Survival City Builder

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Survival City Builder

Survival City Builder

Survival City Builder is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by AI GAMES FZ LLC, Survival City Builder is a Strategy game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 30th August 2022 with the latest update 5th September 2022

Whether you are a fan of Strategy, Adventure, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Survival City Builder ?

9,259 people have rated 1.0.5

What is the price of the Survival City Builder ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Survival City Builder released ?

Survival City Builder was released on 30th August 2022.

When was the Survival City Builder updated ?

The latest updated date of Survival City Builder on 5th September 2022.

Where can Survival City Builder be downloaded ?

You can download the game Survival City Builder from Apple Official App Store.



Welcome to the world that has experienced widespread devastation and where only small groups of people have managed to stay alive. Survive whatever it takes in this apocalypse game. Manage survivors, build the last shelter, and repair a large truck to leave the abandoned city.


In this idle survival game, you need to explore every piece of the land to find materials, fuel and other valuable resources that will help you survive. Break abandoned houses, loot cars, and scavenge to get anything that can be used for crafting and constructing.


Join forces with other survivors and develop your own shelter. Create a spacious storage for food and materials, upgrade the dormitory to allow more survivors to live in, and build a farm to provide food. Only you can protect the survivors!


The more resources you collect, the more new tools you can invent. Don’t forget to build a medical center to cure the survivors and make them faster and stronger! There are dozens of other upgrades you can use to make the city a better place to live.


If you like survival simulator games, you’ll definitely enjoy exploring the ghost city, looking for hidden crafting materials. You can even launch expeditions to other locations to get more valuable resources.

What are you waiting for? Loot resources, craft tools & build the shelter! Help survivors restore life in the abandoned city! Join one of the best idle crafting and survival adventure games.

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Survival City Builder Review

This game was surprisingly really fun and relaxing. The only problem we really had was that it glitched on us and we had to uninstall and reinstall to get it to work. There is only two level and we wish there was more. Hope this game gets updated with new levels. Would definitely recommend.

Everything is pretty good for the type of game it is the only thing we hope you add is maybe a menu to prioritize what you want your survivors to pick up like say we need concrete for something instead of waiting for them to pick up the concrete randomly have it so we can prioritize concrete over carrots.

We love this game!! Its perfect for just passing the time. It needs more levels though. Can only play the same 2 so much.

Kool game to play when bored.

Plz add more content to this game. We beat it. We hope it will have more areas soon. Also really dig the art and small details in the environments.

How Many levels we are stuck in level 2.

We think we’ve reached the end of the game- we’re on the 3rd Location? We think? We can’t remember because we stopped playing when we couldn’t go any further. At this location, we just don’t have any workers so we can’t do anything. Great game up until this point though! A bit disappointing that it kind of just stops without any explanation.

We loved it! We were able to complete both levels in around 8 hours of game. The graphics are nice, the quests are nice, everything is ok. This game is a good option if you want to spend your time doing something fun. We wish there were more levels to play Id love to play them too. The only problem that happened to us was a small glitch during the first stage when the survivors got stuck between the wooden table of our market place and a wall, but we just re entered the game and everything was fine. We wont uninstall the game. Please let us know if you are creating more stages. Thanks.

Olease update soon. We can play this game for hours! More worlds please! Maybe the worlds change where they have to fight robots or spiders after the zombies?

Very fun game we enjoyed it a lot and we would even pay $16.99 for everything But we definitely am not going to do it for only two levels. Improve the glitches in it and add a couple levels and we will give you the money. We will check back in six months.

We cant find anything to open sos.

Im stuck on the second world because we need 3 more cinderblocks and we dont want to pay $0.99 to get more. We actually really liked this game and hate to delete it off our phone! Wish we could watch ads to get a few!

If youre Into survival games and keeping yourself entertained Grab this one.

We didnt have to pay anything like everyone else to pass it lol. It was east finished it in three days. Just so sad it was a short game.

We lovedddd this game so much but so glad we didnt purchase the 16.99 no add thing because we finsihed this game in 2 days. We finsihed the second part and it was like game over Im like Jesus . Need a longer game play for people like us. We use games like this to pass time or help with adhd. We enjoyed it a lot all the little tasks we think there should be more to it.

We were just started playing through the past two day and its AMAZING please make more game of it.

We mean why dose it end at the second stage like make it 10 stages we really enjoyed playing this game but it ends so quickly.

We have an addiction lol we beat the game. Is there a way you can make it a prestige so we can keep playing.

Hey Devs, maybe a bug. We have no human to collect resources on the 3rd level. Fun game! Great for passing time!

We beat the game and it automatically restarted and now we have no people.

This game is so much fun, we cant wait until you add more levels hurry please.

We by far think this game is fantastic and extremely addicting. When we have nothing to do this is a perfect cure for boredom. The music is kinda spoopy too so we like that affect.

We love this game just wish it had more levels and some of the glitches fixed but other than that excellent game.

Great game love it. Cant figure out how to do expedition pick up parts for the truck or get/make dynamite but overall fun.

Im loving the game but am stuck at the end of the 2nd level. Our truck is full but just wont let us move forward in the game. Can this be fixed??

We downloaded this game thinking it would be a simple tycoon game, and it is up to a point after you clear the first three areas you cant move forward with the looting and have to click on the helicopter that flys over the screen and watch ad after ad and if your game crashes after the ad you lose all extra resources. We upgraded everything to lvl 10 or more and majority of that time we spent we were watching ads and there is no new craftable items to help open the next door to move forward. DO NOT WASTE YOUR STORAGE.

Paid a lot to deal with glitches and to only be 2 levels. Love the game but whens the update?

Cant do anything. Wont let us build dynamite. Nor upgrade the workers very frustrating.

We think this is a really fun and entertaining game and you should get it But Can someone help us we cant figure out how to pass the parking lot we looted all the cars and there is no where else to go.

Pretty solid game. Was fun going around collecting and building up camp. The forced ads werent jammed down your throat. Had the choice to watch ads for air drops but it was easy enough collecting Resources where we didnt need an air drop. Didnt have to make any micro transactions. Downside there is only 2 levels. All in all for what it is, its a great game!

We loooooved this game but it only has two levels and then thats it. Make more levels!

Im very addicted to this game its so entertaining no this is not a bot Im real.

We give it 3 stars because we were playing almost a whole day. Then the game close by himself and our progress we lost it we dont know what happen?

We got the game not too long ago and we instantly loved it, we then completed the two available areas and beat the game. Would play it again but has pretty bad glitches with the helicopter, and maybe needs some rework so that the characters r always doing something, also plz more levels!

Cant see the resources for microchips and food since it overlaps with front facing camera.

We love this game and finished the whole thing without paying a dime! Dont listen to the other reviews about people paying $17 lol that is not necessary at all. We just wish there was more than 2 levels but we enjoyed the game.

Stuck on level 2 . Truck parts either disappear if you get them to early or cant be picked up. We love the game. Best solution it to have truck parts respawn.

Love the game but its bugged the 2nd area the trucks fuel tank is missing can not be found anywhere any way you guys can fix this?

We enjoyed this game a lot. We didnt have any problems with what other people were talking about. The only downside is the game only has two areas before finishing the game. Would be more enjoyable if you had unlocked another area maybe ran out of gas? You do have zombies you can kill on the second area.

The game is fun to play, but we need more levels. Two levels just isnt enough for us. Please make more!!

Fun, but we beat both levels and now it wont let us collect anything else. No more people or anything like its frozen, new update soon? With more?

Love the game its time consuming but entertaining at once. Nice graphics and background music.

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