Hidden World

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Hidden World


Hidden World is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Joe Kauffman, Hidden World is a Adventure game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 12th October 2013 with the latest update 14th June 2022

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Entertainment, or Family games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


103 people have rated 1.0.10

You can download the game Hidden World from APP STORE.


The strange feeling you had all day followed you to bed that night.

A sudden crash from the next room wakes you from dreams of magical lands, and sets your heart racing in your chest.

Sitting bolt upright in bed, the strange feeling returns as your eyes adjust to the darkness, focusing on the odd wooden symbols across the mantel of the fireplace. Almost as if something were calling you…

Turning on the lamp, you cautiously get up, moving towards the sound that woke you. This is your uncle’s house and though you’ve been here many times, it suddenly feels very different.

The room is littered with wonderfully strange and interesting artifacts, souvenirs from your uncle’s travels, from where he would not say. On the floor lays a small tiled box, broken open. Unfolding the paper nestled within it, you instantly recognize the symbols.

The fireplace!

Running back into the bedroom, you examine again the symbols on the paper. They match perfectly those in the woodwork of the mantel, but are arranged differently…

Though your hands are shaking with excitement, you work quickly, rearranging the wooden symbols to match the ones on the paper, hearing them click into place easily one after the other, until the pattern is complete.

Suddenly, beams of golden sunlight burst through the opening in the fireplace, cutting through the darkness in the room. Standing back with a gasp, you look through the opening, eyes wide in awe at the beautiful, magical land from your dream on the other side.

With a deep breath, you step through the opening and take your first steps into another world…


  • Beautiful hand-painted graphics that draw you into this mesmerizing adventure!
  • Lots of items to collect and puzzles to solve!
  • Original soundtrack and sound effects!
  • A journal that keeps track of all the symbols and clues that you encounter.
  • A dynamic map that shows all of the areas you have explored, as well as your current location.
  • A complete hint system built right into the game.
  • The Hidden World has been translated into many languages.
  • Available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad!

Updated on 14th June 2022

Bug fixes!

Hidden World Reviews

We love the family friendly nature of Fire Maple Games. They aren’t dark or creepy and are so well designed. The puzzles, clues, and storyline are all intriguing. We have so enjoyed every one of their games.

Beautiful magical world. Easy navigation. Fun little puzzles. Game is long enough for what we paid ($2 we think?). Especially like the world and the way new doors appear.

But too short! We wish you had more.

We are a fan of the Fire Maple games. Hidden World benefits from the forethought that went into making the puzzles fit in with the story, which the developers seem to get better at with each release. The puzzles themselves are at a medium level of difficulty; just hard enough to make you think, but far from exasperating. We also appreciate how the developers spent time creating clever, organic puzzles that avoid employing the lazy tropes (slider puzzles, combination lock puzzles, tiny hidden objects, finding/using items that make no sense in the story/environment) that many of the games in the genre fall back on. This game, like all of Fire Maples games, is a welcome relief from the gloomy, creepy settings and atmosphere in most of the games in this genre. The music is pleasant and the visuals are colorful, which makes for a stress-free, family-friendly, puzzle-solving experience. The journal and the map are useful features, as well. Overall, this is a nice, calm way to spend a few hours, and scratch that puzzling itch. It doesnt quite measure up to the Room and House of DaVinci games, but its a decent approximation.

We dont often write reviews but this game was magnificent. Not too easy and not too hard. We loved it and you should buy it for that price it was worth it!!

Yet another success from Fire Maple Games! The graphics are simply beautiful, and the game play is funjust challenging enough to keep you exploring, but always perfectly intuitive. Please purchase and play all these games! (Only reason we didnt vote five stars is because we save those for The Room series!)

Beautiful graphics and clever plot. But it was just way too short. We just found Fire Maple Games and have played all but Thimbly Creek. The game play is consistent but the length is all over the place. Grisly Manor and this one could be played in a couple of hours. Return to GM and Lost City went on and on. They need some kind of standard about how long their games are going to be IMO. Enjoyed playing it tho. Now the jigsaw puzzle in the other game makes sense.

We cant get the bells to open the wall. We know that we have the right sequence, but we doesnt work. We like the game until this happened.

As with other games from this developer, this game is well designed and executed. The art and music are beautiful, and the puzzles are fun. Overall the game isnt as challenging as it could be and we were able to breeze through it in an hour or so, but it was still enjoyable.

We love these games! They are fun without being maddening. :) our two kids play through all of them every few months.

This game has the best of adventure game features. Great graphics, a wide variety of puzzles, interesting story, well designed screens, and easy game play. The game interface is one of the best. We enjoyed playing this game immensely. Our thanks to the Fire Maple team for such a good game.

We can’t do anything in the buildings. Just give us the stuff to find!!

The puzzles are well-designed, with the clues to their solutions being wonderfully balanced–the clues won’t blatantly give you the answer, but they’re clear enough that you’ll be able to tell which clue goes with which puzzle. It probably gave us a total play time of 2-3 hours split across three days.

We absolutely loved this game. If you’re a fan of mystery or fantasy of any sort, or just like following a story line, you should totally try this app out. The graphics are incredible and the story is so fun to follow. Fire Maple Games are by far our favourite on the App Store.

This is a great game, excellent point &click, fun puzzles, – we enjoyed playing it. We had to use the hints a few times, but mostly the puzzles were very well done.

We play all of these over and over. They are by far the most creative and intriguing muzzle games on the App Store. Please make more soon!!!

Very well designed puzzles. We had to use the hint option 3 times and kept referring back to the map. We probably finished it in about two hours but that was the perfect length for us.

Really interesting,addictive, some puzzles and hidden items difficult but doable. Lots of fun!

Loved this one. It was just the right amount of storyline, suspense and game play. It took us several hours to complete and wasn’t too hard nor too easy. Great job!

Love Fire Maple games but this one is the shortest we played.

Worth $2, no more. Took only 30 minutes to complete. Too easy.

Gorgeous visuals, great puzzles! A wonderful experience. A lot of love and care went into this game. We thoroughly enjoyed playing it.

We enjoyed this game, but it felt much shorter than other Fire Maple Games. We finished it in under 2 hours.

We can’t believe that we wasted money on this game. There are no hints for any of the scenes, no maps, etc. Very poorly done.

We still can’t believe these guys only have 3 games! These are the BEST we are now replaying them. No bigfish or g5 compare. These are THE BEST.

The graphics are stupendous!! The game is incredibly made and structured. It is appropriately challenged. Our overall thought: perfect.

We spent the whole evening so engrossed in this game that we lost track of time. Like Myst or The Room, you go around solving puzzles that bring you more clues and objects that you need to progress through the obstacles and mysteries. The puzzles were fun, varied, and manageable: when we got stuck on a few, the hints offered the chance to see the solution and move on. There is a lot of variety and some surprises. This game was just as good as the other two by this developer.

This is one of the best adventure games we have ever played. It really does take you to another world. Teally enjoyed it. Thank you.

This game you need to get NOW!!!!!!! This is a wonderful game we now that we love it,SO YOU WILL LOVE IT TO.

We thought we would buy these games one at a time but they were so awesome we ended up buying all 3. So our advice is go for it we promise you won’t regret it.

Short but sweet. Beautifully rendered with satisfying puzzles. This game is just the right level of difficulty to make you feel clever without getting super frustrated.

We loved these games. Beautiful graphics! So much fun! Please hurry and make more!

This game has it all. Great graphics, story line, and puzzles that are not too hard, not too easy. We loved it! We can’t wait to play more by Fire Maple.

TL;DR Myst super lite. THEY SELL ALL THREE IN A COMBO PACK!! $1 extra. Three games, for $2! Buy that! We never heard of these guys! Very satisfying adventure escape puzzle type game. Beautifully drawn. Just the right amount of difficulty. Plenty of hints if you need them. Tracks your progress as well. Just really pleasant experience all around. When we were done, we were super excited to find out they have two more games (though we don’t know if they’re any good). They are even such good guys as to make it impossible to click to their other games or rate them from within the app (little annoying, but we commend the choice). Oh, and clicking throwing the screens was fast as well. We are on a 5s though. Buying our friends this game. Must tweet about it. Enjoy.

If only more games were like this. Point and click adventure, gorgeous graphics, challenging puzzles, no pointless object searches… One of the best.

We love the mix of puzzles and mysteries with none of that cheap ‘hide and seek’ object stuff, to us hide and seek objects is too easy a way to make a mystery game.

It’s so hard to find games like this. We’re sick of "hidden objects" and need more of strategic mysteries like this. Excellent game pack. We got the bundle and could not get off our phone.

This has the right flow from puzzle to puzzle. A very engaging, enjoyable game at a great price!!!

We have played all three and enjoyed each one.

Really fun game. Thought-provoking without being overwhelming; the solutions are logical; the map helps keep the layout manageable. We went and bought all their other games as soon as we were through with this one.

Mellow adventure targeted at younger players; well-executed. No pixel hunting required!

And you’ll fall in so much FUN!

Please make another game, we have played all 3 and they are very fun!!

We absolutely love all three of the fire maple games. We will download all three and pass them all and then delete them. Then in about two months or so, we’ll download them and pass them. We wish that there was more games, because they are so fun. They keep us entertained for a long time.

Just got thru "Hidden World", and was one of the best games we played. Recommended wholeheartedly.

Actually It’s a very good puzzle game we loved it.

Another great game from fire maple games! More please!!!

This game is absolutely amazing. We love the graphics and am hoping for another one to come out!

We really enjoyed this game. The art is really nice, the puzzles are clever. It’s similar to Myst but easier. We appreciated the hints; although we hated using them, sometimes we would just be stuck and they allowed us to move forward.

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