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Tichu is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Steve Blanding, Tichu is a Card game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 25th August 2010 with the latest update 4th December 2016

Whether you are a fan of Card, Board, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


255 people have rated 1.10.0

You can download the game Tichu from APP STORE.


*** Listed on Games Magazine’s Electronic Games 100 for 2011! ***

Shall I Teach You About Tichu?

Legend has it that over 642 million Chinese play Tichu nearly every day! I don’t know about that. All I know is that Tichu might very well be the world’s best card game.

Tichu is a partnership game for four players where partners battle to be the first to play all of their cards and score points. Each hand is filled with strategy and risk. Will you be the first player to play all of your cards? Perhaps you’d like to make a little wager on that? Are you willing to risk 100 points? How about 200?

Tichu has long been the favorite card game of all time on BoardGameGeek. Find out why! I promise that you won’t regret it!

Tichu boasts the following great features:

* Fully licensed and authorized by designer Urs Hostettler and publisher Fata Morgana Spiele.
* Computer controlled opponents boast a challenging and lifelike Artificial Intelligence that is configurable in numerous ways.
* Up to 4 humans can play linked over Bluetooth or Game Center.
* Full support for Game Center! including achievements, leaderboards, and world-wide multiplayer!
* Extensive tutorial and in-game documentation will teach you how to play and have you playing like a champ in no time.
* Shake-A-Hint™ feature helps you play while you learn.
* Music and sound effects.
* Keep track of up to 4 games at once.
* Keep track of your game's progress with a fully automated score sheet.
* Track your statistics over multiple game sessions.
* Play in English or German.
* Optimized high resolution images for iPhone 4 and iPad.
  (It also looks fantastic on older iPhones and iPod touch.)

Follow the developer on Twitter @sblanding.

Note: If you encounter any issue which you think is a bug, or even if you would just like to drop me a line, please send me email at steve-at-housefullofgames-dot-com. Posting bug reports in the comments below doesn’t help me because I can’t contact you to ask for more details. Please don’t hesitate to write. I’d love to hear from you!

Updated on 4th December 2016

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

  • bug fixes.

Tichu Reviews

It walks you through the rules and provides handy tips. Tichu is a great, underrated game that’s very easy to start playing. The app could have better graphic design though.

Everyone should play this! And the support is great, we were experiencing a bug and the developer helped us figure it out very quickly.

Love the game. Love the app. We wish it were easier to get multiplayer games going, particularly over Bluetooth.

This game is kind if like scum or president with a Chinese twist and cool cards. Super fun.

We can’t quit playing this game. We have the cards but it is hard to get people together to play, so we can use this app.

Just like the real game! Even better actually. No more hassle with the cards.

Great app! This is an amazing learning tool if you play Tichu in person. Criticisms: (1) The AI is weird, even in "Better" mode your partner will inexplicably play over you when you’ve called Tichu, or fail to block an opponent from going out on a Tichu call with the appropriate cards in hand (e.g. Dragon). (2) The option to join a random online game simply doesn’t work. Maybe it would help to provide an average time estimate, as in the popular Carcassonne app? Even better, a progress indication? On our phone, the dialog box remains up until the screen locks from inactivity with no status indication whatsoever. If it takes more than a few minutes to set up a game, then it should happen in the background and start the game with a notification.

The AI is really good. Great way to learn the game.

Would play this game a lot in our gaming groups… Simply put, it is one of the most strategic card games out there save for bridge. This iPhone implementation is very well done, full of features and smart enough to play a good game when you don’t have a partner available. Definitely worth the price.

This is a fantastic board game and the app developer did a great job of incorporating the different aspects of the game. It has some stability issues (crashes in between games) but other than that is great!

Just like playing the pc version. A job well done!

One of our top 5 favorite card games, Tichu is ideal as a four player partner game. Strategic, skillful play is required to outscore your opponents. This iOS implementation is near perfect, with challenging AI and online multiplayer access. Download it. Gather some online friends. Play.

The rules in the box leave a few questions but this app is a great way to learn how all the rules work in just a quick game. We were able to teach the game easily after a couple plays through it. Great learning tool and great app all around. Highly recommend.

If there’s a way to quit a game we can’t find it. AI is decently strong (hence the need for a rage-quit feature).

The game play is quite good. There are some obvious mistakes, but not enough to ruin the game. However, after every game the pop up asking to play another just exits the app. We also had an issue that we had to remove and reinstall the app when it failed to notice the end of the game, and both scores just continued to climb, hand after hand. After about 3000 each, we finally reinstalled the app.

Great game. But little bad that looking for Bluetooth link.

If you like Hearts/Spades and are looking for an extra challenge, pick this one up. Deceptively deep strategy.

Awesome app for playing Tichu with friends far away. Up to 4 friends can connect locally or thru Game Center. We do wish there were more customization options. We really wish you could change the table background. Even if it was just the color hue. Awesome game nevertheless!

This is an excellent game! However it is also very frustrating it crashes all the time when you play online. You cannot get through a game! When starting the invite it takes forever for it to began because it crashes so much! Please fix this as it is an excellent game! We find it funny that what is wrong with this game is already pre written for you!!! Well we guess that saved time but it would be nice if it were fixed!!!!!!!

Every time you try to start a new game the whole app closes. Other than that it implements the game well.

Since updating to iOS 9, the game crashes every time you start a game. This makes playing multiplayer impossible. Even prior to that, I’d never been able to finish a multiplayer game without losing the connection. Also, it seems to forget that you’ve gotten achievements, so when you start it up it re-adds your achievements, with the achievement notification popping up over and over again until it’s done.

We’ve been playing tichu with Friends and other players for years now and it’s the funnest game ever, but when we play by myself on this app our partner attacks our every hand when we’re supposed to be collecting points that’s not good.

The app works well enough for solo play, but its difficult to find opponents for multiplayer. When we finally did get our friends to join a multiplayer game, the scoring didn’t work. Disappointing.

We picked this up due to the positive reviews this card game received on board game geek. We didn’t know how to play before and am really enjoying this game. DO NOT BUY however right now. This app has been abandoned for over a year and has a major bug. When you complete a game it crashes and will not start a new game. If you go back in your score from your last game will be remaining and will not reset. This effectively breaks the entire app as it will crash every time. Until this is fixed you should avoid this app.

We love this game, but there are three bugs that are irritating and keep us from playing more. The first is that whenever we try to start a new game, it crashes and sends us to our home screen, forcing us to restart the app. The second is that it’s always flashing "unable to authenticate player" when we open it after going to another app. Third error that started, it isn’t starting a new game when we hit start a new game, it just boots us out, we come back and it starts a hand with the same score card as before!

The scoring for multiplayer completely does not work, so why even bother? The whole reason that we bought the app was to play with friends. Additionally, the app will suddenly quit and kick you out of the game. It is also difficult to quit and start a new game. Finally, there are only limited passing convention settings for computer players. What a waste of money.

Back when it used to work, it was great. But now it crashes constantly in multiplayer, and there is a major bug in the scoring. Basically unusable in multiplayer, whether bluetooth or gamecenter.

Once the game worked fine then now it has several problems after we updated to the latest iOS 8.2. Now the game closes unexpectedly but when we start it up again it is in the same place in the the game when it closed. If we click on a card in error we can’t get it to minimize again. We try quite game and can’t find out how to do that we use to be able to just start a new game if we did but we can’t do that either. It says there aren’t any updates either.

A well developed App for Tichu lovers. Never have the rules been explained so well!

Used to play this every night with friends. When they had to move away, this was a great substitute! We set up the computer players to play just like our friends and it’s very realistic.

We picked this game up with no knowledge of Tichu several years ago and can safely say it’s one of our favorite games. The app’s instruction manual is very well written for a game like this, and the freedom to play with (in our opinion) well designed AI leads to an intuitive method of learning the game and some strategy. If you like card games (especially similar games like bridge, spades, 13, etc.), this is a fantastic way to learn and play a great one.

We highly recommend this game, which has given us countless hours of entertainment. We learned tichu from this app (and it’s still mainly how we play), although we’ve managed to introduce it to people with a real deck. One gripe we originally had with the game was with the AI, specifically the AI partner. Our girlfriend used to hear us yell expletives at "Becky" all the time. We have largely eliminated the problems by setting her mode to normal play with better intelligence. At times, we’re on the edge of our seat expecting her to totally drop the ball, but usually she plays a lot like a good human partner. Every now and then, she even surprises us by playing off cards in complex and creative ways, although we like to think we carry us (yeah our girlfriend is a little jealous of Becky). Anyway, the game is awesome, and we recommend it for learning the fantastic game of tichu, passing time indefinitely, refining strategy, and playing multiplayer when you can’t do it in person.

Best card game we have played in a long time. Great UI.

We’re not a gamer but we can waste an incredible amount of time with this fun and challenging game. Tutorial is great but don’t always trust the play suggestions. Try it!

We’ve played card games from Magic to Ascension to Poker and Cribbage and this game surely fits that bill. Relatively easy game to pick up but it offers a good amount of depth. It has elements of strategy, reasoning and deduction that we really enjoy in a game. You play as a team which is something that you don’t find so often in card games but is very nice to have incorporated. We first purchased this app to give the game a trial run now we’re most likely going buy the physical game which we’re sure will hit the table a lot.

This is a very fun card game that we play all the time. It had been getting buggy with the various iOS updates. IOS 8 led to some bad problems which are now fixed. Multiplayer through Game Center is still a little quirky but nothing that can’t be worked around. Everything else now works fine, which is great because it’s a wonderful game.

Fantastic game, well executed for phone, and terrific AI opponents. Unfortunately local Bluetooth play is broken, so we can’t play with our friends. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

All in all a good game but sometimes the computer players don’t play as they should or don’t play at all. We’ve sat thru hands where our computer partner didn’t play a single card.

Scoreboard on local play does not work.

We love playing this game, particularly locally with friends. Since the iOS8 update, playing locally with friends is next to impossible. You simply can’t connect to a local player.

The computer cheats as it gets stronger. It deals bad hands to you and incredible hands to your opponents. They always have the miracle hand to beat your run of 7. BOOOOOOOOOO.

Just like the actual game. Excellent electronic transition.

We never played Tichu before this app. The hints popping up during the first hand were a fantastic way to learn. Lots of subtle details are exactly right in this app. One tiny wish for the author: don’t give a crappy-looking error message when you can’t connect to the Internet since it doesn’t matter for AInplay. Just gray out the player vs player options.

Tichu is one of the most entertaining, unpredictable card games out there, and this app is an excellent rendition. We especially appreciate the local Bluetooth multiplayer support, for those long train/car rides with nothing better to do. Five stars.

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