like showing us in the sky for our shot. We just get stuck and have to log out.

We love playing golf so much that we play on our phone when Im not at the course. We love this game for the most part but it could REALLY be a LOT better if the game offered different camera angles while hitting the ball. The camera follows the ball in such a way that you cannot tell if you had draw or fade. We want to watch our ball more like we do in real life. Maybe have a small screen at the top with the more cinematic tv type view but then the rest of the screen should show the course from above the T box so we can see the entire flight path of the ball. Another thing the game needs is free play. Once we unlock a course, it would be fantastic if we could go play a course with no time limit and no other players. Just to practice different shots and play through the course for fun, with no trophies on the line etc. This game offers no practice mode which we find frustrating. It would also be fantastic if we could choose our clubs manually. If we want to put from the collar we should be able to. You see the pros do this all the time, but this game forces us to chip or flop from 1 inch off the green. That is silly. In times where the green is up over a hill to a small green, the game forces us to use whatever club will reach the distance, and its usually a high lofted club that will hit the hill and stop rolling backwards, we want to aim where we want to aim and use a less lofted club to get a flyer or more roll to get up the hill etc. Please allow us to choose our club manually. Also, play in the rough is crap. We have much better control of our ball hitting out of the rough than this game gives us. It pisses us off how fast the swing meter goes in the rough, and also how short the shots are. Its really makes us want to stop playing this game. Fix that!!! Swing meter should be the same in the rough, and ball should bounce and roll A LOT FURTHER in the rough, just like real courses. Your rough is like sand! The ball stops WAY TOO FAST. The game is pretty good, but if you make these changes, it will quickly rise to the number one golf game in the App Store.

Before the latest upgrade, the game was much better. The predictability was far superior. Now the lengths and randomthe same exact play causes the ball to go short one time, then king the next. Gold is supported to be about skill, which it was before this upgrade. Now its just a common video game, just relying on luck.

We really enjoy playing this game except that there are so many pop-ups for you to buy balls and bags etc. Etc. Etc.

Usually it is solid game play. However sometimes if theres a lot of people playing on your screen during a tournament it gets a bit choppy.

…. There are times. We wonder if they put into the code random errors that even when you hit a ball perfectly, and its lined up perfectly, itll still miss where you needed to go. We’ve had pots lined up on the center of the hole, we’ve hit the arrow right when it blinks, and it still goes left or right. Its just a minor inconvenience in an otherwise great game, but we just wonder if it was written into the code or not.

Without spending real cash or money what is the easiest way to get dollars into our account?

The graphics on this game are absolutely stunning. Theyre the most realistic of any golf game available for mobile devices. We love that u dont have to wait for other players and youre not under a severe time restriction so u have to rush shots. However, the HUGE problem Im referring to is probably going to end up being a deal breaker and will force us to stop playing soon unless there is a solution. The problem? Putting is an absolute travesty. There are only 2 outcomes WAY to often: 1) Either we wind up leaving the ball on the lip of the cup or we blow past it and wind up with an even longer putt than we started with. That elusive zone where you putt and leave it a few inches from the hole if u miss does not appear to be a repeatable option 75% of the time. Thats not a haphazard conclusion on our part either. We take our time and try to leave it as close to the hole as possible if it doesnt drop, but that happy medium does not appear to exist. Im hoping that a new putter will resolve this issue, just like other clubs we’ve received as we’ve advanced thru the game. However, there are no other putters listed like there are with all the other clubs, so this may not even be possible. Either way, unless something changes here shortly, we dont see investing any more time or money into it.

This game is a total scam! Dont play! They steal your money and then they steal your information!

Even if you line up shots and putts perfectly, this game routinely redirects your ball at a completely irrelevant angle so you miss the shot. It also forces you to forfeit a game due to a bad connection even though your spouse is sitting right next to you, playing exactly the same game game on the same kind of phone but doesnt lose connection (and still loses his match due to an oddly angled putt). We deleted it after two days. Lame!

We just deleted this game because The last whole we played proved to us this is pay to play platform with matrix designed to penalize non- big spenders. It Is a great experience initially until your level miraculously generates hurricane force winds unless you have purchased the expensive balls. We made a couple purchases as the simulator is a fun experience, but once you pass pro the fun stops unless you have the God Ball and God pins at a God Price. And for what? How about this programmers? Keep your 20+ mph winds that move a ball like its a F1 tornado but have tournaments that dont allow anything but the basic ball. Let the skill begin. They will never do that because that would make too great an experience. Which is short sighted on their part because people like us would make more purchases because of the game play. Then to heighten the experience with purchases on the other tournaments. So prepare thyself to buy stuff to make it better after the first couple ranks. The way it is now you have to buy stuff to keep it from sucking once you hit pro. Since there is no dinner, no kiss and no oral gratification with the buying of stuff on this game, Im out. But, Find out for yourself if you dont believe us.

They double charge you every time you make an in app purchase. Currently going through our bank to dispute the charges. DO NOT BUY.

When an Ultimate Shot ends up out of bounds, in the rough, behind a rock then its a broken. Matched against a higher rated, you dont stand a chance. Definitely a pay to win game! In their Daily Free Shot, you are often setup with an across the fairway or sideways shot that would be considered out of bounds then very little green to make the shot instead of coming down the fairway. Impossible to make. Ball rolls into hole then pops back up is another deal breaker. Hit a nice long shot then it hits an invisible wall, really irritates!

The wind meter is very very inconsistent.

This game, like so many others in this space, is predatory. It preys on addiction and charges absurd $$$ for in-game content. In the beginning it seems innocent enough, low stake, inexpensive. By a few days in, they force you to drop big in-game currency just to play, let alone be in a place or actually compete with anyone. We regret giving the morally bankrupt team who built this even the $5 we did.


Game starts out great and is very addicting but once you reach a certain level it becomes a pay to play type of game. When you hit perfect shots and continuously miss it makes it so that you have to buy golf balls in order to be competitive. Also the cheating and hacking of the game is ridiculous Im ranked 550 and we seem to be put against people in the 2000 range when you do one on one. Unfortunately we have given up on the game after this review.

This game is rigged. You will spend money and eventually they will cause you to continue to lose.

Great game needs a 3 hole option for match play eventually a nine hole match play option.

Really Fun Golf game! Winds are a little inconsistent, but fun.

Solid game with awesome easy to learn gameplay. Not a bunch of pressure to purchase things either which is also a solid plus.

Better then golf rival. Any day.

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