State of Survival: News February 13, 2021

State of Survival News 13 02 2021

We bring news from the developers of State of Survival to respond to some of the players’ most requested info today!

Optimizations regarding SvS preparation stage and SvS/Reservoir Raid match system:

We have received many suggestions about the SvS preparation stage and SvS/Reservoir Raid match system from the community. Based on our evaluation and analysis of the feedbacks, the game team has some initial thoughts to improve them. Currently, we are finalizing the details of the modification plan, as well as analyzing the current matching data. We appreciate your patience and understanding, please stay tuned to know more about this improvement.

Can I exchange my excess building speedup items for other items?

Yes, based on the feedback from our players, we will implement a new option at our next Recycle Station event. Players are able to exchange buildings speedup items for other items. We hope you all like it and give us more feedback. In addition, the slider in the Recycle Station is being tested and will be available next month, and the slider for using speedups and the power energy donation of influencer traps will also be implemented after testing.

How about the new Chief Gear? How will you guys adjust it?

Actually, the team has suspended the release of new Chief gear and is working to improve the intuitive experience of our players. As to the design stats and numbers that players are highly concerned about, developers will carefully evaluate community feedback and fine-tune that part. Finally, we would like to thank our players for their valuable suggestions.