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Trench Warfare 1917 WW1 Remake

Trench Warfare 1917 WW1 Remake

Experience one of the top-rated Free games on the App Store, Trench Warfare 1917 WW1 Remake! Developed by the innovative team at SimpleBit Studios ApS, this Action game provides a unique gaming experience like no other. With a content rating of 12+, it’s perfect for a wide range of players. Since its initial release on 1st February 2024, the game has seen numerous updates, with the latest version launched on 1st February 2024.

Are you a fan of Action, Strategy, games? Then Trench Warfare 1917 WW1 Remake is right up your alley! You won’t be able to resist its appeal.

User Ratings of Trench Warfare 1917 WW1 Remake

How Much Does Trench Warfare 1917 WW1 Remake Cost?

Good news! You can download Trench Warfare 1917 WW1 Remake on your iOS device absolutely free!

Trench Warfare 1917 WW1 Remake Release Date

Eager to know when Trench Warfare 1917 WW1 Remake first graced the App Store? It was launched on 1st February 2024.

When Was Trench Warfare 1917 WW1 Remake Last Updated?

The latest version of Trench Warfare 1917 WW1 Remake was updated on 1st February 2024, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Where Can I Download Trench Warfare 1917 WW1 Remake?

To get started with Trench Warfare 1917 WW1 Remake, head over to the official Apple App Store.


A Glimpse into Trench Warfare 1917 WW1 Remake

Gear up and get ready for the official remake of Trench Warfare 1917 WW1: RTS Game. The classic WW1 game is back with improved graphics, better gameplay and many new exciting features!

As a WW1 general, command your armies across the Eastern Front and Western Front, experiencing real-life historical battles as both the Allied and Central powers.

Engage in real time strategy battles (RTS) where your objective is to select the right combination of soldiers and tanks to conquer the enemy trenches. Survive wave upon wave of enemy soldiers as they try to win control of the battlefield and make use of tactical artillery strikes to support your troops. Can you survive the enemy trench assault?

Have you ever wondered how much damage 1000 tanks can do? Or how much 100 flamethrowers can incinerate at the same time? Try it out yourself in the new and improved sandbox mode!

Play anywhere, anytime and with no forced ads in this offline strategy war game – a great game for long car rides or holidays.

Why play as one country, when you can play all of them? Play as the British Empire, German Empire, French Republic and many more military powers coming in future updates!

Fight along your war troops in famous battles such as Somme, Verdun, Marne, Amiens or on the beaches of Gallipoli, the D-Day of World War 1! Can you gain supremacy of the trenches and win in this state of total war?

Build your own epic levels with many objects such as bunkers, trenches, barbed wire, armored trains and much more in stunning pixel art. Select the terrain, difficulty, weather, starting money and war troops of your army to customize your level. What will you build?

Simulate any war in history and select a variety of flags from many countries around the world. Create your own WW1, WW2, Vietnam War, American Civil War and many more scenarios! Be creative and simulate famous historical battles such as the Battle of Stalingrad, Waterloo, Berlin, D-Day, Dunkirk, Gettysburg, Somme, Verdun or Gallipoli. Will your war troops lead you to victory?

Assemble your brutal WW1 army with war troops from every nation, allowing you to dominate the trenches with different tanks or elite soldiers such as stormtroopers, snipers, flamethrowers, mortars and more! Gain tactical supremacy of the Western Front and Eastern Front from 1914 to 1918. Will your strategy win the European war?

World War 1 featured a lot of different army uniforms and tank camouflages from 1914 to 1918 depending on the environments the battles were taking place in. You are free to contact us if you have any cool skin ideas such as uniforms from WW2, The American Civil War, The Cold War or other famous wars.

We have added a brand new upgrade system, allowing you to improve your elite soldiers and tanks to strengthen your army on the battlefield. Be tactical and choose between upgrading stormtroopers, snipers, flamethrowers, mortars, tanks and many more.


  • A sandbox battle simulation mode where you can design your own levels and scenarios such as WW1, WW2 and many more
  • Fight in fast paced action on the Western and Eastern Front from 1914 to 1918
  • Survive in the trenches of Europe and use tactics to win the war and gain supremacy
  • Real time strategy (RTS) and tactical gameplay
  • A fun and challenging historical WW1 simulation game
  • A campaign where you can play as The British Empire or German Empire and more coming.
  • Experience brutal trench assaults
  • 100 % offline game and no forced ads
  • WW1 theme with stunning pixel art graphics
  • Free to play and fun war game

We hope you enjoy the official remake of Trench Warfare 1917 WW1: RTS Game. If you have any ideas feel free to contact us.

  • The SimpleBit Studios Team

What’s New in the Latest Update?

Find out what’s new in the latest version of Trench Warfare 1917 WW1 Remake updated on 1st February 2024:

Happy release! We have been so excited to share this game with you and now it is finally ready!

If you notice any bugs or have any feedback on the levels, balancing and so on make sure to write to us asap so we can find a solution :)

User Reviews on Trench Warfare 1917 WW1 Remake

Looking for more information? Read a comprehensive review of Trench Warfare 1917 WW1 Remake below:

This game has improved the style, battery consumption, and so much more in the game. An amazing mobile game put on the market by a dedicated developers, and we love it to death. No advertisment spam, either.

One of the best trench game yet or you could say the best mobile game of historical war yet so much better than the last game hoping to see more updates soon.

Just installed cant wait to play it.

We usually like to play army games like your first trench warfare game. We mostly like this one for the campaigns and put more detail instead of just sending out troopers and win you instead know whats happening. Anyways we love the new designs and hope to finish the campaign soon enough.

This is the best WWII game we have ever seen the remastered version is just so cool btw if we will have any problems we will update.

Just overall an amazing game massive improvement.

Its a good game. We dont think you can get any better than this. The upgrading feature is actually kinda cool.

We played a lot of the original and now Im quite excited to play a good amount of this one!

To the way the soldiers move to upgrading your units is really cool. However we think that the range of the snipers is not great. Other than that, Amazing game.

This game is totally worth it!

This new one is awesome and we hope to make maps again if possible because in the old one we lost our account we are happy this game is awesome.

It just came out today and we cant stop playing it. Definitely a 5 star game.

Its like the old one but better display and better graphics than the other one. Its just such a good game we cant even explain and imagine how much work you guys put into this!

We would highly recommend this pixelated 2D video game to anyone who is a fan of World War One or history in general. The developers have done an excellent job in creating a masterpiece of a sequel, and their efforts are clearly visible in the game’s detailed graphics and gameplay. We would rate this game a perfect 10 out of 10, and we are sure it will be a great addition to any gamer’s collection.

The Very Best Game we’ve Played!!!!

We were so excited to find out that this was remade, and it is even better! 10/10 would recommend for battle strategists.

This game cured our depression. We used to be bullied by our peers for not having a trenchborne army. No longer. Thank you simplebit!

Its like a woman, it has potential.

Ww1 is not visited in games enough and this is a great simple mobile game download it and stop looking at reviews.

They took what made the old game great and improved the sprites and other things exactly how a remake should be.

We loved the first game so much , and this is just an amazing improvement in every way Good job .

We just wanted to be the first review.

We think the game looks good and works good. We think that we should have everything in sandbox and its not money.

Its been worth the wait, thank you so much SimplyBit Studios for giving this game a new coat of paint and for revitalizing it.

So much better than the last one.

Didnt even have to play it and we know its great.

We love this game so much, cool units,cool building and many more and we have a few requests, Can you add the nations in the first ww1 game please. Thanks so much for making this game happen.

We got the notification the game was ready and started it up as soon as we could. Heres the things we’ve noticed, primarily of which are improvements over the previous game, with one little tidbit that isnt. First off, they added an army menu! In this you can actually see what every soldier does and use coins you earn in missions to improve them. It adds an actual reason to play the campaign instead of just custom maps. Also lets you know whats different with certain soldiers. At least for us in the first game, we still have zero clue what the officer does in the america army. Second off, they seemed to have refined the economy a bit. One of our biggest pet peeves with the first game is that the default income was 8 on campaign, but in this one they made it 5 and also increased the prices of some soldiers to make it a bit more balanced. Rifleman spam is still OP though, especially if theyre at all upgraded in the accuracy tree. And some SMALL downsides, which honestly are barely even noticeable but are just enough to make this like a 4 3/4 instead of 5. The way you advance through trenches seems slightly wonky? In the first one if you pressed the advance button once your wave got to a trench to try and skip over it, the entire wave would keep going. In this one, the first ones keep going but then they stop if you dont lock the trench instantly. Itd barely noticeable and only really happens if youre trying to speedrun through the final trench. Theres also not as many armies, only 2, but this barely matters cause like the first one Im sure the devs will add more in updates. Overall, really fun lil time killer! Love the game :3.

We waited for this game and we were expecting something like the original, and it is like the original, but its just not a good game like the original was, where did online levels go? Also we dont like how you have to buy something to unlock most features in sandbox mode, but it is kinda enjoyable until you finish the campaigns, which theres only two of, to be fair it is the first version and we shouldnt expect a full game like the original when its a remake from the ground up.

Its a cool game and we were very excited to play however we were slightly disappointed that the bulk of the sandbox items are premium. It kinda destroys the fun as you cant enjoy all the features without paying for them. Idk we were just kinda disappointed, but other than that its a pretty cool game.

We were really excited for this game. Checking the App Store each day for any progress on the games development. That being said, we have played for some time now, and its kind of a let down. To start us off, we really enjoy the lighting system on the gunfire and better graphics and building system. But that is where the goods end for now. Second, the premium system. We get that you need money too and not everything can be free, but seeing that almost all of the stuff in the sandbox you either have to watch an add or pay for, it hurts to see. On top of that, we would be fine if it were just a few items or purely cosmetic. But the premium or add service you have takes over almost all of the items! Like we said, it is acceptable for you to need money, but not acceptable to put almost everything behind an add or paywall. That being said, we still like the game despite the turn-off the premium thing gave us. Best of luck for this games future.

Was looking forward to this ever since we found out there was going to be a remake so today that it was released we downloaded it we open it up and we open up sandbox the most fun part of the game in our opinion main reason why we play the game and we see all of the cool features locked behind a payment wall we were really hoping that wasnt going to happen and that is probably why this game is not gonna be a successful as the first one and probably why Im not going to have it download it for long. Its such a shame they had to put most the features a payment wall we understand having to make money, but taking fun and creativity in the game is not going to keep people attracted to the game. We really hope the lock on things in sandbox are removed. And a different thing is found to add to premium. Until then, our rating is three out of five stars we probably wont play this game much at all unless they change this.

Everything is locked behind premium.

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