State of Survival Patch 1.9.125

State of Survival Patch 1.9.125

These are the changes for State of Survival Patch 1.9.125.

New Events:

1. Theme Park Carnival:

  • Get ranked and win fabulous rewards including a Knock Knock HQ Skin (Permanent).

2. Theme Park Love:

  • Complete tasks during the different stages to get Carnival Balls. Achieve a ranking to get bonus rewards!

3. Killer Clown:

  • Locate and eliminate the Killer Clown to earn Carnival Balls and other rewards!

4. Carnival Performance:

  • Complete tasks to get more Carnival Balls or fantastic rewards, including Clownhouse Decorations!

5. Carnival Scavenger Hunt:

  • Do whatever it takes to get more Carnival Balls!