The Sailor’s Dream

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The Sailor’s Dream


The Sailor’s Dream is one of the best $3.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Simogo AB, The Sailor’s Dream is a Music game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 6th November 2014 with the latest update 13th November 2018

Whether you are a fan of Music, Adventure, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


104 people have rated 1.4

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A peaceful narrative experience, in which the only objective is to satisfy your curiosity.

Explore an ocean dream world, in which time passes even when you are not there, visit forgotten islands and piece together memories – some even existing beyond the screen of your device.

“The Sailor’s Dream is a novella, a folk EP, and an art installation wrapped into one app … It’s an inspired example of what storytelling can be in the 21st century and the way modern technology can shine new light on well-worn conventions.” – A.V. Club

“Its lonely, bittersweet tale—told in a wonderfully unique mix of approaches—is the best storytelling I’ve ever played on my iPad.” – Kotaku

“It’s an experience that’s entirely about the narrative, but one uniquely built for smartphones and tablets. The peaceful visuals, the wonderful music, the sharp writing, and the simple interactive toys all go towards creating an atmosphere and telling a story.” – The Verge

“… you can easily wander for hours through The Sailor’s Dream making music, playing it not like a game, but as an instrument … If you are looking for a space to contemplate, a place to linger, a path to walk in patient consideration, you will find yourself at home in The Sailor’s Dream for quite some time.” – Kill Screen

“A world-in-miniature put in the palm of your hands, which rewards you for your exploration of it with sensory delight. And perhaps most powerfully of all, pushes you to feel deeply for its inhabitants.” – Gamezebo

Updated on 13th November 2018

  • Added support for new devices

The Sailor’s Dream Reviews

We have a iPad Pro large but this app does not start after a double click. It changes the screen to portrait and then dies. Refund please. Update: The developer has fixed this problem so we have changed t four stars.

Im not really interested in playing games we like the curiosity of opening up one door and seeing where it leads and then opening up another and walking down the hallway and finding another opening and seeing where it takes us next. We like a labyrinthine story. This app provides beautiful music along with an interesting mystery story and how you can find different pathways to understanding where the story will ultimately lead you. The artwork is stunning, the flow of the visuals is very naturalistic, slightly nostalgic, eerie like youre looking where youre not supposed to. The islands you land on to peruse are so magical and forlorn, like the music. Its a beautiful app, but its not for gamers. Its an app to enjoy the art, music and the mystery and where it might lead you. Other than a Years Walk and Device 6, its unfortunate that they havent been able to create more apps with stunning visuals, thrilling plot pathways with gorgeous music.

Cute, but we just dont get it. Sorry. Im old.

What we could get of the story, was interesting and made us want to learn what exactly happened with the fire and the characters, however we never was able to learn that – even though we tried everything we could think of to finish the story, including the frustrating experience of having to wait for certain days of the week to get parts of it. On the positive side, we liked the art work and enjoyed the songs. We enjoyed the creativity that went into this game/story, but, in the end, came away feeling frustrated.

This is a unique, creative, artistic storytelling app that accomplishes that role very well. However, from a gaming standpoint it is not worth the price. As a free or $.99 app it would be just fine. Too slow for us to get into it.

We hate playing games where there are no instructions- and other than being able to visit several static rooms – there seems little to manipulate here and the story is unfolding too slowly and in too many poorly worded clues – it did not engage us at all. Adding more- we found a web site with suggestions that include listening to the music in different days and hours- ugh! Final straw. Music is totally inane- can not bear to listen to any more of it- deleting game.

This app is a beautifully designed work of art. Its a collection of intriguing memories meant to be patiently explored and pieced together into a whole story at the very end. We find this concept very relaxing and interesting at the same time. We think it would have been better if all the musical toys in the game, like the hanging cubes and the cool stuff in the observatory actually had a purpose to advance the story. We found myself going back and forth between them, trying to figure out what they were supposed to change in the game, only to find out later that they had no purpose except to be played with. We can forgive this because the app is so darn beautiful.

This isnt like most games its more of an interactive story that unfolds over time, literally. You have to open the app on each day of the week and at different times of the day to get each piece of the story. The graphics and soundtrack are lovely and aptly dreamlike, and the story is quite melancholy this is a great game to open late at night before bed, or in quiet, meditative moments. All of the 1-star reviews were left by people looking for a different kind of experience and feeling disappointed when their expectations werent met, and theyre not really fair assessments of the app itself.

Its visually stunning and relaxing but we dont know what the point of the game is. We just wonder around touching things that make noise…? Theres no explanation, no direction… Just aimlessly going in circles making noise. We guess Id like it more if there was a point.

Beautiful, but there is no sound. Edit: sound through headphones but not phone speaker. Odd, and inconvenient.

We just worked through this in 5 minutes. And we read everything. Is this a joke?

Easily the most boring thing we’ve ever played. At least Device 6 had a cohesive story and required you to solve puzzles.

Tried it for 20 minutes and was bored out of our mind. Give us our time back.

We just stepped into this beautiful story, which unfolds like a flower opening – a song, a spoken reverie, a forgotten artifact… The exploration of this world is very dreamlike, with blurred beginnings and endings, passageways of unpredictable light and shadow and sounds, and "faraway" places that are not so far away to reach. The story is a little happy, a little sad, a little mysterious. As it unfolds, the same old vignettes give new interest and meaning. We are enchanted with the dream and emotionally connected with the story. No this is not a puzzle game. It’s what your mind does with bedtime stories as you slowly peacefully drift into sleep.

This "game" is not so much of a game as it is an interactive experience with the story of a man, a woman, and a young girl who all seem to be part of a pseudo-family unit and something terrible happens and sets them all on different paths after a tragic separation. This story requires you to come back on different days of the week for different pieces of the story and even check back in at different times of the day when new pieces of the puzzle will become evident. For those of you morons that bought this app 13 hours ago and having given a 2-star rating: you’re quite dense and clearly haven’t experienced all that this story has to offer. We have had this app for a month and we are still receiving chunks of the story and working on getting all the pieces of the puzzle in place. If you’ve gone through the "entire" app in less than a day, you have only just begun to experience what the Sailor’s Dream is, and you need to take more time to evaluate what remains.

We loved this game. Thank you for making it! The gorgeous visuals and quiet pace made it a brief haven from life.

We’ve always been a sucker for a good soundtrack, and The Sailor’s Dream does not disappoint. The interface is unique and memorable, and really contributes to the tragic story told through what is left behind. Easily worth your time and money.

This is a gorgeous work of art offering simple meditative asylum in today’s troubling times. We think it’s fantastic, albeit ironic, that an app is being used to take us to a world where technology has very little meaning or importance. Peaceful, wistful music, stunning artwork & meaningful narrative-all the bells & whistles of what we expect from the word "app" stripped away, leaving us with our own thoughts & feelings. Thank you Simogo for redefining the word "game" & for showing us there can be more to it than points, boss battles & jump scares. We loved making music with cubes, distorting sound with gems or letting fireflies out of their jars. There really IS no "end game" here but, as any sailor can tell you, the joy’s not just the destination, but in the journey itself.

This is a beautiful, almost surreal interactive story. It features beautiful graphics, music, and has a wonderful atmospheric quality. It is not a game, so much as a story, mapped out for you to explore. We personally love it.

Very calming. Helps our brain calm from thinking too much. Whoever hates this game, doesn’t understand the point of this app.

The Sailor’s Dream doesn’t require lightning reflexes, managing inventories, or level grinding. Instead, it is a game that presents a story for you to find and piece together at your own pace. With lovely music, a rich narrative, and a simple interface, The Sailor’s Dream is a relaxing yet intriguing time. It doesn’t ask for much and greatly rewards the player’s time.

Pretty short, but definitely worth getting at the 0.99 sale price.

Ignore what Stevo3895 (or something similar) says. This game doesn’t take a month to complete. We don’t have an idea what that person is saying… He/she is continuing to find more parts of the story for a month? At most you would need a week, but of course you can just "cheat" and change the time on your phone. We mean, we liked it (finished playing) and the story behind it was interesting. Very interesting idea, like Device 6. Thing is, we bought this (and Device 6) for 99¢ since it’s on sale… So to us, it’s a good deal. But we don’t think we would spend any more to buy this game (or Device 6). We’re not being ignorant here- we were surprised that we finished it already (besides the temporal parts of the story) so we went online and looked at the walk-throughs. The results? You definitely don’t need a month for this. A good game overall but we’re not sure if you want to buy this if you don’t have a lot of money to spend. Especially if this game isn’t 99¢ anymore. (I’m gonna talk about Device 6 now) Personally, we feel like Device 6 was a better use of our 99¢ than this game but both are great. Haha… We bought Device 6 and finished it. The game restarts everything but you can’t really play it again so we’re just letting our friends and family play it. We don’t want to just get rid of it, so we’re planning to squeeze every worth of the 99¢ we spent on Device 6. (Sorry, sorta went on a tangent here but it’s not like the two games are completely unrelated).

We thought A Sailors dream was a very well written game but it was over too quickly. We thought that this game would last a wile but we finished it soon after we got it. Although we liked this game we would not get it again or recommend it to our friends until the price is lowered.

Honestly, we didn’t really comprehend just how short this game really is. It had a great story line and a beautiful art style. But, it was so short, we finished it within 10 minutes.

Added up, the game takes less than 2 hours. Maybe way less. We’re glad we only paid a dollar. The story would have been better served if the radio bits and songs were integrated into the exploration of the places, which was gorgeous. The waiting for specific times and days is arbitrary.

This is not a game, it is a story chopped into little bits. The whole game is piecing the story together by swiping through artsy graphics and pictures that grant you little bits at a time. You also have to open bottles that appear one each day of the week…. This is the only reason this game takes more than an hour or two to play. The story is not deep, not suspenseful not really anything new or particular interesting from our perspective.

We think if they would have not rated a game it wouldn’t be a problem. But this IS NOT A GAME for goodness sakes. Put it in the correct category, as the story it really is, and everyone, including your ratings will be happy.

We were so sure we were going to agree with the reviews that praised this "game" since we like interactions that are whimsical and unique. But this experience lacked any real interaction and had a very unsatisfying storyline. Our imagination kept waiting for character depth and a climax that never came. The illustrations are lovely. 2-Stars.

Still trying to figure out the point of this. We think it is supposed to be a story, maybe. But it’s a boring story and awful music. Whatever you do, do not click on the floating bottle unless you’re dying to listen to an insipid song that can’t be stopped. You’ve been warned.

The info and desc for this game didn’t reveal the fact that it isn’t fun, is very boring, and has no purpose. We would love to get a refund if we could but seeing as it was on sale for 99¢ we don’t care that much. We’re giving it two stars because some people like games without fun or purpose. Have a great day and think before you fork over the money for this piece of artistic and meaningless game.

Works on our phone, but not an iPad Pro using ios11.02. Wasted money.

It pieces together cryptic clues of a story without painting a full picture. It is dull and short- lived. Definitely not substance to capture our attention for long.

How can this be called a game? This is no game, you swipe left, right, up and down. No interaction other then swiping and reading. We love games like the Room, this is not like that at all. Was really disappointed. If you like swiping and looking at graphics then this is for you. Glad it was on sale for 99 cents, we feel really bad for the peeps that paid full price.

We first tried downloading this game over a month ago and it wouldnt open on our IPad Pro (which it says its compatible with). We have tried uninstalling it and installing it multiple times and nothing! It attempts to open the app but then flashes back to the home screen every time. Its more than a little frustrating! Especially after spending $$ on it. A little help please?!? Can someone throw us a bone here? Id like to like this game, but so far… November 3, 2017 update: we’ve emailed the company, Simogo AB and am waiting for a response. This is the second game by Simogo that we’ve purchased very recently thats not working. The other one is Year Walk. We didnt realize they made both games until today. Hoping for a response from them soon!

You’ll be paying money for a very short story with some beautiful images and a few pretty songs. If you’re looking for a game, this isn’t it. Check out Year Walk or Device 6 for some great Simogo games.

$4 and wont even open. What else is there to say?

We don’t know what all the rave reviews were about!

People cannot still fully review this app because as of now (the 8th of November) no one has seen or heard all of the story. Each day and each hour more content is revealed. So far it has been amazing! Great app!

Yes, we picked this game up a long time ago, yes we heard it takes time, yes we tried it and promptly deleted it after trying to figure out what the heck we were playing. We understand you. And because we understand you, we must insist that you dont drop this game. We picked it up again with the intent of not playing a game, but watching experiences unfold before us and exploring the mind of this sailor"that changed everything. From the beautiful visual imagery down to the intriguing memories displayed in vivid textI really fell in love with this up. Theres so much to discover and ample clues to discover it with. All the memories can be explored in any order and in any direction (you explore places)but they are still seamlessly connected. The game itself, takes about a week to unfoldand this is why: TIME IS RELEVANT. The hours you open it, the day you open it, it is all relevant to the progression. You have to collect memories and songs, and only then will you wake up from this sailors dreams. Its haunting yet beautiful, optimistic yet sad, colorful yet jadedit can be quite an emotional experience if you let it. This game wont be for everyone, but if youre like us you may have dropped it at first, but perhaps instead of making the game approach us, we should approach it on its own terms.

Beautiful and unique. Not a traditional game, but worth your time to explore.

For those who are expecting an easy ‘game’ probably won’t like this. This is more like a written/artistic peice. You have to come back every day to the app to uncover the full story so you can’t complete it in ‘an hour’ either. It is an amazing peice and we enjoyed it very much.

We don’t know whether to call this a game or not. It’s really just exploring a world and unlocking secrets to a complex past. When we first began playing we were done exploring everything in under and hour. It took be until the next day to realize that you need to give this game time. Every hour that passes reveals something new. Every transmission and song in a bottle tells you a little bit more and gets you one step closer to the actual "ending". If you just got this game and feel that there’s not enough, keep coming back to it! You never know- you might find something new!

This game is truly amazing. From discovering beautiful worlds, to tale telling music, they haven’t missed a detail. For those that get it we can only say, we want more!!! Beautiful. Well done!!! An experience.

We’re pretty sure that most people who have a problem with this app haven’t completed it all the way through… It’s not as good as year walk or Device 6, but the ending is satisfying and requires quite a bit of gameplay. Plus, the songs are really well written and the art and plot make it completely worth it.

A beautiful immersive experience. More of a journey than a game.

Traversing this game’s world reveals just enough about its inhabitants to leave you wanting more.

Seriously. It’s pretty straight forward. This is an exploratory novella in which pieces of the story are revealed as the user explores the world. It is also hauntingly beautiful.

We Love it!!! If you are under stress give it a try, we truly recommend it, it is fabulous and will do wonders. We don’t know if we finish it already but… Who cares? We deeeeeeeeeeeeply enjoy it!!! It Aldo helps with insomnia 5 stars ALL the way!!!

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