Tap Away 3D

Last updated on August 17th, 2022 at 03:00 am

Tap Away 3D

Tap Away 3D

Tap Away 3D is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Popcore GmbH, Tap Away 3D is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 21st May 2021 with the latest update 3rd August 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Puzzle, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


27,563 people have rated 1.22

You can download the game Tap Away 3D from APP STORE.


Tap Away 3D is brought to you by Popcore, makers of hit puzzle games with more than 250 million combined installs!

Tap Away 3D is a fun and addictive 3D puzzle game, but it’s more than just that – it’s a brain teaser that will take you to the next level!

Tap the blocks to make them fly away and clear the screen. But the blocks will only fly in one direction, so you’ve got to approach this brain teaser carefully! Slide your finger around the screen to rotate the shape and attack the blocks from every angle! As you progress, the blocks form bigger and bigger shapes, and the blocks themselves change form, so you’ll need to get your thinking hat on to solve the puzzles in this 3D puzzle game. And that’s not it! There are skins and themes you can unlock as you get further, as well as challenges to keep you on your toes. In this fun and colorful game, you challenge your logic, critical thinking, and precision. Do you have what it takes?

▶ PLAY the full 3D puzzle game experience offline and on the go.
▶ SWIPE to rotate the shape and choose your next move.
▶ TAP the blocks to clear the level.
▶ CUSTOMIZE your blocks with different skins and themes.
▶ REACH the top!

▶ RELIEVE your stress.
▶ TEASE your brain with the satisfying taps.
▶ PRACTICE your critical thinking!
▶ LEARN the tricks to ensure Tap Away glory!
▶ ENJOY cool skins and themes to customize your journey!

What are you waiting for? Challenge your brain with this tricky game right now!

Join your TAP AWAY 3D crew on
▶ Web: https://popcore.com/
▶ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/popcore
▶ TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@popcore
▶ Twitter: https://twitter.com/PopcoreOfficial
▶ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq1BDUD72Rv7dXov7WtR9Og

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DOWNLOAD AND PLAY NOW – Join this fun and satisfying puzzle game and tap away the blocks!

Updated on 3rd August 2022

Bug fixing + performance improvements!
Thank you for playing!

Tap Away 3D Review

We delete so many games in the first five minutes but we have not deleted this one yet!

We love this puzzle game but we wish they had a dark mode where the background wasnt a blinding white. We also whos the zoom function was easier to use where you can control the amount and location of zoom.

Love this game! We were sad that there were so many ads. We paid to remove them because we liked the game so much. No sure how to get the bombs to work correctly. They always explode in the same place. More ways to get help inside the game would be cool.

With the latest version we very rarely crash or freeze. Its happened a few times, but we cant specify any details. Only one thing is fairly consistent. At least half of the times when opening the box at the end of a level, we get a pop up message saying that we cant get our bonus because we dont have a good internet connection. We click OK and click on the box again. The message keeps coming up. Even closing and reopening the app doesnt help. Youre up to 4.5 stars in our book.

Not enough puzzles. We have completed everything we can. Special challenges dont work most of the time. Have nothing to do with the coins earned.

We had a great time playing especially the endless mode but we have to restart when we switch to another device. It is frustrating.

Too bad the ads cant be silenced. Uninstall!

The zombie ad will not stop playing so we cannot get back to the game. Also ads pop up way too much in this game.

We downloaded today and find this game very relaxing and enjoy it. We ALMOST purchased the no ad version because a lot of ads. Not even able to finish a level without 3-4 ads. Game also seems glitchy (hopefully they are working on that) Wish there was a way to drag board when you zoom. We are older and would appreciate that feature as the tiles are really small on some and strains to look at. With that said, we will continue to play because it really is great game!!!

We enjoy the game, but interrupting the play by forcing to watch adds completely destroys the fun and enjoyment. If the player closes then reopens in the middle of a game, fine. At the end of a game. Fine. But NOT during the game.

Its relaxing and fun, but the ADS! You get an ad like every minute, in the middle of puzzles, and after playing the game for like 15 mins we just couldnt handle it anymore, there are more fun games with way less ads, and this just ends up taking away the relaxed feeling and instead makes us annoyed.

Displays the challenge, but accepts no input. When you leave it gives a failure. The Nick Name is taken? Of course its taken. DPam is ours which we have been using.

We have really enjoyed this game but there are tons of ads and one of them gets stuck ruining the play. On level 22 we keep getting a zombie game ad that doesnt have an X out option so you just have to completely close out the game. Restarting the level just allows it to happen again.

Ads are necessary- we get that. Ad interruptions in the middle of a single round/level are rediculou.

Im okay with short ads in between levels but these ads come several in the middle of a level. We think we were on the 3rd level and was already 2 ads in. We deleted the app.

Well we liked the 10 minutes we played but in that amount of time we probably spent 6 minutes watching ADS!!! Game itself was fun but the ads make it unplayable.

We like this game but as you get into levels higher than 20 you cant finish a level without having to watch between 6-10 ads. Then as you watch the stupid ads they freeze and then go black, which means you have to exit out of everything and then reopen it! We really wish you could finish a level without being interrupted by ads!

Excessive ads throughout the game are annoying but wouldnt be so bad if they didnt keep crashing the game and cause us to close it down and go back in.

This game could be great. We did enjoy playing. We found very soon into the game the ads are very intrusive. So much so, we deleted the app.

Love the game itselfminus the skins. But we hate the fact this game shuts down on us either mid puzzle or anytime an add pops upand there are a lot lot lot of ads! So we have to restart the game each time, because it just shuts down. Wish it wouldnt do that. But if it didnt we guess Id be a bit addicted to the game. Also wish there was a way to zoom in to your likinginstead of way too close or way too far. Just sayin.

We were intrigued by this game & thought it would be challenging & a nice diversion which it is but.. We will be right in the middle of removing a bunch of blocks & an ad will pop up, not just once but very often! We have more or less gotten used to all games having ads but this is ridiculous! We dont necessarily mind ads between games but am very disappointed when they pop up in the middle of a game. They destroy concentration and any rhythm you might have going. Honestly it takes all of the fun out of playing. This could be a fun game otherwise.

Very interesting and appealing game mechanics zoom (pinch) feature is very choppy mapping 3d trajectories is cumbersome Having your game interrupted by annoying ads this many times is just unacceptable no matter what you think about the game!!! We are not ad averse but there should be a reasonable balance between ad time and gameplay time.

We like the game itself, but way too many ads and it freezes our phone.

There are way too many ads in this. When you get to the longer levels, you get an ad every so many clicks/taps. You cant even finish a level without seeing multiple ads.

Every reviewer complains about the insane amount of ads, during level play and between levels. If they cared about their players, theyd fix this. Their ads interrupt your game play constantly. Besides the ads, the control buttons are in the field of game play. Numerous times, we’ve been almost done a level, only to bump the restart button and have to start the level from the beginning. After watching so many ads to get to the nearly completing the level, we just close the game. Its extremely frustrating. There are so many game options. This one just isnt worth your time!

It is ridiculous how many ads they play. You cant even finish a game. Tap about 10 time the an ad pops up. Game we like. The ads we cant stand. Way too many. Let us finish a game. Frustrating.

When Im sad we like to binge puzzle games. When we saw an ad for thing game, we knew the drill. While the actual puzzles themselves surprised us with their complexity and variety (I was expecting MUCH less- its not difficult just enough to make you pause for a moment at most tbh) the thing that didnt surprise us were the ads and cosmetics. No matter how well you are doing or if youve just gone out of your way to watch ads for a bonus, you will see a new ad about every 30-45 seconds. On the smaller puzzles it was tolerable bc it was usually max 3 ads, but on the more complex puzzles with say 300 blocks every thirty taps we would get another ad. On a five minute puzzle we got 11 ads. While we honestly dont mind the occasional ad (I work in an ad adjacent field so its almost research), this is some of the most aggressive ad placement we’ve ever seen. Find something similar as other reviews said the 5$ ad free charge often doesnt even work!!

Ill be deleting the game! The ads NEVER end! They either repeat, or, if it does come to an end, the x NEVER shows up. Fun game, let us know when you fix the ad problem.

Game is great. But the ads kill it. We don’t mind having to watch ads if we didn’t pay. But having to watch ads 5 to 6 times during each game is crap. Don’t get this app unless you are willing to pay the 5 bucks for no ads.

We love puzzle games and downloaded this from an ad we saw. The gameplay was pretty much exactly what was shown in the ad, which was nice. However, we got bored of this game almost immediately. Theres no real challenge in solving the puzzles, so it just feels tedious. Also, you get an ad after clearing every level AND after youve made a certain number of moves in the larger-scale challenge levels, which continually disrupts the gameplay. We didnt feel that the puzzles were worth watching all these ads. Also, the large-scale levels are really annoying to play. The size of the entire block arrangement is so big that the individual blocks are tiny on the screen. You can zoom in, but you cant control how much to zoom inits either zoomed all the way out or all the way in. Zoomed out, the blocks are tiny, and we had to strain our eyes to try to see the path of each block. Also, when we tried to select a block, sometimes our finger would accidentally hit the block next to it (because the blocks are so tiny), and we would lose a move. Zoomed in, you cant see enough of the overall arrangement to see the path of a block, so that view is pretty much useless. We got a headache from playing just one of the challenge levels, so we deleted the app. Not worth it at all.

It wont even allow you to finish one level (above level 10 or so) without ads! Its quite annoying. If there were less ads itd be a fun game.

The game is ok. There are a LOT of ads. We paid to remove them. They appear again. We restored purchases. They are still appearing. Not good.

This games concept is fun, and we like puzzle games so we thought Id like this one. But the ads are infuriating! It seems like we get a new ad every 10 moves, and the game isnt good enough to justify spending $5 to go ad free. Im deleting.

Like the idea and schemes used, however there was 5 ads during in level play and that is way to many, have deleted the app and moved on.

This is terrible. It locks up and then says you failed. There are ads every 2.5 minutes. We timed the play time. Sometimes it is less than 2 minutes of play time.

They is a great mind game; however, you receive 30 second ads every couple of minutes for the same three games. Deleted app within 24-hours of downloading.

You have to complete at least 10 ads per level. Its crazy.

We are extremely disappointed. We made it to level 11 and it was deliciously interesting. Then during the play of that level, after a number for moves, play was interrupted by an advertisement. The level continued and was interrupted yet again with another advertisement. We quit the game, am posting our review and deleting it.. Again, the game itself is fascinating. We resent being forced to view so many advertisements. Too bad.

Great game so far lets keep laying.

Fun but we do not like when it will give you the easy ones at the beginning.

Fun so far but looks like it could get complicated! We love a good challenge so Im eager to continue playing.

We have to keep restarting it because it freezes very frequently!! Like after every two- three ads.

This game is fun and challenging! The puzzles take a while to complete but the games itself is super fun. However, each level we have like 15 ads, im not even over exaggerating. As soon as one ad is over 1 minute later there is another one. Its really annoying when you cant play the game and have to watch the ads. We get that ads gives the creator their money but seriously?! The ads are ridiculous. Also, the game is very glitchy and laggy. Sometimes when you are trying to rotate the puzzle it will glitch and put you in a completely different area then intended. Also, this game for some reason uses a lot of our phone battery. Not sure why, but we played for around 15 minutes and lost 40% of battery. Anyways, the main problem is the ads, please fix this!!!!

We would love to give this game more stars, but the ads are insane. Why are there so many?! We would love it much better if we could complete the entire level without a single ad. An ad after each completed level is reasonable. But after so many moves? Come on. Please fix this.

This game made us confuzled. While we were playing the game changed in a blink of our eyeball. It was fun when we were playing but when it changed it was unexceptional and we had to rush to right a review. Overall this game was fun but the glitchyness was NOT. We rate this review 13/10. Thank you for your time in reading this. It would make our day if you respond to our concerns.