Thermo Sudoku

Last updated on January 11th, 2023 at 10:25 pm

Thermo Sudoku


Thermo Sudoku is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Nick Carney, Thermo Sudoku is a Board game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 20th May 2020 with the latest update 1st April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Board, Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


141 people have rated 1.4

You can download the game Thermo Sudoku from APP STORE.


***** MARCH UPDATE *****
20 new puzzles, 100 puzzles total!

Presented by Cracking The Cryptic, YouTube’s most popular Sudoku channel, comes a new game featuring one of the most popular puzzle types: Thermo Sudoku.

How does Thermo Sudoku work? Well each sudoku grid contains thermometer shapes (often drawn to create themes) and digits on thermometers must increase as one moves further from the bulb end. The interactions between the thermometers leads to new logical ideas and patterns that completely refreshes the standard sudoku solving experience.

As with their other games (‘Classic Sudoku’, ‘Sandwich Sudoku’ and ‘Chess Sudoku’), Simon Anthony and Mark Goodliffe (the hosts of Cracking The Cryptic) have personally crafted the hints for the puzzles. So you know that every puzzle has been play-tested by a human being to ensure that the sudoku is interesting and fun to solve.

In Cracking The Cryptic’s games, players start with zero stars and earn stars by solving puzzles. The more puzzles you solve, the more stars you earn and the more puzzles you get to play. Only the most dedicated (and cleverest) sudoku players will finish all the puzzles. Of course the difficulty is carefully calibrated to ensure lots of puzzles at every level (from easy through to extreme). Anyone familiar with their YouTube channel will know that Simon and Mark take pride in teaching viewers to be better solvers and, in these games, they always craft the puzzles with the mindset of trying to help solvers improve their skills.

Mark and Simon have both represented the UK many times at the World Sudoku Championship and you can find more of their puzzles (and lots of others) on the internet’s biggest sudoku channel Cracking The Cryptic.

100 beautiful puzzles
Hints crafted by Simon and Mark!

Updated on 1st April 2022

20 new puzzles, 100 puzzles total!

Thermo Sudoku Reviews

Great app, but sometimes when exiting and re-entering the app while solving the puzzle, the timer jumps, sometimes hundred of minutes at a time. We didnt have this error on the Classic or Chess sudoku app.

Love Cracking the Cryptic youtube channel so we had to get 1 of their apps. These puzzles are a lot of fun. Our only issue is that there is 1 weird bug that can be quite annoying. Whenever you leave the app and load it back up, there is a wrong number put into box where you left off. Happens almost every time. Normally if this happens without resetting the app, you can just hit the undo button.

A marvelous collection of puzzles but most are locked which requires completing the easy ones to unlock more puzzles. WHY? We PAID $4.95!!! Its the least logical part of the app. Remove the locks ASAP.

We really enjoy doing sudoku on this software, and we enjoy the Thermo puzzles, up to the point where they get too hard. Puzzle #79 is ridiculously hard. We got as far as could, starting looking at hints and could not get past the fourth hint, we understand what its trying to say but it doesnt fit the puzzle and no progress can be made from this hint unless you just take it on faith you should remove the candidates it says to. We think if people want super hard puzzles they can find them on their own, no need to include such convoluted logic in a mass marketed app. We have had this trouble with other cracking the cryptic apps too, the last few puzzles are just stupid hard and make us wanna shoot myself in the head.

Its been well over a year and this app is still 20 puzzles short of the 100 puzzles within first year promise upon launch. And, yet, the developers are releasing new games with similar promises. PLEASE keep your promises to people who bought your game at launch and release the remaining puzzles for this app.

The app description says it will be enhanced to 100 puzzles within a year of introduction. It has now been over 20 months and we are still waiting.

Still waiting for the last 20 puzzles that were promised. Been at 80 for a while.

Love the content of this app, but we liked it more before the latest update. The look and feel of this new version seems like a step backwards from what it was before. The actual gameplay is great and unchanged from previous, but its the menu layout that we find unsatisfactory. Ultimately not a huge deal, but its frustrating when it was fine as it was.

We have now discovered two different puzzles with multiple solutions. The first one was easy to find the right solution, but the second one is less straightforward.

We love this app so much. We check almost daily for an update. Thermometer Sudoku is definitely our favorite variation and we cannot get enough of it! Update day is always highly anticipated. Every Cracking the Cryptic app is wonderful. We own all 4 and have completed every puzzle published on each to date, but in our heart none of them can compete with Thermo. We find myself frequently going back to already solved puzzles to solve them again. We also really love that the hints dont just fill in a number but rather explain the logic behind each move so you can learn to solve it. The latest update had the most beautiful puzzles yet. They were truly breathtaking and gorgeous to solve. All our love to Mark, Simon, and the team behind this app. All parties involved are breathtakingly talented.

Love the puzzles, wish it was updated and puzzles were added more regularly.

Congrats on another excellent app. Thermo is becoming one of our favorite variants. Thank you Mark and Simon!

We have loved every app put out by Cracking the Cryptic so far, and this one is our favorite. Having the sandwich clues outside the regular grid adds a new dimension to the usual Sudoku puzzle, and despite our usual distaste for arithmetic, we love it. The fact that options for which number combinations can make which result are available by poking the sandwich clues makes this easier than having a hand-written list in front of us. (Hand writing a list wouldnt have been a dealbreaker for us, but its hard to hold the phone and a paper list while on a commute!) Thanks to Cracking the Cryptic for their fun apps, their informative and delightful YouTube channel, and for brightening our lives with both.

We are really enjoying this variant. Very clean and beautiful interface. Mark and Simon have released another gem!

We really love these variant sudokus – we had lots of fun with sandwich sudoku and the chess sudoku apps, and we are so excited to dive right into these! Thank you Mark and Simon!!

This is the fourth app we have now downloaded on our iPad/iPhone and enjoy everyone of them. The sandwich sudoku seems to be the hardest of the lot and the classic one is just that – classic. We have just done a few of the thermo sudoku and again wish the hints would not totally overlay the puzzle itself. We wish it were just in one of the corners with smaller font size. V T Ramakrishnan Also a Patreon member.

1 puzzle in and its very fun an entertaining. Just as good as the other three apps by you guys. Been super entertained by going through Sudoku and Sudoku Variants during quarantine so we are happy for more types to go through more puzzles of a different variant.

Our only problem is we have finished all 40. When is the update?

Incredible app. Full of beautiful puzzles, and you can tell each one is hand crafted to follow a logical path. The hints are well written too, giving you just enough to get back on track, but not spoiling too much and allowing you to feel like youve still cracked a tough one! Input method is very well designed as well, and we have very large fingers, so thats always an issue.

Im absolutely loving the game so far! It works smoothly and is definitely worth its price. The only issue we have is the number pads to type in the entries are a little small but its great besides that.

We just recently discovered Thermo sudoku and this app is great for solving simple to complex puzzles. The hints are a great feature as it helps you solve the puzzles without giving you the straight forward answers, they make you think logically on how to solve step by step. Worth every penny spent. Looking forward to updates and new puzzles!

We’ve always been a fan of Cracking the Cryptic ever since we’ve first seen them. This is a great app and the levels are very interesting and make you use your brain in a great way.

While we havent had this game for very long Im a huge fan of it, only done about 10 levels so far and still chugging. Im only concerned that there are 40 levels but who knows how long theyll take us :). Im not even a huge sudoku fan and Im addicted. Again with hopefully more levels in the future its a great pickup.

We love thermo sudoku and Cracking the Cryptic. Was looking forward to lots of thermos. But its not fun solving a couple of thermometers easily and then just having classic sudoku left to solve/fill in before you can progress to a more complex one. Didnt even complete the first puzzletoo boring. The others might be good, but Ill never know because the app wont let us access them. We wish we could access them! Would love to give 5 stars!

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