Stick Fight: The Game Mobile

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Stick Fight: The Game Mobile

Stick Fight: The Game Mobile

Stick Fight: The Game Mobile is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Hong Kong Netease Interactive Entertainment Limited, Stick Fight: The Game Mobile is a Adventure game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 14th July 2019 with the latest update 22nd October 2021

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Stick Fight: The Game Mobile ?

4,255 people have rated 1.4.27

What is the price of the Stick Fight: The Game Mobile ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Stick Fight: The Game Mobile released ?

Stick Fight: The Game Mobile was released on 14th July 2019.

When was the Stick Fight: The Game Mobile updated ?

The latest updated date of Stick Fight: The Game Mobile on 22nd October 2021.

Where can Stick Fight: The Game Mobile be downloaded ?

You can download the game Stick Fight: The Game Mobile from Apple Official App Store.



Stick Fight: The Game Mobile is an official stick-fighting game on mobile. Join the hilarious brawler, Stick Fight: The Game Mobile, which is a physics-based couch/online fighting game where you battle it out as the iconic stick figures from the golden age of the internet.

Stick it to them!

Challenge friends and Stick Fight fans from around the world. Control the Stick figure to run, jump, and fight. Face off against each other in 4- stick fight free-for-alls! After 9 matches, rank the top of 4. Now with an armory of humorous weapons and 100+ maps!

Relive the classic Stick figure cartoons with action-packed free-for-all duels!

  • The official Stick Fight game on mobile!
  • Hilarious battles with up to 3 friends!
  • 100 amusing maps, dozens of funny weapons, like guns shooting snakes out, or bomb which blows yourself up, and unlimited ways to die!
  • Make your own maps with the built-in level editor: the sky is the limit!
  • Customize your stick figures with the brand-new avatar store and color system!
  • Brawl online with players from around the world! Download the game and win the glory for your country.


Updated on 22nd October 2021

New Update:

  1. Added customization options to the map editor to freely adjust object size and angle.
  2. Added conveyor belt, ice platform, and other new items to the map editor.
  3. Added 12 new skills; improved skill effects.
  4. Improved Genetic Modification gameplay.
  5. More bug fixes and additional improvements.

Stick Fight: The Game Mobile Review

We play on a backbone, and it would be really fun to play this on the go. This game is amazing btw.

So we were playing this with our friend on the bus on Nintendo version, it was really fun then he told us we can play it on mobile its really fun a dream come true Im satisfied =]

This game needs a update so badly this game could be so much more if people made there on custom color stick man and be able to save the color they also need to be able to make there own armor with there rubes.

Stuff you should add; A mode with 10 stickmen who all have to escape a challenge and help each other to the end. More weapons. More costumes. More than 4 stickmen in quick match, and 2v2. Teams can go together into challenges. Stuff you should fix; A bug that sometimes happens when you reach 0 health but cant die, instead of fixing it, make it into an ABILITY that unlocks at level 60. Stuff you NEED to do; Add more stuff to map editor and MAKE IT SO YOU CAN MAKE INFINITE MAPS!!! Thank you, awesome game, by the way.

So when o first got this game we were already in love but when we leveled up we unlocked so many things. You can literally genetically mutate yourself! Very cool game 11/10.

Dont know what its about but we will definitely love it when we play it.

We like the game its well done but hard to play the game butim new so thats why no con plane ok so get app if new you will be have tutorial before anything gets hard.

This game is awesome in every way. Im going through coved right now and we play this ALL day. We mean all day. But… Few suggestions. Can we be able to like, get powers? Like, ice, fire, etc. Next. Can you fix the glitching? We mean we got the biohazard skin, then went to bed. Next morning, we regular old white! Please fix that. But other than that, its a great game.

For us personally its one of our favorite games and the best Stickman game.

We feel that the game on switch is Much better.

So when we were using blink we found out that you teleport where the stick mans face is looking but the big problem we had with it was we want it to teleport more further cuz it cant even teleport past the quick match box please buff it so its more better and more worth it as lv 20.

Good good good Good good good Good good good Good good good Good good good Good good good Good good good Good good good Good good good Good good good Good good good Good good good Good good good Good good good Good good good Good good good Good good good Good good good.

We played this game on our brothers tablet and we had loved it. Its a good game and its very funny!

This is one of our favorite games, but when you want to watch a ad for a reward the ad wont load, but when you finish a match there is always an ad. Please fix the ads for rewards.

Please make controllers compatible.

Its really smooth and fun to play when Im bored! We dont have a computer to play it on, so having it on mobile is really fun!

We like this game but there is a glitch that youre in the lobby and the game at the same time so can you fix it.

So while we were playing this a big scary man broke into our house and shot us 43 times in our pee pee.

Hhhhhi welcome .. In this game you get to. Mmmmmmur.. Anyway fun game to play during middle school we love it.

So theres this game called craft stick fighting idk whats it called that much but they stole a HUUUUGE chunk on guns from this game we jus wanna tell this to the developer so he can sue the owner or start a raid on that game.

Plz for the love of god add controller support.

And Im happy yall are still updating it after 3 years! This game has come a long way.

We love this game! We also hope that in future updates please let the stand-still NPC attack you when you hit it repeatedly.

It has bugs too much and adds everywhere like if we just get off of a Match then it will put an ad on so please stop the ads because theres way too many every single time we try to get on something it puts an add-on so please stop the adsand can you stop the hackers theyre really getting on our nerves.

We love the game but we ran into hacker named die bish he was going through the walls.

OK remember when we said this game was good that was only about like five minutes ago but its OK we re-downloaded this game because we remember it and it sounded really funny and we played it and we got proer* but then when we try to get into the game it says we have an invalid login so we have no idea whats happening, if you can literally just hack our account and give us a chance to re-experience this game we would be super happy.

Its good until you start a mobile stream then the whole game twitches then crashes.

Its a very good game but it makes you go online. You should add offline. So you can go against bots. Very good game.

The game is great it blew up and is on top 100 adventure it would be much better if the game did not stop getting updated which is why we gave it a 4 star and not a 5 star.


This was put on Xbox and PlayStation if youre going to play the second dollars if this game really doesnt need to be on your phone.

We were thinking it would be amazing to have a port on this game. Since this game is only available on PC which not many people have. The game here is fantastic. Everyone is complaining about the ads, they are a problem but not too much to worry about. If you placed them between every two matches the game would have a lot more players, in terms of that there would be about as much money as there is now for the port. Another thing is the lobby. There should be a whole lot different about the lobby from the original game, Just the edition of the shop. Sure, add a free character to practice on killing a lot. But every time the player throws and swaps a gun. It builds up on the floor. Not allowing the player to get to the play door. We havent played the game In forever. So if they changed this Im sorry for bringing it up.

Needs apple face ID so people can have an easy way of logging in.

We wish this game had more updates even though theres not much money to be made from this game since the playerbase isnt as competitive, plus life after earns much more do its obvious this game would receive less updates but we hope a big update comes to make this game alive.

This has to be the best stick fight game we could ever download the only problem is that when we try to change an account the screen freezes maybe thats just our phone.

We had a name that we decided we dont want, but when we type it in, it say it has illegal content. Its annoying because our name is ProplayR. Can you try take fix it?

We love the game, but it crashes a lot, we tried to switch between accounts and still crashes. Devs please fix it :)

We like this game but we need there to be a save profile.

Why do people one shot sometimes could you please fix the bug or glitch its still a really good game.

We think you need to remove the snakes because if there is a lot of snakes, it give us the chills. And we really hate that. So please remove the snakes.

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