Stairway to Heaven !

Last updated on August 9th, 2022 at 02:00 am

Stairway to Heaven !

Stairway to Heaven !

Stairway to Heaven ! is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Lion Studios LLC, Stairway to Heaven ! is a Trivia game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 30th March 2020 with the latest update 26th April 2021

Whether you are a fan of Trivia, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


19,219 people have rated 4.4

You can download the game Stairway to Heaven ! from APP STORE.


There are many quizzes related to your real life. Choose the right answer and surmount the heavy barriers to reach heaven. Be intelligent and answer correctly in each life situation because you will be judged.

Be careful about making these decisions because each trivia decision comes with consequences. Making a good call can help you get close to gorgeous heaven and reach the peak. But the wrong choice will lead you to falling into horrible hell. Will you reach the gates of Heaven?

Game Features:

  1.   Simple but addicting mechanics

The quizzes are tricky and realistic, you must choose it right so you can climb and reach heaven eventually

  1.   Amazing Physics

Realistic physics will make you feel you are in the real life

  1.   Keep on upgrading!

So many unique characters for you to obtain. How do you want to look?

  1.   Relax and enjoy

Ever wonder what it was like to be in heaven? Well, you’ll still have to wonder, what choice you have to make to reach Heaven

Visit if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game!

From the Studio that brought you Mr. Bullet, Happy Glass, Ink Inc and Love Balls!

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Updated on 26th April 2021

+bug fixes

Stairway to Heaven ! Review

Now we really do like this game but can you make it so that when go to the heaven spot please make it easier please.

Whoever rated any less than 5there ssssooooooo ring about the raiting of the game so liars.

This game is very good no bugs no issues no anything I. Just love answering questions but sometimes just sometimes it asks the same question but after all it is a good game.

Ok first of all there are to many adds we love the game and all and we think you should put a limit of bad choices maybe life 5 or 2 because we think its good to get drunk every once in a while or be naughty maybe just once because it is a very good game and us myself we do believe in god. Please answer this review. Peace out Madeline.

This app is so much fun. We recommend you should get this app, but we have a problem. There is too many adds! We wouldnt really want to waste our money on removing adds we love this app we have it on all our devices! Its really fun and good, it doesnt glitch and theres no bugs. Its just about the adds but everything else is really fun and good. We love this app.

Dont get us wrong this game is great! But to many adds!

We love your game but please shorten questions and Get rot of the ads.

After every choice there is an ad or at least a suggestion that costs an ad. Otherwise great game!

One make it actually 12+ dont have in appropriate things no one wants to read that And second dont make people watch adds to get stuff because if your early in internet it makes it difficult.

This game is so fun we love it barely any ads.

It keep popping up even when we delete it.

We think you should add more questions on the second life, and we think there should be less adds, every single question we finish a add pops up and that can make it really annoying to play.

Hi! We love this game and it is SO great to play besides one thing. THE ADDS. There is SOO many adds. Like every time you make a decision you have to watch an add. Its really annoying, but besides that, the game is great! Its super fun to play! We dont recommend this game if you dont like watching adds though.

We love this game and all but if you hate adds we would not recommend this every 1 or 2 question you get an add but otherwise this game ig fun!

Hey! Just wanted to let you know that the game is really fun and is filled with fun choices. What we wanted to point out was a simple grammatical/confusing English error. In one of the options you put down that youre friend has a poisonous spider. Through the context of the question what we think you meant was youre friend has a venomous spider. Its an easy mistake everyone makes so dont feel too bummed about it! Just know that the key difference between something being poisonous and venomous is that when something is venomous it means when it bites you the venom leaks into your blood and, depending on the potency and the amount of venom, can hurt or even kill a human being. Poisonous things means that when you digest something it can hurt or kill you. Since we assume we arent eating the spider, we think you meant venomous. Thank you guys!

This game is great we’ve had it for a few days but literally on some of the math questions the answer is wrong like we got 7×6 and we answered 42 because thats the right answer and it said 35? Like seriously?! This has happened a lot and its super annoying.

So there is basically no problem we only have one so each time we reach to the question we get adds and we watched 20 adds so far so pls change the amount of adds.

Its okay and all but many times we will be watching an ad or just making a decision and the game will just FREEZE.

There are too many adds and you cant challenge others our last reason is it says like -10 even if we get it right.

We love the game and we dont mind the adds but the lag is a bit annoying but overall its a great game just plz fix the lag.

This is a great game but every time we pick an answer theres an add maybe add less adds but other than that everyone should play this its so fun!.

This app is good but the adds pop up every time you answer a question!!!

After every question we answer there is an ad that pops up. One suggestion.. GET RID OF THE ADS!!!!! (At least a little)

Its a really fun game but some things are quite inappropriate such as walking in on ur husband in the shower with ur neighbor. It has real potential but just needs some fixes. Actually has much too many ads.

We downloaded this game not long ago, and its SUPER fun, but sometimes when we click a choice after a question, it makes us watch an add, and it gets annoying.

This is a great game but theres just so many ads! Its so much ads and we dont like it.. So if you could fix it please do fix it.

We like this game, but after you answer a question you get an ad every time. And there are a lot of questions. Plus, all of the special stuff you have to watch an ad for. Also this app is very over exaggerated. You dont have to do this to get to Heaven. You just have to be a good person to get into Heaven. Anyways we like this app and if they would take away a few ads that would be nice. Also it is very time consuming. Over all this is a good app! We will recommend it if you have a lot of time and are very patient!

We like this app but there are WAY too many adds.

We love the game but so many adds.

Okay so every time we answered a question an ad comes up.

But you need more then 2 genders like add more genders.

Every time we answer question a ad pops up and is annoying.

We downloaded this app yesterday, and at first it was really good. It was good choices and we got an ad every 4 to 6 times. But then, as of today, we are getting an ad EVERY SINGLE TIME!! Its very annoying and it is taking the fun out of this game. But other than that, its a decent game.

Okay its a great game in all but WAY TOO MANY ADDS it gets glitchy and the adds are way to long but anything else is fine just way to many!!!!!

We think that the game is good but WAAAAYYYY to many ads and its kinda boring.

When you watch a ad for a reward or a pop up ad, for us its just completely black like our screen turns black and then we have to restart the app please fix this and we know it is not our phone we checked it out.

In heaven there will not be only white peoples can you pls also add black people thank you.

This is a pretty cool game except that we had the Dalmatian and when we reached the corgi we thought we could have two dogs but it deleted our Dalmatian!

Its a good game nice graphics but it has too many ads like every time we awnser a trivia question it gives us an ad like a 30 second ad and like we feel there should be more characters fix that then you got a pretty solid game Id say please make these changes and you should be good if you do that then five stars.

There is this bug that you can get where you just cant load into the game and is is really annoying.

This game is actually pretty fun. But the problem is there is so many ads like every time theres a question right after that theres an ad. Not to mention the ads are way to long we got an ad that was 1 min and 12 seconds. Also to see like different things you have to watch a ad. Like its ethers we watch an ad or lose all our money its really dumb. Inless you dont mind ads we guess this game could be good for you but if your like us and you cant stand ads we do not recommend. We hope theres some changes cause over all it is a good game.

This game is overall fun but their are waaay to many ads we would get one every time we finished one small thing.

This game is great but there are WAY to many ads please fix this.

Fun but our 7 year old inter started playing itits just really bad play if ur over 13.

This game is OK. Its not bad but its SO annoying. Their are about a BILLION adds every time we play. If you dont want to deal with a bunch of addsDONT GET THIS GAME. And we know that this review will probably be taken down by the maker of the game because Im saying negative stuff about it but we dont care because its the truth. THIS GAME IS SO ANNOYING, DONT GET IT.

This game is ok, but there are TOO many ads, plz get rid of them!

This game is fun but the adds are driving us insane. It fells like there is an add after decision.