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2048 is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Ketchapp, 2048 is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 19th March 2014 with the latest update 14th September 2022

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Puzzle, or Board games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of 2048 ?

12,624 people have rated 2.4.35

What is the price of the 2048 ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the 2048 released ?

2048 was released on 19th March 2014.

When was the 2048 updated ?

The latest updated date of 2048 on 14th September 2022.

Where can 2048 be downloaded ?

You can download the game 2048 from Apple Official App Store.



Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile!

Swipe to move all tiles. When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one.

Get to the 2048 tile, and reach a high score!

Inspired by Gabriele Cirulli game available on the web: http://gabrielecirulli.github.io/2048/

Updated on 14th September 2022

Minor bug fixes and improvements

2048 Review

We’ve had this game for years. We’ve completed all the challenges, but am still trying to get the 4096 tile, it sometimes gets frustrating, but its a fun challenge. For those of you who are bothered by the ads after every game, just turn Wi-Fi/cellular off. The game works fine without it. Youll only get one ad, then none afterwards until you turn Wi-Fi/cellular back on. Pro tips, keep the biggest tile in the bottom left corner at all times and we mean ALL times. Dont swipe up unless you absolutely have to, and never give up. New types of challenges would be fun, such as having to merge all the current on-screen tiles into a single tile, or reaching a certain score. Overall, great game and definitely recommend.

Extremely fun, time passing game!! Play it with strategy of luck you pick!! Highly recommend for long car rides or quiet eating rooms!! Its very fun you wont regret it!!

Super fun game and a nice way to pass the time. But even with WiFi and cellular data both turned off the ads still pop up and its annoying. Its just frustrating to see. It used to not do it and now it does it constantly.

We find this game very challenging! The only reason we gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because of the scoring. When we loose a round, the game we were playing goes away too fast, and Im unable to see and remember how far we had gotten. Also, Id like to see a scoreboard for our games. We like the challenge of trying to beat our own score. That is not available here, because theres no scoreboard.

Game is a classic but these ads are over the top! Full screen with tricks to get you to click. Stay away or buy the game.

It would be a game we would pay to not have ads. They are constant and unrelenting. We can barely learn to play. If you dont like ads, dont download this game. Truth.

We literally got 2048 and a 512 under that and when we come back our game is gone.

We love the challenge options on this game but #40 seems unsolvable. We’ve played all of the others and inevitably after some number of tries things go our way. But we’ve been working at #40 more times than we can count and still no luck. Is it possible to win?

This game could be better but we have never seen a game so many commercials. You barely start playing and It has another commercial.

We’ve been playing this game for years. Its a fun time waster. Challenging as you get beyond 4096. An annoying issue popped up a while ago the app stopped recording our high scores. We didnt notice it until we surpassed our all time high. We reinstalled the game after that hoping it that would fix it. It didnt. After a reinstall it will only record the score for the first 2 games we played. Like we said, annoying.

Love the game, but as soon as we finish a game, a full-volume stupid ad pops up even before we can read the final score! Peace killer if your spouse is asleep beside you!

We paid the $3 to have ads removed and then got another ad. What did we pay for then? We want the ads actually removed, or a refund.

Hi, we really like this game but the multiplayer features never work and just sit there loading. We would really like this to be fixed please so we can play w our boyfriend. ASAP.

We were getting annoyed by the pop up ads after each game and so we paid to remove ads. Just to find out that the money we paid only removes the banner ads, we still get the annoying ads we have to sit through between each game. Wow. We want a refund. Be warned of the deceptive practices here. Youre not actually paying to get rid of ads.

We need dark mode for this game, but otherwise A+

Honestly there is nothing wrong with this game and its very nice.

The game stopped working after the last update.

We absolutely love this game we’ve played it for years! Unfortunately, the app keeps crashing randomly in the middle of a game. We can just reopen the app and continue where we left off, but its still pretty annoying to deal with. We also wish there was a way to either get rid of the ads, or maybe format them another way in the game. Theyre bothersome, but we at least appreciate them only showing up after youve clicked on the new game button, instead of in the middle of the game. Hopefully the crashing gets taken care of soon so we can keep playing! :)

DOWNLOAD THE ORIGINAL NOT THIS DEVELOPER! The original has adds that arent anywhere near as intrusive! This app seriously kills your battery. Played for about an hour on a road trip and went from ~90% to 10% with our phone on about a quarter brightness. Plugged in our phone and kept playing and our phone said charging but it was not going up, it actually dropped to 9% after a few minutes. We killed the app and switched to a reading app and our battery climbed back up to 50%. Started playing this again and the battery fell to 47% after 10 minutes. Either this game isnt optimized or its doing all kinds of stuff in the background.

Multiplayer/co-op doesnt work.

We downloaded the app and it wont open and we dont know what to do we even uninstalled it and reinstalled the app anyone know how to fix it?

Every time we hit the menu it forces open a in app AppStore buy for an app. Not cool.

We love this game its really fun but the only thing thats annoying is the ads but the challenges are fun and the game is exciting every time especially when we board its so fun to do.

Many people say there are way to many ads. In reality there are many ads because for people their game ends to fast. And right after the game their is an ad. We personally don’t rush the game so we don’t agree with the part "there are to many adds". So in summary: There are only adds if you rush the game or something f you close the app. Some and more advice: 1. GET THE BIG NUMBERS they help a Lot 2. KEEP THE BIG NUMBERS CLOSE TO EACH OTHER because it will be easier to combine the numbers 3. DONT RANDOMLY SWIPE think before you swipe it can cause a lot of trouble. Enjoy the game.

We aint a bot, but this game is legit good. On the contrary, we hate it when you first get in the app and it has the ads but right when u about to press the x button, the Game Center thing appears at the top and it takes you to the App Store because it thought u were buying the game. Other than this one problem the game is overall good.

Great game and have been playing for ages. The annoying part is that you have to start from scratch each time. Lets say that we are able to reach the 4k or 8k tile, everything before that is a waste of time. So it will be great if we have the option to restart the game with the highest tile achieved. We hope the developers can add this option. Thanks.

We absolutely love this game. Have so many hours on it lol. And no ads at all until you finish a game but even then, the ad is short. 11/10 game.

We’ve spent far too many hours in this game over the years to count. Its an incredibly relaxing play. Its our go to for winding down at the end of the night. Its a pretty straightforward game where you try to get to 2048 by adding the nearby blocks to your count. Theres a bit of strategy involved, and from there its just about beating your friends and getting the highest score. About the only cons we can think of are that there isnt a dark mode (something Id really love to see in a future release), and that the game, simple as it is to start, can really eat up a lot of your spare time. Its cathartic and addicting while shockingly not being a cash grab. The only purchable option is the ability to disable ads for a couple dollars which we would say is well worth it.

This is the only game that helps us with our anxiety.

Straight up would die for this app it means so much to us, but when we play it at night it burns out our little eyes so we’ve come to beg and plead for a dark mode. PLEASE. Thank you.

This game is so good to pass time whenever you are bored or something and when your teacher sees you playing on it on your school computer they dont get mad because it looks kind of like a math game.

Im not bored all the time anymore, even though its a very lazy boring game. We love it so much. Its easy if you know good tactics. You dont always win because you may want a two and they give you a four or vice-versa when you have only one way to move. Also if your next move only makes it so all the numbers are bigger than four and you cant merge them together. Thats annoying sometimes but whatever, its still a good game. Maybe you should make it so at a certain point the game starts giving you fours and eights, and so on. You could also instead of changing the whole game, add another part to this where it does that. (For beginners? Hmmm???)

This is by far the best game we have ever played. After spending over 1000 hours on this game it still has not gotten old. The sheer magnificence that comes from this simple concept is incredible. The complex strategies one must develop rival mainstream games. This game is the closest thing we have to a cure after suffering from post-partem depression. Our cat could die tomorrow and we would not care, in part because we do not like cats, but mostly because of this game. Everything we have ever looked for in a game. 100% FIVE STARS – we wish we could give it more.

So, like this is our favorite game since uno the card game! So easy and it passes as a math game so our teacher and mom let us play it. Anyways, we love it sooooooo much and sry if this review isnt that helpful, but the point is this is the best app ever.

This is truly one of our favorite games. There is just on problem. There are too menu ads. We remember when we used to play this game there was barely any ads and yes a get it its to keep the game free but at least not every game or when im in the middle of a game like thats to far.

Fun to play. Our only complaint is that there isnt a dark mode. Make a dark mode please.

Played this game for 6 years and only now realized that our only call/destiny was to get to the games number/the whole entire purpose the game was named. We finally reached our goal of 2048 and our life was complete. We were satisfied. ;)

Nice game to pass time with but its stupid bright at night even with all settings on phone set to low. Pretty please, add a dark mode!

We love this game, its super fun and just addicting. But there are too many ads; we will be playing a round and it would be GAME OVER and every time an ad loads every round. Can you please fix the ad problem? (If it is not to much to ask :) )

Play this on cool math games during school to pass time so its fun to have the same exact version on our phone. Very easy to avoid ads. Its fun to go onto airplane mode and drown everyone out for a few hours while playing this.

This is a fun game, but if you are inclined to continue past 2048 there is only so far you can get. The last possible number is 131072. If you achieve this tile however, the game encourages you to merge to the 262144 tile. We didnt think this was possible on a 4×4 grid but tried to see what would happen. We lost the game with each consecutive tile in order and no more possible moves unless the game generated an 8 tile, which it had never done before. That final suggestion should be removed to save future players the frustration.

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