Tap Color Pro: Color By Number

Last updated on June 5th, 2023 at 12:20 pm

Tap Color Pro: Color By Number

Tap Color Pro: Color By Number

Tap Color Pro: Color By Number is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Talefun Technologies Limited, Tap Color Pro: Color By Number is a Board game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 6th July 2020 with the latest update 26th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Board, Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Tap Color Pro: Color By Number ?

3,610 people have rated 7.2.0

What is the price of the Tap Color Pro: Color By Number ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Tap Color Pro: Color By Number released ?

Tap Color Pro: Color By Number was released on 6th July 2020.

When was the Tap Color Pro: Color By Number updated ?

The latest updated date of Tap Color Pro: Color By Number on 26th May 2023.

Where can Tap Color Pro: Color By Number be downloaded ?

You can download the game Tap Color Pro: Color By Number from Apple Official App Store.



Relax with the paint by number app and color your stress away!

Discover and paint 10,000+ coloring pages in this adult coloring book game! Beautiful art coloring pages are updated every day for you to enjoy!

Explore more than 30 popular categories:
-Animal: cute dogs & cats, birds, and eagles, all kinds of wild animals you want to color;
-Flower: beautiful and mind-calming flowers are ready for coloring;
-Mandala: classic mandala coloring pages to relax your mind;
-Message: loving and inspiring messages for you to color and share;
-Special Animated Picture: be amazed by the animations.

We also have many more categories like Nature, Places, Festival, Character, Interior, Classical… Open the game and you will get the simple joy of relaxation.

Coloring games has never been so easy. Open this coloring book, and start to paint your masterpieces. Don’t forget to share your finished work with family and friends!

Beautiful art painting pages and exclusive collections are updated every day for you to relax your mind and pass the time! Explore amazing free pictures and enjoy number drawing in your coloring book!

We are willing to hear your feedback: [email protected]
Start the happy coloring experience now!


By subscribing, ​you get unlimited access to all coloring books, remove ads, and ultimate hints in the app.

  • You can subscribe to a weekly plan (starting at $4.99, billed once a week), a monthly plan (starting at $9.99, billed once a month), or an annual plan (starting at $49.99, billed once a month). The availability and pricing of subscription plans may vary.
  • The payment will be charged to your iTunes Account when you confirm the purchase.
  • The subscription automatically renews for the same price and duration period as the original weekly/monthly/annual plan unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.
  • Any unused portion of the trial period will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription.

Terms of Service: https://ww2.talefun.com/terms
Privacy Policy: https://ww2.talefun.com/privacy

Updated on 26th May 2023

  • Optimized some visual graphics & user interfaces
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Tap Color Pro: Color By Number Review

We had subscribed to this app a few years ago. We deleted it and canceled our subscription. Recently, we checked on it again to see if we wanted to re-subscribe. Then we discovered why we had canceled it. It is much too difficult to find the tiny little specs, hidden away in each and every artwork. One has to constantly go to the search button to find the tiny little specs that are not visible to the naked eye. We find this very annoying.

This app allows advertising from call chat sites, soft porn and such. Do not let children use this coloring app. We didnt want our children seeing naked women while they are coloring.

We like that there are simple pictures and intricate depending on our mood. We like that when you finish one color, it automatically jumps to the next. We like the choices themselves and the colors are bright and clean. Im very happy with this app.

This is the very best item we have. Mindless relaxing example . Very enjoyable . Really love this program . Our favorite puzzles are animals and jigsaw puzzles.

We absolutely love this app. We are addicted to color by number. Once we start its hard for us to set it down. We stopped using our other color by numbers because this app has sooo many pictures to choose from.

We love using this app its so relaxing when Im stressed 10/10 would recommend.

You have some of the best artworks available! There are simple design and beautiful landscapes! A wide variety of pictures and styles of artwork! Easy to use this app. Our favorite coloring app. We have used many!

We have no words we love it just we love it no words we love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it absolutely love it and the other side of what we dont like is that its not 3-D it should be 3-D we really think it should be 3-D because itll be one side another side no tutti tutti we meant tutti but we still love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it.

We recently downloaded and deleted several coloring apps. Having the areas fill in with multiple colors or designs, like stars etc, is disappointing. Whats the point?? Tap Color Pro has amazing colors, tons of pictures and is exactly what we love coloring. Im in love.

This game is more than addicting. Its also amazing. We also love the fact that there is a hint button on the top right. Other coloring apps are complete RIPOFFS. Why we gave 5 Stars.

This game is so relaxing. We know because we have ADHD and it calms us so we dont go crazy.

We absolutely love this coloring app!! Our only complaint is that we wish they would add a mermaid and gnome tab!! We hate not having very many of either of those.. Our mom and we both color on this app and we love it Please add those new tabs!!!

We absolutely love this app. But there was a picture we did that had a depiction of a hand in a vagina. Which isnt very kid friendly. Id suggest maybe an 18+ section for things like that.

Im not a big fan of selection of pictures (more female characters) but it is different and easy. A fun way to color.

We love the app but the ads are driving us crazy. The ad shows up at the bottom, blocks the color palette, and just wont go away!! It is not a one time thing and it ruins the game. If it continues, Im just going to delete the app.

We love this app but dont use the free one week trial! We did and have been trying to get the trial subscription cancelled and its pretty much impossible! As we told them in our requests Ill also make it part of our review. They havent bothered to cancel the subscription, they havent bothered to reply to any of our messages. So, it they charge our account its going to be reported as a fraudulent charge. If anyone else is dealing with the same issue we wish you good luck. If you are considering on using the free trial we wouldnt advise it, !

This our all time favorite coloring app! But, somewhere along the way, the coloring spaces have lost their lines! Im old school and believe in the importance of coloring within the lines. Theres so much to love about your app: the variety of pictures, the color palettes, the achievements, the collections, and so much more. PLEASE, put the coloring lines back in. Those undefined areas are impossible to see. Thank you! Ill come back and give you the 5 stars your app used to have.

We enjoy the app, but the ads are overwhelming and distracting. Other coloring apps charge a flat one time $6.99 fee to remove ads. . You want a monthly fee that is nothing but price gouging.

We really like this app however we get kicked out occasionally and we have to restart our iPad. We have a new iPad Pro and have no problems with any other app. If there was not the issue of being kicked out and having to restart our tablet we would have rated this a five. Please advise if this issue gets fixed.

We used to love this color app. It was our favorite. But now an ad pops up every 10 seconds and covers our ability to pick colors and there is no x to close the ad. It stays up indefinitely until we close the entire app and swipe it from our history and reopen anew. Then 10 seconds later same thing.

It was always good but now an ad sits at the bottom and completely hides the numbered color selections. We cant get rid of it.

What is going on with your ads? Now they are completely blocking the color selections, so you cant see the numbers or the colors as you are completing the page the ad completely blocks over the top of it.

We want a color by number app that we can use in landscape orientation on our iPad, and the images in the App Store lead you to believe this one does that. However after downloading it does not.

You have an ad Fancy color paint by numbers this is the 2nd time we’ve gotten this ad and it will not let you out once it throws you in to pick your next picture. We leave your app when this happens because we DON’T WASTE MY TIME and we won’t let you waste our time either, so fix this ad because we can work on any of our several other apps.

Used to love this game but can no longer play because ads appear at the bottom of screen covering numbers on our IPhone 14 Pro Max.

Deleting this app. One puzzle and shot with 3 ads not even worth it if you cant do a singe full puzzle.

Super Colorful pics brings paintings digitally to a whole new level. Love the beautiful girls. Easy but yet challenging as well. Does not keep you running around the painting like if you were on a scavenger hunt. Real app. A+

Please stop controlling our screen. Ill be on a roll & our screen moves automatically in the opposite direction Im going EVERY SINGLE TIME!:Ill move the screen if we want it moved. Please change that. Otherwise we love it. Plenty of cool pictures to color, lots of variety.

We really like the game, but we have a visual impairment that does not allow us to do may pictures because of the pale blue that comes up when a color is chosen. It would be helpful if the blue was made a darker, brighter shade. Our sister has to finish many of our paintings because we cannot differentiate the light blue hints from the adjoining color.

We love the pictures to color especially the Animated ones !! But Always shutting down when Im trying to color pictures. Then it takes forever to get back to where we were.

We play this on both iPhone and Android. The ads have increased and are more so on iPhone. Another very annoying thing.. You barely touch the screen in certain areas and the entire picture goes back and more commercials show. We understand some, but it shouldnt be so many and the game shouldnt revert back to a commercial while your tapping to color.

Found a wealth of wonderful drawings. Thank you.

We love this app and spend hours making beautiful pictures. We pay extra not to have any ads and all of a sudden the ads are there and Im still being charged. We are Rey upset about this because we love using it. Dont know to fix this problem.

We love this game but every now and then it gets really hard and we dont prefer to watch ads but besides that this game is really great and gets your mind working hard but thankfully the pictures arent very small like 20 clicks.

We love the images so much and it is so mind relaxing!

Love this app pictures look real colorful and bright, fun to color, best coloring app we’ve found.

By far this is the best coloring app we’ve ever used. We color every day before bed and we love this app so much.

This is the coloring app that we have been looking for. Pictures are very colorful. There is a great selection of pictures in multiple categories. Very relaxing.

We love to color. It relaxes us. We didnt think we would like color by number, but we absolutely love it! Relaxing! Great pics to choose as well.

Our son got us in to this app. Its quite entertaining except when an ad freezes up our Ipad, but we can deal with thst.

By far the best coloring app.

We totally recommend this game its free and theres not as much adds and its calming we play it everyday. And Im eleven so.

We absolutely love this app. We have several anxiety and this app helps us relax. We love most of all the colors and the photos that come out. The ONLY thing that is wrong is that there isnt much of a diversity of characters. Even though we’ve see a few photos that had people of color, it is pretty much 99% white people in the photos. Im half Asian and white and we have not seen ANY Asian characters or other characters of color, except for the few black characters. With not having a diversity of characters, that means we dont see a lot of darker haired and eyes on the characters. Its usually blue eyes and blonde or light brown hair. But, other than that, this is a awesome app. Just would like to see more diversity.

We would like to have the choice to color Christmas all year long it makes us happy.

We love this app. We use it almost daily to wind down. Our only reason for not giving it five stars is the back arrow. If the back arrow could be relocated down under the color selection that would definitely get our vote for five stars. Love the variety in pictures.

Saw advertised wednesday color pages and dont see them.

We purchased this app primarily to color the beautiful oil painting classical children shown in the ad for this color app. They are nowhere to be found. Instead, there are numerous scantily clad women, some borderline offensive. This is FALSE ADVERTISING. We would very much like to know where to find the beautiful pictures you advertised. Please respond.

This was our favorite coloring app. Today, we literally cant get through the Oprah ad for gummies. No we dont want any and Im not clicking anything just to make it go away. Ads make a beautiful app too frustrating to use. Sad. What a waste.

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