The Game Gal’s Word Generator

Last updated on June 7th, 2023 at 12:15 am

The Game Gal’s Word Generator


The Game Gal’s Word Generator is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Spark Genius LLC, The Game Gal’s Word Generator is a Reference game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 1st August 2012 with the latest update 10th March 2022

Whether you are a fan of Reference, Word, or Family games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


37 people have rated 2.9.1

You can download the game The Game Gal’s Word Generator from APP STORE.


Playing word games like pictionary or charades and need prompts? The Game Gal’s Word Generator has over 26,000 words, curated by game and difficulty. Never run out of prompts for charades, pictionary, catchphrase, get-to-know-you games, and more!

And guess what? NO ADS, no in-app purchases, no tracking, nothing weird–just a plain, good ol’ app for all your word generating needs.


  • 9 categories (including games, subjects, movies, people, questions, etc.)
  • Over 80 lists (including game words broken out into three or more difficulty levels, subjects like music and science, parts of speech, and holidays)
  • More than 26,000 words, titles, phrases, and questions in all!

Made especially for:

  • Players of all kinds of group games
  • Family nights and parties
  • Youth groups or corporate settings
  • English language (ESL) teachers looking for ways to make learning fun
  • Writers who need creative prompts
  • Improv actors
  • Anyone who needs to kill some time in a fun way

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Updated on 10th March 2022

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The Game Gal’s Word Generator Reviews

Tons of options for difficulty and tons of words. Been using for years and repeats still are not often.

Just learned about this app (and website!) today! Its exactly what we need for lessons and game nights. A great resource with a very simple user interface. Very sensibly done! Is there not a settings button? We wonder if theres an option to change size of fonts (looks small on iPad) or if an in-app timer will become available. Keep up the great work!

We do not have a pictionary game, so this was perfect! Great, easy APP.

We were looking to play Pictionary but don’t have it where we are and just having the words was enough. Us, our husband and 7 and 9 year old really enjoyed playing thanks to this app! The easy to hard levels made it an even playing field for us to play together. Thank you so much for putting this together and offering it for free! Very kind of you! Any way of adding a counter or "rules of the game"?

Simple, easy, good words. We love the word difficulty setting. We just used it for pictionary with our kids and their friends. Thanks for putting this out.

Our family loves playing CatchPhrase – but our unit is old and a lot of the terms aren’t good for kids. Enter Game Gal’s Word Generator – the PERFECT replacement. Plenty of words. We loved the different games available. Loved the play levels or themes (especially "People"). We also had fun with the getting to know you questions. Highly recommend this. It worked great!

Learned about this from Funhaus playing Tilt Brush.

We had it for months but never used it, actually is really funny and full of opportunities :) it has become one of our favorite game app on our phone! I’d like to have a info section with rules for games and other way to play them! We will recommend it to friends! I’d like to have a list of word to create our own "deck", to select question/word and add our own.

This app is great for playing word games, and super easy to use. Gives you random words for use in your games, and that’s it! Perfect.

Needed something to play a game and this worked perfectly! Grab some paper and a few people and play! Thanks for making this great app!

This app has all the word games from charades to pictionary to dating questions. Each game has many categories and levels. It is really easy to use and no bugs. No account needed. Best of all, no ads!

Our family has had so much fun with this app, a pencil, and some paper!

This app is so useful to have on the go. It vastly improved any waiting or down time, but in a fun way that involves everyone.

We absolutely love this app! So much fun to whip out when you’re bored hanging out friends. So simple and easy to use.

We love how its so simple and easy to use.

So simple and fun. Finally, we have been waiting for this for forever.

This app is exactly what we were looking for. We wanted to play Pictionary as a group, and this app provided one-at-a-time word lists in an easy to use format. Love the difficulty settings as well as categories (movies, idioms, etc). Thank you!

Awesome app! We play pictionary with our 10th grade homeroom students and this has solved our problem of having to create old-school cards!! They love it, thanks!!

This is the perfect ap to have ready for on the go games. We used it at a church party for a spur of the moment game of charades. The kids love catch phrase too. Worth getting.

Perfect for what we needed – a family game night! Easy to use for both kids and adults.

So simple to use and it can really be a fun and easy way to entertain a group of friends. Our favorite is catch phrase!!

We use this in our classrooms for various levels, about the only group who can’t use this are our phonics kids. Awesome app!

Doesn’t have any annoying ads and is very simple and easy to use! Very elegant and useful and does its job perfectly! Overall, AMAZING app! Just what we were looking for!

Perfect for dull parties or a generally great time. Great idea for an app. Really dig it!

This is a great app for a family who wants to play together. You can pick a level and go through the words. The kids loved it and we could pick whatever words they were able to do. Wish it had a ‘back’ feature for me- we went too fast a couple times.

This app is awesome for use in speech therapy sessions with individuals with aphasia. The targets are great, and that it allows you to predetermine difficulty level is really helpful. The only thing that would make it even better is if there was an option to include pictures next to each word. For clients who have difficulty reading, this would make the app perfect.

We love this app but we keep getting the same words we need more words! And an optional timer would be great! Best app we’ve ever downloaded.

Won’t change from the easy mode, please fix, it’s a great app, lots of fun, thanks.

Worked perfectly for a game night at our house!!! The only thing that could have made it any better would have been a built in timer…

Played pictionary today with some 2nd graders and they loved it!

App does not support iOS 9. Spinning wheel won’t work. Can’t change categories or level of difficulty. Please fix, we love this app.

The scroller selections don’t work on ios9.

Please update! Can no longer change selection wheels. Useless now.

Doesn’t work on iPhone 6 latest OS. Can scroll but not select. Bummerlooked like the perfect party app.

This app is exactly what we were looking for to use in the classroom on party days – pictionary is a big hit! Unfortunately we can’t select different levels of difficulty, other games, or other topics. Please update so we don’t have to delete.

Installed it on our iPhone 6 running iOS 9 and the picker wheel won’t allow us to select any settings; the picker wheel opens and spins but won’t allow us to touch select anything. We then downloaded the app onto our wife’s iPhone 6 which was still running iOS 8 and it worked fine. Please update the app with most current iOS adjustments.

We were excited to find this app on a very ling road trip with a fourteen and a six year old since it had different difficulty levels for us to play travel Pictionary of sorts. But, the app is not updated for iOS 9. So we can’t select anything other than easy.

Can only pick easy and pictionary? How can we fix this.. Easy is fun but only for so long.. Please help!

Was great before but now the wheel selectors do not work.

After update, we’re no longer able to cycle through and change options, e.g. Change difficulty or game.

We are having the same problem that we see others are. We cannot change the settings at all because we are updated to iOS 9.

Game doesn’t allow you to pick other games nor does it let change levels i.e. Easy, medium, etc.

Must have some glitch, we cannot change the game or the difficulty. Tried deleting and redownloading and it didn’t fix the problem. We’ll give a better rating once it’s fixed! We’re an iPhone 6 user.

The game has all these great looking options, but we can’t select anything other than pictionary and easy. It would be really awesome if we could change it to make it a little challenging.

Unable to select anything other than "easy," so unless we’re playing Pictionary with a 5 year old the app is completely unusable.

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