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2048 is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Ketchapp, 2048 is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 19th March 2014 with the latest update 2nd May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Puzzle, or Board games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of 2048 ?

12,885 people have rated 2.4.39

What is the price of the 2048 ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the 2048 released ?

2048 was released on 19th March 2014.

When was the 2048 updated ?

The latest updated date of 2048 on 2nd May 2023.

Where can 2048 be downloaded ?

You can download the game 2048 from Apple Official App Store.



Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile!

Swipe to move all tiles. When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one.

Get to the 2048 tile, and reach a high score!

Inspired by Gabriele Cirulli game available on the web: http://gabrielecirulli.github.io/2048/

Updated on 2nd May 2023

Bug Fixes

2048 Review

Thats our only complaint. Please release a dark mode so that we can play before bed without burning our retinas out of our skull. Thank youuuuu. Great game 10/10.

The game is great, we’ve had it for a long time and often find myself coming back to and playing this game. Our only complaint, is that our high scores dont update when we get new high scores. Annoying but not a game breaker.

This game/ app is great. We just wish there was a dark mode option.

This is our favorite mobile game, period. Unfortunately, when playing not on airplane mode, the ads completely ruin the game. Because of this we docked our rating and we only play on airplane mode. Clearly, the developer is just trying to milk this for all its worth and the fools that keep playing it.

This is a blatant, bloated adware ripoff of the original, down to the copied icon. It is much slower than the original and has ads that are difficult or impossible to dismiss that take over the screen when each game ends. Our spouse introduced us to this game, and we were confused as to why our experience was so much less pleasant than hers; turned out it was because we were playing this copy instead of the original.

The advertisements are taking over. We see them every time we close our eyes. Every time we dream. There they are. Thousands upon thousands of fake gameplay advertisements taunt us across our mind. Applications are in on this. They are working together with the advertisements. Where does the money come from? Advertisements for free games on free games. Its a never ending loop. These games feed off of each other. We can no longer take it. Our mind is crushed under the weight of the advertisements.

Super poorly implemented. Appear randomly. Totally distract from the game. Awful!

Played this game years ago and loved it. Tried again and OMG if you love adds load this game. 3 seconds of play = 5 minutes of adds.

This is by far our favorite game. It involves puzzles and strategy without feeling like you’re being tested. Beating high scores and comparing with friends had become one of our favorite activities. There are a few ads as with any free mobile game, but typically only after playing for a long period of time (I’m talking hours, yes we’ll play that long) and one short add when you first open the game. We haven’t had any problems with bugs or glitches, while we are a fairly new user we have already "beat the game" or reached the 2048 tile, and am yet to experience any issues. Like we said previously we have beat the game (I am very proud of this accomplishment and it inspired us to write the review) yet the game is still fun challenging and just as amazing as before which will keep it on our phone for the long run. Once again we highly recommend, at least give it a try.

You swipe the numbers into the same number and it doubles. Great for filling bored time. Would recommend.

We love 2048 but its getting boring. So here are our ideas on what would make 2048 better. 1: you need to make an 8 spone. 2: make an undo button you can only make it so far before you make a mistake and it is ruined. 3: add different grids 3×3, 5×5, 6×6, 7×7, and 8×8 please add these to the game we will be hoked if you do.

Hood game but annoying as some of the tiles move as the computer wants them to not as they should.

We personally enjoy playing 2048 because its a brain teaser for us and it keeps our mind occupied when Im just trying to pass some time. We wouldnt say that the ads are too annoying because they dont last more than a minute or so. We recommend downloading this game if you like something to keep you busy on your free time!

This game is exactly as described. Get up to 2048 and when you win, it congratulates you (and gives you an option to continue). Unfortunately, when you get higher number tiles, the same slows down until you restart the app. Would recommend if you are trying to get 2048, but not for higher scores.

We used to love this app its very addictive but there is a problem it doesnt let us in to the app anymore we have deleted it the re download it but something works this doesnt happen to any other of our apps please fix this if possible if this is just our phone we would like to know please and thank you.

Current version heats up phone and drains battery like crazy. Using an iPhone 14 pro.

Three days times we’ve tried to get to 4096. The app freezes shortly after we achieve 2048. We close and reopen and its started us over. We’ve never made it past 2048 with it freezing. So now, Im over it.

Paying for ad removal doesnt remove all the ads. Wish we had our 3$ back.

We used to play this on android and it was more fun (for me) when we slipped up to have the option to undo. Im playing against myself so we dont mind knowing that we cheated a bit!

The app crashes all. The. Time.

We just paid for no ads and theres still ads. Waste of money.

So theres an option for a one time payment to be ad free. 3 bucks so no biggie- AND IM STILL GETTING ADS!! We would not recommend because of this.

We enjoyed playing this game and got to 2048. After paying for the ads to be removed, the game became unnecessarily harder for some reason. We get that the need for unpredictability but there is something called rewards system which is lacking in this game. Theres nothing to keep the player going on especially when there are no wins after a long period of time. Something to think about for the game designers of this game. Consider making it winnable more often or add some other incentive.

We paid for ad free and we still have to wait in between games.

We were seeing the Match vs and we were and we clicked it but no one wants to match with us in Match VS.

Never do challenges when you are in the middle of a high scoring game, it resets you back to the beginning. We wish there was a save mode to keep our progress.

When ads are constant, fast-flashing images on an essentially motionless game, they break it. Had to delete it.

At first the ads were just kind of annoying. But now for the last couple of weeks the ads have been opening in our browser without us clicking them, and when we go back to our game, it happens again after 15 seconds. We deleted the app and downloaded the other 2048 on the App Store, much better experience.

Unplayable with the ads Would shoot us to Google in the middle of playing.

It always just crashes right when we tap on the app? We havent even swiped one tile the entire time we’ve had the app, not sure if this happens to a lot of people but we’ve tried deleting it and redownloading and we’ve turned our phone all the off and etc you know the basic things you do when your tiny one handed computer cant take a certain app or isnt connecting to Wi-Fi, thank you for reading and if you can fix this it would be much appreciated!

Just garbage. Just constant ads and interruptions. The game itself does random tile laying which is all but impossible to work around. Waste of time.

We get that everyone has to make a living, but these are just too long and too much. Wrecks the whole experience.

We like this game very much but will be deleting it. Too hard to start a new game without being directed through a series of ads and trips to the App Store. Not worth the aggravation. Put a button on the game finished screen that actually starts a new game.

You make this app unusable by polluting it with adds and periodically blocking the next round by trying to force us into another game or trying to get us to opt into another format.

We like the game enough to pay to remove the ads. But even after purchase, we’re still getting ads between games. Be better. Can’t take a dump without capitalism shoving something in our face.

Usually ads dont bug us as long as it doesnt frequently interrupt our game play but we can barely get a few moves in before an ad forces our safari to open and taking us off the app!

This game will shove ads in your face every 10 seconds at minimum even when you arent pressing the button for the ad. Absolutely disgusting behavior by the devs and hopefully they never make another app. Waste of time.

Multiple flaws in this game. 1. It wouldnt even let us in the game for the first week we’ve had it.2 WAY to many ads. 3 who actually wants to play a game where all you do is swipe and try to get numbers.

Used to be our favorite game. And like all free games, theres ads. Which is fine, totally understandable. However, this game somehow has unavoidable pop up ads. Like intermittently (literally every few seconds) our Safari will launch an ad. Super frustrating and obnoxious. Uninstalled after years of playing. We really hope they fix this, we’ve never had this issue with other games and it wasnt like this before.

Once in 10 seconds this app takes us to safari Ads are fine. But clickable links that take to safari is not fine..

You literally cant even play without an add opening up and taking you to a different browser. 6 swipes and the then ad takes over your screen. We’ve played this game a lot. But Im deleting it now.

We hate this game because how come every time we play we have to deal with random pop up ads every 5 seconds that open safari and take us out of the app to a random website.

This is not the original 2048 game. If you do a search, you can find the original one, and it looks exactly like this, but says original. This one also has sneaky, intrusive ads that pop up just a little bit after you start playing, so you almost always accidentally click on them.

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