State Railroad: Train Game

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State Railroad: Train Game

State Railroad: Train Game

State Railroad: Train Game is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by DEVGEIM, OOO, State Railroad: Train Game is a Casual game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 30th August 2022 with the latest update 28th October 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Entertainment, or Simulation games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of State Railroad: Train Game ?

1,622 people have rated 1.2.4

What is the price of the State Railroad: Train Game ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the State Railroad: Train Game released ?

State Railroad: Train Game was released on 30th August 2022.

When was the State Railroad: Train Game updated ?

The latest updated date of State Railroad: Train Game on 28th October 2022.

Where can State Railroad: Train Game be downloaded ?

You can download the game State Railroad: Train Game from Apple Official App Store.



For all lovers of world roads games – State Railroad: Train Game! It is a dynamic and fascinating road strategy game where you need to connect the points on the map between each other to build a railroad and idle train station connecting all the states. This railroad connection game is very easy to control and incredibly enjoyable to play.

You can take over the world! Here you will not only be able to build a large-scale transportation system, but also improve the stations, for the upgrade of which you can make the trains longer.

We offer:

  • An exciting adventure
  • World road connect mechanics
  • Simple operation
  • Beautiful animation and bright colors of the territories
  • Easy traffic control

You will get a lot of new emotions, the opportunity to feel like a real conqueror of new lands, starting the movement with just the connection of two points on the map. Combine stations and expand your map! Take over the world!

Updated on 28th October 2022

Added an offline income

State Railroad: Train Game Review

Fun . It vibrates and makes a small sound it goes by fast you can be a god one day!

We dont really mind the ads but thats beside the point we just wanna say that we just started playing and its already good and we hope it gets better as we play <3.

It has no adds it is free and best of all you dont need Wi-Fi. Download this game and your life will change. We had some doubts about this game but after playing it we realize it is great.

Oh good morning thank you for the good game!

We really like this game its really fun and we love getting new states. The only thing we dont like about the game is that it is really hard to get the thing for the states to be unlocked and we have more than enough money to get new states and it wont pop up. Otherwise this game is really fun and we definitely would recommend this game to whoever is reading this.

We love this game but we wish more areas were open instead of playing the same areas over and over again.

This game is so relaxing and you dont yell like the other games super great.

The game is great but there are a lot of ads. We love it overall, but we wish you could choose not to have ads and instead just grind. There would still be a lot of people watching the ads, but having them play at random times and have everything free after an ad. We still love the game though.

This is a great time killer and just a fun game to play. We feel it is a well thought out game.

Not lots of ads only if u want to upgrade train track but overall its a really fun game.

Its a good game when your bored and us and our cousin enjoyed playing it together. We thought it also was un stressful you unlock lands and rails and trains we are loving it!!! Ps. You should make more games like it.

Je suis en vacances je pense demain je te souhaite un joyeux nol vous deux et trs vite bisous je pense fort fort ta journe bisous je pense fort fort lauderdale je te souhaite un joyeux nol et je taime tout le sens je te dis que je suis pas trop mal que tu es l je suis l je taime trs fort et je taime la tte de toi tu as vu je suis toi et eueorpruru je te souhaite un trs beau rve et jespre quon va bien je taime trs simple je te souhaite un joyeux nol je pense !

This game is really cool the upgrades may take a while to get to but thats the fun of it.

Its fun to do if you are bored it never ends.

These games are so much fun boy so fun.

This game is good but we would be better with no adds.

You should definitely play this game. We only installed it 5-10 minutes ago and we already have 3 properties!! We love this game and recommend it for anyone as young as 2 to someone as old as 96! Hope your all having a nice day!

We love the game because its so fun.

So when we first played it it was good then unlocked a new state we wonder what would happen to Ohio.

To many adds but thats how you make most of your profit:) just please make it where there are less adds like 2 every 6 minutes, that would be amazing.

This is a great and addicting game, with some flaws. 1. Ads there is a lot of ads. 2. There is only 3 countries.

Idc how many ads there are its just about the game.

The game is enjoyable but there’s alot of ads and a lot of people don’t like ads.

So very fun and we love to play it all the time especially in our English clas.

It is stupid that the adsxare 5$

If we didnt get an ad about this game we would have never known this game is real!!!!!!

We absolutely love this game! Our favorite part is how you keep getting money, even when your not playing. We love the idea of the routes too. However, it is possible for a train route to go to another country, and in this game it isn’t. We understand in order fir the game to be free, it needs ads, but there is one too many. We also do not understand the wait in between levels. You have to wait 5+ minutes to level up. For example, when we unlocked louisiana we didn’t have any other states around it, so we made one line and waited 5 minutes doing nothing.

It takes so long to get anything done it can easily take up to 5 minutes just to level up (which is needed to buy new areas) but it only takes a few seconds to fully upgrade the stations within the area. Its also not entirely obvious what can be connected a possible upgrades menu would remove this, showing stations needing upgrades and possible roads that could be made to connect stations.

Id say this is a good game. But could there be an update where there are more countries to expand on. Like once you finish with the USA, and Canada you get a option to chose another country to continue on.

The ads come constantly it is super frustrating when we try to do something then an ad pops up. Besides that its a great game.

We do not think the creator believes in the Great Lakes.

Great game although we wish there were less ads.

We understand ads are needed for free games so watching an ad mandatory before buying next state or country is a good way this could have been achieved instead of every single level up for building level two watching the ad does come with reward of not having pay for upgrading building however that is way too may ads hence the reason we are deleting app after this review we spent more time watching ads than being able to play you should give option in this area to watch ad or pay price for up grade these two fixes would make it more desirable to play instead of wasting our entire break mostly watching ads and with minimal play.

We love this game but it has an ad pops up like every second or minute it is like this ad but you get to calm down with this game when an ad pops up Im mad but its a 4 star we would give it a 5 star but the ads that make us mad P.s. Download it Thanks for reading.

There are so many ads every 15 seconds, its kind of frustrating that we cant even play the game without seeing an ad and being greeted with a 5$ ad remover. We think the price is incredibly exceptional but we hate that the ads come CONSTANTLY just so we will be more likley to buy it Kind of like extortion in a way. We really like the gist of the game and we would be so happy if we could play the game. Thank you.

Personally, we think it has potential, it just needs some work. The connecting routes idea is great, so is the upgrading, and it makes you have to upgrade your income and speed to afford the next states routes and upgrading. We dont like ads, but understand free games must have them in order to be free. Our one other complaint is the wait between buying states. It takes five minutes, plus a few ads in between. If there is a way you remove the wait someway somehow, that would be great! Otherwise, great game!

This is fun but it doesnt let us upgrade our states and unlock them even when we’ve upgraded and connected everything. It doesnt make sense. Its fun tho!

Its cool. Takes a while. Thats ok.

Its really slow to get further. Slower than in the ad. But otherwise good!

We love this game, yes it would be nice if there where less adds, but we’ve seen worse. Also we would like the boosts and stuff to be cheaper. Other than that we would highly recommend this!

We beat this game in 4 days. Not super challenging but once you finish the map and connect and max out the stations, it just has you start over. Id love to see a whole world map added to this game. It would make it a lot more fun!!

Its good just lower the price of the ad remover to something like 1 or 2 bucks not 5.

When you get into the game there is an ad every single second and we think they should fix that. If they want to get us to give it five stars it needs to be a lot more fun and not just focused on one thing.

The game is pretty awesome when you get to play is for a while, but ads make the game very boring, l understand ads are needed for free games like these but no ads would make the game better than playing it now. We also like how the states and other countries are pretty recognizing how good they look.

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