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Topia World Builder


Topia World Builder is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Crescent Moon Games LLC, Topia World Builder is a Education game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 11th October 2012 with the latest update 30th September 2014

Whether you are a fan of Education, Simulation, or Family games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


237 people have rated 1.6.1

You can download the game Topia World Builder from APP STORE.


From the Award Winning Studio Crescent Moon Games and Glenn Corpes, one of the creators of the original Populous series of games, comes TOPIA WORLD BUILDER, a unique world building sim, tailored for iOS devices.

Topia World Builder is a world creation simulation. You become god and shape the land as you choose, by the use of touch controls. Swipe your finger to create mountains, valleys, rivers, and oceans. Watch trees grow, spawn thousands of animals – and watch them live and die on the planet of your creation!


-Create Mountains
-Create Valleys
-Create Rivers
-Create Oceans
-Spawn various animal types
-Build enormous herds of animals
-Watch predators attack other animals
-Save your worlds so you can edit them later
-Change the color of land, water, sky
-Play in both landscape and portrait modes

Updated on 30th September 2014

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Native support for iPhone6 and iPhone6 pus screen resolutions

New in 1.6
Herbivores can outnumber and kill a carnivore.
Poips now eat trees.
Shoals of fish.
Amphibious Broncodiles.
‘3D’ gyro driven view motion.
Day/Night cycle.
64 bit CPU support (saves power on new devices)

Land creatures are less likely to wander into the sea.
Birds don’t get stuck and interact with the Landscape.
+many small fixes.

Topia World Builder Reviews

You need to add more land animals from carnivores to more herbivorous creatures they need a lot of biodiversity like in real life more herbivorous animals and some carnivorous animals and maybe add some intelligent humanoids alien species and make a civlization.

This game concept is truly amazing!!! The trees need to be self spawning so the creatures that depend on them don’t die out. Also the the creatures in the game should all be interconnected by the food chain and the wolf like carnivores should have a pack mentality so it is more realistic. Also the carnivores need to be less aggressive so they don’t kill off all their food, and the herbivores should not beable to kill predators they should run. Also if you happen to put in humans we think they should be like caveman , live in tribes up in the mountains and they come down to hunt and can hunt basically anything they run into. Also the birth rate of humans should be significantly slower but they should be stronger and more resilient. Also if you decide to put in natural disasters like tsunamis or plague that would be cool. The plague could originate from bacteria which is essential to life and is something you have to place In order to have any life on your planet. ( of course the plague ratio would be slim and not common but possible, and would be spread when animals came in contact and there could be certain plagues that certain animals are immune too, predators would most likely be immune so as to kill the sick. We love the game and hope you take these ideas for the most part and incorporate it into the game.

We love this game but, where are the humans? Can the humans hunt carnivores and herbivores? Can the humans build villages? Can the children of the humans play by themselves without following their parents? Can there be monkeys or rhinoceros? Can there be natural disasters? Can the humans be pregnant? Please answer our questons?

Update this game for the fans make humans of if the can evolve.

This game is pretty great, its been on our phone for years. It could use an iPhone X update, though.

This game is so amazing but add the ability to make grow and evolve tribes towns then city’s also more landmass like lava,rock,mud,and waterfalls again this game is so fun and we love it.

We love this game it’s so fun to build mountains and rivers we can’t wait till you add humans that will be awesome! You should add bushes and you should be able to control the weather too like make it rain and have an earthquake and make it snow you guys should also add a animal that is big kinda like elephant or a dinosaur and also try to add a way to just start out with a blank planet so you can start from scratch add these things and if will be perfect.

So although we dont play the game much and almost hate all the animals you should add more animals like dinosaurs, sharks, humans. Also why not make it so you can evolve in civilitaion like when humans lived for a long time then they can go forward and become pioneers but keep the dinosaurs for fun.

You need to add more animals and that’s it.

This game is an amazing way to understand food webs and environmental impacts. In this game you can build your own world and ecosystem and see where the game goes from there.

We truly love this game but one thing is it’s not that realistic we mean where are the wolf packs etc. We would absolutely love if you could add people where they live in tribes and build towns, if they should happen to stumble across another tribe maybe they go to war or maybe they remain allies. Thank you and we hope to see all of these improvements in the future:))

This game is great! It has great potential. The only thing we can think of to make it better is to let the animals to cross breed or evolve!

Great game! We’re at it for hours! However, genders need to be added. Same with new plants and creatures! Please update this truly awesome game to give it even more awesomeness!

We love this app. The graphics are great, the utilities are awesome, and the user friendliness of it is just superb. We are in the early development stages for a novel we are writing and have drawn several maps for the world it is about. This app allowed us to bring our world to a 3D format, so that can finally see it in, sort of, a real world look. It has also allowed us to make some alterations and small changes to our world, that will bring more depth to the story. That being said. We would love to see some small changes that will allow for more natural wonders in the worlds created with this app. For instance, the option to use different weather patterns, the ability to add bodies of water to different elevations and waterfalls, volcanoes, glaciers, and snow covering for atop high mountains, to name a few. (Obviously, we would also like to see humans.) This app deserves a 5 star rating so far… In our opinion, however, we would love to see new options and changes, to make it even better for future play.

We love this game! We could play it for days and never get bored! But, there are some things we don’t like. Animals shouldn’t be able to climb steep hills. If you’re trying to make one big island, there is no way to separate the carnivores and herbivores. We would also like to have the ability to make caves and things like overhangs. And it is outrageous how fast animals mate. If we put down to creatures, our world will be overrun within the minuet . Something that would be awesome to have in the game is LAVA and FIRE. This way we could make our volcanos really come to life. Like we said, this game is great, there are just some things that are missing.

The game iS AWESOME but can get boring, we know you are working on it but we think it would be cool to be able to customize a species or one creature of a species, and have an opposition bar that says if you want the species to stay together or go alone, and you can change the color or what it eats, maybe a wolf is a vegan so it’s a out cast, but gets taken in by sheep, then it protects them, and new biomes that you can draw on to the world, but what if we want a ravine or a sink hole or a cave, well maybe when you dig down water wouldn’t just appear, like actually add water Physics and you could fill up holes you made or just pour it on the land, and we think you should make a setting how big your planet is, like small is how it is now, medium and large, please consider these ideas.

It needs bigger fish like whales sharks and others. If you introduced a infinite world mode it would be AMAZING we WOULD BUILD SO MANY WORLDS! It needs more predators or neutral animals. Hampton out.

Hi Im Abby, it would be way cool if you could add people like have villages and farms and stuff, that would be cool! -Abby Thank you so much!! We love it!

Love it but can you add some more stuff like birds eat fish, add human and that humans become smarter and smarter, make the planet larger with a moon, and add element powers like; water, fire, wind, ice, lava, meteorites, etc. Add more animals like; sharks, whales, etc. Thanks.

Super fun you can build your own world with animals and mountains real nice!

Love this game but… Updates? Where are they? Updates are nice! Especially the Human Update.

Besides what our friend already spoken here, we think you guys should add snow and some other stuff, its too empty still.

This game is really good and has patently with a few good updates as in better realism and they should add in more creatures like dinosaurs! You should control more stuff to like tide, waves, and storms. There should be natural disasters to as in volcanos, tornados, and more. Finally we have been wondering why do birds destroy trees, why are alligators indestructible, and why are carnivores so hungry?

More animals. When u start the a topia world can it just be plane green cause the world u start with is cool but the animals die!!!! Pls make the grass grow back and more animals….. Almost forgot make the trees grow back so our piops and pinos wont die……….. Also we love this game.

So we love this game but we’re kind of hoping for evolution for animals and humans that get smarter through out time and build buildings and stuff so like they start out as cavemen then get smarter from there and build skyscrapers and empires you know?

The more support this game gets from the players, the better updates we will have in the future. We have been waiting for this title to be released and we’re so glad to own it on our iPhone! We are very pleased with the look and feel of the game. The controls are simple enough, you don’t really need much of a Tutorial to get started (although we’re glad it was there to follow). Any Strategy, RPG or Achievement features in future updates will absolutely have continued support from us. This title sets itself apart from all other games released in the App Store. Great work, Crescent Moon and Glenn Corpes! [EDIT] Crescent & Corpes, Just take a step back to previous releases (such as Topia World Builder) and polish them off a tad bit more ;) Topia is analogous to an unfinished sculpture that shouldnt take too much effort to polish, but it would be great if the imbalances everyone is mentioning are tweaked. Put your mind to it and create a balance between all ecology. Do that, and players can REALLY create their world and watch it thrive. [ADDENDUM] Im so happy to see another update on this game. Starting it up right after the update finishes (!) Lets see how the changes and updates play…

We love this game a lot,ok? One day we were just like, "why do the birds keep killing the trees"? " we should just be able to remove them" so, you should make a button that removes a certian animal. Love the game, keep mAking them!

Also it would be cool if u added biomes.

We’re very impressed. There are two things that we would like though. 1. Make the trees last longer. They always seem to die a few seconds after we plant them 2. Add human life!!!! You should make it so that they use resources around them to survive! Hope u consider these suggestions. Also make it so that we can create rivers and waterfalls.

Really think it would be cool if there is humans in it and maybe houses for them to live in Also would be cool if they could have some families to.

This game is awesome because it feels like we are the god of our own pocket worlds! Here are some suggestions to put in the game: Natural Disasters You should be able to cast tornadoes, tsunamis, all that fun stuff. Add Humans/Tribe It would be fun if you added humans that were like tribal people. They could hunt whatever gets in their way. Flat Map Add maps so you can see your overall world. It gets hard to see sometimes. Add game modes such as: Challenging (you have to build a world that meets different conditions every time) War (Humans(if added) can be diplomatic and can declare wars and settle treaties) Last suggestion: Make animals more realistic like, birds eat fish and tikes eat pinos food chain sort of thing. Instead of fictional animals add earth animals besides fish and birds! Keep up the good work!

This game is nice. You can just sit down and mold the world for hours, or create large animal herds. With that being said though, this game really needs updates. We now a lot of people how would play this game if the AI was better and there were more animals. A lot of people want humans. But, things need fixed first too. Like how the trees don’t grow back and the birds don’t die and only eat trees. Fish don’t eat anything or breed and don’t have any predators. Birds don’t have predators either. P.s. This game is great just try to update it more often! We thing that it, with enough updates, could be very popular.

Love the game so much but wish it had more animals like horses or cow or sheep or stuff like that but the game is worth the money get it.

Ok, regarding the title, OMG IF YA DONT HAVE IT GET IT NOW!! Sorry, we like our daily shouts loud. Anyway, this app is super awesome please get it but we do think it should cost less . Mega Girl out! Peace!

All we say is it needs a flaten tool to make it easier to flaten land and a animal maker also a way to become one of the animals or a person and live on your planet could be cool but other wise great app cool concept amazing.

This is a great time killer, our only gripe is the population of animals can spread ridiculously fast. We know there’s a "kill all animals" option but it’d be nice if there was a "kill all -insert animal name here-" option. Or for a wild card destructive experience an option for bigger lightning strikes that can start fires or a meteor that changes the shape of the land based on size and kills what it lands on with a small shockwave. Keep up the good work!

We think this is a great game but the only problem. We cant figure out how to change the time? Help please. Ok so we figured it out (half a year later) and we still love this game. We have one question. WHY DID YOU ABANDON IT? IT HAS GREAT POTENTIAL THAT YOU CAN STILL USE?!? It seems like you do this with all youre games. We bet you arent even ever going to read this. Probably. And if you are, check how long ago it was written. The game its self is great, but please more updates. This is the game we have always wanted, perfect for us, honestly we think there should be more games like this. Update please.

We love topia don’t get us wrong but we think the game would be a lot better if there where more animals to pick from, Trees that spread through the land instead of having to place them. Some animals that we think you should add are big animals, like some thing the size of a elephant, we would also love to see some type of animal that builds huts and is like a tribe or civilization. Any way it’s just our opinion on what would make the game better, we would to see them added.

Water plants more plant options coal more birds more sea anamals more land anamals humans nod much more.

Love it but add more like first person walking around.

Gets very boring due to the animals really just running around eating and dying. Not much else to do. Need to stop having predators kill 24/7. Make it realistic.

A good game, but updating would be awesome.

But we need a few changes for it to be 5 stars. Some changes we would like to see are: – HUMANS. This is our #1 complaint. How are you going to have a world without humans – we need a food chain. We cant just have the omnivores die because the carnivores eat them. What are the omnivores gonna eat ? – houses for humans And thats the only main reasons. Please fix.

We enjoy this game, and Im willing to be patient with updates. If we were to suggest anything it would be the ability to create roads, or defined pathways. Having humans in the game would be nice, as well as the ability to change the weather. 4/5 only because this feels somewhat unfinished, we think the game should include more to do. For what its worth, its a satisfying game to play.

It’s a very good game and very creative. However, it needs some kind of species similar to humans so we can watch them evolve and build cities. A species of higher intelligence would really make this game the best.

We really love this app and it has entertained us for hours… However it needs some updates! For instance the crocodiles don’t die and the fish don’t do anything… Make the trees self replenish so that the tree reliant creatures don’t die off!

Been playing this game for a while now, it still holds true to itself even years later. Such a fun, thrilling little experience. The game really should be updated though, it has a lot of open and loose ends to tie that could really make the experience a whole lot more amped up. That aside, its a ton of fun. Taught us a lot about how to construct abstract and natural looking environments. Simple yet visually appealing. Very beautiful and smooth day and night cycles. The UI is easy to navigate and world building is simplified well enough. Id say its overall flaw would be that its lacking. Its really just a first hand experience at shaping lands, nothing more. We still wish for the day this game gets major changes. Its a nice thing to play around with when youre bored. Great game! So much fun even years after its release.

We have been searching for a game like this for awhile now, and you have no idea how excited we were when we found this! We really enjoy this game, and it is TOTALLY worth the two dollars, so if you are unsure about this app, stop thinking and buy it. You will not be disappointed. However, we do have a few suggestions (there’s always room for improvement, right?). First things first, we think that there should be an option for a blank world, so it starts out as all water, and you can create your own islands. Second, we think that there should be people (which we saw that you are adding already. Yay!!). But we don’t think that the people should be, we don’t know, modern? We think that we would enjoy the people more if they were actually a part of the food chain, and didn’t take over the world. And last but not least, is there a way for you to delete your worlds? If so, we haven’t found it, so you could make it a little easier to find. If not, we would love to be able to do that Anyway, we absolutely LOVE this game, and if you just add these few things, we will give it the fifth star it deserves. Keep up the awesome work guys!!!

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