Super Dan’s World

Last updated on October 4th, 2022 at 03:55 am

Super Dan’s World

Super Dan's World

Super Dan’s World is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Thai Hoa Technology and Media Solution Joint Stock Company, Super Dan’s World is a Adventure game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 4th November 2020 with the latest update 4th July 2022

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Super Dan’s World ?

5,016 people have rated 1.2.3

What is the price of the Super Dan’s World ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Super Dan’s World released ?

Super Dan’s World was released on 4th November 2020.

When was the Super Dan’s World updated ?

The latest updated date of Super Dan’s World on 4th July 2022.

Where can Super Dan’s World be downloaded ?

You can download the game Super Dan’s World from Apple Official App Store.



Welcome to the game Super Dan’s World 2021. You will play the super hero with a classic mission: Rescue the princess
Please help Dan run through mysterious lands, overcome obstacles and defeat all super monsters in the lands.
Let’s play game and overcome ugly monsters to rescue the princess and see what amazing surprise challenges await you in this exciting adventure

  • Use buttons to jump, move and shoot.
  • Jump to smash monsters.
  • Eat items to become stronger and defeat all monsters.
  • Watch lots of videos to get coins
  • Bonus spins to get more coins.
  • Collect all the coins and bonus items to get more coins to buy items through difficult levels.
    You can purchase characters or items in the Shop with coins collected or watch videos
    For difficulty levels, you will need help from 3 items hidden in bricks or use the coins you collect to buy.
  • ""Powerup"" to increase strength
  • ""Bomb ""to have the ability to bomb the enemy
  • “Shield ""to wear a shield and become invincible against all enemies
  • Beautiful high-resolution graphics
  • Smooth user interface
  • Music and sound effects
  • Game is free, no purchase required.
  • Support on phone and tablet
  • Awesome gameplay similar to retro classic game
  • Easy controls
  • The bonus blocks are hidden under bricks
  • Destroy bricks, blocks and moving
  • Additional collectibles, coins, shields and more
  • Store with additional items and rewards: unlock worlds before finish other worlds
    In addition to being the best player, you can also become the richest player by collecting all the coins along the way.
    Download the game and join this amazing adventure right away !!!
    Enjoy the game and rate for us!

Updated on 4th July 2022

bug fixed

Super Dan’s World Review

Cant even play with all the pop up adds.

This game is unplayable. You cant move more than 5 seconds without running into an add. We timed it. Dont recommend at all.

We got all excited to play a game classic. Then the unattainable controls put the cabash on our joy.

No ads unless you want to watch them. Can be played in a car non WiFi. We would highly recommend this totally awesome game.

Reminds us our time as a kid with old Marios game.

It is so good game and we prefer it.

Less than 10 seconds after opening there is an ad. Stopped and deleted right then and there. No thanks. Not to mention your advert for the game itself is a blatant ripoff and lie.

After the first two 1-minute+ ads, before we even got to play, we gave up and deleted the app. Sad because it seemed like it had some potential.

Mario is such a knock off of this.

We feel like since ads are designed and paid for by the developers, we should talk about the ads. The ads they churn out for this game are quite literally stealing ads from another Mario clone, which used ads that stole footage from Super Mario Maker 2. This is literally piracy of piracy. To give the developers some credit, the level design is original, but there’s some small things that drag that down. First is the jumping, because our hero doesn’t exactly jump forward. The jump in this game has this weird backwards movement at the beginning that halts all momentum, making the jump very unsatisfying. Second is the sound design, specifically with coins. The coin sound on its own isn’t too bad, it may be mixed a little too loud but that’s fine. However, the coin placement means that this sound will usually be stacked on top of itself like a dozen times, and they don’t interrupt the other, so running into a swath of coins (which happens like 4-5 times per level) just absolutely assaults your ears.

Our wife died because of this our mom disowned us for this Nintendo shamed us for this and we went to heck for playing this.

Double half minute ads after EVERY 20 second level. Not worth playing.

This game is so disappointing theres an ad every second and the game controls are nearly playable.

Very good game is there any more levels we need more levels.

Somehow made it to level 95 but when we started playing again, nothing loads past level 90.

We have reported this game to Nintendos piracy department.

This isnt just awful, it shouldnt be allowed in the App Store. Talk about a money grab with over the top advertising and ripoffs. We seriously hope Nintendo sues the creators.

An add every 5 second. We playable.

The advertisement shows the starter of Mario. Is not like Mario and was not expecting it to be like Mario. A lot of games are like this and controls are pretty bad. Surprised it is not taken does due to copyright yet.

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