The Seven Deadly Sins

Last updated on June 4th, 2023 at 03:45 pm

The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Netmarble Corporation, The Seven Deadly Sins is a Adventure game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 2nd March 2020 with the latest update 30th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Role Playing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of The Seven Deadly Sins ?

130,295 people have rated 2.27.0

What is the price of the The Seven Deadly Sins ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the The Seven Deadly Sins released ?

The Seven Deadly Sins was released on 2nd March 2020.

When was the The Seven Deadly Sins updated ?

The latest updated date of The Seven Deadly Sins on 30th May 2023.

Where can The Seven Deadly Sins be downloaded ?

You can download the game The Seven Deadly Sins from Apple Official App Store.



Beyond epic – the ultimate massive-scale RPG
[The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross]!
The stunning anime game that fascinated the world!
Experience the original anime and all of its memorable battles!

◈The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Key Features◈

▶ Dynamic combat with skill rank up system and powerful ultimate moves
Combine skill cards to upgrade to a higher rank!
Use and combine skills to trigger an "Ultimate Move"
Heroes with strong "Associations" use "Combined Attacks" to perform more powerful ultimate moves!

▶ Various PvE systems that perfectly reflect the original anime!

  • A real-time 2-player co-op mode to destroy brutal demons in "Death Match"
  • Daunting challenges to help you grow more powerful heroes in the "Training Grotto!"
  • A new series of progressively more powerful enemies returns every season in the "Tower of Trials!"
  • The Seven Deadly Sins have turned evil? Experience "Final Boss" challenges!

▶ Unique character appearances and costumes
[The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross] introduces never-before-seen original costumes that are only available in the game!
Customize each collectible character according to your own sense of style!

▶ Thorough and authentic implementation of the original anime
[The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross] showcases a perfect implementation of the original anime world!
The Holy War legend that ended 3,000 years ago begins anew.
Prepare for the Holy War with the characters based on the original story rendered in high-quality 3D animation!

▶ Utilize your own strategy in real-time PvP!
Challenge other players by forming unique teams and testing synergies of the characters you collect!
Compete in real-time PvP against players around the world!

▶ Join a Knighthood and enjoy the various guild content!
Cooperate with Knighthood members around the world to achieve greater growth!
Defeat the powerful Knighthood boss battles that change every season with your guild members!
Work together and prepare for war, competing against Knighthoods all over the world!

※ Recommended Specs:

  • iOS 9.0 or higher
  • RAM: 2GB or higher

※ This app offers in-app purchases. You can disable this feature by adjusting your device’s settings.
By downloading this game, you are agreeing to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

  • Terms of Use:
  • Privacy Policy:

※ Optional access

  • Allows the camera for AR function to take pictures with AR characters.
  • Allows the application to read from the external storage.

Updated on 30th May 2023

Grand Cross 4th Anniversary
Grand Festival Now Live!
■Various events and content
Get up to 3 Festival Heroes!
11 Draws per day, up to 154 times!
Log in to get up to 300 Diamonds!
New Hero Evolution Tier Unlocked!
LR Heroes have arrived!
Log in to get
up to 264 Draws!
■New Hero Available
[The Seven Deadly Sins]
Transcendent Ban
■ Miscellaneous system improvements and bug fixes

The Seven Deadly Sins Review

This is the only mobile game we’ve played for years and still play to this day. All of the collabs with other franchises and the infinite team possibilities and abilities keep this game from getting old like so many out there on the App Store. Love to see more anime collabs, would Bleach be too much?

We were playing this game for a long time now but even though its gotten old for us we love it so much we like the game so much this must be a 5 star game.

Hello on our iPhone six we’ve noticed right when Im about to load into the game it crashes and kicks us out please help.

We dont know if Im just lucky or the game is just that generous. We have multiple characters. Easy to level them up, and they give you lots of strong characters as well for free! Just slap on some equipment, good ones, and they do tons of damage. The only thing we’ve spent on this game is TIME. We started playing less than 5 months, already passed Level 60. Anyways all Im trying to say is that its a really good game. No money required unless you want to. We only wish we started playing earlier considering all the things we have missed.

We are a big fan of the anime series and we like how Netmarble has brought it to life but we think they should rebuild the combat system from card to auto and manual RPG we also like you can manage your business hat in the game also like if they rebuild their evolution system to make it slightly easier to evolve the characters!

The game is amazing and really fun,super addicting but we have 1 thing to say about the re zero update. Ban And Echidna should have an association called bundle of greed or whatever just please make one.

Omg this games summoning is so lucky we just got a new ssr how crazy Im fastly building our account and have fun while it has a little bit of challenge it is still welcoming and gives a lot to do.

We can not use our email it does not the password we have for it and our apple account does not work we wish they could fix it we miss our account and our heroes and its trying to make us reset our password and please fix the email and make it accept our password when will you fix it.

Jojo bizarre adventure crossover when.

If you arent following the meta or keeping up with power creep, then dont even bother. Its maddeningly unfair and not worth pouring your time into if you arent spending money on weekly diamond packs, are F2P player grinding dailies every day, or just have unlucky summons, etc. The meta shifts and youre stuck with a team you put lots of time and resources into only for it to get stomped. It was never fun or satisfying for us. We just really liked the 7DS ip and some of its characters.

Ok so we know you get a few characters in the story mode its just that we were disappointed when we dont get lostyenue melidioas when we beat the ablion and besides if we got all the characters from the oringnal show we would give this a 5 star but expect its just a simple problem that needs to be fixed we love the game its just so awesome but its just the content and when we played as king when we faced a ablion AGAIN we didnt get scared treasure king nthier and we dont get Merlin or escanor when we did the story mode we love seven deadly sins and the game its just so disappointing to go out like this .

It may be good but it gets boring fast cause of how repetitive it is from time.

Now the game is fun, but pvp has a really awful way to have you completely asking yourself how is someone that has a low combat class stronger than a high combat class player, even if youre stronger than the opponent, that opponent will somehow get a major advantage at the other, even if the player whos stronger than said player has the exact same team, chances are they are gonna be completely eliminated within 2 to 4 turns, and theres no way to even go around it, its just how pvp treats a lot of players, regardless how long you play or how much micro transactions you put into the game, pvp will ALWAYS be unbalanced and highly unfair.

Fix the rabbit event!! You can’t even pass normal stage with 125 CC! What was it added for just for a laugh? Come on now, lower the difficulty on that crap already!!! Balance it!!

Games ok for killing time but the constant having to update and the wait times for it. Makes us visit this game maybe once a month.

Seven Deadly Sins Takes so much space it is taking like 10 GB for it and the updates and everything way too much.

This might be the most unfair event boss ever we throw 16 different teams at it and still can’t beat it and our combat score is well above 100,000.

We ABSOLUTELY LOVE this game. We also love 7DS in general. Our number 1 complaint since the start of this game is their banners. The hero chance is absolutely trash. We’ve played other similar games and atleast they give better chances for the main set of heros. We’ve dropped $150 on a banner where the 3 new heros the dropped and the ONLY time we go ONE of the 3 heroes was the guaranteed drop for the tier 3 reward. And even the the other two tier below that have a limited set of heros we get the trash ssr. We would highly recommend this game, but dont waste ur money on banners unless you already suffer from chronic depression and suicidal thoughts. Because rolling on banners will 200% cause you to doubt living. 10/10 game 1 for banners alone. And yes we’ve spent a pretty penny in game.

PvP is a bunch of bots with fake names. You are NOT PvPing real people! This is proven by you fighting newbie Elizabeth and Meliodas every 5 to 6 matches. Why would they have fake names associated with them? Yet, if you look, every Elizabeth and Meliodas combo is a different user name. Also when you are over 205,000 CC every single person you fight is using traitor Meliodas. That is impossible. You trying to tell us that everyone bought Traitor Meliodas!? Of course not. Its bot accounts setup to use Traitor Meliodas to meet the demand of a high tier player. So a high tier person doesnt steam roll everyone. Also real people would use emotes, but when you PVP, nobody is using emotes and its always the same Escanor, Traitor Meliodas, Elizabeth combo. NetMarble is scum for deceiving its players.

There no luck of getting any ssr.

There should be a same name update so we can use different meliodias on the same team.

Various characters with fantastic images and stories. Love it!

Uno de los mejores juego que eh jugado sin duda 5 estrellas.

This a good game but we dont play anymore because a accidentally pressed restart.

We love this game even though we lost our old account WhtFg1911 we still love this game.

Really the only not even problem is the tutorial. Its too long and honestly ruins the game especially if youre new.

Um we Drawled a demon but we did not see it.

The whole game is overall great but we hate that in the anime they fight a boss once but in gc you fight it three times.

Loved the game. Stopped playing for a while because we had to clear app from our phone to make space at the time. Wanted to get back into the game and we cannot access our old account at all. It was synced before and everything, put a lot of money into the game as well. Unfortunately we dont remember what our sync code was as it was quite some time ago. Is there any other way we can access our old account?

Its a fun game if you enjoyed the anime or manga but its pay to win to the core to the horrible summon rates needing over 300 gems for one character that may or may not be the one you want ( in our experience) and defiantly rewards people who spend more money to make sure they get that new character that gives them a leap above everyone else.

Love the game, been playing it for a couple years but one thing that bugs us is the upgrade system for equipment. This is beyond unreasonable, we spent this latest event saving up all our anvils (around 2.6k) and wanted to maz out a single piece of equipment. Ended up using all of them, and we mean all of them. To be clear this was ONE PIECE, not a set or anything. We’ve just wasted the past few weeks in 15 minutes, and got no gain. We would suggest fixing the odds for this system, or just scrap it and make it an expensive upgrade that isnt a gamble, as its very annoying. Only complaint though.

The rates system is atrocious if someone does a a lot of multi summon and cant even get a good card is crazy. We mean we understand you cant get everything but we did over 20- 25 multi summon and only got 6 SSR is crazy. Please make rates better.

The worst gatcha game we’ve ever played so far not only is it hard to pull characters but it is really hard to grind for diamonds so we dont understand is this a pay to win game??

Dont get us wrong we like the game but everyone we go for a character on a main banner we get shafted every time.

Not casual, two fight in row for promoted, we did use two different teams and the match was the opposite teams for those two. Please, avoid the standard cheat for paid users.

When your farther in the game its impossible to even get a single gem, if we were you we wouldnt install its a total waste of time, the games impossible to gain gems once you did everything and the pvp is bad, in pvp your character constantly get outdated due to a character that counters that character you just summoned on, and theres curtains character that are only good when you put money into them, the games to money hungry, its sad because the game play is decent and they threw it all way by being money hungry.

You have a higher chance of winning the lottery or getting a jackpot on a slot machine compared to the chance of you pulling anything usable as an end game ftp. Its either wallet or shaft your choice.

Powercreep and grind is insane. Not worth it with how greedy the devs are.

We have played this game before and absolutely love it. But we’ve tried erasing and re-downloading this game multiple times the past few months and nothing that we do will work. It wont let us log back into our account nor to even open the game. Super frustrating. We have done that on different tools such as iPad, computer, phone, etcetera. We guess 1 star is mean of us since we love the game so much, but the fact that we cant find a way to play it is driving us crazy.

Would be okay but the story line updates and how much you literally have to spend money just to try to enjoy yourself is annoying , and when the updates do come out for good draws , it means nothing unless you save diamonds ..

The game literally wont load. Can someone help us?

Tons of hours, game gives you gifts consistently and makes the game stay intriguing.

We love the game we get super lucky and we already have like a bunch of U. Rs but we want to say a few things like make the bosses a bit easier to fight we always get the strongest people and we still lose! We gave all our characters armor, we awakened them and super awakened, limit breaked them and everything and we cant we lose anyway no matter what we do! We like how challenging it is but please make the bosses easier to fight!

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