Tangle Master 3D

Last updated on November 30th, 2022 at 07:30 am

Tangle Master 3D

Tangle Master 3D

Tangle Master 3D is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Zynga Inc., Tangle Master 3D is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 14th May 2020 with the latest update 25th November 2022

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Board, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Tangle Master 3D ?

374,998 people have rated 42.1.0

What is the price of the Tangle Master 3D ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Tangle Master 3D released ?

Tangle Master 3D was released on 14th May 2020.

When was the Tangle Master 3D updated ?

The latest updated date of Tangle Master 3D on 25th November 2022.

Where can Tangle Master 3D be downloaded ?

You can download the game Tangle Master 3D from Apple Official App Store.



Do you like mind games and riddles? Here’s the best 3D mind teasing game ever! Join 100M+ players mastering tangles and knots!

It’s a challenging yet super fun brain puzzle with easy to play controls. Just sort the ropes in the right order and untangle ropes on time! Remember you also have limited moves to complete the level so focus on matching colors, sort ropes and untie the ropes.

Tangle Master 3D is like a color puzzle, you need to sort and match colors of ropes and pins. If you get stuck, we have plenty of boosters to help you along the way :) You can cut the rope, or explode the locks.

Two ropes is a piece of cake! Tease your brain, relax and enjoy the game :)
Three ropes makes you a game master, a 3D Tangle Master! No knots can hold you back!
Four ropes "quadruples" your fun! Wow you are a genius!

Are you ready for a master challenge? Come and enjoy this puzzle game! Hundreds of uniques levels, customized features and special weekend tournaments!

Updated on 25th November 2022

Bug Fix

Tangle Master 3D Review

It is the worst just no it is soooooo awful like trash and only one star because we cant pick zero if you hate it is fine.

We would recommend this game for anyone of all ages. Very straight forward and enjoyable.

Fun game! Ads gotta go tho haha buy ad free for sure.

Stop spamming us with notifications.

Make the ropes more realistic and stop repeating steps all over again.

Why ask us to review after the tutorial.

We deleted the game some time ago and just reinstalled it. The game still crashes and the screen goes black! Only now we’ve lost our level playing history and the game starts back at level 1! It went back in the trash bin! THIS GAME IS GARBAGE!!!

When you pay $4 to remove ads, you still get ads.

We love it so so so so so so so so so much that we told our dad and that Is his favorite game.

After every game there is an ad. Please stop this! Its kinda fun but totally NOT ad free.

The game itself is OK fun, but one has to watch a 30 second ad after every level, which usually doesnt take 30 seconds to complete. Takes a lot of fun out of the game. We play about five levels and then we get sick of the ads and play something else. Perhaps a five or 10 second ad would be better.

Actual game is fun. But after each round you get spam. Free game pops up that you are forced play and you cant dismiss. Super annoying. Not worth your time.

If your expecting a free game your mistaken its 100 percent a free commercial engine it literally forces commercials in between levels that are inescapable while running commercial audio while you play levels and guess what your rewards are based upon what you guessed it watching more commercials we deleted this app after being forced to watch no less than 30 seconds of ads for every minute and a half of gameplay.

Hey your the we’ve we will be playing it every day.

We think this is a good game too play when bored we were eating our takis and saw this game and it was fun too play we give it 5 stars.

Game looks ingesting in ads on other games. Tried it out and it was challenging at times. However, it got to a point where we were always seeing the same ads. They were coming up so frequently that we had to uninstall the game. While the game itself is great to play, the ads just arent worth keeping it.

This is for six years old kids because we are a six year old girl who is writing this.

We quit playing this amazing game because some of the landing spots get blocked sometimes its like trying to put two ends of a magnet together. We can try to move ALL of the ropes to that spot, and none can land, so we dont think its blocking a wrong move. We think its a very annoying bug and we cant find a way to contact the developer. We’ve been playing for days in spite of this issue but its gotten too frustrating. We quit.

We were enjoying the fast paced challenges that the game throws at you- until the math contest challenge continually force-failed us on the third level of that challenge. You have to untie ropes on specific numbered pins to add up to or above a number, and for the third level, it’s 6. Despite getting 8+ both times we attempted the level, it force failed us and told us an ad was our only option to continue. Free advice: if you’re going to scam users by forcing them to watch ads to continue a rigged game, don’t make it so obvious. Uninstalling, never playing this or any title from you ever again and warning all our friends that you’re a scam publisher.

Kids are allowed to play games 12 And older games but now your parents dont let you play 12 games and older are you mad about it and if you are 12 or older you will not have to worry about it.

It is a good game but needs work. Navigation is tricky and would like to be able to restart a level without spending coin. Definitely need to pay for no ads.

This game is so much fun to play but we have to delete the app because its so annoying you cannot do anything without an ad coming up and then you have to watch it for 30 or 45 seconds.

We have to say that we would be happy with this game if not for the assistance while playing! When playing the string on the rolls of we click on one to love it to another roll and it is the wrong choice it does not let us move it! If Im making a mistake then let us what is the point otherwise??? And Im not talking about if theres not enough room on a roll we’ve tried moving a quarter roll of string onto an entirely empty roll and it just shakes and vibrates and forces us to make another choice and this is specifically why we have not recommended this game to even one person. If not for that though this would be the coolest game but at this time it is just the most annoying game a little food for thought.

This game has way more ads than most others, you have to sit through 30+ seconds after every level.

This is a good game, but you need internet in order to play this. And we want to play this offline, so im not playing anymore.

Game freezes and your reward is non existent.

The app has so many ads every few seconds even after upgrading to remove the odds that you can hardly play or enjoy the game for more than one minute. Every single move or level there is an extremely long ad that you have to sit through, it is at least a minute long. If we are going to pay money to remove the ads of them please remove all of the ads.

Literally just got the app and was forced into a 1 minute ad, and you cant just turn your wifi off because the game wont load.

Like the concept but poorly executed due to ad greed. Im willing to pay for some but not to developers who make the free version untenable. 30 sec play then over a minute of same adsI havent even got in enough playtime to know if we want to pay to rid it of ads. Sanity check: if someone doesnt want the game (or already has it) after a 3-10 sec look, theyre not going to like it more after 60 sec forced watchingthat just turns people against you. Further, basic play unclear (like how to switch levels, leave a review) and clogged with ad tricks. Maybe we were running into bugs but sometimes wont let us move to an empty space. Not fun; just annoying.

We like the game, but we paid 3.99 to have the ads removed and they are still there. Disappointed.

This game is pretty boring. We can never untie the nots. DO Not download!!!!!!!!!!

Paid for the ad free version but Im still seeing a lot of ads. Fix it and Ill change our rating.

Too many ads!!!!!! We understand that it needs to have ads unless paid but, FOR EVERY SINGLE LEVEL??? Ridiculous annoying!

Game is pretty cool, but it has wayyyy to many ads. And on top of that they are so longggg. You can buy the game for $3.99 but we feel like its not worth $3.99.

Cool game but we cant play it for more than two puzzles without an ad. They force you to sit through them too. You cant X out of them. When we tried putting it in airplane mode, it wouldnt let us play. Our my, have the developers gotten greedy or what? Sorry, deleted. An otherwise cool game was wasted because of it.

Its a fun game and we enjoy playing it but the ads are absolutely ridiculous. We dont know if its just our phone or not but if we play the game for over 20 minutes our phone starts to heat up and the game lags really bad. None of our other games do this and its really strange. Probably some bugs that need to be fixed. Also some of the levels are just repeated we dont mind it that much to be honest but we could see how itd be annoying for some. Love the concept of taking care of a little ball of yarn as a pet, gives the coins some purpose unlike a lot of games on here but we wish the yarn pet could do more in the game. But thats it we give it 2 stars.

Playtime is barely 1/3 of the time the ads run in between levels and the challenges arent Worth spending the money to have ads removed.

You cant even enjoy the game without dealing with the crappy ads its so annoying.

Pretty fun game, but WAY TOO MANY push notifications!

We understand ads but this game has excessively long ones. Definitely dont have the attention span for that. Not even worth paying to remove them as Im assuming thats a good indication of the overall app design.

The game wont open on our iPhone 12.

We think we could enjoy this game, but who knows?? We spent way more time watching ads than playing-didnt even play enough to see if we wanted to pay for ad free version. Frustrating.

We enjoyed the first 20 levels or so, then the ads were constant. Its not just between every level, there would be a couple of them. Each one longer than the time it took to complete the puzzle.

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