The Political Machine 2020

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The Political Machine 2020


The Political Machine 2020 is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by, Inc, The Political Machine 2020 is a Simulation game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 15th July 2020 with the latest update 27th July 2020

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Strategy, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


242 people have rated 1.0.3

You can download the game The Political Machine 2020 from APP STORE.


Choose your favorite candidate from either Democratic standouts such as Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and Elizabeth Warren, or Republican favorites including Donald Trump, George W. Bush, and Mike Pence. Don’t like any of the current candidates? No problem, just create your own and adopt some truly wild ideologies (ban all video games – they’ll rot your brain)!

The Political Machine 2020 features unique ideology trees for candidates, allowing for unique experiences each and every playthrough! Earn ideology points from Town Halls and use them to own certain issues. Play as Bernie Sanders and take ownership of the ‘Medicare for All’ issue, or play as Donald Trump to own ‘Build the Wall’. It’s important to win 270 votes in the electoral college, so you’ll need to pay attention to what issues voters care about in the swing states. What plays well in Texas or California might hurt you in Ohio or Florida!

Do you think you have what it takes? Take to the campaign trail and show the nation why you should be the next President of the United States of America!

● Spread your Ideology – Participate in Town Hall events to earn ideology points and solidify your position on hot issues with your voters.
● Generate Enthusiasm – Use your power and money to purchase ads to discredit your opponent and influence voters. The greater enthusiasm your base has for an issue, the more effective your ad campaigns will be.
● Participate in Interviews – Accept invitations to various talk shows across the country in order to share your opinion on issues important to the American people.
● Choose your Candidate – Play as one of several candidates, each with their own custom stats like stamina, intelligence, charisma, media bias, and more.
● Manage your Campaign Budget – Purchase advertisements, travel across the country to campaign, and hire operatives to enhance your PR or cripple your opponent. Be wary – if you overspend and need extra cash, it might come from somewhere that will shake voters’ confidence in you!
● Create a Candidate – Customize your own front runner and race for the White House.
● Practice your Politics – A sophisticated underlying simulation model uses census data and real issues to test your political savvy.
● Be Ready for Anything – Torrid affairs, natural disasters, email scandals, and other “breaking news” events can pop up and change the direction of the campaign for better or worse.

Updated on 27th July 2020

We’ve added two more Presidential Candidates!

The Political Machine 2020 Reviews

Its a great game but not enough playable candidates or custom so you should consider adding that to the game.

Would it be too big to have an ai vs ai on mobile?

Or even more parties, candidates, other things on the mobile version. This game is a lot of fun but implementing as much of the PC version as possible into the mobile version would make this a superior game.

We really enjoy this game. We have it on both mobile and the PC. The mobile version is also good, but we think some more features should be added. The main thing we would like to see added is the ability to give speeches in a state. Right now, stamina is entirely useless on mobile since you dont control where the candidates go and that speeches arent in the game. Adding speeches would give stamina a real purpose and would offer another way of campaigning in a state besides advertising, ideology, and operatives. It would also make the mobile version feel more like the PC version. Anyway, thanks for reading this review. Hopefully speeches are added in the next update. Have a good day!

Im gonna give it a five star because it looks fun and we’ve seen people play this game and they had a lot of fun and idk what you can do but we hope you can fix it so we can play it we get kicked out when we pick our party so if you can fix it we would really happy.

This game is awesome. It has 6 difficulties for a player to choose from, and has realistic gameplay. The only thing we would ask for is AI vs AI, but other than that, this game is incredible.

Hello we got this game it was fun but the problem was it kept kicking us out and would get us mad and we wish they would add a independent party we would think it would be fun.

Update The game is working and we would say its top notch also with frequent updates what a game!!! Our only suggestion is to add debates, we already have a good concept with appearances on talk shows but if the Devs were able to add debates it would be Beautiful also for custom characters if your able to select an ideology that would be nice.

So we downloaded on our Mac and it doesnt let us travel anywhere we’ve been trying for hours to do it but doesnt work fix this.

So yesterday we just added $25 dollars on our Apple ID and we thought when you buy the Super pack it would give all the candidates like Andrew Yang but they only got us two small custom slots because we have purchase the other stuff and we were mad and we ask Apple to refund and they did but they did not give us our money back. We wouldve had gave it a 5 star but we would give it a 4 star by our mistake.

It is a really good game but can you add Ai vs ai for mobile divices soon. Multiplayer should be added.

Political Machine is great Im just feeling that you need the AI vs AI mode from PC because we want to pit AI against each other and see who would win.

The game is very very fun. We hope things will continue to get added, such as a primary, debates, and maybe even some post election/ second term election options, because it does get repetitive, but we definitely recommend it- we even bought all the add ons.

This is our favorite game in the whole wide world we have nothing bad to say about this game at all the only thing we would suggest is you add a presidential debate where you answer questions just like in the interviews we would love to see you face your opponent on the debate stage and listen to their answers then have a newspaper say how you did just like in the interviews thank you!

This game is so addicting. The only downside to it is that there arent a lot of updates and other candidates arent added. Its kind of boring every once in a while. Hoping developers deliver updates. Other than that, this game is the BEST.

This is really good mobile game overall we just hope the creators come back and completely make a big update with the game.

We had the 2008 Election version of the game and this version has brought back so many memories! We would like to suggest adding different party options such as Libertarian, Green, etc. Also how about Teddy Roosevelt as a character? Big fan you guys! Awesome!

We bought the entire package of candidates. We have played this with various levels and combinations of candidates. Its a fun game. We made Joe Tiger, JFK, Jeffrey Dahmer and even Charles Manson.

We like how you can make a character and give them traits. But there is one thing we want you guys to do, can you make an AI vs AI mode for mobile? That would be super fun, thanks!

Do you guys know if this game will get updates for speeches and stuff like that.

This game is already great but we think it would be amazing if it had a presidential debate similar to the the interviews or you could just put it in political machine 2024 but thats a long way away.

We enjoy this game a lot but it would be nice if it were more challenging, especially for the harder difficulties. We should not be able to get over 400 electoral votes on the hardest difficulty. We think it is because the ideology points are a little unbalanced because if you just focus on getting those then you get huge nationwide bonuses that give you an insurmountable lead.

We played this game all the time growing up. Id love to have control of the candidate, control of stamina points, and control of HQ locations, as well as types of ads. Suggestions: vary costs/impact of ads: digital, tv, newspaper, social media, etc. Control of VP candidate to boost enthusiasm. Control of candidate and control of speeches- like v.2004 we have to believe that many of us who played this then, want many of the old controls back. Excited to see version 2.0- that is happening, correct? Love this game. Telling all our political friends about it tonight.

Its a great game but it needs to add a ai vs ai like pc or even to buy this feature it would make the game so much better like the pc version.

Hi we swear Im not a bot and have played this game for some time now. We love it. The strategies you can use and stuff. Just a few quick suggestions. First, a new electoral map has kind of been released. If you guys could like update the number of electoral votes each state has in this game or release a new game with the same features just a different electoral map that would be awesome. Next, it would be nice if we could be able to see how each county in a given state will vote based on polls. Also, how about the ability to have a three or four party election (I.e. Republicans vs Democrats vs Libertarian vs Green Party). That would also of course mean adding more candidates for those two additional parties Thanks if you read this!

After winning the election we should be able to simulate through 4 years to try to play the role as president and try to run for 2nd term.

We love this game it is a very good game but there is a little bit of an issue we were trying to get Ronald Reagan and it was connecting to the App Store but it did not purchase it and we did not just try Reagan we tried Obama versus McCain and that did not work too so if you can fix this problem thank you we love this game.

This is an ordinary mobile game that tries to take your money.

We love this game. However, we think it could be better, we think you should implement more feature from the pc version. Other reviews have suggested this too. We would love to control where our person goes, as sometimes it frustrates us on where they go. We would want our Democrat to go to Michigan but theyll go to Texas. You could instead make the player ai smarter. We would also like to suggest more candidates. We know you can unlock more, but we think it would be fun to have old candidates for a small fee, like George Washington, Abe Lincoln, and the Roosevelts. Thank you for your time.

Its a very good game just one question how do you change your ideology?

Its the best election game hands down but most of the people you need to buy + we paid for this game already we dont get the point = good but we can be better.

We think that this game was on point. We do however, think that some more candidates are to be added. Possibly Mike Bloomberg, Kanye West, Abe Lincoln, FDR, JFK, Teddy Rosevelt, and George Washington. These are just some that we think should be added. Also another thing you could add is the running for senate and house. But everything in game is perfectly fine.

How do we unlock more candidates? We’ve unlocked a few but any tips? Also will AI vs AI be added or do we need to unlock it how? If so how do we unlock it? Please respond.

Please add AI VS AI, and new ideologies. Say if you want to be a green candidate but cant because you can only choose Dem Or Rep. Like in the PC Version you can edit that stuff but this is very far behind only on 1.1-1.3.

We love this game. Its extremely entertaining. However the game is too easy. We know that there is a masochistic mode, but that is far too easy. We have never lost a game and we really want to be challenged. Thank.

We actually love this game and its really fun but it does definitely has some issues. First It has some glitches, we faced many glitches like having the map being blurred or the presidential candidates disappearing. Second, the game can get repetitive considering you cant play against a friend or have third parties and this goes into our third criticism. Our third issue is that it isnt like the PC version, its way too watered down compared to that version and for someone who doesnt play a lot of games on our computer, its a bummer to see this game only have one main thing to do. If we ignore all those things, the game is great!

Overall this is a really good game its awesome really fun but one thing we think would be awesome if you added ai vs ai on mobile other then that this game is great and fun but ai vs ai would be really fun to mess around with.(please see)

We love this game its just it needs more canidits theres only 4 Democrats and 4 Republicans.

We love everything about the game but we wish there was a ai vs ai mode if you add that this is a easy 5 star.

We’ve been playing the game for a while now and the only change we would really ask for is the ability to pick an ideology for custom candidates as thats a feature in the pc version we kinda miss on mobile. Other than that, great game and we hope this gets added as well as the developers continue their great work!

We wish there was a ai vs ai feature like on pc other than that we think it is a great game and can you make some more things free?

We love the game but however there isnt any AI vs AI mode like on steam. Also we expected to automatically get all of the characters but thats ok that they arent.. But they are a bit expensive. You should also add Andrew Cuomo he has had a great leading roll during these time.

This app is great but we would like to see a mode where you could play against online opponents!

We love this game the only thing is that we should add AI versus AI so than you always dont have to play just watch the election.

We would love to have more than Establishment political beliefs for costume.

The game is fun but we wish there is a way to simulate it cause we thought u could so we just watched it not knowing we lost 366-186 can u add a way to simulate the elections.

So basically this game is amazing! Its really good in graphics for a mobile game and addicting. There are a few things we would like to see soon. First off things are a tad bit to pricey. $2 for a president and a Vice President?! It should be lowered to at least $0.99. Secondly we would love to see more features from the PC version implemented into this version. For example, we would love to see Ai vs Ai added into the mobile version. Also a multiplayer mode would be fun. Lastly, we would give this game 5 stars if we could choose where our starting state is instead of it picked randomly (For custom character only). We would choose our home state as Georgia and our character would fly to Michigan. Please get the devs to read this since we dont think they update it anymore and now Im sad :(. Overall this game is great but still doesnt get 5 stars unless Some of the things listed gets added into the game (especially Ai vs Ai)

This game is a great game and we spend a lot of time playing it. However it is simply very repetitive and not as user-controlled as the pc version is. We would really love to see the pc controls like flying to states, giving speeches, and have more candidate options. For example Andrew Yang and Michael Bloomberg are available on pc, but not on mobile.