Take Them Off

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Take Them Off

Take Them Off

Take Them Off is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by SUPERSONIC STUDIOS LTD, Take Them Off is a game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 22nd October 2021 with the latest update 20th December 2022

Whether you are a fan of games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Take Them Off ?

16,345 people have rated 3.6.33

What is the price of the Take Them Off ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Take Them Off released ?

Take Them Off was released on 22nd October 2021.

When was the Take Them Off updated ?

The latest updated date of Take Them Off on 20th December 2022.

Where can Take Them Off be downloaded ?

You can download the game Take Them Off from Apple Official App Store.



Although this is a parkour game, but can let you experience the fun of hair removal!Come and try it!

Updated on 20th December 2022

Fix bugs.

Take Them Off Review

The first thing was that is we know that it was so so hard but this game is amazing. We love it so we appreciate this game. We love you so much. Our name is Nayali. Our name is Nayali. Yeah we hope you love us by the way we love yall youre so so good so she could Siri bye. Yeah so bye. Apologize we call you sir. Yeah bye we have been. We’ve been really into Siri so yeah we hope you do you love us. This is amazing this game makes us appreciate our old ours. Thank you.

The best game ever you can play it all day and this game can have you up all night just like it did us cause we were up until 6:00 in the morning so we really thank you should play this game so and if you download this game we hope you in joy it is so fun. Have a good day.

This is a very good fun game we love it alot.

This game is a good game why you are playing you can also be make your house in to a lovely home it is a good game it wont let you down and just to let you know thay did no make us say this.

Ok ima take a minute to say this game is amazing, dont want the adds, its really cheap to get rid of them, we can spend hours on this game its really fun and calming and its really nice to build up your level.

We think this is a really fun and great game but theres so many adds.

We committed myself to try to get to 1st place and we got close enough to be 4th but it wont let us go further than that! Why.

We think the love story is a bit too inappropriate for kids but the game itself is pretty good and fun.

This is the review of the app. OK let us explain why this app doesnt have a lot of good reviews. OK so it starts off with a regular girl who plays this game with body hair, she goes from hairy to somewhat hairy to clean. But was misunderstood about the app that people didnt think we’re true was because the app shows kids that if they had body hair its gross. And that boys wouldnt like it. It has a little story of a girl meeting a boy at school, and they start dating, and you have to play the mini game to get off the body hair to go meet up with him. And when you get to Hairy and gross, they make you restart! The story just about them going on a date they go to the beach and they have a baby. The story supposed continue after the app gets fixed. Little girls Im telling you theres nothing wrong with your body hair. Dont think there is because of this game.

Ill never support this game simply because of it ads.

Its so stupid like its a weird game.


This game is good but im only 7 this game is for 12 kids and we lost and we don’t know how to play this game it’s look, s like we’re am a 1 old kid.

Theres adds at the end of every game..

El juego tiene que ser sin internet por que el juego es bueno pero cuando viajemos o salgamos de paseo y estoy aburrida no podr jugar por que el jugo es con internet.

We love how this game shows girl bussing it down we also love how the girls are all sluttish we love how we are normalizing women being shamed for having body hair we also appreciate that once u become less hairy you are automatically titles thin Yesss slay soul sisters.

Ok like the title read this it is kinda like the add this game but please fix the add problems game creators the game in general is a love story with a ugly guy this game is kinda werid but fun though we have seen better games but we would recommend but just know theres is quite a lot of adds (please fix it and the guy)

We made it all the way to fully decorating the bedroom and living area. And it seems after she has the baby you dont see the husband anymore or even get to see the baby. Now Im stuck because we finished everything and all it says is coming soon which makes it not so interesting anymore. We want to see more of the game be developed. It was seriously just a freaking tease. Also would have been nice to personalize the name of the character. Also, like what the actual heck. Why stop developing it after the living area? We wanna see these two go though good and bad and an ugly divorce or something. Come on. Gotta give us more then this.

Way too many ADDS! But thats all.

This game is so so so so much fun any time we play this we just cant help but shart our pants!!!!!! Thank you for making this.

Very helpful application to codes The robux, limited size installation and free from bugs.

Best game ever!,the noises make it so much better and we love it so much, but we wish there was a skin that when your smooth you where a bikini,and the story was more cooler with the man taking off his shirt and pants and only wearing boxers!

The title is pretty self explanatory.

Ok this app fun BUTTTTTTT the ads are crazy after ever level and every level you do before you watch ads and also the game is like the app but its a love story and kinda werid but besides that this app can keep you busy oh and please add more levels thanks.

We got the game cause we saw the adds and it looked like a pretty fun game to play. We understand the other reviews saying that it can be offensive to others and a bit mature with the twerking but games there are games like that, But we have gotten used to them. Our problem with this game is the log and ads. We understand if a game has ads that’s fine but we get ads randomly and we’ll be in the middle of the level and we’ll get an ad and it’ll continue our Run and make us lose. Or we’ll get serious lag and when it stops lagging we have to start over to try again and even with that we get ads and whatever we try to do either lags or gives us an ad and sometimes the game is unplayable for us. We think having a story is cool but we can barely keep up with the story with so many ads and lag. But that’s all we have to say we hope this can be a bit helpful.

Not a horrid game. We think people are misunderstanding the message. We want to point out – no matter how hairy the main character is, as long as she gets to the end of the level, you succeed. Even if you still have some body hair by the levels end, the guy still falls for you. As a pretty hairy female myself, we understand that the game doesnt seem to be trying to tell us we need to shave to be pretty. If that was the case, the guy wouldnt fall for the girl if she was hairy at all. Im deducting 2 stars for 2 reasons – 1. Too many ads. And 2. It could do a better job of conveying what we believe the real message is. Everyone is saying that this game requires the main character to be completely hairless, but we’ve played every level, and not once has that been the case. We think, what it is, the main character has confidence issues, and thinks she must remove all her body hair. However, even if she is still hairy but makes it to the levels end, the love interest shows her that her her looks don’t matter – he still adores her. The game just doesnt do a good job of conveying the real message, and could be easily misunderstood by young audiences. Maybe raise it from 12+ to 17+. You know, about the age where people begin to stop caring about their looks, and wont be affected if they misunderstand this games message or they at least wont take it seriously. Just our opinion.

We see that the message was positive but we still wanna say this is STILL pushing standards onto young girl as well as just SEXUALIZING the character in the game, and the title implies sex the game itself is.. Interesting but would NOT recommend the reason we put 2 stars is that its so funny to us that the love interest is build like a 2014 love interest whom cheated on the antagonist and that everyone thinks is a hottie, not slay.

This is very offensive to girls and boys like saying if we dont cut all our hair off then no one would like you.

We personally feel like this game is demeaning to woman with body hair which is completely normal because every single human, whatever youre gender is, have body hair. With all due respect, we dont think this game should be available to anyone. Its inferring that girls/women are disgusting or ugly with body hair which their obviously not. Im not saying you cant play this game because its demeaning. Im just saying that some ads that this game comping owns are extremely demeaning and rude. For example, this one ad had a man waiting at the end of the finish line but when the girl finished she still had a lot of body hair. The man looked dissatisfied and disappointed. He looked disgusting and did not want her. We feel like thats extremely rude and hurtful to girls/women around the world that refuse or dont want to shave their body hair. Im not saying this game is bad and it shouldnt exist. Id just like, for our sake and other girls/women that agree with mes sake, to change or make new ads that arent that demeaning and rude.

We join the game and Im non-binary and lesbian and they dont add options which mad us really mad.

This game is not only teaching little girls that having boys hair is bad but its also just a bad game. Its just like every other mobile game with 2x the adds. Also when it gives you the opportunity to pick dialogue its like, yes we would love too! Or, Yes we really want to! So whats even the point of having the choice if both of them mean the same thing. Bad game 0/10.

There are to much adds Im sick and tired of all the adds.

When you first download it you think Oh just taking hair off! This should be easy! But it gives surprises and makes the experience so much better. When we first downloaded and saw the love story and other things we fell in love with the game.

Its nice and stuff but why is the hair different colors and why is the sound effects like sus.

The GAME is soooo FUN we like it and we think youll like it too sooo PLAY for yourself it is fun!!!!!!!

We love this game cuz it is so cool.

This is such a good game!!! We were playing it untill the end hope the other season comes out soon!! Its the best there no ads too!!! THE BEST GAME we LOVE IT SO MUCHHH!!


The game is so funny. Cant get enough of it. One of the best we have played in a while.

We love this game because you Can Play it any where you go without internet good.

We think this is an awesome game we also think that it would be better if you made it a bit more interesting well thank you for letting us do this review hope to be in an add – Virginia.

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