Sushi Go!

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Sushi Go!


Sushi Go! is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Lummox Labs Inc, Sushi Go! is a Board game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 8th September 2016 with the latest update 19th July 2017

Whether you are a fan of Board, Card, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


105 people have rated 1.7

You can download the game Sushi Go! from APP STORE.


"…it’s one of the most compelling card games we’ve played on iOS…" -AppSpy
"… a definite buy …" – TouchArcade

Chosen in the App Store’s "New Games we Love"!

Play the super-fast sushi passing game Sushi Go! with friends, family, or against the computer!


Pass the sushi! In Sushi Go! the goal is to grab the best combination of sushi dishes as they whiz by. Score points for making the most maki rolls or for collecting a full set of sashimi. Dip your favorite nigiri in wasabi to triple its value. But be sure to leave room for dessert or else you’ll eat into your score! Gather the most points and consider yourself the sushi master!


  • Official Sushi Go! game with original artwork
  • New adorable animations, opponent and chef characters
  • Universal app – play on your iPhone and iPad
  • Play against AI characters
  • Play multiplayer locally on one phone, or online
  • 25+ Achievements to test your mettle

Updated on 19th July 2017

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Multiplayer and Voice Over fixes! The game won’t crash at the very last play of a multiplayer game any more (that was pretty bad). Thanks to the players that sent bug reports!

Sushi Go! Reviews

First off we say ignore clarinetgoddess87s little review, because you most definitely do not get full 6 points for most puddings, you split it when you tie. The only thing we could say is that Id like the app to fill out our iPhone X screen, and we like the conveyer belt but we do want to see all cards simultaneously. Super fun, great app, glad our family and we can play through game center! We love it.

Sushi go party is a really fun modification of sushi go that would make it more fun.

Love it, wish wasabi could be used after getting a nigiri but still fun!

We bought this game because nobody else in our family understands it so we couldnt play it, and we are pretty satisfied with the game However, we think the price is extremely high, and it was pretty glitchy. One thing we enjoyed was the addition of the Soy Sauce card, which rewards 4 points to the player with the most different cards. We would recommend this game, but we wish it wasnt so laggy.

We love this game! Annoy our friends with how of ten we want to play sushi go so we were so excited to learn that it was available in the App Store. Wish the deluxe cards were included though. They enhance the original so much!

We like sushi go so we bought it. Then we bought sushi go party and it is awesome!! Could you maybe add a couple of cards? Our favorites are Onigiri, takeout box, and fruit. Also if you could make a way for people to play together over the same Bluetooth and WiFi connection without having to be longed into Game Center that would be awesome.

We love it sooooo much because you can play it with your friends!!! And THERES NO ADDS!!!!!! YAY!!

We recently learned how to play the card game and we fell in love with it. We’ve been telling everyone we know about Sushi Go! It’s so much fun and it’s our new favorite game. We haven’t been able to make it out to the store to buy the game so we purchased the app and we’re happy we did. It’s great for solo play but if you want to play with a group of 8, then we would recommend actually buying the game.

Love the way this plays! All the strategy of the real card game, but cleaner "pass offs."

We bought this game a couple of months ago but we didnt know how to play so we deleted it. Then we found the card game in Walgreens and we bought it. But then we didnt know how to play it so we put it away. And yesterday we figured how to play and we’ve been obsessed with it. We were wondering if you can add different sushi and items in the game. If that would make the game unbalanced then we understand but if you can do that, that would be great!

Love the game, wish there was a chat feature when playing with friends!

Its a good fun game for being the App. But it needs more of the Cards from the game. Im not a fan of the pudding and would really like to choose the sushi Im playing with. Please add more of the party pack cards.

Paid 5 dollars for a game that gives us huge black bars on the top and bottom. Please add better support for iPhone XS Max. Game is great but if Im going to pay a premium price tag for an app we expect it to feel premium.

Loving the game! Highly recommend. However, there are a few things Id say are important to consider: 1. We feel like on some level it could be more challenging when playing against the computer. 2. When we are playing against our friend, the game freezes. So, if she makes a move, it doesnt always inform us and says waiting for opponents. We text her, and it says the same thing on her end. Or it will make us repeat our same move over again at times. There is some discrepancy there that we feel needs to be resolved. We would like to have a challenging and fun game against our friend, especially if we paid the money for this app.

Specifically the font sizes and colors are awful. There is plenty of open space yet the developers chose text that is unreadable on an iPad mini. If you have any difficulty, do not buy.

We want to play with other actual players, not just the computer. Its too easy. We want a reason to play, like something to work for, for example, maybe some achievements to unlock new sushi? We have the card game so im somewhat disappointed.

Obsessed w this game, both the card form and the app. It is well designed and super easy to transition from the physical game to playing the app, and the added animations of the sushi are super cute and made us feel like it was worth the $5. But having only had it for one day, we are already super annoyed by how slow and lagging it is. It lags so much at times that we’ve accidentally clicked the wrong thing because it finally and suddenly loads. Sometimes it doesnt allow us to swipe side to side to see all the sushi. This happens on both wifi and when using data. Pretty annoying for a $5 game. We would have left 5 stars if it werent for how annoying the lag/buffering is.

Let us start by saying we LOVE Sushi Go. We also have the board/card game Sushi Go Party and we have a few suggestions to make the app better. * include the different options like in Sushi Go Party. It will make the game more long lasting. As of right now, we play maybe 1 – 2 games and then Im done/bored with it. * offer different computer playing levels. So a beginner can play against an easy computer player and an advanced player can have more of a challenge. We believe the difference is in the strategy used. * Im not a fan of the conveyor belt. Id like all the cards to fit on the screen. * some of the rules from the board/card game are different in the app. For example if there is a tie for most dessert at the end of the game each player should get the full +6 points not spilt the 6 points between them. Same goes for the least dessert.

Multiplayer is why we purchased the game because we love the card game. Multiplayer is so incredibly laggy its nearly unplayable.

The single player mode is fun and the pass and play if you have a group of people to play with you but the multiplayer is horrible, either no one else plays or the system is not set up correctly, not worth 4.99 wait for the price to drop.

The only reason this app hasnt been deleted is that SushiGo is our absolute favorite card game. We dont understand why they had to reinvent the wheel by only showing the symbols until you click on a card. Just show us the cards themselves! Single click, all the info we need. Has the rules surrounding wasabi changed? In our interpretation of the rules, wasabi can be moved and played on existing nigiri.

Needs more sushi options like the actual board game.

Great when it works, but the app glitches way too many times to pay $5 for it when you can buy the real game for not much more. It works well if youre playing against the computer. But you have a 50/50 chance of it working or not working when playing against a friend.

We love the actual card game. This game is an eh version of it. We thought when we downloaded it that Id be able to play with random people online, but all we can do is play with robots. For $5, we should be able to play with other people. Wish theyd improve the app.

We recently started playing the card game and love it. When we saw there was an app, we got excited so we could play on the go. But the multiplayer is nearly impossible to use. It’s slow between turns, lags during play, stalls so that the next player can’t go. Then if you close the app to refresh it and try to resume the game, it has vanished most of the time. Very disappointed that it doesn’t work, and super annoyed that we wasted $5 on it when all we wanted it for was multiplayer.

Even the computer players are slower than hell.

The actual game play works very well. We played the actual card game for the first time but lost horribly. We wanted to learn the game strategy so we downloaded the app. Playing a computer works fine, playing a friend online seems to work, but playing against random people online is a problem. We have yet to have a game they moves smoothly. In fact we take our turn and then our opponents never seem to take theirs. We hope this problem can be fixed soon.

Got it to play against friends but multiplayer is super buggy, doesnt work as others have said. Disappointed, will ask for a refund.

While you can see that a lot of work has gone into designing this game it’s unusable on iPhone X as it keeps crashing every round! Do better!

We’ve tried to play several games with friends that either won’t finish or one friend somehow gets excluded. This is the first app we’ve ever paid money for, so these glitches are very disheartening. We’ve sent emails and got pretty quick responses, but the tips/answers provided did not work as expected.

Should have listened to the reviews. What a disappointment. App never finds us an opponent through game center. Contacted app developer. Waste of money.

Love the game but the multiplayer is too buggy. Us and our girlfriend try to play on both of our phones but it takes way too long in between turns. Please fix.

The the game does work with latest versions of iOS. The app immediately crashes when you open it.

We only bought this app so we could play with our friends, after playing at game night. It’s not worth buying bc it’s too glitchy and difficult to play in multiplayer.

Just paid $5 for a game that wont let us play? Our friend and we just bought it at the same time and it doesnt not work.

Thought we wasn’t doing something correctly so in a way, glad to see others can’t play multiplayer as well. Only bought it to play multiplayer so this was an annoying loss of $5. Don’t buy it if you are wanting it for multiplayer. Stick to the actual cards.

We recently discovered this card game and absolutely love it. We were so happy to find the app so we can continue to play with our mom who lives in a different state, but the experience is horrible. The game lags so much and we sit at a waiting for opponents screen for quite a while, even after weve both taken our turn. For a $5 app we were hoping for a better experience. :(

Bought this to play against friends and family, multiplayer is unplayable with all the glitches.

Please fix the stupid bug, it keeps crashing on our phone when we sent invite to our friends. And it crash when we we are running on the third round.

This app doesnt even open anymore.

Thanks to the developer for adding VoiceOver support to this game!! We find myself repeatedly playing this game. It is a great execution of the original card game, sushi go!

First off, this game is just plain awesome! We’ve had it for a good while and enjoyed every bit of it. The only thing it doesn’t do well at is game center multiplayer. This has actually been an issue to some extent since it was first released. But at least then we could finish a multiplayer game. Sadly now we cannot complete one. Our friend and we both are on iOS 10.3.2, we’re using a iPhone 6 and our friend a iPhone 6s Plus. During our session we have to exit multiple times because it gets stuck on waiting for other player red message thing. Then when we finish all 3 rounds it just crashes after displaying the score for a split second! It does this repeatedly. :( Please fix this part of the game devs. In the meantime we’ll continue to play singleplayer which you have made work fantastically! Thanks for listening and please keep up the good work. :)

Downloaded this app after playing SushiGo at a game night. We like the ability to play with different numbers of computers. I’d like to do the following: be able to change up the active sushi in play (otherwise strategy stays the same and gets boring). We don’t care whether we get to select what’s active or if it automatically happens, but I’d like to see the other options that the full game has. I’d also like to be able to easily play with strangers, even if just one-on-one.

Multi player function is not working , need go back out to main screen and load game again every time the opponent make a pick.

We have the original card game. Having it portable is cool! We really, really enjoy this game.

This game is very well put together and has a nice little charm to it. We recommend it to anyone looking for a fun, easy to pick up game. Our wife and we enjoy the pass and play feature on one device as well as the occasional game against AI. It would be awesome if they added the ability to add AI characters to the pass and play mode, so we could try a larger game with more strategy while still only having 2 human players. Good stuff!

Very much like the card game. Can now play solo against AI or online whenever!

We love sushi go and we love this app. We hope that they eventually release an upgrade to sushi go party. I’d love to play with the other sets of cards.

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