Steve – Widget Game

Last updated on June 12th, 2023 at 02:40 am

Steve – Widget Game

Steve - Widget Game

Steve – Widget Game is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Calm Sea Enterprise, SOCIEDAD LIMITADA, Steve – Widget Game is a Casual game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 24th March 2016 with the latest update 14th March 2023

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Entertainment, or Family games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Steve – Widget Game ?

114,013 people have rated 2.5.0

What is the price of the Steve – Widget Game ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Steve – Widget Game released ?

Steve – Widget Game was released on 24th March 2016.

When was the Steve – Widget Game updated ?

The latest updated date of Steve – Widget Game on 14th March 2023.

Where can Steve – Widget Game be downloaded ?

You can download the game Steve – Widget Game from Apple Official App Store.



A funny 2D infinite runner is coming, meet ‘Steve’, your new friend that lives in your notification center. A special dinosaur in a desert world, jump with the perfect timing for your freedom and avoid all cactus obstacles. Unlock new scenarios and characters for play in this endless running game. How far can you run and jump in this ARCADE GAME?

Feel like a TRUE RUNNER in this awesome endless jumping game! With a simple click on the screen you will dodge all obstacles in the way. Download this special adventure now on your smartphone or tablet completely FREE!

Play with ‘Steve’ anytime, anywhere, by just dragging down from the top on your screen to reveal the notification center and your new dino-friend will be there waiting for you! Thanks to an intuitive and easy touch control anyone will enjoy with our unique characters in this AMAZING WIDGET! Jump and jump with only ONE FINGER! Our challenging environments have been designed like the old school arcade games, do you accept the CHALLENGE?

‘Steve’ is thinking for real runner games lovers. There are a multitude of skins and scenarios waiting for you, are you ready? Compare your mark with your friends and see who is the BEST PLAYER in the online ranking! You have never seen before such a jumper game like this! START THIS CRAZY ADVENTURE!

“Steve offers a mindless time-waster of a game requiring little commitment on the user’s part. You don’t even have to launch an app.” – TechChrunch

“When I am watching a video I can play this while it buffers,” – Recode


Welcome to the new action game at top speed, are you addicted to JUMP and DODGE? You will need a real OLD SCHOOL reflexes to overcome the challenge!
Enjoy with this wild race, the best run and jump game!

Simple and intuitive control system, all the jumps with ONE FINGER!
Dragging down from the top on your screen to reveal the notification center and PLAY! Can you dodge all OBSTACLES?
CLICK ON THE SCREEN and fly over the blocks while collect coins in the air in this ENDLESS RUNNER!

You will find a lot of available skins to customize your character. What do you prefer? A WILD LION, a SLOW ZOMBIE, a SWEET DONUT, an ADORABLE PANDA, a FAST ANIME CHARACTER, a DANGEROUS DRAGON or a INFINITE NYAN CAT? Can you collect all of them ?
Each one of them have SPECIAL MOVEMENTS that you will have to discover while play this running simulator. NON STOP ACTION in this never ending jumping game!

Synchronize with your Facebook and challenge all your friends and reach the top of the ranking. Enter in the competitive mode and run past your high scores in the game and become the TOP RUNNER! Show them who is THE BEST in this INFINITE RUNNING GAME!

Very EASY to play and totally FREE, with its simple and intuitive interface, run and dodge with only one finger! You’ll love this challenge running action game at full speed!

Do you like the PIXEL ART? Check out this gameplay video. There are thousands of surprises in this endless jumper game:

Start this entertainment jumping game, you won’t stop running, dodging and clicked! Free download ‘Steve – The Jumping Dinosaur Widget Arcade Game’ and start this wild race NOW! GET ALL CHARACTERS!


PLEASE NOTE: ‘Steve – The Jumping Dinosaur Widget Arcade Game’ is a completely free game. However, you can also purchase some items within the game for real money. Just disable in-app purchases on your device if you don’t want to use this feature in the game.

‘Steve – The Jumping Dinosaur Widget Arcade Game’ was developed as a tribute to Chrome easter egg game without intention of plagiarism or attribution of authorship. Images created by great artist Sebastien Gabriel.

Updated on 14th March 2023

This update comes with great changes. Increase your fun with:

-Great opportunities to get extra lives!
-New skins. Get new characters and choose the one that you like the most together with different scenarios.
-Different UI improvements

Steve – Widget Game Review

Nothing else is necessary to know. Its Steve.

We play this whenever Im bored without wi-fi or need a distraction, and its really simple and fun! We think everyone should have steve in their widgets.

It is a good game but we would love to make our own widget game So can you please make that a feature because it would be so cool to make our own widget games this game is a really good game we know the last One said not to give it a five star but it really deserves a five star so here you go.

This was a really addicting game for us and we love all the different skins to play for . Its fun and we like how u dont need Wi-Fi so yeah its fun.

Its such a good game and there are many options to choose from, but please remove ads playing mid game because it doesnt allow us to jump and play.

We dont normally play the game, but since its one of our widgets, we dont mind playing the game at certain times. Like if Im waiting for our bus or during passing period. We really enjoy the game! We like how there are a lot of characters to choose from as well! What would be nice is if we could request characters that we may want in the game. That would be nice. Overall, great game!

May you please make Steve a giving internet ge!!!

It is very good an it has skins.

This game is literately everything we could have every wanted. We used to play this game on google when our internet went out and now we have it on our phone and its so fun! We like this game because it has skins, its. A widget, and you dont need Wi-Fi to play it! Its overall a really great game we totally recommend.

It is cool that we can play on widget and bc you can do it, it makes it much more fun.

We got to the end of the game (999) and we saw steve sucking a male dinosaurs balls.

We love it because it is a offline game so we can play it everyday without internet GOOD JOB!!!!

Okay, this game is pretty fun! It is so nice that you dont have to type in your password over and over just so you can play a silly game. However, there are some things we would change. – It is SO hard to get coins in this game – Cool characters, but please add like pirates, more ships, and like more presidents – Could the widget be bigger? Our thumb is really fat Great game! We recommend it! Also, super cool that the background changes when you change your character!

We like the app but can you add genshin impact characters like hu Tao venti and Maybe qiqi?

It an amazing game but we NEED THE TOOTHLESS SKIN.

We jump and our character clearly passes through the coin but it doesnt count it/register that its been collected.

Its a cute widget game, but in one if the ad thumbnails it shows a jump scare of momo the demon and we think it should be removed because little kids use the widget thing and it can scare them.

We think the dinosaur game is a great game! But Im having trouble with this app. Sometimes it will randomly pick a character and stop us in the middle of the game. It also shows us many adds and it is often times hard to play the game through. Overall we dont have a lot of trouble with this game, but it does get annoying.

We play this when im bored but when we play the flappy dino mode after like 10 or something 15 the game stops and its just flappy dino in some water or whatever no tubes to get by or anything. Please fix.

We gave this game three stars because 1. ADS 2. We cant watch the ads 3. Since we cant watch the ads we cant play the game. Honestly we think this game is fine other than the bugs PS. Please fix the bugs.

This is cool but we later realized that it is already a fidget option.

We’ve had this app since we’ve had an iPhone 6, and it started crashing about 2 years ago. We thought itd eventually fix itself but it never did we cant play OR look at what characters we have itll completely crash and kick us out of the app. We dont want to reinstall and lose all our characters AND progress, but we might just delete the app altogether cause the reviews are saying nothing changed and the ads are worse. Was fun playing before it stopped working.

It wont let us watch videos to unlock new characters. It costs way too much to buy a new character thats random. Ian not able to turn the sound off without turning on our mute button.

When ever we play it says free character and we’re annoyed by watching so much adds just to play. We don’t even want the characters or use them we’re just trying to play the game till free characters there is a section for that.

The sheer amount of ads are unbearable. And we have to watch a crap ton of ads in order to get just one skin.

We just got this game, and when we go to play it we cant collect the coins, which we think end up failing the game because its broke.

You cant even play it one star.

We used to love this little game but lately ever single time we get a free character we get an ad that we cant get around and end up losing our free characters! We have lost so many! We tried to contact you about this but couldnt send??

It does not even work we click play it brings us to character pick thing even though we want the Dino we have 5 coins we NOT WATCHING 10ADS FOR A CHARACTER dumb game no work.

Because we couldnt play without picking a character and for that we had to watch videos (Im not sure how many – we scrolled through it looked like all the characters were 500 coins). Deleted.

It doesnt make sense! We got a skin by watching a video, and we couldnt use it! We got more skins, and they STILL DIDNT SAVE. It is a good game in general, but that makes it bad. Fix this please this is not a fun game and so pay to play or watch ads.

We have had the game for a while now and got all the characters but then when we switched devices to a new iPhone it made us restart, could you add a system where it saves all you characters.

We have played this game for a while. We love the idea of, and generally everything about it! The characters, the ideas, the sit back and relax kind of game that this is, its all pure genius. But there is a problem with the gameplay that Im not sure is supposed to be there or not. See, we always try to beat our score in this game, but it gets very difficult because of something. In the game if you jump over a very large obstacle followed by a very small one, it wont let you jump. Again, Im not sure if this is purposefully, but it has really been a roadblock for us. We would appreciate it if that were taken care of, but we understand if its not, due to the fact that the creators probably have a lot more important things on their plate.

Umm so if you have the dog character and you lose what happens to the dog. Im concerned we love dogs. Please awnser.

We’re sad because ours is broken. It can’t even open the app and it just says unable to load in the widget… This was one of our favorite little time killers.. Farewell.

Just needs a little more than the Dino game.

Theres one new character and ads now. Why dont you wait to release characters till you actually have multiple? The update that we were hoping would add more characters added one and ads so Im pretty sure Im going to uninstall. The app rarely updates and when it does its not even anything people hoped for.

With the new update, this app crashes or refuses to open. It was a pretty enjoyable game, when in worked.

When we go to change our character the app crashes please fix it.

Do you know on your Internet if it is not working on your school computer if we were you we would do that dinosaur game LOL.

Used to love playing this. The ads have broken it. The "new character" ad on the widget can’t play because of the ad that is supposed to play when you open the app settings. Ads literally can’t play because of other ads. Still nice to play the little sidescroller game when we’ve closed it all. But it’s just obnoxious.

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