Survivalcraft 2

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Survivalcraft 2


Survivalcraft 2 is one of the best $3.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Igor Kalicinski, Survivalcraft 2 is a Action game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 14th December 2016 with the latest update 18th February 2022

Whether you are a fan of Action, Adventure, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1,618 people have rated

You can download the game Survivalcraft 2 from APP STORE.


You are marooned on the shores of an infinite blocky world. Explore, mine resources, craft tools and weapons, make traps and grow plants. Tailor clothes and hunt over 30 real world animals for food and resources. Build a shelter to survive cold nights and share your worlds online. Ride horses, camels or donkeys and herd cattle to protect them from predators. Blast your way through the rock with explosives. Build complex electric devices. Craft custom furniture. Paint. Use pistons to build moving machines. Farm crops and plant trees. Make and combine 40 different items of clothing to protect yourself from attacks and weather or to look smart. Play with up to 3 friends using split screen. Possibilities are infinite in this long-running sandbox survival and construction game series.


What’s new in the 2.3 update:

  • Compressed terrain file format, up to 100x size reduction of world files
  • Added cairns which drop experience and diamonds when mined
  • Motion detector detects moving blocks, pickables, projectiles
  • Added easier Survival mode which is the new default
  • Added pigeons
  • Added sparrows
  • Optimizations to reduce stuttering due to GC pressure
  • Using 3D-extruded blocks when flat items held in hand
  • Crouching allows player to crawl into 1-block-high spaces
  • Switch and button blocks are editable (adjust generated voltage)
  • Proper font kerning for nicer looking text
  • Increased amount of gunpowder, bullets and bombs that get crafted

… and many more: full list of changes on our website

Updated on 18th February 2022

This is a bugfix release in the 2.3 series:

  • Fixed broken uploading/downloading of 2.3 worlds
  • Crouching deaths in low spaces fixed
  • General crouching behavior improvements
  • Reduced Sparrows spawn rate
  • Different, more varied new world names
  • Fixed glitches and improved wooden ladder
  • Fixed depth clipping when crouching near a wall
  • Hammer makes appropriate material sound when used to make furniture
  • Reduced chance of spawning of many creatures of the same type
  • Reduced number of pickables created by explosions
  • Fixed cairn collision box

Survivalcraft 2 Reviews

Good game but we need Chinese.

We think this game is fantastic, and with all of the updates it gets better and better. Thank you! Side note- we frequently build barns/stables and equestrian centers in the game. If you want to pasture your horses, you can only do five at a time with the coat options available. If we could figure out a way to either tag them with visible names or add more horse coat options (brown pinto, black pinto, dun, albino, blue roan, red roan for example) or even adding markings. Thank ya!!

We hope to add Chinese language.

We love this game and the rework was a good decision but we still think there could be more for example the polar bears are to small and we think they should be larger and do more damage and that all three bears in the game to be able to stand on there hind legs when they smell an animal but need a better view and if the animal or the player is spotted they would roar and Immediately start chasing you or the animal.

It’s a good game, but we hope he can add Simplified Chinese, it will be better.

This game is amazing. Better then Minecraft fs because the furniture update especially allows u to expand ur creative side in ways that are basically infinite. 100000/10 recommend.

It’s a good game, but we hope he can add Simplified Chinese, it will be better.

Please give us the option to change the size of the game on our device.

Really good game but would It be possible to add more supernatural creatures and a season system?

Been playing game for years. Appreciate updates that keep it availble on App Store and compatible with newest iOS. Nice Minecraft alternative.

OG Survivalcraft was amazing, SC2 is perfect. We havent gone a week without playing since we were in highschool! We wish you could search key words or phrases in the community. Id like to be able to filter down worlds and furniture packs to what Im actually looking for. Thank you for creating this game, its the ONLY craft simulator worth sinking hours (or years) of your life into!

We hope to have a Chinese version.

This Game Is Like Minecraft but its a ripoff but the game is still good and get updates.

Out of all the Minecraft spin-offs we’ve played, this is definitely the best one yet. The only thing we dont like about it is that it has no multiplayer. Now true it has split screen mode but just too much trouble! Just wondering if maybe in the next update, yall can create some experimental online multiplayer. Just a thought.

Hey hey this game is good but it would be great if you put pockets around the world you know so we can store our other pockets. Hey also come to our world ye ye so you can check out the stuff we put in our pockets and our other pockets.

Love the update. New birds, crawl through one block spaces, and cairns. Please add rideable elephants . That would be awesome. Please add better guns, such as 7 shot browning rifle, 16 shot pistol, maybe a really hard to make machine gun with a magazine you would have to build separately. Please add a search on community content that allows you to search key words or the name of a world. Please add private multiplayer, like on a local server, everyone would be happy with only up to 4 people together on a world. Love the game. Glad its still being updated. Thanks Also villages would be really nice and they could have loot and village people you would have to fight to get the loot. Rail roads. Rail road tracks and ours carts would be awesome! :) Love the game, been playin for years! Please consider adding some of the things listed above and please add fishing poles, so we dont have to swim after the fish. Thanks.

We dont usually write reviews, but we just love this game too much to not leave one. We love the authenticity, and the tools you can actually create. But there are something that we think this game needs to fix like when it gets dark, Wolves gather around you loving place which is a little bit unreal. Otherwise o love this game.

We wish you could ours cart in this game ,, wish it was in it.

We wish this game had dogs you could tame and use. Like. Dog that brings dead birds back to you. A great pyrenees that guards cattle. A guard dog for the player. Im just saying itd be a lot more fun. And a dog whistle that didnt scare birds. Also lead ropes to tie up the horses and dogs. Dogs that help hunt for you.

One of our favorite multiplayer games! Play this game its amazing!

We love this game because it has split screen so you dont have to have multiple devices. We think it would become more popular if you put it in a bigger system like the switch or Xbox. The bird sounds are just amazing they sound so realistic. Also what we really like about this game is that its challenging. Great job.

We have always liked the game. Especially the furniture part you can make some complicated structures. There are only a few things Id love to see updated. 1. Render distance it would be nice to be able to see farther out on creative mode and have it to were you could adjust how much you can see. The second would be more furniture to be added in the worlds instead of 1024 maybe more like 1124 but hey that might be just us! Either way its a great game and have always enjoyed playing it since it came out back in 2011!

We play the series of the games of Survivalcraft for 5 years or 6 its the best thing we ever played.

This game is unique due to it being the only best survival game out there, and it is like a clone of Minecraft and unturned in a way, but there is a bug we have to point out. In colder climates, the trees tops are invisible, and you cant build over a certain point. This is really frustrating and completely takes away the feeling of survival if you are creating your own world in this type of environment. Plz fix this bug and keep adding on to this amazing game, have a good one and keep us posted on some new updates coming in the future. Thanks again we appreciate it,

Hello, first of all love the new game. Survival craft 1 was good. But this is great. Thanks for all your hard work. Few ideas that would love to see in the game. Maybe like some different guns you know Like machine gun, sniper rifle, pistol, or like a shotgun. And elephants would be awesome, like big ole elephants. Stomping around and you could make like a special saddle for them and ride them, on there back. Also maybe a diver suit, so you could take your world underwater. Maybe like villages could spawn in the world. And you could have an option on world settings. Spawn villages or not. And villages could have like tribes in them and you could raid the tribes and get weapons, food, tools, clothes, ect Just a few ideas. The game beats Minecraft. 1,000,000,000,000,000 to 1. So much better, love everything. Hope you can add some of our ideas. Know you guys are busy. Also ours carts feel overdue. Thanks for your time.

You know we dont like at all waiting a few years almost long before new creatures come out. There are a lot more animals it can update. Example: Elephants, hippos, more whales and sea creatures, and a lot more.

This game literally made our years in the summer good and our childhood and we came up with so many ideas like for example making furniture for lunar new year and Easter and more and we like everything but the cold but other than that this good game.

We love this game so much, we think it could be made even better by adding domestic animals such as a few dog breeds and house cats as well as adding some furniture packs that you dont have to find in the community tab. Other than that, absolutely amazing game.

We think something that will make the game better is adding carts. Like for train-wise.

Overall this is an amazing game, this game is very fun and very addicting. We love how its realistic and you can do endless amounts of things. The game runs pretty well and has few issues. Although these things are true we are writing the review out of frustration. We have played the game for a few years on and off and just got back into it and been playing everyday for a few hours. We been on challenging in our world for almost a week in real life and have worked really hard to get ores such as copper and iron. We have gotten a lot of ores, tools and things made that took hours of time and effort. We were redisigning our home with our chests which are mostly almost full. We took down our chest without taking the items out. We let them all lay on the ground in our shelter while we move things around and we go to put our items back in the chest and notice some of our items missing. We had probably around 60 copper, a bunch of sulfur, and iron, as well as a few tools and coal. We somehow lost these items as they were nowhere to be found which greatly upset us as we worked extremely hard for them to just lose it to what we expect to be a bug. Regardless of this still s great game, especially if that gets fixed.

Look the game is good and fun and all but.. The multiplayer is pretty bad pls fix it and you should add online and some more hostile mobs other than that its a solid game.

We are so glad that Survivalcraft 2 is still getting updated! There are lots of things we want in later versions of the game. 1. Add a search bar for the community worlds, so you can search for a specific name world. 2. Add ours Carts and Rails. 3. Add Orange default painted blocks and items. 4. Add refrigerators so you can make food last longer in Survival, Cruel and Challenging modes. 5. Add more food and drinks. 6. Add new different types of lights. Also there is a bug in Adventure Mode where reseting does not send you to the place you last set but your original spawn place, so please fix that. Also please fix this bug where theres fire in the sky from a burning tree from a lightning strike and a bug when the same animal respawns if you go away from the spot after killing the animal.

So we have played survival craft for a long time and its a great game but theres a few bugslike there is a bug when u mount a horse or something u can ride under some leaves or any type of block when u get on u will die instantly from fall damage or something and this is a bug we really hate. We thing we really dont like about this game is the multiplayer! Pls make it so it cross platform and online multiplayer instead of split screen bc we tried to play split screen on our phone and it was terrible we couldnt even hit some of the buttons so pls make online multiplayer and cross play and also add some more mythical creatures too but other than that its a great game PLS READ.

When we played this game, we made a game. We checked the furniture files but there was none, so we made 2 furniture. But When we checked in the work statistics, it said 18 FURNITURE.

Ok so when we got this app it was super fun but there needs to be more animals like mincraft. Also we think there should be a swamp, nether, and The end biome. Also add a little bit more food.

So we first wanna start off by saying we love this game so much. Especially the world/Skin download section. Not to mention the block creator is the best feature in this game! The fact you can personalize furniture and random stuff is amazing. The only problem with this game is that its not enjoyable in survival mode. We like the temp system and all but its way too intense to get far at all. Clothes is cool and all but we can only enjoy this game in creative mode because of how in depth it is. But we think if the difficulty was softened this would be wonderful in survival mode.

This game is good! Also add these: Add zombies, mutant zombies, orcs, NPCS, skeletons, ghosts and more monsters and other scary beasts.

Please add humans to game like you can spawn them and add dogs with bones then cats with tuna like tuna and bones are in food section and you feed to the dogs and cats them to become a pet also we want a parrot and leads and a task board for like go get a rare white bull or something like that thanks for reading we love this game its better than Minecraft in our opinion! Have a wonderful day and stay safe!

This one is not so bad, its more realistic than Minecraft and is quite fun, but its missing some stuff! First off, the game NEEDS pets! You should start off with dogs and cats, cats just bring treasure to you every morning while dogs will defend you from predators and other players! Another thing that is in Minecraft that isnt in this game is vehicles, in this one we’ve seen people make things like electric cars and trains, and this game intentionally has boats, but are aircrafts possible? No! In Minecraft, you can use command blocks or slime blocks to make crazy flying machines, or even 6 directional helicopters which is what we made in Minecraft, but flying machines are impossible in this one! An easier way to have aircrafts is to download mods! Anyway, we are going for 4 stars, this game is good but Id rather play Minecraft itself!

We think something that will make the game better is adding carts. Like for train-wise. Also you should add an online multiplayer version of the game. It would be amazing!

Yes, it’s been around forever, since the original game. Every time we try to mount our horse and we happen to be underneath or near a tree whom leaves are only two blocks above the ground, we die instantly to "ground impact." It’s super frustrating and we’ve lost countless Cruel worlds to this bug. Our solution would be to make yourself unable to mount your horse in an area you could suffocate, giving the message, "area too low to mount animal" or something like that. Or just make it so you can ride your horse straight through leaves, similar to Minecraft. Anyways, please fix this as this is supposed to be realistic, and we don’t think I’d die instantaneously if we had tried to sit up on a horse in real life and hit our head against the leaves of a tree overhead. Thank you.

In private section we cant be able to log into Dropbox and have our worlds in there. It says that there was an error and that this app is a disallowed agent.

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