Tangle Master 3D

Last updated on May 5th, 2022 at 12:29 am

Tangle Master 3D


Tangle Master 3D is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Zynga Inc., Tangle Master 3D is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 14th May 2020 with the latest update 30th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Board, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


352,494 people have rated 37.2

You can download the game Tangle Master 3D from APP STORE.


Do you like mind games and riddles? Here’s the best 3D mind teasing game ever! Join 100M+ players mastering tangles and knots!

It’s a challenging yet super fun brain puzzle with easy to play controls. Just sort the ropes in the right order and untangle ropes on time! Remember you also have limited moves to complete the level so focus on matching colors, sort ropes and untie the ropes.

Tangle Master 3D is like a color puzzle, you need to sort and match colors of ropes and pins. If you get stuck, we have plenty of boosters to help you along the way :) You can cut the rope, or explode the locks.

Two ropes is a piece of cake! Tease your brain, relax and enjoy the game :)
Three ropes makes you a game master, a 3D Tangle Master! No knots can hold you back!
Four ropes "quadruples" your fun! Wow you are a genius!

Are you ready for a master challenge? Come and enjoy this puzzle game! Hundreds of uniques levels, customized features and special weekend tournaments!

Updated on 30th April 2022

Bug Fix

Tangle Master 3D Review

Enjoy playing this game. Do not play often because of the annoying ads.

This is just a typical ad game that we try to avoid. No substance to the game, just ads and they do a poor job of not frustrating you with how many there are.

Why did you put that horribly ugly screen back in the app icon? Its bad enough that its on the 3rd startup splash screen! BTW: why doesnt the elephant on the 2nd startup splash screen hop anymore?

This could be a quick fun game but there is too much trash presented after completing a puzzle.

Its worse than watching a football game with all the ad interruptions. Could space them out every other level, but no! They are getting their moneys worth with an add after every single level that isnt even easy to close after the time has passed. Deleted the game from our phone, its useless sand worthless.

We played a handful of games. Fun but too many ads. So bye byeyou are being deleted. Im going back to Two Dots.

This game drives us crazy with the ridiculous amount of ads. This would be great if there wasnt an ad after every time you get the ropes untangled. And you even have to watch an ad in order to play some of the levels. Not very fun to have your brain washed with ads every time you play a game. There are other ways to get money,too.

Could be fun but kept getting interrupted by ads.

WAY too many ads :(. Spend a lot more time waiting for ads than actually playing the game.

We tried to play it and it looked decent, but there is one or more ads for 5 to 30 seconds after each level. A 30 second ad is not worth 5 seconds of gameplay, sorry.

This app crashes every few minutes.

This stupid game will not allow you to play. It simply tells you (from what we can understand) that you have to feed, bathe, etc. The yarn monster. What an absolute waste of time! Will delete upon finishing writing this response. HOW IGNORANT!!!

We used to use this game when we were sitting in traffic or just waiting in a meeting etc but the latest barrage of ads has made us give it up. Its so annoying to have to watch an ad every time you play one quick game. We get that you need to make $ but this is ridiculous.

Every 5 seconds theres an ad LITERALLY EVERY5 SECONDS theyll even interrupt your game to play an add and each add is 30 Mississippi seconds long its too much.

The ads are oppressive. Play for 5 seconds and then youre stuck with 75 seconds of ads.

We liked this game at first but there really isnt anything to explain how to do it, but thats fine. Our real problem is the adds. The majority of the time we spend playing is watching adds! Every time you start a level, end a level, straight up in the middle of a level! Its so annoying because we just want to play the game and enjoy it! Also the game can become glitchy and freeze up. Most of the time we cant see the little yarn ball Peru because he doesnt show up. We think the idea of the game was a good idea, just wasnt well done.

This is a fun game for a while IF you pay for ad-free. But around level 200, it becomes an endless loop of about 20 levels – and not the hardest or most creative, either. Zinga has the resources to do better! If this was by some podunk developer, Id be a bit more forgiving, One plus, its not hard to earn coins; but theres not much use for them. You have to watch videos for things you should be able to use the coins for, while the coins just build up with no place to be spent. At least they could code in random levels at the end, rather than the endless loop of a few.

Deleted it. Don’t feel like watching 5 minutes of ads and 30 sec of game constantly.

We paid for no ads and still get one after every single round. Wish we could get our money back.

Long ads after every single round. Unplayable.

Way too many commercial. Way. Too. Many.

It looks like we paid to get as many Evony ads as we can stomach. We paid 2.99 because that particular add is so IDTENTEE. If you are not going to keep your promise of"no ads" them return our money.

How we spent most of our time in this app: 1.) waiting for the game to unfreeze 2.) watching ads between levels 3.) playing what is otherwise a fun game.

Good concept for a game, but it has constant annoying ads. Too bad cant give negative ratings. This is only good for watching ads for something your not looking for. Best estimate for this game is -3,000 to 10,000 stars.

When we were playing the game we loved it it was so entertaining we definitely recommend it we loved it and it was so fun we could concentrate it all day and play it all day.

This game is fun but WAY TOO MANY ADS!!! We cant even enjoy the game because of the ads.

Like someone else said, it has potential, but waaaay too many ads. Like we understand thats how its free, but its CONSTANT!!!! Like every two seconds! Too much.

This game has a lot of potential. We love puzzle games this game is loaded with ads two or three ads between every level its really annoying. And its not all that challenging the puzzles keep repeating themselves. Come on devs stop wasting peoples time with all the ads. We know the ads pay for the game but with these ads you should be paying the player its so annoying.

This App has too many ads to enjoy the game.

Theres an ad after EVERY SINGLE LEVEL! Uninstalled it. Waste of time. Pity.

Super fun concept to the game but virtually unplayable due to all the ads. You click close on one ad and they just keep popping back up. Not worth it.

Paid for the app and still get all the adds.

Hi! We chose to do a 2 star review because of the amount of ads for such easy levels. Why? Its annoying because you have ads before, and after the level and the level is incredibly easy. There shouldnt be a lot of ads when on easier/beginner levels. Hope you agree!

Deleted wishing minutes. First 3 levels contain multiple ads. More ad time than game time. We get that ads pay the bills but at least make them reasonable length ads and not repeat the same one. Thanks but no thanks.

We get that the developers want to make money, but the ads on this are insane. It eliminates any potential for enjoyment. We dont mind paying for an app to remove ads, but we wont do it on this game until the bugs are sorted out and more levels are added. In the meantime, Id rather chew broken glass than watch that many ads.

The game is fun and unique, but the ads are too long, very loud, and annoying. We imagine that thats supposed to motivate us to buy the ad free. However, we dont feel the game is worth buying the ad free version, so we deleted it. The funny thing is that we downloaded this game from another game with less annoying ads!

Had a hard time even trying out the game before paying for it. It was advertisement after advertisement. So many advertisements that we could even have a chance to figure this out. So we deleted it.

Turn off WiFi and turn on airplane mode for no ads! Save 3 dollars. Thank us latter.

We actually paid the 2.99 to get rid of the ads but they still popped up whenever we tried to do anything that was like a little side quest. We ended up deleting after about ten minutes from sheer annoyance with all the ads.

14 notifications in one day. Yes we can turn them off, but just as easy to delete app. The game itself was a fun distractionbut the over-the-top notifications were the death nell for this app. This is a game about unraveling stringso the ridiculous attempts to create a false sense of urgency? IS the Ravel Master on Level 231? Who the duck cares? We have enough stress in RLthanks but no thanks.

Fun game. Pad for ad free version but still has ads. Ripped off.

This game is fun, but Im deleting because there are too many ads. Every time you play two seconds, you have to watch an ad.

This game is almost impossible to play as there are constant advertisements! :(

Pretty cool game. We know developers need to make money but the amount of ads in this game is a joke. You literally play for ten seconds and then get a 15-39 ad followed by a secondary ad thats another five or seconds. So you end up watching more ads than playing. Deleted the game after about four rounds. Too bad. Had potential. Tried the game again. Its more ads than playtime. Dropped another star. There are other games like this dont bombard you with ads. Skip this one.