Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults HD

Last updated on June 4th, 2023 at 05:45 pm

Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults HD

Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults HD

Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults HD is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Veraxen Ltd, Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults HD is a Board game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 20th May 2013 with the latest update 25th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Board, Entertainment, or Puzzle games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults HD ?

675,486 people have rated 2.8.0

What is the price of the Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults HD ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults HD released ?

Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults HD was released on 20th May 2013.

When was the Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults HD updated ?

The latest updated date of Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults HD on 25th May 2023.

Where can Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults HD be downloaded ?

You can download the game Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults HD from Apple Official App Store.



10,000 free jigsaw puzzles in the app and new puzzles every day. Upload your own pictures and use them to create puzzles. Do jigsaw puzzles to relax and get rid of stress.


Choose from 12 difficulty levels: from 12 to 440 puzzle pieces. Configure the background color and shape of puzzle pieces. You can turn the rotation of pieces on or off for each puzzle separately.


You can use any pictures on your device to create jigsaw puzzles. Make puzzles using your family photos, photos of your pets, or any pictures you find on the Internet.


You will find jigsaw puzzles for any taste in 17 categories. Special puzzle packs appear before holidays: Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc. Full list of puzzle categories:

  • Travel
  • Art
  • Seasons
  • Animals
  • Flowers
  • Landscapes
  • Home
  • Kids
  • Handmade
  • Holidays
  • Tropical
  • Butterflies
  • Assorted
  • Colorful
  • Food
  • Patterns
  • Technics


The game saves your progress every time you close a puzzle. You don’t need to think about saving your progress and can do several jigsaw puzzles at the same time.


A new jigsaw puzzle appears every day in the Daily Free Puzzle section. On Wednesday there is a big update — several big puzzle packs appear in the game. Small puzzle packs are published on our Facebook page daily: https://www.facebook.com/jigsawpuzzlecollectionhd/


Jigsaw Puzzle Collection HD contains in-app purchases that you can make through your iTunes account. You can disable in-app purchases by adjusting your device settings.


Before You use the App, please read carefully our EULA and Privacy Statement (please use the links located below).

Pay special attention to the section ‘’California Consumer Privacy Policy" in the Privacy Statement to be informed of the categories of personal information to be collected from You and the purposes for which the categories of personal information will be used, as well as Your rights and our obligations toward You and Your privacy.

EULA: https://veraxen.com/terms.php
Terms of Use: https://veraxen.com/tos.php
Privacy Policy: https://veraxen.com/privacy.php

Updated on 25th May 2023

We’ve fixed the bugs and hope you enjoy the game! Every day we check all the reviews, which helps us improve the game! Leave a comment and give us a piece of advice. Be happy with the jigsaw puzzle!

Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults HD Review

We love these beautiful colors and scenes.

The puzzles are excellent and the images are beautiful.

Very colorful not too hard can relax playing.

This used to be an awesome app! Now the ads are so long and frequent it’s become totally frustrating. Hope it goes back to the way it used to be. Might be time to move on.

Love this puzzle game not so hard that you get frazzled and not so easy you get bored its like the 3 bears Its just right!!!

Thanks for the great choices – some local sites too.

If your at the beach or a library and your bored this is an amazing game! Its relaxing and fun! We totally recommend this game we love it! Im at the beach and playing this and its Amazing! Its calming and wonderful and many different puzzles!

Fun, relaxing, and lots of variety!

Just like a regular puzzles but you dont lose the pieces.

Very relaxing enjoyment and nice puzzle photos!

Minimal to no ads, calming music, and therapeutic puzzles with lots of options to choose from! There are basically no flaws to this calming game, 5/5!

Enjoy these puzzles which relaxes a person after a long day of work.

This puzzle game is awesome wish you had the country of Europe or Portugal like Lisbon and its little countries but aside of that its great game to pass time.

The puzzles have beautiful details and bold colors. Numerous puzzles available for play. And to choose. There are days we play for hours. Best app ever for puzzles!

Fun to play. We like the puzzle setup.

We are short and it is difficult to get to regular pieces of puzzle parts on a table, but with this app, we can have our IPad on our lap to reach everything. The choice of pictures are also interesting.

Ad are annoying but thats the price for a free to play game. Many many new games/puzzles every day. Choice of puzzles is outstanding and can meet any interest. Food animals architecture world history sites its all here.

We really enjoy playing this game.

This is a super good game and it has been barley any adds.

This is the best puzzle app we ever had played in our life we have 20 puzzle games on our phone and this is the best one we ever played in 5 years.

Great way to fill up a few minutes when you are waiting for something!

From simple to difficult they are all still here. Beautiful images. Very relaxing and somewhat addictive. Love this.

Easy, relaxing, very beautiful graphic, we love it , our wife love it, thank you.

This is the first time we’ve seen a puzzle in a long time.

Love it. Can you try to get 3D versions.

Great and beautiful puzzles. We love them.

This game is a great way to wind down. Very relaxing. Nice pictures.

We like the book they read all the time.

We love that the ads dont interrupt the game.

Its a puzzle app. Its about what youre expect.

It helps us to relax and calm our mind and body to do 12 pieces of puzzles. They are easy and fun to do compared with other puzzles that are too numerous. It is so great to see our completed puzzles in our library.

We loved all the pictures and the detail.

We love the pups jig saw can you add more.

Jigsaw Puzzles are colorful and can be solved by any level of problem solver. We like the feature to separate the border pieces at first and having room around the puzzle to store pieces under consideration.

This is a super relaxing way to spend some quit time. The puzzles are beautiful. We enjoy the large variety to choose from. Im so glad we found this application. Its our go to game when we need to simply rest and and do something quiet and peaceful.

Totally enjoyable while listening to books.

Yep we love this app. Case closed.

We had an issue with puzzle folders not opening and we deleted quite a few folders. Not only did the support group respond to our issue, they replaced all our lost folders. We love our puzzles. The pictures are beautiful and it is relaxing to put them together. Thank you Support Team for your excellent response.

-just take your time and relax. Works well with Apple Pencil. Vibrant pictures.

Ton of free puzzles, youll never be bored!

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